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Old Prairie City Cemetery
Warren County, Illinois

Lat: 40° 37' 42"N, Lon: 90° 27' 23"W
Greenbush Twp, SE� SW� Sec 36

Contributed by Phillip J. Karns, Jun 28, 2005 [pjkarns@adelphia.net]. Total records = 59.

To reach the Old Prairie City Cemetery drive north on N. Center St and turn right onto County Hwy 2400 N, continue for about ½ mi. Cemetery is on the north side of Hwy.

The land was deeded to the trustees of Prairie City, Illinois in July 1857, by William and Catherine (his wife) Hays to be used as a cemetery and known as the "Prairie City Cemetery". Prairie City is situated just south of the cemetery in McDonough Co., Illinois. The cemetery is 180 square rods in size and has not been used for nearly a century.

Prairie City has established another cemetery in McDonough Co, thus, this cemetery is referred to as the (old) Prairie City Cemetery. It is overgrown with tall weeds, brush and saplings. Source: "Greenbush Township Tombstone Inscriptions", compiled by the Warren County Illinois Genealogical Society.

The information presented here was transcribed from a book, "Greenbush Township Tombstone Inscriptions", compiled by the Warren County Illinois Genealogical Society and published in 1983.

The list of graves presented here are not in the order or format in which they appear in the book. The names have been arranged in alphabetical order to make viewing easier and the dates are in a common format, but the information is correct.

In April 1983, the (old) Prairie City Cemetery tombstone inscriptions were identified as:

Parentheses ( ) contain notes by the surveyor(s)

Ames, William W., d. 17 Nov 1860, age 2y 9m 7d, son of B. & A.E. Ames
Amos, Nathaniel, d. 23 Feb 1858, age 59y 10m 6d
Amos,Elly M., d. 8 Aug 1861, age 11m 6d, dau of B. & A.E. Amos
Barber, Juliette, d. 16 Feb 1865, age 18y 2m, dau of L. & M. Barber
Barber, Lafayette, d. 15 Apr 1973, age 49y 8m 7d, Masonic emblem
Baumgartner, Jos., Co G 1st Ill Cav
Belville, Floid, d. 31 Aug 1877, age 1y 4m 12d, son of J.W. & H.C. Belville
Boynton, Charles L., d. 2 Nov 1859, age 8y 1m 15d,son of E. & P.E. Boynton
Bradbury, Infant, d. 8 May 1856, age ??, son of M.A. Bradbury
Bradbury, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jun 1857, age 33y 11m 1d, wife of L.H. Bradbury
Breiner, Willie T., d. 1 Apr 1864, age 1y 8m 12d, son of W. & E. Breiner
Brink, Louisa J., d. 27 Apr 1867, age 6m 16d, dau of T.G. & M.R. Brink
Bryte, Maggie E., d. 14 Sep 1865, age 5m 3d, dau of J.M. & A.G. Bryte
Burden, Eliza, d. 18 Sep 1864, age 32y 37d, wife of R. Burden
Camp???, Emma, d. 1 Oct ??, age 2y 3m 4d, dau of M.W. & E. Camp???
Dressell, Mary C., d. 12 Nov 1861, age 2y 10m 19d, dau of P. & E. Dressell
Dressell, Sarah, F., d. 9 Feb 1861, age 5m 21d, dau of P. & E. Dressell
Eclseton, Olive A., d. 2 Jul 1857, age 2y 7m, dau of W. & S. Ecleston
Evans, Lydia J., d. 6 Jul 1865, age 5y 3d, dau of W.R. & C.S. Evans
Fisher, Eve, d. 21 Jun 1862, age 72y, wife of Isaac Fisher
Folsom, Infant, d. 16 Nov 1862, age 6m 13d, dau of D.C. & H. Folsom
Griffin, Gilbert P., d. 27 Dec 1856, age 11d, son of D. & M.E. Griffin
Griffin, Margaret E., d. 26 Apr 1869, age 33y 10m 26d, son of D. & M. Griffin
Griffin, Milton Leander, d. 25 Feb 1860, age 11m 26d, son of D. & M. Griffin
Hare, Katherine, d. 1 Mar 1868, age 6d, dau of Wm. Hare
Long, Mary, d. 11 Jan 1875, age 58y 10m 10d, wife of D.R. Long
McComb, Mathew, Corp Co F 55th Ill Inf
Nash, Elizabeth L., b. 24 Aug 1811, d. 1 Nov 1887, mother, wife of George B. Nash
Nash, George B., b. 27 May 1809, d. 3 Mar 1864, father, spouse of Elizabeth L. Nash
Nickols, Ruth Ann, d. 25 Nov 1860, age 11y 1m 11d, dau of N.W. & R.E. Nickols
Nickols, Samuel H., d. 22 Apr 1858, age 2y 11m 13d, son of N.W & R.E. Nockols
Patten, George Otis, d. 9 Sep 1861, age 3y 1m 29d, son of W.G. & S.E. Patten
Patten, Rhoda Bell, d. 21 Mar 1859, age 3m 21d, dau of W.G. & S.E. Patten
Patten, Sarah E., b. 22 Dec 1863, age 31y 9m 26d, wife of W.G. Patten
Patten, W. G., d. 15 Jan 1899, age 71y, spouse of Sarah E. Patten, died at Emporia, Kansas
Patten, Willie G., d. 21 Jan 1863, age 7y 9m 7d, son of W.G. & S.E. Patten
Phillips, Beebe, b. 1849, d. 1861, d. 1863
Phillips, Willie, b. 1861
Pitsenbarger, Infant, d. 11 Jan 1860, age 19d, son of M. & H. Pitsenbarger
Sanford, Louis F., d. 17 Apr 1858, age ??, son of A. & E.A. Sanford
Schrodt, George H., d. 6 Sep 1862, age 1y 10d, son of J.P. & A. Schrodt
Shearer, Emmet, d. 2 Aug 1865, age 7d, son of Geo. & S.J. Shearer
Shearer, Henry, d. 24 Oct 1863, age 2m 14d, son of Geo. & S.J. Shearer
Shearer, Lawrence J., d. 18 Sep 1858, age 5m 3d, son of Geo. & S.J. Shearer
Spann, Fannie, d. 10 Sep 1865, age 11m 4d, dau of J.W. & H. Spann
Tainter, John, d. 10 Oct 1861, age 67y 20d
Tipton, Ephraim, d. 15 Apr 1869, Pvt Bosley's Co 6 Md Mil War of 1812
Tipton, Mary R., d. 26 Oct ??, age 89y 1m 25d, wife of Ephraim Tipton
Vandeventer, Margaret, d. 21 Apr 1857, age 57y 2d
Warriner, Rebecca, d. 1 Oct 1865, age 35y 1m 15d, wife of Wm. Warriner
Watkins, John, d. 1860, age 2y 11d, son of A. & S.J. Watkins
Watkins, Susan J., d. 1 Aug 186?, age 29y 2m, wife of A. Atkins
White, Jacob, d. 15 Apr 1882, age 86y
Worden, Infants, Two sons of H.S. & E. Worden
Worden, Mary E., d. 31 Saep 1866, age 3y 5m 27d, dau of H.S. & E. Worden

??, Little Fanny, d. 15 May 1857, age 2y 5m
??, Our Allie, (no other markings on stone)
??, Our Little Walter, (no other markings on stone)
??, Rebecca A., (no other markings)
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