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Stierwalt Cemetery
Paragon, Morgan County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 29' 35"N, Lon: 86° 36' 07"W
Ray Twp, Sec 2

Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Sep 02, 2006, last edited Nov 10, 2006 [jefftcurtis@earthlink.net]. Total records = 149.

To reach this cemetery from SR67, go north on Arthur Rd./CR950N and CR1000W for 3.5 miles, then east (right) on Base Rd. Or from SR67 at Paragon, go southwest on Union St./Old SR67, then north on Denny Hill Rd./CR850W. The large cemetery is on the southwest corner of Base Rd. and Denny Hill Rd.

This cemetery is located about five miles northwest of Paragon, Ray Township in Morgan County, IN. It is approximately 1 1/2 miles due east of the Samaria Cemetery.

The Cowen's reported the cemetery was well tended and in excellent condition in 1968. To the best of my knowledge this is an inactive cemetery and this represents a complete reading of the cemetery.

I have transcribed, with permission, from work completed in Mar 16, 1968 by Carl and Janet Cowen, when they read all existing and legible stones.

- Jeff Curtis

Abbott, Twanette, b. 1893, d. 1894, daughter of Gus and Ella
Adkins, Martha, b. 18 Oct 1854, d., age: 51y 11m 26d, wife of Wm Adkins
Adkins, Pleasant, d. 26 Sep 1853, age: 25y 1m 28d, son of W and M
Adkins, William H, d. 3 Feb 1863, age: 26y 9d
Arthur, Freddie, b. 24 Aug 1892, d. 8 Oct 1892, son of H D and M, s/n Maryetta Arthur,
Arthur, Maryetta, b. 20 Nov 1873, d. 24 Sep 1892, wife of Henry D
Beach, Kittie C, b. 1881, d. 1881
Beach, William H, b. 1830, d. 1914, father, Co C 12 Mich
Beverly, R B, no dates, Co F 25th Ind Inf, Military stone,
Bourn, Nancy, d. 13 Dec 1881, age: 69y 10m 6d, wife of Elijah
Bourn, Samuel J, d. 4 May 1875, age: 28y 4m 19d
Bourn, Sarah E, d. 9 Dec 1893, age: 48y
Bowman, George, d. 5 Aug 1874, age: 87y 10m
Bowman, Mollie, d. 1 Sep 1865, age: 71y 7m
Bowman, Molly, b. 14 Mar 1812, d. 20 Jan 1906
Bowman, Noah, d. 14 Mar 1865, age: 34y, died at Chattanooga Tennessee, Co H 29th Reg Ind Vol
Bressnaham, Elmer E, d. 13 Oct 1870, age: 1y 3m 20d, son of J F and A
Burris, C E, b. 1842, d. 1926
Denny, Henry L, d. 16 Sep 1854, age: 2y 1m 19d, son of Wm and Mary
Denny, Sarah A, d. 5 Feb 1860, age: 1y 11m 15d, daughter of W and M
Denny, William H, d. 4 Feb 1860, age: 11y 5m 5d, son of W and M
Ditemore, Harmon D, d. 11 Aug 1851, age: 4y 11m 8d, son of J M and M
Dorsett, Ennis E, b. 28 May 03, d. 19 Jan 1904, son of Wm B and Elnora
Duckworth, John, d. 18 Oct 1867, age: 63y 9m 8d
Duckworth, Mary Ann, d. 17 Aug 1854, age: 12y, Daughter of J and M
Duckworth, Mary, d. 21 Apr 1871, age: 68y 2m 3d, wife, s/n John Duckworth,
Dunagan, Elizabeth S, b. 6 Nov 1833, d. 11 Sep 1897, wife of Wm L, s/n Wm L Dunagan,
Dunagan, Leona, d. 24 Sep 1867, age: 3y 14d, daughter of W L and S
Dunagan, Wm L, b. 25 Jun 1828, d. 30 Jan 1895, father
Easter, George H, b. 8 Apr 1835, d. 8 Jun 1864, son of F and M A, Member of Co D 70th Reg Ind Vol
Fulford, John R, b. 10 Jun 1839, d. 21 Oct 1887
Gallemore, Catharine, b. 29 Nov 1827, d. 31 Jan 1893, age: 65y 2m 2d, s/n Noah Gallemore,
Gallemore, Charles, b. 10 Oct 1863, d. 6 Aug 1864, son of N and C E
Gallemore, Noah, b. 18 Sep 1820, d. 2 Aug 1866, age: 45y 10m 14d
Gallemore, Sampson O, d. 11 Apr 1863, age: 21y 11m 15d, son of Noah and C A
Gallemore, Susan A, d. 2 Sep 1873, age: 15 y 2m 10d, daughter of Noah and Catharine
Goss, Elisha, b. 7 Aug 1825, d. 15 Aug 1877
Goss, Henry C, b. 18 May 1838, d. 2 Feb 1905
Goss, Lafayette, b. 13 Jan 1841, d. 24 Oct 1876, age: 35y 9m 11d
Goss, Pleasant C, b. 27 Mar 1825, d. 23 Mar 1863
Goss, Sarah, d. 12 Nov 1883, age: 76y 3m 25d, wife of E
Goss, Sims H, b. 14 Jun 1831, d. 19 Mar 1864
Goss, infant son, d. 8 Jul 1857, son of Wm J and S C
Goss, infant son, no dates, son of P C and L
Guy, Cuziah, d. 30 Jun 1870, age: 70y, wife of William
Guy, Hattie B, d. 19 Apr 1881, age: 17y 3m 17d, daughter of W A and S A
Guy, Susan A, d. 28 Jul 1857, age: 8m 14d, daughter of Wm A and S A
Guy, William A, d. 5 Jul 1870, age: 42y
Ham, Daniel V, d. 9 Nov 1871, age: 5m, son of D W and M E
Ham, Ida B, d. 1 Nov 1871, age: 2y 11m 27d, daughter of D W and M E
Hannan, Emeline, d. 22 Mar 1879, age: 37y 10m 22d, wife of Elijah W
Harr, Elizabeth, d. 4 Oct 1871, age: 57y 7m 20d, wife of Leonard
Jarrell, E P, b. 1881, d. 1930
Knoy, Alucy A, d. 11 Jan 1877, age: 25y 16d, wife of H J Knoy
Mannan, America E, b. 1854, d. 1886, wife of Elisha M, mother
Mannan, Edey, d. 1885
Mannan, Elisha M, d.
Mannan, Emery, d. 1883
Mannan, Etta, d. 1885, s/n Edey Mannan,
Mannan, John F, d. 1870
Marsh, Catharine, b. 1840, d. 1922, s/n Franklin Marsh,
Marsh, Cyrus J, d. 25 Aug 1854, age: 22y 11m 15d
Marsh, Elizabeth, d. 27 Nov 1857, wife of Cyrus J, Stome is broken,
Marsh, Erasmus, d. 2 Sep 1854, age: 25y 4m 26d, son of Cyrus and Elizabeth
Marsh, Franklin, b. 1823, d. 1876
Marsh, Gladys H, b. 1905, d. 1913
Marsh, Levena K, d. 23 Jan 1860, age: 1m 12d, daughter of M L and L J
Marsh, Othel H, b. 1902, d. 1903, age: 1y 3m
Marsh, infant, d. 10 Sep 1857, daughter of Franklin and Catharine
Marsh, infant, d. 1899, s/n Othel H Marsh,
McCollum, Evert, b. 16 Apr 1887, d. 24 Mar 1889, son of G W and E
Murphy, Emily F, b. 18 Sep 1865, d. 19 Oct 1887, wife of H
Myers, Abel, b. 5 Oct 1847, d. 23 Oct 1927
Myers, Lora I, b. 7 Dec 1865, d. 28 Jan 1904
Pomeroy, Eli, d. 3 Feb 1853, age: about 37y
Pomeroy, Elizabeth, b. 12 Dec 1819, d. 1 Jun 1845, consort of Eli
Pottorff, Sarah M, d. 23 May 1878, age: 23y 2m 13d, Wife of George
Robinson, Margaret E, d. 10 Jan 1869, age: 30y 10n 28d
Ross, Mary, d. 4 Oct 1865, age: 56y 1m 17d, wife of Isaac Ross
Sandy, Catharine, b. Nov 1765, d. 3 Apr 1845, wife of Wm Sandy
Sandy, Lucinda, b. 18 Feb 1811, d. 8 Jan 1879, age: 67y 10m 29d, wife of W H
Sandy, Lucinda, d. 5 Jun 1880, age: 5y 4m 11d, daughter of N J and Martha J
Sandy, Mary V, b. 25 Jun 1850, d. 12 Nov 1859, age: 9y 4m 18d, daughter of W H and L
Sandy, William K, d. 26 Jul 1857, age: 18y 8m 1d, son of Wm H and L
Sandy, Wm H, b. 18 Dec 1806, d. 21 Aug 1885
Smith, Eldora, b. 21 Jun 1874, d. 2 Oct 1902, wife, s/n Frank E Smith,
Smith, Frank E, b. 1 Apr 1868, d. 3 Feb 1953
Stark, Cary E Jarrell, b. 1888, d. 1890, There is also a separate large stone with the names of Lucy, Frank aand Cary Stark,
Stark, Frank Wayne Miller, b. 1876, d. 1907
Stark, Lucy C, b. 1832, d. 1909
Stierwalt, Adaline, b. 7 Aug 1824, d. 15 Nov 1898, s/n Michael Stierwalt,
Stierwalt, Benjamin F, b. 29 Sep 1876, d. 4 Nov 1877, age: 1y 1m 5d, son of T S and L C
Stierwalt, Bessie, b. 12 Sep 1894, d. 26 Apr 1895, daughter of Aaron and Joanna
Stierwalt, Cornelius R, d. 13 Sep 1871, age: 9y 2m 15d, son of T S and L C
Stierwalt, Eli F, d. 13 Feb 1863, age: 2m 15d, infant Eli son of John F and M A
Stierwalt, Elizabeth, b. 10 Mar 1830, d. 15 Aug 1883, age: 537 5m 5d
Stierwalt, Elizabeth, b. 22 Aug 1847, d. 1 Mar 1934, s/n Jerry Stierwalt,
Stierwalt, General Lafayette, d. 16 Aug 1851, age: 5m 2d, son of T S and L C
Stierwalt, James H, b. 12 Sep 1833, d. S
Stierwalt, Jerry, b. 9 Dec 1846, d. 9 Mar 1904
Stierwalt, John A, b. 18 Nov 1849, d. 29 Jul 1908
Stierwalt, John F, d. 30 Apr 1889, age: 55y 8m 18d
Stierwalt, Louie E, b. 5 Mar 1880, d. 11 Nov 1881, age: 1y 8m 5d, daughter of J A and M E
Stierwalt, Martha E, b. 20 Mar 1854, d. 5 Dec 1943, s/n John A Stierwalt,
Stierwalt, Martha J, b. 10 Aug 1836, d. 26 Apr 1887, age: 50y 8m 16d, wife, s/n James H Stierwalt,
Stierwalt, Michael, b. 3 Dec 1821, d. 7 Mar 1896
Stierwalt, Robert W, d. 8 Oct 1879, age: 8y 1d
Stierwalt, Sims H, d. 12 Aug 1861, age: 5m 28d, son of T S and L C
Stierwalt, Wiley, d. 20 Jan 1864, age: 25y 28d
Stierwalt, William T, d. 7 Apr 1864, age: 33y 2m 21d
Stierwalt, infant, d. 20 Jun 1878, son of Wm M and N C
Stierwalt, infant, d. 25 Feb 1916
Stierwalt, infant, b. 5 Jul 1858, d. 5 Jul 1858, daughter of J H and M I
Stirwalt, Adam, b. 23 Mar 1800, d. 22 Sep 1890, age: 90y 5m 29d
Stirwalt, Lucy, b. 10 Apr 1809, d. 21 Apr 1895, s/n Adam Stirwalt,
Tacket, Noah, no dates, Co H 33 Ind Inf, military stone,
Tipps, Lillie L, b. 29 Mar 1871, d. 25 Sep 1899, wife of John C
Tipps, Luvernia, b. 7 Oct 1868, d. 2 Feb 1889, age: 20y 3m 25d, wife of John C
Tipps, infant daughter, no dates, daughter of Luvernia and John, s/n Luvernia Tipps,
Vickery, Cynthia Alice, b. 1857, d. 1866
Vickery, James C, d. 15 Dec 1886, age: 25y 2m 25d
Voshell, Catharine, b. 17 Sep 1826, d. 25 Feb 1896, wife, s/n Thomas S Voshell,
Voshell, Daniel H, b. 8 Feb 1826, d. 16 May 1912, son of Wm H
Voshell, Daniel J, b. 29 Dec 1879, d. 18 Jun 1880, son of T S and R E
Voshell, Deliah, b. 30 Jan 1824, d. 23 Nov 1902, daughter of T Sandy
Voshell, Dumpy E, d. 23 Sep 1875, age: 14y 11m 19d, daughter of D H and D
Voshell, James M, b. 11 Jun 1844, d. 4 Dec 1864
Voshell, Joseph M, d. 19 Oct 1880, age: 31y 9m 23d
Voshell, Levi J, b. 30 Sep 1838, d. 24 Jun 1895, age: 56y 8m 24d, Private in Co F 25th Reg Ind Inf
Voshell, Louisa J Whitaker, b. 21 Jul 1836, d. 15 Apr 1862, wife of E N
Voshell, Lucy C, d. 20 Jun 1852, age: 3m 8d, daughter of Thos S and C
Voshell, Martha A, d. 14 Jun 1852, age: 1y 10m 3d, daughter of Thos S and C
Voshell, Mary, b. 20 Jul 1861, d. 26 Aug 1861, daughter of E N and L J
Voshell, Nettie, b. 26 Jul 1872, d. 16 Sep 1889, age: 17y 1m 21d, daughter of J M and M E
Voshell, Polly, d. 25 Sep 1875, age: 75y 6m 5d, wife of Wm H
Voshell, Sarah A, b. 11 Jul 1843, d. 20 Dec 1910, age: 67y 5m 9d
Voshell, Susan A, d. 24 Jan 1867, age: 11y 2m 18d, daughter of D H and D
Voshell, Thomas S, b. 20 Mar 1824, d. 5 Sep 1853
Voshell, William A, d. 14 Nov 1860, age: 26y 6m 17d
Voshell, William J, d. 31 Oct 1859, age: 6y 5m, son of T S and C
Voshell, Wm H, d. 4 Feb 1861, age: 72y 7m 13d
Voshell, Wm S, b. 15 Aug 1851, d. 9 Mar 1914
Voshell, infant, d. 2 Jul 1872, daughter of L J and S A
Voshell, infant, d. 9 Sep 1876, son of J M and M E
Walters, Elijah, d. 23 Nov 1868, age: 77y 8d, born in Ky and moved to Ind in 1817
Walters, infant, d. 18 Mar 1867, age: 5d, daughter of R S and N A Walters
Wheeler, Mary E, b. 1836, d. 1870, mother, s/n Samuel D Wheeler,
Wheeler, Samuel D, b. 1832, d. 1908, father
Whitesitt, Frank E, d. 20 Jun 1883, age: 1y 1m 15d, son of G W and S E

Beach,, mother
Voshell, infant, d.
??, child, no dates, age: 4y 1m 6d, stone broken,
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