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Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas

150H (135th) & Rosehill Rd, Lenexa KS

Lat: 38° 53' 02"N, Lon: 94° 43' 57"W

Contributed by Linda Lewis, Aug 17, 2005 [webmaster@cottonhills.com]. Total records = 38.

From Kansas City, take I35 south to 69H. Take 69H south to Quivera Rd. Turn left on Quivera Rd and go south for about 3 miles. Turn right on 135th St and go about 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the north side of the street facing the turn on to Rosehill Rd. on the south side. It is approximately halfway between Quivera Rd and Pflumm Ave.

This old cemetery is mowed and pretty well taken care of, though overgrown around the edges and fence. Some of the stones are very close to the fence and are becoming grown over. The cemetery is fronted by a beautiful white picket fence and sign. There are many soft stones obliterated by time, some broken, and some missing. Some graves are marked with piece of concrete with the name etched in, while other are marked by a large rock, and still others are known to be unmarked. The sexton also notes periods of vandalism.

This cemetery is an example of a pioneer community cemetery for some of the first settlers to Kansas after the Shawnee Indians were removed to Oklahoma in the 1860s. The earliest legible or known burial is in 1865. According to the sexton, the cemetery was used through 1939. It is noted, however, that one burial has taken place since 1939.

The cemetery became incorporated into the town of Lenexa in the 1940s and a cemetery company was formed for the maintenance of the cemetery. This cemetery company has now been passed down to the care of the current sexton, however no burial records or lot maps were passed down.

I have transcribed all existing and legible markers or stones from my first visit on Jul 30, 2005.

- Linda Lewis

Boyd, Mary A, d. 11 Oct 1876, age: 42y 2m 12d, Wife of T W Boyd
Crowford, Robert, d. 03 Oct 1874, age: 79y 2m 24 d
Duguid, Adam, b. 1812, d. 1866, s/w Catherine Stewart and Margaret A Smith
Duguid, Catherine Stewart, b. 1808, d. 1882, s/w Adam and Margaret A Smith
Duguid, Infant, no dates, Infant son of J C and M M Duguid
Duguid, M May (Redpath), b. 05 Dec 1879, d. 19 Mar 1908
Duguid, Margaret A Smith, b. 1839, d. 1905, s/w Adam Duguid
Everett, George M, b. 15 Jan 1878, d. 16 Nov 1925, s/w Mary O Everett
Everett, Mary O, b. 29 Aug 1885, d. 26 Jan 1960, s/w George M Everett
Ewing, Joanie, b. 18 Mar 1820, d. ?? Mar 1870, Daughter of C H and J Ewing
Hambel, Richard, b. 14 Jan 1835, d. 12 Mar 1910
Hambel, Sarah E, b. 06 Feb 1846, d. 21 Nov 1885, Wife of R Hambel
Harsh, Mary, b. 1860, d. 1906, Mother
Hutcheson, Anna M, b. 13 Feb 1866, d. 23 Sep 1883, Daughter of T M and E W Hutcheson
Hutcheson, Elizabeth W, b. 03 Nov 1831, d. 12 Oct 1916, Wife of T M Hutcheson
Hutcheson, John, d. 24 Apr 1869, Sons of T M and E W Hutcheson, s/w Oliver M Hutcheson
Hutcheson, Oliver M, d. 02 Sep 1871, Sons of T M and E W Hutcheson, s/w John Hutcheson
Hutcheson, Thomas M, d. 29 Nov 1889, age: 67y 6m 21 d
Ingram, James L, b. 09 Aug 1870, d. 04 Feb 1873, Son of Wm and Margaret Ingram
Leslie, Ed, no dates
Marvin, Annie Bell, no dates, age: 1y 3m 27d, Daughter of J M and A Marvin
Orr, Margret, d. ?? Jan 1888, Daughter of J P and S J Orr
Orr, Mary A, d. 05 May 1868, age: 1y 4m 23d, Daughter of J P and S J Orr
Orr, Sarah J, b. 12 Dec 1835, d. 03 Jul 1915, Wife of John P Orr
Orr, Sarah J, b. 23 Oct 1829, d. no date
Redpath, Arthur, b. 13 Nov 1878, d. 26 Nov 1878, Son of R N and M Redpath
Redpath, Eddie C, d. 19 Sep 1876, Sons of R N and M Redpath
Redpath, Marion, b. Oct 1842, d. Jun 1932, s/w R N Redpath
Redpath, R N, b. Oct 1842, d. Jan 1929, s/w Marion Redpath
Redpath, Willie M, d. 23 Sep 1876, Sons of R N and M Redpath
Rodman, Little Belle, d. 22 May 1865, age: 1yr 12d, Daughter of Geo and Margaret Rodman
Smith, Cora, b. 31 Oct 1866, d. 04 Jul 1931
Smith, Sheridan M, b. 20 Jan 1865, d. 07 Jan 1939
Wallace, Elizabeth, b. 22 Feb 1842, d. 05 Sep 1877, Mother
Wallace, J K, b. 30 Aug 1846, d. 23 Jan 1918
Wallace, John R, b. 15 Nov 1801, d. 16 May 1885, Father
Wallace, Robert J, b. 30 Aug 1851, d. 24 Dec 1869, Brother
Wright, Annie I, b. 14 Jun 1870, d. 12 Mar 1919

??, ??, b. ?? Sep 1826, d. 24 Nov 1868, next to Wallace
??, Abbie ?, d. 12 Nov 1872, age: 2yr 4 d
??, Fannie May, b. 12 Mar 1908, d. 24 Jul 1908, Daughter
??, Infant, d. 22 Feb 1881, Son of ??
Hunter, , no dates

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