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Custard Cemetery
Bourbon County, Kansas

Contributed by Carol Brooks, May 25, 2002 [sbrooks@ckt.net]. Total records = 20.

To reach cemetery take the old 69 highway out of Arcadia, Ks. Go 7 miles north on east side of road on hill just before the iron bridge.

This is an older cemetery no longer taking burials, named for the Custard school just south of the cemetery.
- Carol Brooks
Hague, O. P., d. 11/04/1902, age 58yr 5mo 22da
Little, Joel, b. b.4/15/1844, d. 3/19/1863,age 34yr 11mo 4da
Little, Nancy, b. d.10/11/1881?, age 2yr, 6da, d/o J. & M.P.
Little, Rebecca A., b. 5/26/1859, d. 2/17/1879
Little, Thomas J., b. 2/20/1885, d. 6/24/1927
Manley, James P., b. b. 7/19/1844, d. 12/09?/1862
Mcnoney, David H., b. 7/19/1850,d.1/13/1881
Mcnoney, John, d. 1/10/1898 age 4yr 8mo17da
Parkhurst, Infant girl, d. 1875, d/o Nancy
Parkhurst, Infant boy, d. 1877, s/o Nancy
Parkhurst, Nancy, b. b.1847, d. 1878
Portwood, Ann, d. 2/18/1907, age 84yr 1mo 12da, w/o Woodson
Portwood, Anna, b. c.3/16/1869, age 69yr , w/o Simpson
Portwood, Simpson, b. d. 1/16/1870, age 69yr 12da, h/o Anna
Portwood, Woodson, d. 1/21/1898, age 73yr 3mo 4da
Walker, George W., d. 10/11/1867, age 3yr 6da, s/o Wm. & M.P.
Walker, Minervia P., b. b.1835, d. 1914, w/o J.T.
Walker, Polly, b. b.1834, d. 1/10/1862, w/o W.W.
Wiliams, Sarah, d. 12/13/1872, w/o T.J.
Williams, Sarah J., d. 7/23/1860, age 10mo, d/o T.J.& S.

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