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Shiloh Cemetery
Waverly, Morgan County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 31' 36"N, Lon: 86° 15' 49"W
Harrison Township, Section 36

Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Oct 25, 2007 [jefftcurtis@earthlink.net]. Total records = 110.

The cemetery is approximately 1 mile east of Indiana state road 37 on Big Bend Road. The cemetery is a few hundred feet south of Big Bend Road but is accessible from a gravel road that goes between two residences near Big Bend Road. A nice grass parking area is provided and a sign has been erected in the past by a local Boy Scout troop.

This cemetery was associated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was formed no later than 1820, as is documented by the headstones of John and Sarah Taylor.

A deed for the property where the cemetery resides was recorded in Morgan County in 1838 showing Jacob Bromwell and Thomas Mitchell acquired the land in 1835. The earliest burial for the stones still remaining occurred in 1841. That grave happens for be for Revolutionary War veteran John Duke. Past records indicate there should be two more Revolutionary War veterans here, but there is no sign of their headstones.

At the time the Cowens recorded this cemetery, the condition of the cemetery was poor, with high weeds and poison ivy growing over everything. On my recent visit the cemetery grounds were in much better condition. The cemetery is being mowed regularly and most stones were still standing. There are broken stones on the ground and most stones need to be cleaned and straightened.

This transcription was performed by Carl and Janet Cowen in August of 1965 and is used with permission given me by Janet Cowen to publish it on the web. This cemetery has been inactive since 1900.

- Jeff Curtis

??, ??ong, d. 11 Aug 1866, age: 1y 22d, daughter of ??? and Ann, stone hard to read
Armstrong, M S, b. 10 Apr 1855, d. 19 Oct 1876, age:
Balay, Franky, d. 9 Jul 1871, wife of George, stone was in 4 pieces
Balay, George, d. 21 Apr 1891, age: 80Y 10m 28d
Balay, Ranson, d. 11 Feb 1856, age: 27y 6m 3d, son of George and Frances
Bloom, Johnney W, d. 12 Mar 1877, age: 10y 7m 17d
Boaz, Margaret J, d. 4 Jul 1865, age: 22y 7m 20d, wife of Edmond C
Boaz, Sarah E C, d. 6 May 1847, age: 2y 4m 17d, daughter of Jas M and Sarah
Bromwell, Allice, b. 23 Dec 1854, d. 3 Nov 1860, daughter of J B and M E
Bromwell, Charlotte, d. 23 Nov 1872, age: 63y 8d
Bromwell, Floyd, b. 22 Sep 1860, d. 16 Sep 1862, son of J B and M E
Bromwell, John B, b. 16 Dec 1833, d. 7 Jan 1865, Co E 26 Reg Ind Vol
Bromwell, Rev Jacob L, d. 8 Mar 1871, age: 72y 7m 9d
Brown, America C, d. 18 Aug 1860, age: 3y 3m 29d, daughter of J W and R K
Brown, Delana Ann, d. 5 Feb 1863, age: 10y 3m 25d, daughter of J W and R K
Brown, Joseph W, b. 9 Jul 1825, d. 30 Jan 1879, age:
Brown, Susan A. E. J., d. 30 Dec 1852, age: 1m 4d, daughter of J F and M A
Brunnemer, Andrew J C, d. 13 Mar 1858, age: 2y 4m 6d
Brunnemer, Andrew J, d. 5 Apr 1855, age: 24y 5d
Brunnemer, J, d. Co H 148th Ind Inf, Military stone
Brunnemer, John W, d. 15 Sep 1865, age: 2y 5m 18d, son of Wm N and Nancy J
Brunnemer, Margaret J, d. 21 May 1857, age: 21y 2m 28d, wife of Andrew J and daughter of John and Rebecca Mitchell
Brunnemer, Nancy J, b. 1836, d. 1901, wife of William N
Brunnemer, Nancy J, d. 17 Feb 1857, age: 26y 5m, wife of Wm N
Bunnemer, William N, b. 1825, d. 1891
Byers, Commodore, d. 2 Aug 1865, age: 8y 11m 8d, son of John and Susan
Dillman, Polly, d. 8 Jan 1860, age: 74y 4m 16d, wife of Samuel
Dillman, Samuel Sr, b. 13 Aug 1786, d. 20 Jan 1872, age:
Dresslar, Archibald, b. 26 Dec 1829, d. 12 Jan 1877, age:
Dresslar, E Ellsworth, d. 4 Dec 1863, age: 1y 6m 18d, son of G A and M L
Dresslar, Elizabeth A, b. 10 Sep 1829, d. 7-Mar-1900, His Wife, s/o Archibald Dresslar
Dresslar, Elmer, b. 16 May 1862, d. 4 Dec 1863, age:
Dresslar, Florence, b. 1 May 1871, d. 30 Jun 1877,, s/o Elmer Dresslar
Dresslar, Guilford, b. 20 May 1874, d. 30 Jun 1877, children of G A and M, s/o Elmer Dresslar
Dresslar, Lillie, b. 21 Mar 1866, d. 30 Jun 1877,, s/o Elmer Dresslar
Dresslar, Martha, b. 3 Dec 1842, d. 30 Jun 1877, wife of George A
Duke, George, b. 8 Oct 1796, d. 5 May 1872, age: 75y 7m 28d
Duke, John C, d. 21 Sep 1851, age: 26y 7m 22d
Duke, John Sgt, b. 1756, d. 1841, Craig's Co 1 PA Troops Rev War, Military stone
Duke, John, d. 10 Nov 1875, age: 75y 3m 25d
Duke, Judith, d. 17 Jul 1886, age: 78y 2m 16d, wife of John
Duke, Mary, d. 16 Sep 1879, age: 83y 7m 28d, wife of George
Essex, Alice A, d. 5 Apr 1873, age: 5m, daughter of W and H
Fields, Infant, d. 22 Jan 1860, age: 5d, daughter of Harry M and B E
Gardner, Thomas, d. 14 Jan 1851, age: 83y
Garr, Charlie C, d. 12 Oct 1879, age: 6y 5m 12d, son of B T and L E
Garr, Infant, d. 15 Jul 1879, daughter of B T and L E
Graves, Mary E, d. 12 Jan 1884, age: 50y 9m 14d, wife of John
Groseclose, Eliza Jane, d. 13 Oct 1850, age: 16y 2m 9d, daughter of David and Diannah
Groseclose, Mary M, d. 8 Feb 1851, age: 3m 16d, daughter of Lee and Rebecca Groseclose
Henderson, James F, d. 21 Sep 1867, age: 24y 5m 13d
Hughes, Nancy Eliza, d. ?? Sep 1850, age: 1y 2m 27d, daughter of J and ?
Knox, Addie M, d. 2 Mar 1864, age: 6m 26d,, s/o with Wilbur Knox
Knox, Catherine, d. 19 Aug 1881, age: 80y 20d, wife of Isaac
Knox, Isaac, d. 9 May 1870, age: 66y 11m 9d
Knox, John L, d. Nov 4 1882, age: 74y 10m 25d
Knox, Nancy Jane, d. 21 Aug 1860, age: 31y 2m 24d, daughter of I and C
Knox, Wilbur N, d. 13 Oct 1864, age: 3y 9m 22d, children of W J and M M
Knox, William B, d. 24 Dec 1881, age: 19y 2m, son of J H and A E
Mitchell, John, d. 17 Mar 1849, age: 52y 2m 24d
Mitchell, Rebecca, d. 15 Feb 1854, age: 41y 10m 29d, wife of John
Persinger, Rebecca, b. 1798, d. 1883, age:
Robe, Euphemia H, d. 10 Nov 1854, age: 5y 3m 5d, daughter of William and Nancy
Robe, infant son, d. son of William and Nancy
Robe, infant, d. 21 Aug 1852, son of William and Nancy
Robe, Mary J, d. 31 Mar 1849, age: 1y 10m 28d, daughter of W and N
Robinson, Charles M, d. 21 Apr 1855, age: 7m, son of C and M
Robinson, John S, d. 16 Oct 1850, age: 1y 3m 7d, son of C and M
Robinson, Lucinda, d. 9 Apr 1848, age: 47y 5d, daughter of John and Lydia
Robinson, Martha, d. 20 Jun 1855, age: 38y 6m 4d, wife of C
Scott, Joseph, d. 25 Sep 1850, age: 57y 9m 16d
St John, infant, no dates, son of L W and M A
St John, Virginia C, d. 24 Mar 1863, age: 31y 1m 3d, wife of L B and daughter of John S and Cynthia Knox
Stotts, Charles O, d. 22 Sep 1864, age: 8m 28d, son of J A and M E
Stotts, George W, d. 24 Apr 1861, age: 13d, son of J A and M E
Stotts, John C, d. 7 Mar 1868, age: 9m 11d, son of J A and M E
Stotts, Margaret E, b. 16 Jan 1826, d. 30 Aug 1885, age: 59y 7m 14d, wife of James A
Stotts, Mary E, d. 16 Feb 1865, age: 7y 1m 19d, daughter of J A and M E
Stotts, Rebecca E, d. 2 Aug 1862, age: 15d, daughter of J A and M E
Tackitt, Isaac W Jr, d. 27 Feb 1862, age: 19y 11m 12d, enlisted Jul 27, 1861 Co E Capt L Mun??? 26 Reg Ind V M Col Wheatly
Tackitt, Isaac W Sr, d. 23 Jun 1863, age: 57y 8m 15d
Tackitt, James B, d. 17 Jun 1870, age: 30y 4m 17d, Vet of Co. C 33 Ind Vol
Tackitt, Johnnie W V, d. 17 Nov 1871, age: 2y 19d, son of J B and N J
Tackitt, Manza J, d. 30 Mar 1892, age: 74y 6m 18d, wife of Isaac Tackitt Sr
Tackitt, William S, d. 16 Nov 1851, age: 4y 3m 18d, son of L N and M J
Taylor, Emiline, d. 5 Apr 1867, age: 39y 3m 22d, wife of A K
Taylor, Henry L, d. 20 Dec 1864, age: 7m 6d, son of A K and E
Taylor, infant son, d. 19 Oct 1865, age: 3d, infant son of H B and J J
Taylor, James O, d. 30 Sep 1845, age: 17y 1m 3d, son of J and S
Taylor, James O, d. 7 Oct 1850, son of AK and Emiline
Taylor, John H, d. 15 Aug 1864, age: 19y 19d, son of A K and E
Taylor, John, b. 25 Jul 1795, d. 3 Jan 1882, age: 86y 5m 8d, He joined the M E Church in 1820 and remained faithful to his last hour.
Taylor, Martha M, d. 30 Mar 1843, age: 1m 27d, daughter of J and S
Taylor, Minnie, b. 3 Jun 1862, d. 13 Sep 1864, daughter of J W and M A, s/o Viola Taylor
Taylor, Sarah M, d. 7 Jul 1866, age: 5y 8m 21d, daughter of A K and E Taylor
Taylor, Sarah, d. 2 Sep 1864, age: 61y 11m 10d, She joined the M E Church in 1820 and remained faithrul to her last hour.
Taylor, Viola, b. 15 Jul 1855, d. 3 Dec 1855, daughter of J W and M A
Throckmorton, Harry T, d. 5 Apr 1884, age: 20y 4m 25d, son of J and S
Throckmorton, John, d. 8 Nov 1891, age: 75y 9m 7d
Throckmorton, Joseph B, d. 3 Nov 1876, age: 30y 8m 1d
Watts, Francis McD, d. 2 Jun 1847, age: 4y 4m 26d, son of Wm J and May C Watts
Watts, John H, d. 22 Feb 1854, age: 3y, son of Wm J and May C Watts
Wyrick, Armity, d. 9 Jan 1875, age: 7y 2m, daughter of A J and E C
Wyrick, Elizabeth, b. 1793, d. 22 Nov 1875, age: 83y
Wyrick, Hiram, d. 14 Sep 1867, age: 51y 9m 11d
Wyrick, Lodena, d. 13 Aug 1866, age: 1y 10m 19d, daughter of Andrew J and E Wyrick
Wyrick, Nancy, b. 26 Oct 1820, d. 28 Feb 1896, age: 75y 3m 2d, wife of Hiram
Wyrick, Nicholas, d. 1 Aug 1846, age: 62y
Wyrick, Ruffy, d. 7 Feb 1873, age: 10m 5d, son of H A and M A
Wyrick, William H, d. 9 Jun 1870, age: 4m 20d, son of A J and E C
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