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Ratts Cemetery
Wakeland, Morgan County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 27' 56"N, Lon: 86° 33' 50"W
Ashland Twp, T12N R2W Sec 19

Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Nov 09, 2006 [jefftcurtis@earthlink.net]. Total records = 42.

To reach this cemetery from Wakefield, at the intersection of Wakeland Rd. (CR 800W) and Big Hurricane Rd. (CR 300N) drive east on Big Hurricane Road. Just after the road turns right or south after .02 mile, watch for the cemetery on your right or west side of the road.

The cemetery is in a field beyond a gate on the right. At the gentle curve in the road, walk south 0.01 mile to the edge of a ravine. An unmarked grass lane off of Big Hurricane Road leads to the cemetery. There is a gate blocking the lane, but a new lane has been created as people have driven around the gate. A nice turnaround has been mowed at the cemetery, which is about 100 yards back from Big Hurricane Road.

This is an inactive private cemetery, which appears not to have had a burial since about 1912. It is well maintained.

I visited and walked this cemetery on Nov 04, 2006. I compared my work with that of Janet and Carl Cowen completed in April of 1968.

- Jeff Curtis

Bean, Julius M, d. 7 Jul 1860, age: 1m 9d, son of Wm W and S J
Colwell, Annie B, b. 6 Sep 1836, d. 10 Apr 1895, age: 59y 7m 4d, wife of Philip
Colwell, Henry J, b. 20 Jan 1870, d. 7 Oct 1902, age: 32y 8m 17d
Colwell, Philip, d. 31 Aug 1880, age: 53y 18d
Colwell, W T, d. 30 Sep 1890, age: 27y 11m 1d
Colwell, infant son, b. 8 May 1903, d. 16 Jun 1903, age: 1m 8d, son of P T and SEF Colwell
Edwards, Sarah C, d. 21 Aug 1884, age: 24y 3m 22d, wife of J A
Gray, Dora, b. 24 Jun 1867, d. 3 Sep 1896, wife of James W
Hancock, Charles, d. 11 Oct 1874, age: 4y 1m 18d, son of S L and Sarah C
Hancock, Stephen L, d. 23 Jan 1872, age: 38y 9m 16d
Knoy, Mary Ratts, b. 15 Dec 1828, d. 2 Mar 1901, wife of S Knoy, s/n Solomon Knoy
Knoy, Solomon, b. 16 Jul 1828, d. 18 Dec 1855, age: 27y 6m 2d
Lee, America J, d. 14 Aug 1891, age: 19y 2m 12d, wife of Henry K Lee and daughter of O and N A Ratts
Lee, Grover K, d. 18 Nov 1891, age: 4m 12d, son of H K and A J
Lee, Rebecca A, b. 1858, d. 1912, wife of H K
Letterman, Baker, b. 10 Jun 1820, d. 1 Nov 1900
Letterman, Ellen, b. 28 Sep 1858, d. 19 Nov 1881, age: 23y 1m 21d, daughter of B and Mary J, s/n Ruthie Letterman
Letterman, Mary J, b. 29 Jan 1821, d. 19 Oct 1903, wife, s/n Baker Letterman
Letterman, Nathan, d. 7 Jun 1882, age: 21y 6d, son of B and M
Letterman, Ruthie, b. 20 Nov 1849, d. 15 Aug 1851, age: 1y 8m 25d, daughter of B and Mary J
Lingle, Matilda, b. 4 Feb 1824, d. 30 Apr 1847, age: 23y 2m 26d
Ratts, Andrew Jackson, b. 28 Sep 1842, d. 29 Sep 1861, age: 19y 1d
Ratts, Emma Lewis, b. 27 Jun 1872, d. 26 Jul 1900, wife of Henry J
Ratts, George H, b. 1833, d. 1897
Ratts, Henry D, d. 3 May 1866, age: 18y 3m 11d, son of O and M M
Ratts, Henry, b. 15 Oct 1791, d. 17 Mar 1867, age: 75y 5m 1d
Ratts, Mary A, d. 30 Jun 1876, age: 22y 7m 2d, daughter of O and M M
Ratts, Mary Ann, b. 1844, d. 1907, s/n George H Ratts
Ratts, Mary M, b. 30 Sep 1829, d. 11 Dec 1911, wife of Obadiah, s/n Obadiah Ratts
Ratts, Matilda A, d. 19 Sep 1871, age: 25y 4m 9d, daughter of O and M M
Ratts, Obadiah, b. 23 Jul 1821, d. 7 Aug 1881, age: 60y 15d
Ratts, Rebecca, b. 5 Oct 1799, d. 12 Aug 1865, wife of Henry Ratts
Ratts, Sally Goss, b. 15 Jul 1839, d. 18 Sep 1841, age: 2y 2m 3d
Ratts, William S, d. 18 Apr 1871, age: 19y 3m 10d, son of O and M M
Ratts, infant daughter, d. 4 Dec 1857, daughter of O and M M
Ratts, infant son, d. 10 Jan 1869, son of O and M M
Shuler, Anna M, b. 8 May 1891, d. 30 Nov 1908
Shuler, Dolla, b. 27 Mar 1889, d. 23 Jul 1889, age: 3m 26d, daughter of G L and M A
Shuler, Green L, b. 9 Oct 1861, d. 25 Aug 1894
Shuler, James P, d. 10 May 1864, age: 9m 9d, son of Ephraim and Mary J
Shuler, Minnie May, b. 21 Aug 1884, d. 27 Nov 1901, daughter of G L and M A
Whitaker, Rebecca E, b. 17 Jun 1857, d. 16 Aug 1889, age: 32y 1m 29d, wife of J V
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