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Old Methodist Cemetery
Mooresville, Morgan County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 34' 38"N, Lon: 86° 20' 39"W
Brown Twp, Sec 8

Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Aug 25, 2006 [jefftcurtis@earthlink.net]. Total records = 23.

To reach cemetery, in Mooresville go east on IN 144 from the intersection of IN 67 and IN 144 for 1/4 mi to the first light. Turn right or south onto Rooker Road and continue for 2.2 miles to Shady Lane. Turn left onto Shady Lane and go .3 miles to an S curve. After the 2nd bend the cemetery is on top of a ridge to the right.

This cemetery is also known as East White Lick Methodist cemetery. (White Lick is the name of a creek in the area).

I attempted to find this cemetery on Aug 20, 2006 and found that two private residences were also on the ridge. I saw no one I could ask about the location of the cemetery. There was also no where to park other than the driveways to the homes so I left. I will return this fall after the leaves are off the trees in hopes the cemetery might be visible.

I have transcribed, with permission, from work completed in Sep of 1967 by Carl and Janet Cowen, when they read all existing and legible stones.

- Jeff Curtis

Evans, David S, d. 17 Mar 1855, age: 18y 7m 7d, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Evans
Farmer, Alvaro, d. 5 Jul 1878, age: 10y 11m 7d, son of George and Lydia Farmer
Farmer, Jacob, d. 13 Oct 1858, age: 7y 10m 29d, son of George and Lydia Farmer
Griggs, David E, b. 1832, d. 1881
Griggs, Harriett, b. 1832, d. 1868, , s/w David Griggs
Griggs, James, b. 26 Oct 1805, d. 6 Aug 1859, age: 53y 9m 10d
Griggs, Martha C, b. 1856, d. 1869, daughter, s/w David Griggs
Griggs, Nancy, b. 15 May 1799, d. 8 Sep 1857, age: 58y 3m 23d, wife of James, s/w James Griggs
Griggs, Sirrilda A, d. 13 May 1857, age: 19y 10m 19d, wife of Willis
Hiatt, Thomas A, d. 7 Sep 1857, age: 13y 3m 9d, son of Joseph and Lucinda Hiatt
Hiatt, William , d. 16 Sep 1863, age: 6m 6d, son of Henry H and Martha N Hiatt
Hyatt, William A, d. 7 Nov 1862, age: 20y 3m 27d, son of J and L Hyatt
Martin, George W, b. 7 Jul 1843, d. 19 Sep 1857, son of James W and Mary A Martin
Martin, John, d. 6 Nov 1866, age: 90y 3m 3d
McNeff, Annis, d. 22 Jun 1872, age: 6y 3m 8d, son of P.C. and M.E. McNeff
McNeff, Ella, d. 16 Dec 1875, age: 5y 3m 6d, daughter of Pierce and Mary E McNeff
McPherson, Sarah L, d. 23 Nov ????, age: 17y 5m , Daughter of H and P McPherson, Part of stone is missing
McPherson, Schuyler, no dates, son of H and P McPherson, Part of stone is missing
Moss, Emily, d. 21 Mar 1861, age: 15y 5m 20d, daughter of Wm and Mary Moss
Moss, Mary, d. 23 Jul 1861, age: 42y 11m 14d, Wife of Wm Moss
Pennington, James, no dates, age: 32y 8m 19d, , Stone is broken and part is missing.
Rareden, John, d. 15 Jul 1857, age: 35y 3m
Ware, Pierce A, d. 2 Sep 1857, age: 1y 5m, son of Wm and M.J. Ware


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