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Hazleton Cemetery
White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana

SW-1/4; Location 101, T1N; R10W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 22.

Contributor's Index:

Hazleton, Gervase, b.30 Jan 1827, d.10 Aug 1890, Founders of Hazleton, Indiana 1856, [MR]
Hazleton, Ireda R., b.21 Apr 1867, d.3 Jul 1868, Daughter of Gervase, [MR]
Hazleton, Lucinda I., b.28 May 1831, d.5 Apr 1921, Wife of Gervase, [MR]
Hazleton, Robert C., b.11 Dec 1859, d.25 Jan 1869, Son of Gervase, [MR]
Martin, James W., b.14 Jul 1965, d.6 Apr 1994, [MR]
Robb, Clifford A., b.1916, d.1977, [MR]
Robb, Eunice M., 1905, [MR]
Robb, Lottie, His wife, b.1885, d.1926, [MR]
Robb, Roda C., b.1860, d.1970, [MR]
Sullivan, Alexander, b.1851, d.1921, Son of Thomas Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, Clarence, b.1878, d.1914, [MR]
Sullivan, Eliza Ellen, b.3 Mar 1840, d.31 Aug 1881, Wife of John Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, Florence, b.1870, d.1929, Wife of John Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, John P., b.1848, d.1934, Son of Thomas Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, John, b.6 Mar 1836, d.15 Jul 1906, Son of Henry Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, Julia I., b.20 Feb 1905, d.19 Sep 1981, Mother, [MR]
Sullivan, Laurence F., b.1885, d.1949, Son of Alexander & Rebecca, [MR]
Sullivan, Lucinda, b.25 Feb 1863, d.25 Nov 1893, Wife of John Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, Myra, b.1850, d.1928, [MR]
Sullivan, Myrtle, b.1885, d.1977, Wife of Laurence, [MR]
Sullivan, Natilda, 6 Aug 1834, 35 yrs 3 mos 5 days, Wife of John Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, Rebecca R., b.1859, d.1928, Wife of Alexander Sullivan, [MR]

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