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Mount Olive Cemetery
Landersdale, Morgan County, Indiana

8332 East Hadley Rd, Landersdale IN

Lat: 39° 36' 39"N, Lon: 86° 16' 18"W
Madison Twp, R2E Sec 35

Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Aug 29, 2006, last edited Sep 12, 2006 [jefftcurtis@earthlink.net]. Total records = 133.

To reach this cemetery from Landersdale drive south Mann Road for about .5 mile. Turn right or west onto Hadley Road about 1/4 mile, turn left or south onto Navajo Court. The cemetery will be on the east or left side of the road, just after the first home.

This cemetery is less than a mile north from Fox Hill. One can head north on Mann Road and follow the rest of the above directions to the cemetery. The cemetery is east of Mooresville, Indiana.

According to the Cowen notes, the cemetery was in poor condition and was no longer cared for in 1967. It appears to have been actively used in the mid to late 1800s.

Currently it is fenced and a church that was adjacent to the cemetery has now been converted to a home.

I have transcribed, with permission, from work completed in the fall of 1967 by Carl and Janet Cowen, when they read all existing and legible stones.

- Jeff Curtis

Adams, William E, d. 15 Aug 1853, age: 20y 8m 14d
Bain, Joel S, d. 27 Sep 1858, age: 25y 11m 1d, wife Rebecca
Baker, Amanda M, d. 2 Oct 1874, age: 23y 15d, wife of W J
Baker, infant, d. 22 Mar 1871, son of W J and A
Barlow, Adda, b. 1857, d. 1892
Barlow, Caswell, b. 1825, d. 1904
Barlow, Charles O, b. 1872, d. 1908, Sergeant Co 79 Coast Art
Barlow, Eliza C, b. 1833, d. 1908
Barlow, James W, b. 1865, d. 1887
Barlow, Martha A, d. 23 Oct 1875, age: 17y 2m 23d, daughter of C and E
Barlow, Nancy J, b. 1855, d. 1884
Baxter, Knox, d. 5 Feb 1853, age: 1y 8m 14d, son of P D and Martha
Beasley, Fanny Louisa, d. 14 Aug 1860, age: 8m 9d, daughter of Wm and Malinda
Beasley, Mary Malinda, d. 9 Aug 1856, age: 2y 2m 10d, daughter of Thomas and Lucinda
Beasley, Sarah, d. 17 Sep 1853, age: 60y 3m 2d, wife of John
Beeler, Anna, d. 5 May 1856, age: 73y 3m 28d, wife of Frederick
Beeler, Daniel W, d. 12 Apr 1853, son of J V and E M
Beeler, Emaly, d. 13 Jan 1858, age: 4y 11m 5d, daughter of J V and E M
Beeler, Mariah S, d. 19 Nov 1863, age: 14y 5m 18d, daughter of J V and E M
Blackwell, Louvina, b. 1861, d. 1887
Brown, James W, b. 14 Jan 1861, d. 22 Jun 1873, s/n Sarah Brown
Brown, Mary Laura, d. 18 Sep 1864, age: 19y 2m 25d, daughter of Wesley and Charlotte
Brown, Sarah, b. 19 Apr 1856, d. 22 May 1876
Burdge, Ida E, d. 13 Jun 1879, age: 17y 8m 29d, wife of J W
Burrows, Alonzo, d. 23 Sep 1854, age: 8m 11d, son of Martin and Esther
Burrows, Mary, d. 5 Feb 1853, daughter of Martin and Esther
Carder, Isaac, no dates
Carter, Charles, no dates
Coble, Delphina, d. 3 Feb 1866, age: 27y 7m 17d, wife of Wm Coble
Commer, Mary, d. 16 Aug 1851, age: 60y, wife of Jeremiah
Coomer, Attison, b. 1812, d. 1901
Coomer, Mary Ann, d. 7 Dec 1852, age: 5y 3m 5d, daughter of A and U
Coomer, infant son, d. 23 Aug 1868, son of A and U
Cox, Abner S, d. 18 Sep 1871, age: 81y 7m 17d
Cox, Alice, d. 2 Sep 1875, age: 55y 9m 22d, wife of Abner S
Cox, Arville C, d. 24 Mar 1877, age: 2y 1m 23d, son of A C and M E
Cox, Asa, d. 20 Oct 1869, age: 64y
Cox, Columbus, b. 1844, d. 1924
Cox, Dennis, d. 10 Aug 1863, age: 37y
Cox, Elender, d. 11 Aug 1840, age: 69y, wife of John
Cox, George Ann, d. 22 Aug 1862, age: 1y 2m 1d, daughter of Meshuck and Mary J
Cox, Hester L A, d. 30 Nov 1831, age: 2y 11m 22d, daugher of J J and Margaret
Cox, John R, d. 20 Aug 1865, age: 1y 11m 16d, son of M and Mary J
Cox, John T, d. 23 Apr 1833, age: 30y
Cox, John W, d. 12 Sep 1854, age: 8m 17d, son of Frederick and Mary
Cox, John, d. 13 Aug 1824, age: 56y
Cox, Larkin, no dates, broken stone
Cox, Linnie M, no dates
Cox, Mary E, b. 1850, d. 19xx, s/n Columbus Cox
Cox, Ruth B, d. 8 Apr 1858, age: 46y 2m 9d, wife of Asa Cox
Cox, infant son, d. 15 Sep 1850, son of A and S E
Dollarhide, Catharine, b. 12 Jul 1825, d. 12 Jan 1854, wife of Westard Dollarhide and daughter of Noah and Nancy Sinks
Dollarhide, Deliah, d. 13 Aug 1825, age: 21y 10m 6d, wife of Edmond and daughter of John and Eleanor Cox
Dollarhide, Edmond, d. 21 Feb 1862, age: 59y 10m 17d
Dollarhide, William, d. 3 Sep 1855, age: 3y 8d, son of Westard and Catharine
Frances, J H, b. 30 Apr 1861, d. 8 Jul 1895
Francis, Elizabeth J, d. 8 Aug 1850, age: 9y 5m 22d, daughter of Milton and Elizabeth
Francis, Jesse A, d. 14 Dec 1863, age: 4y 26d, son of H F and E J
Francis, Jesse H, d. 9 Apr 1886, age: 45y 5m 25d, 12th Reg Ind
Francis, Lorra, d. 2 Apr 1865, age: 6y 24d, daughter of John H and Nancy
Francis, Nancy, d. 1 May 1885, age: 64y, wife of J H
Francis, Sarah, d. 12 Dec 1882, age: 36y 2d
Gregory, Cordelia N, d. 24 Nov 1854, age: 20y 6m 29d, daughter of Daniel and Mary Gregory
Gregory, Larkin W, d. 24 Feb 1854, age: 22y 1m 4d, son of Daniel and Mary Greegory
Gregory, Rebecca E, b. 8 Oct 1838, d. 23 Aug 1854, daughter of Daniel and Mary Gregory
Gregory, Sarah J, d. 20 Mar 1855, age: 5y 8m 8d, daughter of Daniel and Mary Gregory
Gregory, infant son, d. 24 Dec 1839, son of D and H
Harrah, Hattie H, d. 17 Sep 1884, age: 22y 6m 4d, wife of T C
Harrah, Rebecca J, b. 25 Dec 1870, d. 25 Oct 1876, daughter of S H and C
Harrah, Rebecca P, d. 5 Sep 1882, age: 10m 17d, daughter of W S and M E
Harrah, infant son, d. 13 Mar 1881, son of T C and H H, s/n Hattie H Harrah
Harryman, Samuel H, b. 1852, d. 1871
Harryman, W B , no dates, Co C 117 Ind Inf, military stone
Harrymann, John W, b. 1816, d. 1871, Father
Hubbard, James B, d. 14 Aug 1853, age: 7m 7d, son of Mier and Sarah A
Hubbard, Sarah A, d. 13 Aug 1853, age: 22y 3m, wife if Mier
Kent, John W, d. 12 Feb 1864, age: 5y 11m 21d, son of E and R
Knox, Mary C, d. 9 Dec 1851, age: 22y 4m 4d, wife of Wm
Knox, William M, d. 18 Aug 1855, age: 43y 6m 3d
Lane, Lottie, b. 1928, d. 1933
Luce, Robert, d. 21 Oct 1865, age: 41y 2m 20d
Luce, Sylvanus, d. 10 Nov 1872, age: 23y 1m 29d
Lynn, infant son, d. 25 Nov 1869, son of D and L
Miers, Eliza E J, d. 4 May 1853, age: 11y 11m, daughter of David and Elizabeth
Miller, Andrew W, d. 30 Aug 1874, age: 67y 2m 18d
Murray, Joseph, no dates
Musser, Fannie Randolph, b. 1846, d. 1915
Myers, David, d. 28 Aug 1871, age: 21y 10m, son of D and E
Park, George C, d. 30 Aug 1873, age: 1y 9m 11d, son of John T and E H
Passmore, Eleanor, d. 26 Mar 1866, age: 70y 8m 16d, wife of Joseph Passmore
Passmore, Joseph, d. 8 Apr 1859, age: 68y 3m 9d
Perry, Ezra D, b. 1823, d. 1907
Perry, Nancy, d. 9 Apr 1886, age: 72y 11m 7d, daughter of J and R Brown and wife of E D Perry
Peters, W H, no dates, 17th Ind Batty, military stone
Poore , infant, d. 8 Jan 1869, daughter of Wm T and J D
Purkeypile, Garfield, d. 7 Apr 188_, age: 4m, stone broken off in year
Purkeypile, Otto, d. 22 Jul 1877, age: 2y 5m 18d, son of John and Eiz, s/n Garfield Purkeypile
Randolph, Allen J, b. 1854, d. 1932
Randolph, Alzorah, b. 1852, d. 1869
Randolph, George B, b. 1849, d. 1906
Randolph, Uretta, b. 1825, d. 1907
Randolph, Wesley, b. 1816, d. 1870
Roach, Wm P, d. 18 Nov 1880, age: 37y
Sawyers, Alexander S, d. 15 Sep 1864, age: 17y 6m 13d, son of J and M
Sawyers, Charles C, d. 25 Jul 1879, age: 30y 8d, son of J and M
Sawyers, John, d. 16 Jul 1879, age: 68y
Sawyers, Margaret Anby, b. 28 Jul 1859, d. 2 Sep 1864, daughter of Thornton and Susan Sawyers
Sears, Allen H, d. 20 May 1853, age: 4y 4m 23d, son of John and Esther
Sears, Esther, b. 18 May 1809, d. 21 Aug 869, wife of John
Sharp, James, b. 17 Mar 1842, d. 24 Feb 1865
Sharp, Joseph, b. 9 Jan 1815, d. 11 Mar 1866
Simmons, Anna, b. 17 May 1795, d. Jan 1872
Simmons, Thomas, b. 1 Sep 1796, d. 1 Aug 1874
Squires, Diannah, b. 25 Dec 1829, d. 4 Jan 1876, wife of Charles Y
Squires, Jesse F, d. 4 Jan 1853, age: 11m 8d, son of Charles and Diannah
Stephenson, Arena, d. 31 Mar 1866, age: 9y 1m 15d, daughter of L and D
Stephenson, Edward, d. 27 Oct 1877, age: 9d, son of J M and L
Stephenson, Mary Jane, d. 4 Mar 1852, age: 19d, daughter of Z and D
Stewart, William H, no dates
Stewart, Wm A, no dates, Co I Indiana H A, military stone
Thompson, Peeny A, d. 17 Sep 1876, age: 33y 9m 15d, wife of S D
Thompson, infant daughter, d. 4 Oct 1875, daughter of S D and P A
Thompson, infant son, d. 14 Dec 1874, son of S D and P A
Tone, Laura J, d. 2 May 1862, daughter of E L and M S
Trusty, George W, b. 1872, d. 1875, son of J A and L
Turley, Colona, b. 30 Aug 1880, d. 11 Oct 1882, daughter of David and S V
Turley, David H, d. 31 Dec 1890, age: 75y 4m
Turley, Honora, d. 8 Oct 1865, age: 2y 6m 20d, daughter of David and S V
Turley, Susan V, d. 10 Jun 1917, age: 80y 3m, wife of D H
Turley, Willis, b. 14 Apr 1875, d. 28 Mar 1882, son of D H and S V
Turley, infant, no dates, infant of D H and S V
Warren, Henry C, d. 23 Feb 1864, age: 19y 6m 4d, age hard to read due to damage to stone
Warren, Marmon, d. 5 Jun 1860, age: 24y 3m 13d, son of Wm and Lydia
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