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Linwood Pioneer Cemetery
Leawood, Johnson County, Kansas

3600 W 95th Street, Leawood, Kansas

Lat: 38° 57' 26"N, Lon: 94° 37' 38"W

Contributed by Linda Lewis, Jul 06, 2005, last edited Nov 12, 2005. [webmaster@cottonhills.com]. Total records = 68.

From Kansas City, take I35 South 5 miles to 18th Street Expressway exit. Turn left (east) on 18th St. Expressway, Roe Blvd. Continue south on Roe Blvd to 95th Street. Turn left (east) on 95th Street and continue to Mission Road.

This old cemetery is located just east of the intersection of 95th Street and Mission Road between Ranch Mart shopping center and the U.S. Post Office.

"The cemetery is enclosed by an iron fence and because the shopping area has been graded all around it, stands higher than street level. It is nicely maintained, and a very familiar landmark. It is something of a curiosity because of its location, right in the middle of all the commerce and activity in this busy suburban area." � Margaret Bates

A Leawood Lions Project plaque is affixed to the iron fence at the entranceway.

I have created this transcription by walking the cemetery, photographing, and transcribing the stones in July of 2005. I compared my work with a previous work done by Margaret Bates. Photos available upon request.

- Linda Lewis

Ault, Austin, d. Sep
Baker, Alexander, b. 16 Mar 1885, d. 27 Feb 1897, Masonic Emblem, Footstone A.B.
Baker, Geo. H., d. 8-Apr
Baker, Laura May, b. 01 May 1883, d. 15 Jan 1944, Daughter of A & Martha Baker, Footstone L. M. R.
Baker, W E, d. 17 May 1885, footstone W. E. B. (stone broken)
Bond, Joel A, b. 26 Dec 1849, d. 29 Mar 1894
Brandon, James P, d. 9 Jul ?
Brandon, Mila, d. 01 Oct 1877, Wife of James P. Brandon, Footstone M. B.
Browning, R. May, d. 01 Jul 1881, age: 2y 2 m, Daughter of S & M T Browning
Collin, Ralph N, d. 22 Sep 1903, age: 10y 6 m
Dion, Vergena, d. 27 Mar 1807, age: 50yr, Wife of Peter Dion, Footstone V. D.
Donnelly, Hester Ann, d. no date
Forney, Catherine, d. 30 Mar 1880, age: 53y 6m
Hiatt, Elizabeth A., d. 13 Aug ????, Daughter of W. H. & M. E. Hiatt
Hiatt, Ollie May, d. Mar, Daughter of W. H. & M. E. Hiatt
Hiatt, Willis G, d. 21 Mar 1881, Son of W. H. & M. E. Hiatt
Howell, Richard, b. 27 Oct 1827, d. 22 Jan 1896, s/w Susan Howell
Howell, Susan, b. 10 May 1829, d. none, His Wife, s/w Richard Howell
Hutton, ??, d. 1887
Hutton, Infant, d. 20 Nov 1873, J W and M J Hutton
Hutton, Willie, d. 12 Aug 1875, Son of J W and M J Hutton
Keys, Hazel, b. 11 Jun 1900, d. 20 Jul 1901
Laughlin, Mary A, b. 1864, d. 1903, Mother Former Baucom
Lellwich, Infant, d. no date, Son of F. & M. A.
Matney, Ennis A., d. Feb, Son of E.H. & Julia Matney
Phillips, I N, b. 11 Feb 1807, d. 15 Aug 1887, Son of W P & M Phillips Footstone: I N P
Phillips, Minerva C, b. 26 Jul 1846, d. 25 Aug 1924, age: 79y 2 m, Wife of W P Phillips
Phillips, Podosca R, d. 30 Oct 1891, age: 30y 8 m, Dau of W. P and M Phillips
Phillips, Sarah, b. 23 1807, d. 24 Nov 1887, Footstone: S P
Phillips, W P, b. 13 May 1882, d. 23 Mar 1898, Father stone Footstone: W P P
Pincomb, Clara Pauline, d. 14 May 1919
Pincomb, John Shapland, b. 15 Dec 1839, d. 15 Jan 1914
Pincomb, Robert, d. 07 May 1887, age: 82y 8 m
Pincomb, Sarah M, d. 20 Jan 1890, age: 37y 9 m, Wife of John S Pincom
Regnier, Helen B, b. 18 Feb 1916, d. 17 Mar 1904, s/w Victor L Regnier
Regnier, Victor L, b. 19 Oct 1917, d. 4 Jan 1900, s/w Helen B Regnier
Rippeto, Allen, d. 23 May 1870, Son of W H & E Ripptoe
Rippeto, Clarissa, b. 11 Jan 1849, d. 20 Jul 1894
Rippeto, David J, b. 5, d. Aug, Son of W. H. & C. H. Rippeto, footstone D. J. R.
Rippeto, Eveline, d., Wife of W Ripetto
Rippeto, Harrison, b. 6, d.
Rippeto, James A, b. 1844, d. 1915, s/w Sarah T Rippeto
Rippeto, James F., d. Jun
Rippeto, Sarah L., b. 5, d. Jul
Rippeto, Sarah T, b. 1822, d. 1896, Footstone Sarah, s/w James A Rippeto
Rippeto, William H, d.
Stuteville, Mary E, b. 01 May 1813, d. 21 Jan 1898, Wife of T B Stuteville
Stuteville, Thomas B, b. 11 Apr 1801, d. 02 Feb 1890
Sweigerd, John, d. 08 Jul 1881, age: 27y 6 m
Teas, Infant, d. 18 Nov 1881, son of W C & M J Teas
Tennison, James D, b. 20 Nov 1823, d. 19 Jun 1877, Footstone: J D T
Thomas, Elijah, b. 18 Sep 1806, d. 06 Feb 1892, s/w Julia Thomas
Thomas, Elizabeth, b. 1854, d. 1911, s/w William H Thomas
Thomas, Etta, b. 1863, d. 1883, Sister
Thomas, James M, b. 20 Nov 1855, d. 28 Jul 1917
Thomas, Julia, b. 25 Aug 1810, d. 13 Mar 1882, s/w Elijah Thomas
Thomas, Percy E, b. 1896, d. 1914, Son of J M & C R Thomas
Thomas, William H, b. 1835, d. 1913, s/w Elizabeth Thomas
Walker, Aletha, d. 1830, Infant Daughters, s/w Caroline & Margaret Walker
Walker, Caroline, d. 1847, Infant Daughters, s/w Margaret & Althea Walker
Walker, Margaret, d. 1859, Aletha Walker, 1830 Infant Daughters, s/w Caroline Walker
Webb, Benjamin F, b. 11 Oct 1823, d. 01 Dec 1897, Freemason symbol
Webb, Jane C, b. 31 Oct 1821, d. none, Wife of B F Webb
Williams, B M, d. 19 Apr 1880, age: 6y 10 m
Wyatt, Calvin G, d. 27 Dec 1922, Footstone C.G.W.
Wyatt, James W, b. 17 Mar 1862, d. 20 1915
Wyatt, Lillie C, no dates, Wife of Beau Crotty, Footstone L.G.W.
Wyatt, Louis, b. 23 Jul 1814, d. 15 1893

??, ??, age: 28yr
??, ??, d. 10 Mar 1890
??, ??, Mother
??, ??, 1823, s/w Clarence S ??
??, Clarence S, d. 30 Jul 1873, age: 4y 7 m, s/w ??
??, James P, d., age: 11yr, Footstone: J P H
??, Myrtle H, b. 09 Mar 1877, d. 12 Feb 1896, Wife of Leta
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