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Willhite Cemetery
Coal Creek Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana

Contributed by Rich Willhite [willys55nut@comcast.net].

1 grave reserved for Robert's wife, row 3
4 graves total reserved for Robert Willhite & family, row 3
Four (4) Graves reserved, row 4
Graves reserved for Robert Willhite & family, south of J. K. Willhite Family, row 3
Henry President Willhite, Apr 10, 1843, Between 1931/33, died & buried in Peru, Ind.
James Mathew Willhite, Nov 24, 1840, Died & buried in or near Bucklin, Kansas
Marker, for infant, row 2
Marker, infant, row 2
Marker, infant, row 2
Marker, infant, row 2
Marker, no name of date, row 2
Nesbit, William, Jan 26, 1863, Buried in Illinois. (space for Ashes of his dau. B. Protz)
Reserved for Harper line. Supposedly 4 grave beds and down in front large lot for Garnal Maldon Scott, row 5
Batteral-Willhite, Susan Ann, Buried Hickson Cemetery, Mecca, Indiana. Not in Willhite Cemetery
There are 7 graves reserved for Noels Family, west row
We believe Audrey Walker buried here but marker is in wrong place. We are doing search at present

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