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Murphy Family Cemetery
Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas

Lat: 38° 58' 15"N, Lon: 94° 52' 53"W

Contributed by Linda Lewis, Aug 23, 2005 [webmaster@cottonhills.com]. Total records = 63.

From 87th and I435 in Lenexa KS, take 87th West around Shawnee Mission Park. 87th curves northeast and turns into 83rd St. Follow 83 St. past K7 to Mize Rd. Turn south (right) on Mize Road. Cemetery is about halfway down the section on the west side of the road.

This is a beautiful family cemetery set on a rural road surrounded by prairie farmland and fronted by stone pillars and wrought iron gates. A plaque is on one of the stone pillars dedicating the gates to the memory of Emmett and Mary Murphy. The lot is immaculate, and dotted with several large trees.

For more cemetery information: contact the Monticello Cemetery District, c/o Sharon Fraks, Shawnee KS.

Research at Johnson County Archives provided a transcription from the early 1970s, found in the Johnson Co. Cemetery Index, Johnson Co. Genealogical Society and Library, 1975. After a comparison of my transcription to this earlier one, I was able to fill in a few illegible blanks in my transcription.

The stones are limestone and extremely eroded, and many are obliterated. Many are broken, and there is evidence of many settings for stones that are missing. Some graves are marked only by rocks.

The stones are weathered, and some broken, but overall they are in remarkably good shape, and the broken stones are laying flat. There are only a few that are completely illegible. Photos available upon request.

I have transcribed all existing and legible markers or stones from my visit to the cemetery on Aug 20, 2005.

- Linda Lewis

* = Supplemented by 1970s transcription

Ashlock, Berdie, d. 19 Jun 1877, age: 1y 5m 15d *
Ashlock, Lorenzo Dow, d. 13 Mar 1870, age: 1y 15d, Children of S C and M G Ashlock *
Ashlock, Mary E, d. 16 Aug 1880, 27 6m 22d, Children of S C and M G Ashlock
Baker, Martin D, d. 25 May 1873, age: 4y 8m 13d, Son of B T and S E Baker
Blaylock, Homer A, b. 1916, d. 1979
Brady, Johnie, b. 08 Oct 1878, d. 17 Feb 1879, Infant son of Mr and Mrs J H Brady
Brown, Effie, b. 14 Apr 1880, d. 05 Aug 1880, s/w Mary E Brown, Children of A and M B Brown
Brown, Herbert A, d. 14 Jun 1880, age 3m 20d, Son of W C and M A Brown
Brown, M Agnes, d. 10 Mar 1880, age: 24y 2m 21d, Wife of W C Brown Dau of J and C Brady
Brown, Maggie B, b. 27 May 1850, d. 17 Sep 1880, Wife of Austin Brown
Brown, Mary E, b. 27 May 1878, d. 07 Aug 1879, s/w Effie Brown, Children of A and M B Brown *
Brown, Nancy D, b. 18 May 1798, d. 18 Dec 1878
Deane, Dixie, b. 18 Aug 1860, d. 08 Apr 1880, Wife of M O Deane Dau of N W and Mary Murphy
Dubois, Abiah, d. 02 Mar 1873, age: 57y 4m 17d, Wife of R H Dubois
Dunlap, Frankie, d. 11 Feb 1882, Age 16y 7m 1d, Dau of J T and S J Dunlap
Dunlap, James T, b. 23 Jun 1824, d. 15 Jun 1875, s/w Sarah J Dunlap
Dunlap, Sarah J, b. 28 Aug 1831, d. 29 May 1898, Wife of J T Dunlap, s/w J T Dunlap
Dunlap, Walter L, b. 22 Dec 1868, d. 26 Feb 1900
Dunlap, William, b. 23 Sep 1855, d. 22 Feb 1879
Fletcher, Elizabeth, d. 04 Nov 1873, age: 73yr
Frisbie, Louisa V, d. 10 Jan 1876, age: 28y 5m 26d, Wife of C T Frisbie *
Grohowske, Mrs Sharlotta, b. 20 Nov 1843, d. 12 Nov 1902
Hazlett, Howard R, d. 9 Nov 1880, age: 3y 6m, Son of J D and M R Hazlett
Hazlett, Sherman, d. 11 Nov 1880, age: 12y 9m, Son of J D and M R Hazlett
Larkins, B ?, d. 01 Aug 1882, age 6m ?dChildren of A and H Larkins, s/w Mattie Larkins *
Larkins, Mattie, d. 28 Sep 1882, Children of A and H Larkins, s/w B ? Larkins *
Mize, Lewis F, d. 06 Dec 1879, age: 15y 1m 19d, Son of W and S Mize
Moore, Fred H, d. 14 May 1880, age: 14y 10m 7d, Son of T A and E R Moore
Murphy, Charles A, b. 15 Jul 1864, d. 05 Oct 1864, s/w William M Murphy
Murphy, Emmett S, b. 16 Jun 1858, d. 05 Aug 1932, "Footstone, WWI medallion, s/w N W and Mary S Murphy" GAR marker
Murphy, Harold J, b. 23 Feb 1900, d. 26 Mar 1976
Murphy, Helen Blaylock, b. 23 Jun 1944, d. 11 Apr 1974
Murphy, Hobart Eugene, b. 1942, d. 1957
Murphy, Lillian, b. 23 May 1896, d. 02 Jun 1978
Murphy, Mary Hymer, b. 1872, d. 1963
Murphy, Mary S, b. 17 Apr 1819, d. 20 Jun 1908, s/w N W and Emmett S Murphy
Murphy, N W, b. 10 Feb 1820, d. 09 Aug 1903, s/w Mary S and Emmet S Murphy
Murphy, Rollie Webb, b. 04 Mar 1890, d. 27 Dec 1956, Kansas Chief Mech I Corps Arty Park World War I
Murphy, Velma, b. 1904, d. 1977
Murphy, William M, b. 24 Jun 1843, d. 23 Oct 1863, s/w Charles A Murphy
Orr, Andrew, d. 29 Aug 1881, age: 43y 8m 24d
Orr, Margaret A, d. 14 Apr 1881, age: 11y 1m 3d, Children of A & S Orr, s/w Minnerva Orr
Orr, Minnerva, d. 09 Apr 1881, age: 2y 3m 10d, Children of A & S Orr, s/w Margaret A Orr
Pike, Benjamin H, b. 27 Apr 1857, d. 26 Jul 1881, Son of Jarvis and Julia Pike
Pike, Julia, d. 26 ?? 187?, age ?y
Plummer, Benjamin, d. 07 Oct 1869, age: 1y 27m 7d *
Plummer, Julia W, d. 09 Apr 1881, Wife of W L Plummer Dau of J W and E Haws *
Plummer, Minerva J, d. 19 Mar 1879, age: 55y 2m 4d, Wife of B A Plummer *
Quaintence, Milton J, b. 1900, d. 1973
Quaintence, Thema A Murphy, b. 1904, d. 2001
Ray, Etta C, d. 19 Oct 1870, Dau of E and T B Ray *
Richards, David, d. 25 May 1872, age: 69y 2m 11d
Rudel, John, d. 11 Feb 1876, age: 1y 7m 6d, Son of C and M M Rudel
Rudel, Lewis, d. 22 Nov 1872, age 3y 6m, Son of C and M Rudel
Rudel, Lydia, d. 23 Mar 1882, age 3y 3m, Dau of C and M Rudel *
Rudel, Mary M, d. 27 May 1888, age: 32y 11m 7d, Wife of C Rudel
Stephenson, Nancy Poston, d. 07 May 1866, age: 65y 9m, Wife of Wm Stephenson, s/w William Stephenson
Stephenson, William, d. 28 Jul 1865, age: 65y 2m 24d, Erected by their daughters Jeanette and Sarah, s//w Nancy Poston Stephenson
Strickland, Helen E, b. 13 May 1921, d. 08 Feb 1996, Loving wife and mother
Strickland, Theron, b. 10 Oct 1913, d. 03 Jan 1989, TEC 3 US Army World War II
Wendt, Caroline, d. 24 Feb 1885, age: 72yr, wife of Henry Wendt *
Wendt, Christof, d. 18 Jan 1882, age: 82y 11m *
Wolfe, Sarah Jane, d. 20 Jun 1877, age: 43y 3m 7d, Wife of David Wolfe

??, ?, unknown
??, ?, d. 25 Dec 1880, age 3y 1m 7d, broken stone
??, ?, b. 24 Aug 1864, d. 01 May 1880
??, ?, Footstone D D, Footstone laying against a tree
??, Ettie E, d.
??, Harry E C, d. 16 Jun 1880, age: 2y 6m 22d

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