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Old Union Cemetery
Orleans, Orange County, Indiana

Lat: 38° 37' 51"N, Lon: 86° 28' 51"W
Orleans Twp, T2N R1W Sec 2

Contributed by Ronald Wood, Jul 13, 2006, last edited Jun 09, 2007 [deadwood@joink.com]. Total records = 535.

To reach the cemetery from Orleans, take Hwy 37 south for about 2 miles, right onto W County Road 500 N and continue for little over a mile. Cemetery is on the north side of the road behind the church.

This cemetery was established by the Old Union Evangelical United Brethren Church, sometime after the first land was donated in 1845. The church was later to be called Old Union United Methodist Church. The first listed burial is in 1847, last burial listed was in 2003.

The church and cemetery probably included about one acre of ground deeded by Jacob and Mildred Elrod to the Trustees of "Union Meeting House of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ". In 1895 the trustees purchased three-fourth an acre for the cemetery from Thomas R. Martin for $15, and later the ground for the grove west of the cemetery was purchased from Luzena Webb for $ 25. In 1937 Albert Brown donated three-fourths an acre for enlarging the cemetery and in 1976 the heirs of Irene Laswell gave three-fourth an acre for the cemetery.

Some of the historical information about the cemetery was obtained from the DePauw Archives in Greencastle, IN

This is a complete transcription of all existing and legible stones & markers in this cemetery, which I compiled from my physical survey of the cemetery. This is complete up to Jun 13, 2006.

- Ronald Wood

Akin, Clora E., d. 5-08-1878, d/o J & M Akin, age: 7-3-25, Plat A
Akin, Martha, d. 2-15-1874, w/o Jerry Akin, age: 26-10-10, Plat A
Alderson, Lymon, no dates, Revolutionary War Soldier, Plat A
Alison, Celia A . L., b. 7-21-1826, d. 8-09-1852, w/o H. Alison, Plat A
Alison, Celia A., b. 8-09-1852, d. 8-22-1852, d/o H & C A L Alison, Plat A
Allegre, Clara, d. 3-06-1862, age: 0-1-13, Plat A
Allegre, Gracie, d. 1879, d/o R N & H A Allegre, age: 0-1-3, Plat A
Allegre, John M., b. 1-17-1847, d. 4-09-1870, s/o Shadrach & Sarah D. Allegre, Plat A
Allegre, Mary A., d. 3-09-1865, d/o S & S Allegre, age: 20-1-6, Plat A
Allegre, Robert N., d. 12-25-1880, age: 27-6-12, Plat A
Allegre, Sarah C., d. 7-25-1878, d/o S & S Allegre, age: 18-4-25, Plat A
Allegre, Sarah, d. 3-18-1865, w/o Shadrach Allegre, age: 45-10-7, Plat A
Allegre, Shadrach L., d. 9-15-1845, age: 2-11-10, Plat A
Allegre, Shadrach, d. 9-03-1872, h/o Sarah Allegre, age: 61-1-5, Plat A
Anderson, Johanna U., b. 2 Mar 1891, d. 25 Dec 1983, w/o William D. Anderson, Plat C
Anderson, William D., b. 5 May 1895, d. 22 Dec 1974, h/o Johanna U. Anderson, Plat C
Andrew, Wayne, b. 12-23-1933, d. 2-17-1934, Plat A
Asbery, Eula May, b. 01-16-1925, d. 02-21-1964, w/o William Grover, married 2-08-1951, Plat B
Asbery, William Grover, d. 01-05-1998, h/o Eula May, Plat B
Bass, Vonda, b. 1914, d. 08-24-1973, Wilma Horne's Sister, Plat B
Bennett, Alonzo T., b. 1870, d. 1948, h/o of Nancy J. Bennett, Plat B
Bennett, Arthur F., b. 1900, d. 1947, s/o of Alonzo T. & Nancy J. Bennett, Plat B
Bennett, Nancy J., b. 1875, d. 1950, w/o of Alonzo T. Bennett, Plat B
Boheman, Joey, d. 09 Nov 2000, Plat D
Bontrager, John C., b. 1866, d. 1923, Plat B
Bontrager, Joyce(Ream), b. 1901, d. 04-??-1980, d/o John C. & Lena Bontrager, Plat B
Bontrager, Lena, b. 1890, d. 1925, d/o John C. Bontrager, Plat B
Braxtan, Albert L., b. 1874, d. 1924, h/o Ida Lindley, Plat B
Braxtan, Earl Lindley, b. 03-10-1909, d. 10-30-1909, s/o Albert L. & Ida Lindley, Plat B
Braxtan, Elbert W. Braxtan pd, b. 1874, d. 01-13-1960, h/o Mary M. Braxton, Plat B
Braxtan, Ida Lindley, b. 1875, d. 1958, w/o Albert L. Lindley, Plat B
Braxtan, Mary M., b. 1876, d. 1961, w/o Elbert W. Braxton, Plat B
Braxtan, Robert A., b. 05-03-1913, d. 04-29-1914, s/o Albert L. & Ida Lindley, Plat B
Braxton, Dessie, b. 1870, d. 1964, w/o Henry H. Braxton, Plat B
Braxton, Emmet E., b. 1883, d. 1885, son, Plat A
Braxton, Henry H., b. 1870, d. 1947, h/o Dessie Braxton, Plat B
Braxton, Mary F., b. 1847, d. 1885, w/o Thomas J., Plat A
Braxton, Thomas J., b. 1838, d. 1922, 38th Ind Vol, Plat A
Brock, Karl, b. 26 Aug 1926, d. 22 Aug 1987, Veteran: Pvt. US Army WWII, Plat C
Brock, Mary E., b. 26 Sep 1934, d. 20 Aug 2001, Plat C
Brown, Alonzo, b. 1860, d. 1940, h/o Ida Brown, Plat B
Brown, Angeline, no dates, w/o Cornelius Brown, Plat A
Brown, Cora E., b. 1879, d. 1916, w/o Harry Brown, Plat B
Brown, Cornelius, no dates, Co. K 38 Ind, Plat A
Brown, Eddie, no dates, Plat A
Brown, Freddie T., b. 12-01-1888, d. 12-05-1888, Plat A
Brown, Harry, d. 1958, h/o Harry Brown, Plat B
Brown, Ida, b. 1873, d. 1891, w/o Alonzo Brown, moved here from Plat A, Plat B
Brown, James, b. 09-09-1901, d. 03-04-1974, Veteran: Pvt US Army, Plat B
Brown, James. T., b. 1866, d. 1933, h/o of Mary E. Brown, Plat B
Brown, Lulu Mae (Mathers), b. 09-16-1886, d. 08-18-1955, w/o of Harry Brown, Plat B
Brown, Mary E., b. 1857, d. 1933, Plat A
Brown, Mary E., b. 1867, d. 1958, w/o James T. Brown, Plat B
Brown, William H., b. 2-08-1854, d. 2-23-1924, Plat A
Buerklin, Hugh, b. 1907, d. 1984, h/o Helen Buerklin, Plat A
Buerlin, Helen(Mavity), b. 1906, d. 1981, Plat A
Burton, Amanda(Elrod), b. 1837, d. 1883, Plat A
Burton, Infant, b. 12-15-1862, d. 1-28-1863, s/o G & M. J. Burton, Plat A
Camp, Edwina Hoth, b. 22 Jun 1905, d. 17 Apr 1995, w/o Richard Camp, Plat D
Camp, Richard F., b. 5 Oct 1915, d. 25 Oct 1995, h/o Edwina Camp, Vet: SSgt USAF WWII, Plat D
Campbell, Andrew, d. 11-01-1857, s/o Oliver & D M Campbell, age: 3-2-1, Plat A
Carter, Erastus, b. ??-??-????, d. 1-03-1865, s/o W. H.. and L. M. Denny, age: 4-6-20, Plat A
Cauble, Fred Bryan, b. 01-11-1900, d. 12-17-1954, h/o Mary Irene Cauble, Veteran: USNR WWII, Plat B
Cauble, Mary Irene, b. 1901, d. 10-18-1975, w/o of Fred Bryan Cauble, Plat B
Chapdeaux, Robert, b. 18 Sep 1926, d. 06 Apr 1991, bur. 08 Apr 1991, Plat C
Chaplin, Carl, no dates, Plat B
Chaplin, Howard E., b. 27 Mar 1937, d. 16 Sep 1977, Veteran, Plat C
Chaplin, Jackie Ray, b. 1967, d. 1967, Plat C
Chaplin, Louise, no dates, Plat B
Chaplin, Merle E., b. 1907, d. 1951, Veteran, h/o Ruby Chaplin, Plat C
Chaplin, Michele Raymer, b. 08-20-1967, d. 02-11-1985, Plat B
Chaplin, Ruby, b. 1913, d. 1983, w/o Merle E. Chaplin, Plat C
Chatham, Clarence, b. 1891, d. 1961, h/o Grace Chatham, Plat B
Chatham, Grace(Brown), b. 03-28-1891, d. 09-11-1980, w/o Clarence Chatham, Plat B
Chatham, Lizzie, b. 7-03-1893, d. 12-26-1981, Plat A
Chatham, Martha, b. 1920, d. 1933, d/o Clarence & Grace Chatham, Plat B
Chesnut, Fred H., b. 11-03-1879, d. 09-02-1960, h/o Louella Chesnut, Plat B
Chesnut, Louella, b. 09-10-1881, d. 09-17-1915, w/o Fred H. Chesnut, Plat B
Claxton, Sarah E., b. 12-20-1849, d. 2-02-1869, w/o Wm. G Claxton, age: 19-1-13, Plat A
Clay, Johny, no dates, Our Little Johny Clay, Plat A
Compton, M. V., b. 1859, d. 1937, Father of Mae C. Simmons, Plat B
Cowherd, Lavinia Ann, b. 1856, d. 1942, Sister-in-law of Martin & Mary Toliver, Plat B
Craig, Francis, b. 06-30-1903, d. 06-29-1987, w/o W. M. Bevard Craig, Plat B
Craig, W. M. Bevard, b. 05-20-1897, d. 07-27-198?, h/o Francis Craig, Vet USN WWI, married 1925, Plat B
Dalton, Arnold, b. 31 Dec 1905, d. 25 Mar 1967, h/o Ella Tyrena Dalton, Plat C
Dalton, Ella Tyrena, b. 5 Jul 1912, d. 22 Jun 1958, w/o Arnold Dalton, Plat C
Daugherty, Amanda, b. 3-10-1831, d. 9-11-1870, w/o Rev John W. Daugherty, Plat A
Dillinger, Clifford, b. 03-28-1902, d. 12-25-2001, h/o Crystal Dillinger, Plat B
Dillinger, Crystal, b. 12-10-1909, d. 02-11-2000, w/o Clifford Dillinger, Plat B
Edwards, Henry C., b. 1889, d. 1929, Plat A
Edwards, Josephine, b. 1908, d. 1919, d/o Henry & Myrtle Edwards, Plat A
Edwards, Myrtle, b. 1889, d. 1945, w/o Henry C. Edwards, Plat A
Elliot, Holly H., b. 1910, d. 1985, Plat B
Elliot, Rosie S., b. 1922, d., Plat B
Ellis, Floren B., b. 12-22-1858, d. 11-27-1874, s/o J W & M Ellis, Plat A
Elrod, Amanda, b. 1873, d. 1964, w/o Anderson Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Anderson M., b. 6-26-1823, d. 5-01-1898, Plat A
Elrod, Anderson Sylvester Teet, b. 1872, d. 1921, h/o Amanda Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Andrew J., b. 11-05-1828, d. 9-26-1854, s/o R. & P.W. Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Benton C., b. 3-09-1821, d. 4-14-1891, Plat A
Elrod, Claudie B., b. 5-13-1876, d. 1-21-1877, s/o N & M Elrod, age: 0-8-8, Plat A
Elrod, Clintie, b. 8-30-1871, d. 9-14-1871, s/o J A & E J Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Cora May, b. 10-21-1889, d. 12-01-1890, Plat A
Elrod, Cora Rowena (Tanksley), b. 11-10-1917, d. 03-02-1989, w/o of John Arthur Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Edward Bedford, b. 6-09-1849, d. 11-10-1894, MD, Plat A
Elrod, Ella A., b. 1-25-1864, d. 8-30-1904, Plat A
Elrod, Flora, d. 2-04-1858, d/o J N & A Elrod, age: 0-0-6, Plat A
Elrod, Fred Benton, b. 1-13-1880, d. 8-23-1903, Plat A
Elrod, Freddie A., d. 8-30-1873, s/o H A C & M E Elrod, age: 7-4-6, Plat A
Elrod, Freddie C., b. 11-24-1875, d. 10-13-1876, s/o J A & E J Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Jacob N, no dates, Co D 66 Regt, age: 31-10-20, Plat A
Elrod, Jacob, d. 4-29-1852, Consort of Mildred Elrod, age: 59-0-21, Plat A
Elrod, Jacob, d. 9-11-1855, age: 66-8-17, Plat A
Elrod, Jane E., b. 9-28-1846, d. 10-20-1922, Plat A
Elrod, Joe, d. 10-23-1859, age: 74-10-1, Plat A
Elrod, John Arthur, b. 04-13-1911, d. 12-04-1992, h/o Cora Rowena Tanksley Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, John F., b. 1852, d. 1928, Plat A
Elrod, John O., b. 5-29-1833, d. 10-04-1906, Plat A
Elrod, John W., b. 1965, d. 1965, s/o Paul & Margaret Holt Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, John, d. 10-23-1859, age: 74-10-01, Plat A
Elrod, Joseph A., b. 3-19-1847, d. 12-23-1911, Plat A
Elrod, Lawrence M., b. 8-31-1885, d. 5-30-1887, Plat A
Elrod, Lillie M., b. 8-06-1869, d. 7-21-1946, Plat A
Elrod, Lucinda A., b. 11-11-1849, d. 11-19-1927, w/o E B Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Lucy E., b. 1855, d. 1938, Plat A
Elrod, Lucy M., b. 12-16-1887, d. 8-28-1913, Plat A
Elrod, Margaret A., b. 1-09-1833, d. 10-29-1922, w/o Anderson M. Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Maria, b. 4-12-1824, d. 5-14-1888, w/o Benton C. Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Mary A. M., b. 2-23-1829, d. 3-03-1866, w/o Anderson M. Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Mary E., b. 1845, d. 1915, w/o Nicholson Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Mary E., b. 4-26-1851, d. 10-31-1851, Plat A
Elrod, Mary Ethel, b. 8-02-1883, d. 1-10-1950, Plat A
Elrod, Mary F., d. 10-22-1869, d/o J O & S B Elrod, age: 1-0-4, Plat A
Elrod, Mary Ruth, b. 10-06-1943, d., d/o John & Rowena Tanksley Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Melville A., b. 08-16-1902, d. 01-12-1973, h/o Viola Faith Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Mildred J., d. 8-28-1845, age: 18-7-3, Plat A
Elrod, Nancy H., b. 11-12-1840, d. 3-16-1872, (1st wife Nicholson Elrod), Plat A
Elrod, Nancy H., b. 1840, d. 1872, w/o Nicholson Elrod, Buried in Plat A., Plat B
Elrod, Nancy, b. 4-21-1798, d. 8-21-1866, age: 68-1-0, Plat A
Elrod, Nancy, b. 4-21-1798, d. 8-21-1866, w/o John Elrod, age: 68-4-0, Plat A
Elrod, Nellie B., b. 10-05-1872, d. 02-05-1958, w/o of William G. Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Nicholson, b. 1838, d. 1923, h/o of Nancy H. & Mary E. Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Ola M., b. 10-23-1893, d. 1-23-1951, Plat A
Elrod, Raymond L., b. 12-21-1876, d. 8-11-1881, Plat A
Elrod, Samuel A., b. 5-02-1843, d. 11-01-1872, Plat A
Elrod, Sarah B., b. 5-14-1835, d. 9-16-1876, w/o John O. Elrod, Plat A
Elrod, Viola Faith(Hardin), b. 08-18-1909, d. 01-18-1981, w/o Melville Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, William G., b. 01-01-1864, d. 06-23-1943, h/o of Nellie B. Elrod, Plat B
Elrod, Willie E., d. 10-15-1868, s/o J A & J E Elrod, age: 0-1-14, Plat A
Eversole, Blanche E., b. 1892, d. 1983, w/o Clyde L., Plat B
Eversole, Clyde L., b. 11-29-1892, d. 01-03-1968, h/o Blanche E., Vet USA PFC Btry 139 Fld Arty WWI, Plat B
Fleenor, Dianne, b. 18 Dec 1951, d., w/o Rex M. Fleenor, Plat C
Fleenor, Rex M., b. 12 sep 1937, d. 22 Jul 1987, h/o Dianne Fleenor, Vet: USAF A2C, Plat C
Freeman, John, b. 1844, d. 1896, Plat B
Fullen, Arthur, b. 1887, d. 5 May 1959, h/o Lucy Fullen, Plat C
Fullen, John Henry, b. 1874, d. 1951, b/o Sudie Dillon, Plat B
Fullen, John, b. 08-02-1839, d. 08-06-1907, h/o Mary E. Fullen, Vet: Co A 24 Ind Inf, Plat B
Fullen, Lucy, b. 1895, d. 1973, w/o Arthur Fullen, Plat C
Fullen, Mary E., b. 09-23-1846, d. 12-16-1919, w/o John Fullen, Plat B
Fullen, Neva(Ragle), b. 1914, d. 12 Jun 1970, Plat C
Fullen, Patrick, b. 1874, d. 1951, b/o J Fullen. Veteran: Co E 136 Ind Inf, Plat B
Fullen, Ralph, b. 1879, d. 1966, Plat B
Gahan, Ernest E., b. 08-22-1898, d. 01-31-1919, Veteran: USA 16 Inf, Plat B
Gallon, Beatrice, b. 1855, d. 1925, Plat A
Gallon, Elmer, no dates, Plat A
Gallon, Lawson, b. 1851, d. 1913, Plat A
Garloch, Daisy, b. 3 Dec 1910, d. 8 Aug 1985, w/o Lester Garloch, Plat C
Garloch, Lester, b. 20 Jul 1914, d. 15 Aug 1990, h/o Daisy Garloch, Plat C
Gifford, Charles W., d. 10-05-1860, s/o Josephus & Elizabeth Gifford, age: 7-7-22, Plat A
Gifford, Elizabeth J(Peyton), d. 3-19-1887, w/o Josephus Gifford, age: 56-03-18, Plat A
Gifford, Josephus, d. 9-09-1855, h/o Elizabeth J. Gifford, age: 30-05-00, Plat A
Graham, Mr, no dates, Father, Plat A
Graham, Mrs, no dates, Mother, Plat A
Griggs, Charles E., d. 1-05-1878, s/o J & M Griggs, age: 0-7-24, Plat A
Griggs, Frances E., d. 12-26-1862, d/o J & S Griggs, age: 5-8-7, Plat A
Griggs, Harriet A., b. 2-20-1864, d. 10-23-1880, d/o Jas & M Griggs, Plat A
Griggs, James M., d. 3-02-1865, s/o J & M Griggs, age: 3-4-11, Plat A
Griggs, James, b. 7-31-1818, d. 2-10-1904, Plat A
Griggs, John R., d. 3-07-1865, s/o J & M Griggs, age: 13-0-11, Plat A
Griggs, Louis H., d. 3-12-1854, s/o J & S Griggs, age: -1-1-9, Plat A
Griggs, Margaret, b. 3-12-1827, d. 11-27-1903, w/o James Griggs, Plat A
Griggs, Sarah E., no dates, d/o J & S Griggs, age: 20-5-26, Plat A
Griggs, Sarah, b. 8-17-1818, d. 10-06-1857, w/o James Griggs, Plat A
Gullett, Caroline, no dates, Probably buried here, Plat A
Gullett, Edward, d. 5-05-1856, h/o Martha Gullett, age: 64-00-00, Plat A
Gullett, Hattie, no dates, Infant of S & S Gullett, Plat A
Gullett, Martha, d. 10-22-1855, w.o E. Gullett, age: 63-00-00, Plat A
Gullett, Samuel, d. 1-29-1890, age: 73-1-23, Plat A
Gullett, Sarah A., b. 6-25-1825, d., w/o Samuel Gullett, Plat A
Haga, Arthur F., b. 07-14-1880, d. 03-13-1961, h/o Bertha M. Haga, Plat B
Haga, Bertha M., b. 10-24-1896, d. 01-05-1997, w/o Arthur F. Haga, Plat B
Henderson, Adah G., b. 10-01-1905, d. 01-07-1908, d/o Fred & Lucy Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, Annie F., d. 12-08-1875, d/o J H & E S Henderson, age: 5-2-5, Plat A
Henderson, Elizabeth E., b. 1-29-1835, d. 11-12-1861, w/o Jas Henderson, Plat A
Henderson, Emily C., b. 09-20-1839, d. 10-22-1901, w/o James W. Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, Emma, b. 02-28-1855, d. 08-17-1902, w/o W. R. Barnard, age: 17-5-17, Plat B
Henderson, Ethiel I., d. 10-26-1879, d/o J H & E S Henderson, Plat A
Henderson, Henry H., b. 11-01-1818, d. 12-29-1902, h/o of Emma Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, Infant, no dates, s/o J H & E S Henderson, Plat A
Henderson, James B., no dates, s/o J H & E S Henderson, Plat A
Henderson, James W., b. 01-07-1835, d. 03-29-1912, h/o Emily C. Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, John G., b. 1-26-1849, d. 3-14-1867, s/o J & M Henderson, Plat A
Henderson, John T., b. 07-25-1851, d. 11-11-1891, h/o Nancy A. Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, John, b. 1-01-1812, d. 2-22-1875, Plat A
Henderson, John, no dates, reburied in Plat B., Plat A
Henderson, Laura A., b. 1862, d. 1945, w/o William E. Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, Leander, d. 2-07-1866, s/o J & M Henderson, age: 23-10-26, Plat A
Henderson, Margaret C., d. 6-08-1880, w/o John Henderson, age: 69-7-10, Plat A
Henderson, Mary M., b. 11-09-1851, d. 01-14-1905, d/o of Henry H. and Emma Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, Nancy A., b. 07-31-1853, d. 03-06-1929, w/o John T. Henderson, Plat B
Henderson, Newton L., no dates, Plat A
Henderson, Virgil E., b. 11-26-1882, d. 01-29-1960, Plat B
Henderson, William E., b. 1857, d. 1911, h/o of Laura A. Henderson, Plat B
Hershman, Evert, b. 1883, d., Buried in Ohio, Plat B
Hershman, Mary P., b. 1883, d. 1941, Wife, Plat B
Hill, Aleta, b. 09-02-1892, d. 5-14-1970, Plat B
Hill, Arthur J., b. 10-19-1892, d. 04-22-1972, Plat B
Hill, Arthur Linden, b. 31 Dec 1921, d. 16 Mar 1996, Plat C
Hill, Blanche A., b. 1903, d. 2003, w/o Floyd D. Hill, Plat B
Hill, Claude R., b. 1875, d. 1952, h/o Maude D. Hill, Plat B
Hill, Claude W., b. 12-18-1905, d. 12-18-1905, s/o Josephus & Mary J. Apple Hill, Plat B
Hill, Elbert O., b. 03-09-1886, d. 02-25-1908, s/o Josephus & Mary J. Apple Hill, Plat B
Hill, Eliza J., b. 09-01-1843, d. 03-15-1916, w/o John W. Hill, Plat B
Hill, Eloise E., b. 1915, d. 1918, A daughter buried somewhere in this lot., Plat B
Hill, Floyd D., b. 1903, d. 1941, h/o Blanche A. Hill, Plat B
Hill, Herbert R., b. 03-02-1911, d. 09-09-1958, s/o CR & MD Hill, Vet: Pvt Co M 1534 Svc Unit WWII, Plat B
Hill, Howard W., b. 03-02-1911, d. 04-26-1945, s/o CR & MD Hill, Vet: PFC 261 Inf 65 Div WWII, Plat B
Hill, John W., b. 02-05-1843, d. 04-23-1900, h/o Eliza J. Hill, Plat B
Hill, John Wendall, b. 1929, d. 2003, Plat C
Hill, Josephus, b. 10-27-1858, d. 05-04-1928, h/o Mary J. (Apple) Hill, Plat B
Hill, Mary J. (Apple), b. 10-29-1861, d. 10-14-1933, w/o Josephus Hill, Plat B
Hill, Maude D., b. 1879, d. 1940, w/o Claude R. Hill, Plat B
Hill, Neva Catherine, b. 2 Oct 1924, d., Plat C
Hobbs, Jacob S, d. 5-03-1850, s/o W P & M A Hobbs, age: 0-2-28, Plat A
Holmes, Beth Ann, b. 26 Dec 1960, d. 23 Dec 1981, w/o Russell Holmes, Plat C
Holmes, Majoria H., b. 20 Jun 1922, d., Plat C
Holmes, Russell, b. 30 Nov 1918, d. 24 May 1973, h/o Beth A Holmes, Vet: Cpl. USMC WWII, Plat C
Horne, James, b. 1905, d. 1947, h/o Wilma Horne, Plat B
Horne, Wilma, b. 1908, d. 02-28-1974, w/o James Horne, Plat B
Hudelson, Andrew C., b. 1867, d. 1957, h/o Ida A. Hudelson, Plat B
Hudelson, Clifford L., b. 1922, d. 9 Sep 1967, h/o Ruth L. Hudleson, Plat C
Hudelson, Hester A., b. 6-22-1837, d. 8-01-1868, d/o Thos D & L Hudelson, Plat A
Hudelson, Ida A., b. 1870, d. 1913, w/o Andrew C. Hudleson, Plat B
Hudelson, John Kevin, b. 1968, d. ?? Apr 1971, Plat C
Hudelson, Lydia Delphina, d. 5-29-1863, d/o T D & L Hudelson, age: 6-6-15, Plat A
Hudelson, Mary (Webb), no dates, d/o J B & L Webb, Plat A
Hudelson, Ruth L., b. 1926, d., w/o Clifford L. Hudleson, Plat C
Hudleson, Charles B., b. 1891, d. 6 Jan 1985, h/o Faythe L. Hudleson, Plat C
Hudleson, Faythe L., b. 7 Sep 1897, d. ?? Jan 1976, w/o Charles B. Hudleson, Plat C
Infant, b. 6-08-1890, d. 6-16-1890, Plat A
Infant, d. 12-25-1854, Infant of G W & E Elrod, Plat A
Infant, no dates, J N & A Elrod, Plat A
Kaiser, John Oliver, b. 1923, d. 1 Aug 1977, Veteran: Sgt US Army WWII, Plat C
Kaiser, Virginia Ruth, no dates, Plat C
Kellams, Norma Ann, b. 03-13-1940, d. 03-13-1940, Daughter, Plat B
Kelly, Margaret E., b. 09-13-1904, d. 05-11-1989, Plat B
Kiefner, Anna Louise(Wilson), b. 9 Jul 1914, d. 26 Nov 1981, Plat C
Kiefner, Rose Alice, b. 1900, d. 1990, Plat C
Kimble, T. L., b. 1933, d. 1933, Infant, Plat B
King, Betty Lou, b. 09-24-1928, d. 07-16-1940, d/o of George W. & Ora King, Plat B
King, George W., b. 02-22-1903, d. 01-18-1945, h/o Ora King, Plat B
King, Ora, b. 10-04-1902, d., w/o George W. King, Plat B
Lagel, Burrell B., d. 5-08-1879, age: 61-8-7, Plat A
Lagel, Burrell E., d. 10-06-1878, s/o L H & S E Lagel, age: 0-0-28, Plat A
Lagel, Everit F., d. 2-05-1880, s/o Susan C. Lagel, age: 1-5-24, Plat A
Lane, Betty Jean, b. 05-02-1928, d. 06-07-1928, d/o Ermal & Blanche Lane, Plat B
Lane, Blanche Shipley, b. 1907, d. 02-25-1958, w/o Ermal Lane, Plat B
Lane, Ermal, b. 1898, d. 1961, h/o Blanche Lane, Plat B
Lane, Nancy C., b. 01-29-1940, d. 12-16-1954, ggd/o of Alonzo T. & Nancy J. Bennett, Plat B
Lasley, Helen L. (Hershman), b. 1911, d. 1945, Daughter, Plat B
Lefler, Charley, b. 4-01-1866, d. 4-01-1866, s/o A. & N M Lefler, Plat A
Lindley Jr., James Alves Jr., b. 1887, d. 1967, Plat B
Lindley, Banks H., b. 1862, d. 1948, Plat A
Lindley, Beatrice, b. 8-14-1872, d. 2-28-1895, d/o James & Mary E. Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, Chambers M., b. 1-01-1873, d. 2-15-1873, s/o J & R Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, Damon B., b. 10-26-1909, d. 09-15-1945, s/o Norman J. Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Deborah, b. 6-10-1833, d. 7-2-1895, Plat A
Lindley, Ella L., b. 10-20-1885, d. 2-13-1988, Plat A
Lindley, Emma(Sanders), b. 1891, d. 10-19-1978, Plat B
Lindley, Emma, d. 9-21-1867, d/o T E & N E Lindley, age: 0-0-22, Plat A
Lindley, Harry V., b. 9-15-1888, d. 10-21-1965, Son-in-law of Banks H., Plat A
Lindley, Henry, b. 08-20-1820, d. 07-07-1901, h/o of Matilda Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Hester, b. 8-28-1845, d. 3-14-1891, Plat A
Lindley, Infant Son, d. 3-20-1869, s/o J. & R. Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, James Alves, b. 1862, d. 1949, h/o of Sarah Helen Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, James E., b. 5-29-1834, d. 8-15-1914, Plat A
Lindley, James O., b. 4-16-1863, d. 2-28-1873, s/o J. & R. Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, Jane, no dates, Plat A
Lindley, John T., b. 4-19-1841, d. 4-02-1908, Plat A
Lindley, John William Jr., d. 7-19-1947, Plat A
Lindley, Johnie M., b. 5-05-1875, d. 3-22-1897, age: 21-10-17, Plat A
Lindley, Joseph N., b. 7-26-1861, d. 11-2-1872, s/o J. & R. Lindley, age: 11-3-6, Plat A
Lindley, Lillia M., b. 1869, d. 1955, Plat A
Lindley, Lola E., b. 09-09-1894, d. 01-18-1969, w/o Norman J. Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Mary Etta, b. 3-30-1842, d. 8-13-1903, w/o James Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, Mary L., b. 01-23-1891, d. 05-19-1915, w/o Norman J. Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Matilda, b. 08-27-1836, d., w/o of Henry Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Merrill O., b. 30 Jul 1917, d. 18 Apr 1996, h/o Mildred C. Lindley, Plat C
Lindley, Mildred C., b. 1 Dec 1927, d., w/o Merrill O. Lindley, Plat C
Lindley, Mirt J., b. 1877, d. 1941, h/o Pearl E. Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Myrtle, b. 8-22-1878, d. 2-28-1879, d/o James & Mary E. Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, Nancy Elmira, b. 1840, d. 1922, w/o Thomas Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Nellie T., b. 1869, d. 1965, w/o William J. Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, Nora Belle, d. 11-01-1873, d/o J T & Ila Lindley, age: 0-8-0, Plat A
Lindley, Norman J., b. 06-17-1890, d. 02-22-1976, h/o Lola Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Patricia, b. 13 Nov 1950, d. 25 Mar 1951, dau of Robert Lindley, Plat C
Lindley, Paul L., b. 09-12-1911, d. 12-08-1986, Plat B
Lindley, Pearl E., b. 11-12-1879, d. 02-25-1902, w/o J. Mirt Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Raymond H., b. 10-05-1885, d. 8-21-1917, Plat A
Lindley, Rebecca V., b. 1853, d. 1931, Plat A
Lindley, Sarah Helen, b. 1860, d. 1926, w/o James Alves Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Thomas Elwood, b. 1837, d. 1921, h/o of Nancy Lindley, Plat B
Lindley, Wilbur P., b. 1923, d. 1923, s/o James A. & Emma Lindley Infant, Plat B
Lindley, William H., b. 5-06-1870, d. 2-20-1873, s/o J. & R. Lindley, age: 1-9-14, Plat A
Lindley, William J., b. 1864, d. 1938, s/o James & Mary E. Lindley, Plat A
Lindley, William, no dates, Plat A
Lindley, Wilma A., b. 1923, d. 1923, d/o James A. & Emma Lindley Infant, Plat B
Magner, Carrie M, b. 1901, d. 02-22-1964, w/o Lowell Magner, Plat B
Magner, Earl Grant, b. 1885, d. 1958, Plat A
Magner, Ernest, b. 1894, d. 1952, s/o Grant L. & Hettie J. Magner, Plat B
Magner, Gerldine, b. 1921, d. 1941, d/o of LaVern & Ruby Magner, Plat B
Magner, Grant L., b. 1865, d. 1950, h/o Hettie J. Magner, Plat B
Magner, Hettie J., b. 1868, d. 1948, w/o Grant L. Magner, Plat B
Magner, LaVern, b. 1892, d. 1973, h/o of Ruby Magner, Plat B
Magner, Lowell, b. 1899, d. 1984, h/o Carrie M. Magner, Plat B
Magner, Nettie, b. 1883, d. 1959, Plat A
Magner, Ruby, b. 1898, d. 1939, w/o LaVern Magner, Plat B
Magner, Sarah, d. 11-03-1872, d/o O M & M A Magner, age: 1-0-7, Plat A
Mahan, Amy M., b. 08-17-1914, d. 08-17-1986, Plat B
Mahan, Clarence, b. 03-29-1911, d. 12-12-1971, Plat B
Marshall, Franklin L., d. 11-26-1940, s/o of Perry & Stella Marshall, Plat B
Marshall, Maxine, b. 1918, d. 1998, w/o Olos Marshall, Plat C
Marshall, Olos, b. 1916, d. 1983, h/o Maxine Marshall, Plat C
Marshall, Perry D., b. 1890, d. 1985, h/o Stella Marshall, Plat B
Marshall, Stella, b. 1897, d. 1985, w/o of Perry Marshall, Plat B
Marshall, b. 04-121915, d. 1915, s & d/o Perry & Stella Marshall, Twins, Plat B
Martin, Amelia J., b. 12-26-1863, d. 08-22-1959, w/o Thomas R. Martin, Plat B
Martin, Infants, no dates, T R & P J Martin, Plat A
Martin, Noble, b. 12-11-1891, d. 10-18-1892, s/o T R & P Martin, Plat A
Martin, Ola, d. 5-09-1885, d/o T R & Sarah Martin(1st wife), age: 0-0-18, Plat A
Martin, Sarah, d. 3-17-1887, w/o Thomas R Martin, age: 34-4-26, Plat A
Martin, Thomas R., b. 11-01-1861, d. 06-15-1907, h/o Amelia J. Martin, Plat B
Mathers, Mildred Louisa, b. 10-16-1828, d. 7-31-1853, Consort John F. Mathers, Plat A
Mavity, Clarence, b. 1877, d. 1945, Plat A
Mavity, Evalou, b. 1882, d. 1940, Plat A
McBride, Infant, b. 06-09-1951, d. 06-09-1951, Infant, Plat B
McCoy, Addie C., d. 2-24-1888, d/o J C & R A McCoy, age: 2-1-23, Plat A
McCoy, Sarah E., b. 7-25-1872, d., d/o J C & R A McCoy, age: 0-1-17, Plat A
McPherson, Andrew, d. 7-11-1847, s/o D & M Mcpherson, age: 0-7-11, Plat A
McPherson, Duncan T, b. 12-11-1810, d. 2-23-1825, age: 61-2-16, Plat A
McPherson, Henry, b. 4-24-1856, d. 9-18-1862, s/o D & M Mcpherson, Plat A
McPherson, Mary, b. 12-14-1810, d. 2-02-1875, w/o Duncan Mcpherson, age: 64-2-9, Plat A
McPherson, Thomas, d. 10-03-1860, s/o D & M Mcpherson, age: 24-1-11, Plat A
Mcbride, Dorthy J., b. 1923, d. 2003, Plat C
Mcbride, Grace M., b. 15 Jan 1888, d. 1 Sep 1977, w/o Irvin S. McBride, Plat C
Mcbride, Irvin S., b. 28 Dec 1887, d. 6 Jun 1976, h/o Grace M. McBride, Plat C
Meriwether, Margaret Ann, no dates, Plat B
Miller, Chloa A., d. 8-05-1860, w/o S M Miller, age: 18-11-9, Plat A
Millis, Clora Etta, b. 8-13-1868, d. 3-12-1901, w/o Jas H. Millis, Plat A
Nichols, Ben, b. 1838, d. 1916, Plat A
Nichols, Jacob M., b. 1-26-1796, d. 1-21-1868, Plat A
Nichols, Martha Jane, b. 1840, d. 1922, Plat A
Nichols, Mary J, b. 10-24-1862, d. 8-15-1864, d/o B F & M J Nichols, Plat A
Nichols, Nancy G., b. 11-14-1802, d. 9-26-1876, Plat A
Noblitt, Catherine, b. 11-23-1912, d. 03-16-1986, Plat B
Noblitt, Charles E, d. 2-03-1881, s/o V T & S A Noblitt, age: 0-0-21, Plat A
Noblitt, Charles Wayne, b. 11-06-1935, d. 08-13-1936, Inf, gs/o Volney, Child of Wilson Red Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, Hugh Sherman, b. 1867, d. 1956, half b/o Vloney Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, James L., b. 07-27-1868, d. 08-20-1905, s/o of Volney & Sara Ann Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, John W., b. 1870, d. 1935, h/o Minnie Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, Minnie M., b. 1880, d. 05-30-1978, w/o Wayne Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, Robert L., b. 16 Jan 1915, d. 15 Jul 1992, Plat C
Noblitt, Sara Ann, b. 01-25-1839, d. 07-06-1917, w/o of Volney Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, Volney, b. 07-02-1844, d. 11-06-1928, h/o Sara Ann Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, Wayne N., b. 1912, d. 1929, s/o John W. & Minnie Noblitt, Plat B
Noblitt, Wilson D., b. 11-25-1912, d. 06-12-1984, Plat B
Nugent, James, b. 10-10-1809, d. 12-23-1867, Plat A
Nugent, Sophia, b. 4-03-1817, d. 5-13-1869, w/o James Nugent, Plat A
Ott, Rebecca Ruth, b. 28 Apr 1969, d. 28 apr 1969, Plat C
Padgett, Oscar S., d. 2-24-1874, s/o G W & M A Padgett, age: 18-1-11, Plat A
Peacher, Laura H., d. 2-19-1879, w/o William H. Peacher, age: 28-10-0, Plat A
Peacher, William H., no dates, He is not buried here., Plat A
Pickens, Edith E., b. 06-12-1890, d. 05-18-1914, w/o George H. Pickens, Plat B
Pickens, George H., b. 02-12-1888, d. 10-30-1941, h/o Edith E. Pickens, Veteran: US Army Pvt, Plat B
Pickens, L. Joseph, b. 1861, d. 1947, h/o Laura E. Pickens, Plat B
Pickens, Laura E., b. 1867, d. 1956, w/o Joseph Pickens, Plat B
Pipher, Cyrus E., b. 11-16-1838, d. 5-04-1873, Plat A
Pipher, Mary E ., d. 7-08-1861, d/o S E & N J Pipher, age: 0-4-11, Plat A
Pipher, Nancy J., b. 12-26-1841, d. 2-20-1917, Plat A
Pittman, Cora, b. 1900, d. 1982, Plat B
Pittman, Daniel R., b. 10-27-1861, d. 05-07-1931, h/o Mary M. Pittman, Plat B
Pittman, Josephine, b. 1894, d. 1928, w/o William T. Pittman, Plat B
Pittman, Mary Frances, b. 08-04-1923, d. 11-04-1924, d/o William T. & Jospehine Pittman, Plat B
Pittman, Mary M., b. 01-25-1864, d. 03-01-1939, w/o Daniel R. Pittman, Plat B
Pittman, William T., b. 1887, d. 1955, h/o Josephine Pittman, Plat B
Plew, Clarence, b. 1881, d. 1947, h/o Myrtle Plew, Plat B
Plew, Myrtle, b. 1887, d. 1966, w/o Clarence Plew, Plat B
Poindexter, Hattie, b. 1893, d. 1969, w/o of Reed Z. Poindexter, Plat C
Poindexter, Reed Z., b. 1894, d. 1968, h/o Hattie Poindexter, Plat C
Polson, Clyde, b. 05-24-1890, d. 05-08-1976, Plat B
Polson, Dwight, b. 1913, d. 1914, s/o Clyde Polson, Plat B
Polson, Hallie Louise, b. 1912, d. 1916, d/o Clyde Polson, Plat B
Powers, Marilyn J. (Hill), b. 6 Jan 1936, d., w/o Sylvester J Powers, Plat C
Powers, Sylvester J., b. 16 Mar 1920, d. 27 Jun 1986, h/o Marilyn J. Powers, Vet: SK1 USN WWII, Plat C
Provence, Lewis, b. 13 May 1942, d. 11 Jul 1994, Plat C
Quakenbush, Nathan J., b. 8-05-1857, d. 2-05-1858, s/o J & H A Quakenbush, Plat A
Quakenbush, William J., b. 1-05-1842, d. 11-29-1862, Co A 38 Regt Ind Vol, Plat A
Ratcliff, Robert V., no dates, Co A 66 Ind, Plat A
Ream, Cecil P., b. 1900, d. 1957, Son-in-Law, Plat B
Reed, Jimmie, d. 11-27-1952, GGNephew GGSon of Amanda Elrod, age: 0-1-1, Plat B
Reid, Cynthia Elaine, b. 01-03-1965, d. 196?, Gdaughter of Melville & Viola Faith Elrod, Plat B
Riggle, Ann, no dates, d/o Mike Riggle, Plat A
Roberson, Arthur, b. 1906, d. 12-21-1967, Plat B
Roberson, Charles, b. 1879, d. 1937, h/o Zetta Roberson, Plat B
Roberson, Martha, b. 1911, d. 1988, Married Loren Shortridge 1969, Plat B
Roberson, Zetta, b. 1885, d. 12-10-1958, w/o C. Roberson, Plat B
Rudd, Cecil, b. 1894, d. 1962, h/o Ruth G. Rudd, Plat C
Rudd, Cleo (Hill), b. 19 Jul 1920, d., Plat C
Rudd, Euwell G., b. 6 Jun 1914, d. 11 Jan 1998, Plat C
Rudd, Ruth G., b. 1896, d. 1982, w/o Cecil Rudd, Plat C
Sanders, L. F. P. Dune, b. 02-02-1852, d. 02-01-1935, h/o of Sarah J. Sanders, Plat B
Sanders, Lucile, b. 08-07-1886, d. 04-08-1926, d/o L. F. P. & Sarah J. Sanders, Plat B
Sanders, Sarah J., b. 05-31-1884, d. 12-22-1906, w/o L. F. Sanders, Plat B
Sears, Anna M., b. 1867, d. 1941, w/o of Charley H. Sears, Plat B
Sears, Charley H., b. 1867, d. 1904, h/o of Anna M. Sears, Plat B
Sears, Lowell W. 'Jim, b. 1897, d. 04-05-1981, s/o of Charley H. & Anna M. Sears, Plat B
Silva, A. S., d. 3-19-1879, d/o W W & D Lindley, age: 0-1-25, Plat A
Simmons, Mae C.(Compton), b. 1882, d. 1954, w/o Nelson Simmons, Plat B
Simmons, Nelson, b. 1871, d. 1937, h/o of Mae C. Simmons, Plat B
Southars, J, no dates, Co F 13 Ind Cav, Plat A
Southerland, Caroline, b. 7-01-1844, d. 1930, w/o J. Southerland, Plat A
Southerland, Joseph, b. 1-01-1844, d. 7-07-1883, Co. C 23 Reg. Ind Inf, Plat A
Sprinkle, Betty, d. 01-05-1985, w/o Glenn Sprinkle, Plat B
Sprinkle, Glenn, b. 1935, d., h/o Betty Sprinkle, Plat B
Stalcup, Emmet, b. 1884, d. 1971, h/o Mayme Stalcup, Plat C
Stalcup, John W, b. 2-26-1858, d. 2-10-1884, h/o Permelia C. Stalcup, Plat A
Stalcup, Mayme, b. 1889, d. 1951, w/o Emmet Stalcup, Plat C
Stalcup, Permelia C., b. 10-25-1849, d. 3-28-1903, w/o John W. Stalcup, Plat A
Stine, Catherine, d. 1-29-1855, d/o J & F Stine, age: 17-2-24, Plat A
Stine, Fannie A., b. 7-17-1863, d. 11-06-1941, Plat A
Stine, Florence E., d. 12-30-1911, age: 24-1-7, Plat B
Stine, Helen C., b. 1860, d. 1929, w/o Samuel Stine, Plat B
Stine, Joseph F., b. 12-13-1853, d. 10-23-1944, Plat A
Stine, Noble L., b. 5-07-1886, d. 10-22-1932, Plat A
Stine, Samuel, b. 1849, d. 1935, h/o Helen C. Stine, Plat B
Stines, Betty Jean, b. 3 Nov 1923, d., w/o Kermit Lee Stines, Plat D
Stines, Danny Joe, b. ?? Sep 1956, d. 5 Sep 1981, s/o Omar & Pearl Stines, Plat C
Stines, Kermit Lee, b. 30 Nov 1925, d. 13 Nov 1999, h/o Betty J Stines Vet: Pfc USA WWII, Plat D
Stines, Omar Joseph, b. 1 Apr 1889, d. 20 Apr 1980, h/o Pearl Eva Stines, Plat C
Stines, Pearl Eva(Magner), b. 17 Feb 1890, d. 12 Mar 1969, w/o Omar Joseph Stines, Plat C
Stone, Joy(Hill), b. ?? Feb 1917, d. ?? Jul 1963, w/o of Leon Stone, Plat C
Stone, Leon, no dates, h/o Joy Stone, Plat C
Stultz, Anderson E., b. 5-08-1845, d. 3-07-1865, age: 19-9-29, Plat A
Stultz, Angeline, b. 1841, d. 1932, w/o Jacob M. Stultz, Plat A
Stultz, Carrie E., b. 1873, d. 1933, Sis/of Annie (Stultz) Williams, Plat B
Stultz, Clora O., b. 03-17-1892, d. 02-19-1975, Plat B
Stultz, Dillary F., b. 11-26-1846, d. 06-03-1911, w/o John H. Stultz, Plat B
Stultz, Edwin M., b. 1871, d. 1936, Bro/of Annie (Stultz) Williams, Plat B
Stultz, Frank E., b. 2-20-1868, d. 5-02-1873, s/o John H. & Sarah Stultz, Plat A
Stultz, Frank H., b. 10-27-1927, d. 02-27-1990, Plat B
Stultz, Hattie M., b. 6-18-1881, d. 9-15-1881, d/o J.H. & M.J. Stultz, Plat A
Stultz, Jacob M., d. 8-12-1892, age: 54-0-4, Plat A
Stultz, John H., b. 01-01-1841, d. 09-01-1903, h/o of Dillary F. Stultz, Plat B
Stultz, John Henry, b. 7-10-1798, d. 3-17-1865, age: 66-8-7, Plat A
Stultz, Julia M., b. 6-18-1881, d. 8-12-1881, d/o J.H. & M.J. Stultz, Plat A
Stultz, Lucile, d. 7-06-1887, d/o J H & D F Stultz, age: 1-3-24, Plat A
Stultz, Maria J., d. 6-23-1881, w/o John H. Stultz, age: 37-1-13, Plat A
Stultz, Mary C., b. 5-24-1801, d. 10-10-1865, w/o John H. Stultz, age: 64-4-16, Plat A
Stultz, Mary, b. 1877, d. 1916, d/o of John H. & Dillary F. Stultz, Plat B
Stultz, Sarah, b. 3-6-1844, d. 4-07-1869, w/o John H. Stultz, Plat A
Stultz, Wm. A., b. 11-09-1889, d. 06-14-1971, Plat B
Sutherland, Martha E., d. 2-22-1879, w/o Jos Sutherland, age: 40-8-8, Plat A
Tarr, Charley W., b. 6-21-1868, d. 6-15-1892, age: 23-11-24, Plat A
Tarr, John O., b. 1871, d. 1938, Plat A
Tarr, Mary E., b. 1872, d., Plat A
Tarr, Mary, b. 1864, d. 1936, Plat A
Taylor, Benjamin F., d. 8-26-1874, s/o T J & E Taylor, age: 1-4-5, Plat A
Toliver, Elsie, b. 19 Sep 1902, d. 28 Apr 1998, Plat C
Toliver, Hattie E., b. 1905, d. 1928, d/o Joseph M. & Venie Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, Howard W., b. 22 Dec 1880, d. 29 Dec 1959, Plat C
Toliver, John Martin, b. 1903, d. 1921, s/o Martin V. & Mary I. Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, Joseph M., b. 06-02-1862, d. 09-24-1944, h/o Venie E. Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, Lloyd C., b. 03-15-1908, d. 11-11-1996, h/o M. Ann Carnes Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, M. Ann Carnes, b. 09-16-1909, d. 12-11-2000, w/o of Lloyd C. Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, Martin V. Toliver, b. 1858, d. 1940, h/o of Mary I. Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, Mary I., b. 1862, d. 1940, w/o Martin V. Toliver, Plat B
Toliver, Venie E., b. 06-24-1877, d. 01-13-1966, w/o Joseph M. Toliver, Plat B
Tucker, Estelia Ionia, b. 9-28-1867, d. 12-15-1867, d/o J W & F A Tucker, Plat A
Velcein, Edna Agnes, b. 1888, d. 27 Aug 1980, w/o William Edwin Velcein, Plat C
Velcein, William Edwin, b. 1888, d. 1957, h/o Edna Agnes Velcein, Plat C
Webb, Alvin Hovey, b. 1864, d. 1926, h/o Lizzie Webb, Plat B
Webb, Amanda, b. 1824, d. 1912, w/o Samuel Oscar Webb, Plat B
Webb, Charles H., b. 1905, d. 1994, h/o Mildred Webb, Plat B
Webb, Charles, d. 9-05-1883, s/o J B & L Webb, age: 22-10-13, Plat A
Webb, Hazel(Bosley), b. 1899, d. 1999, Plat B
Webb, Joe Ben, no dates, Plat A
Webb, Joseph, b. 1852, d. 1918, h/o Nellie Webb, Plat B
Webb, Laura A., d. 5-30-1878, d/o J B & L Webb, age: 15-9-8, Plat A
Webb, Lawrence, no dates, s/o J B & L Webb, Plat A
Webb, Lizzie, b. 1874, d. 1937, w/o Alvin Hovey Webb, Plat B
Webb, Lou, no dates, Plat A
Webb, Luzena, b. 1834, d. 1909, Plat A
Webb, Mathew F., b. 1913, d. 1927, s/o Alvin Hovey & Lizzie Webb, Plat B
Webb, Melvelle H., d. 3-02-1895, s/o Geo & Lucy Webb., age: 1-0-13, Plat A
Webb, Mildred, b. 1907, d. 1988, w/o Charles H. Webb, Plat B
Webb, Nellie, b. 1850, d. 1936, w/o Joseph Webb, Plat B
Webb, Samuel Oscar, b. 1827, d. 1875, h/o Amanda Webb, Plat B
Wells, John, d. 7-15-1858, s/o N & J A Wells, age: 2-2-17, Plat A
Wells, Sarah A., d. 9-30-1858, d/o J B &C J Wells, age: -1-3-4, Plat A
White, Elvet B., b. 1882, d. 1968, h/o Maude M. White, Plat B
White, Elwood Woody, b. 1915, d. 2002, h/o Ruth O. White, Plat B
White, Infant, b. 12 Dec 1973, d. 12 Dec 1973, s /o Steve White, Plat C
White, Maude M., b. 1882, d. 1953, w/o Elvet B. White, Plat B
White, Ruth O., b. 1920, d., w/o Elwood White, Plat B
Williams, Annie Stultz, b. 1875, d. 1947, Wife, Plat B
Williams, David, b. 1853, d. 1920, Reverend, Plat B
Wilson, Andrew J, b. 1854, d. 1917, Plat A
Wilson, Barbara, b. 1882, d. 1936, Plat A
Wilson, Carl, b. 1903, d. 1986, Plat B
Wilson, Carrie, d. 6-07-1883, d/o L B & L M Wilson, age: 16-0-15, Plat A
Wilson, Clara E, b. 1857, d. 1892, Plat A
Wilson, Frank H., b. 1905, d. 1906, s/o Wm Harry & Mary F. Wilson, Plat B
Wilson, Frederick, b. 9-14-1872, d. 2-26-1890, s/o L B & L M Wilson, Plat A
Wilson, Howard A. Chub, b. 09-08-1921, d. 07-25-2001, Veteran, Plat B
Wilson, Lawrence L., b. 1917, d. 1918, s/o Wm Harry & Mary F. Wilson, Plat B
Wilson, Lewis B., d. 8-23-1900, age: 78-3-26, Plat A
Wilson, Luiza E, b. 7-12-1877, d., d/o L B & L M Wilson, age: 15-8-23, Plat A
Wilson, Lydia M., d. 10-06-1900, w/o Lewis B. Wilson, age: 66-1-3, Plat A
Wilson, Maggie F., b. 2-08-1870, d. 3-13-1889, d/o L B & L M Wilson, age: 19-1-5, Plat A
Wilson, Mary F., b. 1884, d. 1967, w/o William Harry Bunk Wilson, Plat B
Wilson, Ray M., b. 03-10-1904, d. 09-29-1979, Vet: Pvt USA WWII, Plat B
Wilson, Samuel, d. 2-26-1846, s/o E & S M Wilson, age: -1-1-20, Plat A
Wilson, Walter L., b. 12-7-1875, d. 3-19-1876, s/o L.E. and L.M. Wilson, Plat A
Wilson, William Harry Bunk, b. 1878, d. 1926, h/o Mary F. Wilson, Plat B
Wolf, Geraldine (Dillinger), b. 08-??-1981, d. 06-27-1991, Plat B
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