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Poor Farm Cemetery
Tilton, Vermilion County, Illinois

W Bailey Road, Tilton, IL 61833

Lat: 40° 06' 03"N, Lon: 87° 39' 55"W
Catlin Township, Sec 24

Lat: 40° 05' 55"N, Lon: 87° 39' 51"W, where farm was

Contributed by Donna Gash, Mar 05, 2005 [dpg20@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 28.

To reach the cemetery from Tilton, drive west on 5th St merging into Catlin Tilton Rd. Take a right onto Bailey Road, then left at the 2nd curve. This cemetery is located on the south side or left side of Bailey Road, in a field east of Songer Cemetery.

There is a ravine splitting the Poor Farm Cemetery and Songer Cemetery. The county home, which was south of the cemetery, is now gone. In 2003 the new Southwest Elementary School was built on the site. The farm was across the road from there.

For years I chased a rumor that there was a cemetery for the poorfarm/county home. It is not surprising that only two tombstones exist. If it wasn't for the two tombstones no one would ever know the location of this cemetery.

The cemetery is in very bad condition, it hasn't been maintained in years. It has long been forgotten by the county, but not by vandals.

Ron Gash and I visited this cemetery and read all existing stones. Along with our findings I have compiled this transcription, using findings from my research in newspapers and county records. Records with an asterisk * were found in additional records.

- Donna Gash

Black, Mary Ann, d. Mar 16, 1886, age: 45years
Butterworth, Samuel, b. England, d. (filing date) Nov 3, 1902, age: 80 years
Davis, George, d. Jun 14, 1884, age: 2m 7d
Deen, Martha, d. Aug 9, 1884, age: 73y 6m 26d
Depy, Lyda, b. Danville, d. 4 Nov 1902, age: 28 years
Fitzpatrick, Patsy, d. Aug 29, 1877, age: 75 years
Hansford, female, b. IL, d. 15 Oct 1902
Haywood, Thomas, d. 15 Apr 1902, age: 84years
Jones, Thos Wm, d. Apr 2, 1881, age: 8y 5m 21d
Kindrick, May and infant, d. 4 Jul 1902
Komjathy, Charles, b. Hungary, d. Apr 14, 1902, (Danville News had Kompathy) (Komjathy on DC)
Komjathy, Kalmon, b. Aug 21, 1866, d. 13 Aug 1902
Lindstrom, Andrew, b. Sweden, d. 24 Feb 1903, age: 76 years
Martin, Claud, b. IL, d. 9 Mar 1903, age: 8 years
Morris, Edgar, d. Jan 31, 1895
Nelson, E. P. (male), d. Nov 7, 1881, age: 30 years
Sanborn, Hannah, d. Dec 30, 1883, age: 73 years
Schellhaus, female, b. IL, d. 7 Feb 1903, age: 9 months
Short, Thomas W., bur. Jul 1896, age: 57 years *
Shumate, Wm Everett, bur. Feb 12, 1885 *
Singelton, Wm, d. Feb 14, 1885, age: 83y
Smith, Melvina, d. Jan 3, 1885, age: 40years
Smith, Robert, d. Sep 28, 1884
Sutton, Elisha, d. Aug 8, 1879, age: 79 years
Taylor, Newlin, d. Dec 25, 1883
Trease, female, d. 18 Jul 1902, age: 61 years
Van Dorhn, Isaac, d. Feb 26, 1890, age: 20 years
Willard, Mattie, d. Nov 6, 1889

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