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McMahill Cemetery
Greenbush, Warren County, Illinois

Lat: 40° 39' 36"N, Lon: 90° 33' 21"W
Greenbush Twp, Sec 19

Contributed by Phillip J. Karns, Jun 28, 2005, last edited Sep 15, 2005. [pjkarns@adelphia.net]. Total records = 164.

The McMahill Cemetery is located at the center of the north line of the northwest quarter of section 30 in Greenbush Twp. It is at the southwest edge of Little Swan Lake adjacent to the residential subdivision.

Most burials were in the middle to late 1800's; there have been few burials in recent decades. The cemetery is approximately one acre in size and well maintained by Greenbush Twp. Source: "Greenbush Township Tombstone Inscriptions", compiled by the Warren County Illinois Genealogical Society (1983)

The information presented here is a combined transcription from two books. The first book, "Early Days in Greenbush" , was originally written and published in 1905 by William L. Snapp. The copy I have is a re-print by the Carlberg Printing Co. in Roseville, Illinois. The second book, "Greenbush Township Tombstone Inscriptions", was compiled in 1983 by the Warren County Illinois Genealogical Society.

The list of graves presented here are not in the order or format in which they appear in the two books. The names have been combined and arranged in alphabetical order to make viewing easier and the dates are in a common format, but the information is correct.

Parentheses ( ) contain notes of the surveyor(s)
A few inscriptions appear in the earlier book but are missing from the later book. This could mean that the headstone was either destroyed, moved or perhaps missed by the surveyor. These inscriptions are identified by "##"

In March 1983, the McMahill Cemetery inscriptions were identified as:

??, Charles, d. 1 Mar 1864, age 1y 15d
??, Frank, d. 5 ?? 1869, age 2y 5m 9d (broken stone)
Alexander, John N., d. 2 Dec 1860, age 2y 10m 11d, son of E. & L. Alexander
Bennett, David L., d. 26 Aug 1864, age 18y 2m 2d, son of S. & M.M. Bennett
Bennett, Elizabeth, d. 7 Dec 1864, age 16y 6m 22d, dau of S. & M.M. Bennett
Bennett, Stewart, d. 20 Aug 1864, age 44y 13d
Berkshire, Bertha M., b. 18 May 1874, d. 28 Feb 1900, wife of A.S. Berkshire
Berkshire, Bertha, b. 1900, d. 1917, niece
Berkshire, Jesse S., b. 6 Sep 1828, d. ??, spouse of Mary S. Berkshire
Berkshire, Mark, b. 5 Mar 1897, d. 28 Jan 1901, son of A.S. & B.M. Berkshire
Berkshire, Mary S., b. 21 mar 1847, d. 27 Jul 1902, wife of Jesse S. Berkshire
Breiner, Elihue, d. 9 Oct 1877, age 2y 1m 11d, child of G.D. & M.F. Breiner
Briener, Infant, d. 17 Sep 1874, age 11d, son of G.D. & M.F. Breiner
Brown, Charlie H., d. 19 Oct 1879 age 4m 20d, son of A. & A.E. Brown
Brown, Levi, d. 22 Feb 1864, age 14y 7m 11d, son of A. & A.E. Brown
Burkshire, John, d. 5 Sep 1863, age 16d, son of J. & R.A. Burkshire
Burkshire, Rebecca A., d. 30 Aug 1863, age 29y 11m 6d, wife of J. Burkshire
Carpenter, Laura McMahill, b. 1865, d. 1943
Chick, Matilda A., b. 19 Dec 1852, d. 30 Dec 1908, age 56y 11d, wife of Z. Chick
Courson, David, d. 11 Apr 1863, age 31y 1m 11d, Co D 7th Ill Cav, died at Lugrange, Tenn
Courson, Jane, d. 6 Jan 1861, age 30y
Courson, Jesse A., d. 3 Mar 1862, age 1y 9m, son of Wm. & S.A. Courson
Courson, John W., d. 11 Apr 1864, age 2y 14d, son of Wm. & S.A. Courson
Courson, John, d. 25 Nov 1858, age 51y 10m
Crawford, John S., d. 21 Jan 1862, age 34y 6m 7d
Craycraft, Elizabeth, b. 18 Jul 1895, d. 3 Aug 1897
Davis, Albert, d. 17 Jan 1864, age ?
Davis, Miles B., d. 8 Oct 1866,age 5y 8m, son of D.M. & A.M. Davis
Davis, Milo P., d. ? Nov 1864, age ?
Edwards, James H., b. 16 Sep 1878, d. 9 Oct 1937, spouse of Nellie J. Edwards
Edwards, Nellie J., b. 11 Sep 1882, d. 12 Oct 1911, wife of of James H. Edwards
Foster, Sarah E., d. 26 Sep 1855, age 2y 8m 22d, dau of J.G. & S. Foster
Games, Doleatha, b. 24 Feb 1897, d. 17 Jun 1897, dau of C.B. & M.J. Games
Games, Mattie J., b. 17 Aug 1865, d.28 Jan 1900, wife of C.B. Games
Hamilton, Mary A., d. 25 Sep 1864, age 1y 3m 14d, dau W.J. & S. Hamilton
Hamilton, Mildred E., d. 17 Oct 1865, age 7m 27d, dau of W.J. & S. Hamilton
Hastings, Albert, d. 1 Mar 1861, age 1y 3m 12d, son of F. & M. Hastings
Hastings, Emma S., d. 13 Apr 1873, age 50y 7m 5d, wife of T. Hastings
Hastings, Francis H., d. 16 Jan 1863, age 13y 9m, son of F. & Martha Hastings
Hastings, Mary L., d. 1 Mar 1861, age 2y 4m 20d, dau of F. & M. Hastings
Heikes, Mabel E., b. 1922, wife of Paul V. Heikes
Heikes, Paul V., b. 1923, d. 1971, Odd Fellows Marker, spouse of Mabel E. Heikes
Hewett, Celia L., d. 31 Dec 1860, age 5y 2d, dau of H.H. & T. Hewett
Hewett, Harvey J., d. 18 Oct 1850, age 54y 8m 25d
Hewett, Truman L., d. 12 Aug 1862, age 2y 10m 10d, son of O.L. & E.A. Hewett
Higbee, Stephen, d. 9 Feb 1861, age 90y 7m 4d
Huston, Henry Ray, b. 29 Jun 1888, d. 29 Jun 1888, son of A.R. & S.L. Huston
Hutchison, William A., d. 5 Mar 1881, son of A.H. & M.A. Hutchinson
Keith, J. A., b. 8 Jul 1817, d. 30 Oct 1900, spouse of Martha Keith
Keith, James, b. 3 Oct 1791, d. 6 Mar 1868
Keith, Martha, b. 16 Jun 1823, d. 2 Jan 1886, wife of J.A. Keith
Kepple, America, d. 13 Mar 1877, age 33y 4m 27d, wife of J.M. Kepple
Kepple, Jacob, d. 30 Sep 1863, age 34y 3m
King Lydia, d. 5 Jul 1852, age 66y 3m 19d, wife of Jas. King
King Samuel L., d. 10 Apr 1855, age 7m 26d, son of J.W. & E.T. King
King, ??, died 24 Jul 1960, age 1y 3m 17d, dau of J.W. & E.T. King
King, Adam C., d. 13 Sep 1852, age 21y 9m 26d, son of J. & L. King
King, Elizabeth A., dau of J.W & E.T. King
King, Emely T., b. 19 Jul 1820, d. 30 Aug 1891, wife of John W. King
King, George W., d. 21 Mar 1851, age 25d, son of J.W. & E.T. King
King, Henry A., son of J.M. & M.J. King (unable to read)
King, James M., b. 27 Dec 1837, d. 7 Apr 1922, spouse of Mary J. King
King, James, Rev., d. 8 Mar 1849, age 70y 10m 25d, spouse of Lydia King
King, John W., b. 9 Jan 1820, d. 28 Oct 1865, spouse of Emely T. King
King, Mary J., b. 9 Dec 1838, d. 22 Apr 1896, wife of James M. King
King, Mary, b. 17 Oct 1818, d. 28 Feb 1891, wife of Thomas King
King, Reuben, d. 15 Nov 1850, age 1y 5m 9d, son of T. & M. King
King, Thomas, b. 6 Nov 1814, d. 20 Aug 1893, spouse of Mary King
Lister, George W., d. 17 Dec 1870, age 5m 18d, son of S. & N. Lister
Livingston, Edward, d. 19 Mar 1848, age 1y 1m, son of G.F. & E. Livingston
Livingston, Elizabeth, d. 15 Nov 1881, age 69y 7m 16d, wife of G.F. Livingston
Livingston, Elizabeth, d. 4 Nov 1839, age 1y 10m, dau of G.F. & E. Livingston
Livingston, Giles F., d. 7 Mar 1881, age 73y 9m 23d, spouse of Elizabeth Livingston
Livingston, Giles Fonda, d. 12 Mar 1848, age 5y 5m, son of G.F. & E. Livingston
Livingston, Jane, d. 25 Nov 1853, age 71y 1m, wife of John Livingston
Livingston, Marrilla J., d. ??, dau of Henry H. & Ann A. Livingston
Livingston, Rush, d. 4 Mar 1842, age 2y 4m, son of G,F. & E. Livingston
Loveridge, Alvin H., d. 11 Sep 1858, age 3y, son of A.C. & E.A. Loveridge
Mackey, Harrison M., d. 9 Feb 1892, age 4y 3m 3d, son of J.L. & M.M Mackey
Mackey, Mary M., b. 5 Nov 1849, d. 21 Oct 1899, wife of J.L. Mackey
Mackoy, James, d. 11 Nov 1975, age 62y 5m 1d, spouse of Sarah Mackoy
Mackoy, Sarah L., d. 5 Jan 1870, age 42y 10m 23d, wife of J. Mackoy
McClure, Ida B., d. 11 Oct 1861, age ?, dau of M. & M.A.E McClure
McGehe, Adie, d. 21 Aug 1861, age 1y 7m,
McGehe, Arminda A, d. 15 Aug 1861, age 2y 6m
McGehe, Athelia, d. 12 Mar 1864, age 43y 5m, wife of W.McGehe
McGehe, Lafayette C., d. 5 Nov 1854, age 11m 25d
McMahill, Almeda, b. 2 Feb 1808, d. 13 Feb 1885, wife of James McMahill
McMahill, Clara M., b. 8 May 1869, d. 16 May 1869 (dau of James M. McMahill?)
McMahill, Clinton, d. 22 Feb 1864, age 8y 7m 14d, son of G. & E.A. McMahill
McMahill, Effie L., d. 20 Mar 1880, age 1y 8m 13d, dau of G.W. & F.J. McMahill
McMahill, Elizabeth, d. 20 Mar 1839, age 1y 9m 18d, dau of W. & M. McMahill
McMahill, Estelle Ray, d. 6 Jan 1897, age 8m 10d, son of G.W. & L.F. McMahill
McMahill, G. W., b. 1845, d. 1925
McMahill, George W., b. 16 May 1822, d. 26 Oct 1900, spouse of Martha J, McMahill
McMahill, Isaac L., d. 18 Feb 1862, age 1y 3d, son of J. & M. McMahill
McMahill, James M., b. 9 Mar 1848, d. 20 Jan 1880
McMahill, Jesse L., b. 11 Feb 1879, d. 18 May 1901
McMahill, John, b. 10 Nov 1856, d. 24 Jul 1909
McMahill, John, d. 5 Feb 1872, age 53y 7m 14d
McMahill, John, d. 9 Sep 1904, age 78y 9m 28d
McMahill, Joseph, b. 1865, d. 1911
McMahill, Lanson, b. 17 Sep 1871, d. 16 Dec 1925
McMahill, Lucinda, d. 30 Oct 1855, age 2y, dau of W. & M. McMahill
McMahill, Martha J., b. 18 May 1829, d. 18 Nov 1894, wife of G.W McMahill
McMahill, Mary, d. 21 Oct 1855, age 4y 6m 7d, dau of W. & M. McMahill
McMahill, Oscar, d. 30 Aug 1898, age 46y 5m 22d
McMahill, Sarah Jane, d. 22 Jul 1962, age 8y 10m 26d, dau of John & Maria McMahill
McMahill, Susan, d. 1 Oct 1867, age ?3y ? ?, wife of John McMahill
McMahill, Viola May, d. 7 Jan 1873, age 3m 24d, dau of Ambrose & Alice McMahill
McMahill, William, d. 6 Jun 1881, age 74y 1m 12d, spouse of Mary Snapp
McMahill. Wm., b. 15 Jan 1858, d. 9 Aug 1903
Morris, Albert F., d. 2 Oct 1866, age 61y 9m 28d, spouse of Mary Morris
Morris, Mary, d. 23 Sep 1866, age 55y 3d, wife of A.F. Morris
Park, George E., d.6 Oct 1859, age 8m 7d, son of H.T. & M.A. Park
Park, John C., d. 19 Jan 1864, age 3y 10m 17d, son H.T. & M.A. Park
Paugh, Amacetta A., d. 14 Feb 1893, age 61y 10m 29d, wife of H.C. Paugh
Paugh, W. S., b. 1852, d. 1914, son
Phillips, Infant, d. 23 Aug 1864, son of J.M. & L. Phillips
Phillips, Mary I., d. 15 Jun 1874, age 9m 18d, dau of J.M. & L. Phillips
Phillips, Thomas J., d. 2 Mar 1871, age 2y 6m 14d, son of J.M. & L. Phillips
Raymond, Abigail T., d. 4 Feb 1871, age 70y 7m 9d, wife of S. Raymond
Raymond, Anna L., b. 16 Feb 1883, d. 13 Mar 1903, dau of S.M. & S.E. Raymond
Raymond, Ernest, d. 25 Feb 1883, age 13y 11m 12d, son of S.M. & S.E. Raymond
Raymond, Mary E., d. 7 Mar 1872, age ?? 22d, dau of S.M. & S.E. Raymond
Raymond, Mary G., d. 19 Apr 1876, age 31y 11m 7d, wife of S. Raymond
Raymond, Ralph K., d. 16 Jun 1864, age 2y 11m 13d, son of S. & M.G. Raymond
Raymond, Robert E., b. 18 Mar 1885, d. 26 Jul 1898, son of S.M. & S.E. Raymond, killed by the cars
Raymond, Simon M., b. 23 Sep 1836, d. 2 Oct 1909
Reed, Burris Alen, b. 1808, d. 1 Oct 1885##
Reed, Catherine, d. 7 Mar 1877, age 29y 11m 20d, wife of J.P. Reed
Reed, Infant, d. 14 Dec 1873, dau of B.F. & S.E. Reed
Reed, Martha E., d. 31 Mar 1872, age 2y 10m 15d, dau of J.P. & C. Reed
Reed, Mary E., d. 23 May 1861, age 2y 10m 6d, dau of W.B. & S. Reed
Reed, Matilda F., d. 4 Jan 1862, age 2m 6d, dau of B.A. & E. Reed
Reed, Matilda, b. 5 Mar 1807, d. 28 Oct 1881, wife of B.A. Reed, Sr.
Reed, Susan, d. 1 Sep 1858, age 20y ?m 28d, wife of Wm.B. Reed
Ruebush, Josiah S., d. 8 Apr 1873, age 42y 1m 28d
Ryan, William H., d. 19 Feb 1877, age 2y 10m 3d, son of M. & M.L. Ryan
Sampson, Edward G., b. 27 Apr 1920, d. 11 Mar 1974, spouse of Millie A. Sampson, m.20 Jun 1952
Sampson, Millie A., b. 14 Dec 1918, wife of E.G. Sampson
Snapp, Mary, d. 31 Aug 1877, aged 71 yrs, wife of William McMahill
Snider, Sarah J., d. 21 Jan 1861, age 3y 7m 16d, dau of J.W. & M.I. Snider
Stire, Geo. Francis, d. 11 Sep 1865, youngest son of B. & M.A. Stire
Summers, Jennie, age 27y (no dates)
Summers, Katie, age 9m (no dates)
Summers, Lenna, age 13m (no dates)
Tannehill, John F., b. 2 Aug 1814, d. 26 Feb 1907, spouse of Oletha Tannehill
Tannehill, Oletha, b. 4 Nov 1822, d. 28 Mar 1907, wife of J.F. Tannehill
Thurman, Clista May, d. 19 Sep 1861, age 1y 11d, dau of B. & J. Thurman
Townsend, Alonzo, d. 21 Feb 1864, age 8y 5m 19d, son of C.W. & E.B. Townsend
Townsend, Budy, d. 2 Mar 1864, age 1y 11m 15 d, child of C.W. & E.B. Townsend
Townsend, Mary E., d. 15 Mar 1864, age 3y 5m 2d, dau of C.W. & E.B. Townsend
Walker, James M., d. 22 Jan 1858, age 1y 10m 21d, son of D.J. & M.A. Walker
Wallace, Joseph, d. 10 Sep 1869, age 72y 7m 22d
Weaver, Charles B., b. 15 Oct 1826, d. 16 Feb 1882
Weaver, Sarah P., b. 15 Oct 1854, d. 11 Sep 1878, dau of C.B. & L. Weaver
Weaver, Sarah, d. 7 Nov 1881 (broken stone)
Wetzel, Margaret, b. D. 4 Mar 1876, age 51y 6m, wife of C. Wetzel
Wheeler, Miles, d. 2 Sep 1864 (broken stone)
Young, Elizabeth, d. 4 Feb 1852, age 3y 11m 25d, dau of Wm. W. & N.K. Young
Young, Infant, d. 14 Dec 1896, dau of B.F. & M.B. Young
Young, Jesse, d. 4 Feb 1854, age 17y 8m 26d, son of Wm.W. & N.K. Young
Young, Nancy K., d. 25 Jun 1854, age 38y 8m 2d, wife of Wm. W. Young

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