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Ringhouse Cemetery (Rakestraw Cemetery)
Quiver Township, Mason County, Illinois

Lat: 40° 21' 14"N, Lon: 89° 59' 46"W

Contributed by Ann Stoddard, Jan 19, 2008, last edited Feb 20, 2008 [ann.stoddard@gmail.com]. Total records = 37.

Take Promenade Street north out of Havana. Promenade will turn into County Road 20/East Manito Road. 1.5 miles north of Havana you will see a old building on the right which is the Quiver School House (Est. 1917). Just after the school house the road curves to the right (east). Slow and you will see a dirt road on the left. Take this dirt road and stay right when the road branches. At this point the road becomes very sandy and there are trees on both sides of the road. When the trees turns to farm land look to the right (south). You will see the cemetery in the distance.

I parked and walked from this point but there were tire tracks that lead down the field to the cemetery. I stopped and spoke to one of the residents that lives off the dirt road and he stated that this is the only entrance to the cemetery and at some times of the year the road is only accessible by 4 wheel drive. He also stated local residents take care of the cemetery and had put a chain link fence around it some years ago.

Early maps call it the Rakestraw Cemetery, with the first burial listed being that of Maria Rakestraw in 1843. It is not known when they changed the name to Ringhouse, since those burials were later and only three of them.

I surveyed this cemetery Oct 16, 2007. I have a digital photo of every headstone.

- Ann Stoddard

Atwater, Edith, b. 18 Jun 1870, d. 18 Oct 1870, dau of E W & E C Atwater
Bobbit, Stephen O., d. 15 Sep 1845, age: 35y, 4m, 28d
Br???e, Orlando S., d. 23 Apr 1847, age: 2y, 11m, son of ? & E A Br??e
Brown, David H., d. 30 Jun 1853, age: 7y, 6m, 4d, son of I & R Brown
Brown, Elizabeth A., d. 1 Jul 1853, age: 4y, 5m, 25d, dau of I & R Brown
Brown, Isaac W., d. 18 May 1857, age: 1y, 8m, 16d, son of C & N Brown
Brown, Isaac, d. 31 Mar 1858, age: 49y, 4m, 29d
Brown, Rachael, d. 27 Jan 1859, age: 49y, 4m, 16d, wife of Isaac Brown
Derry, infant dau, no dates, dau of N & M Derry, s/w James W Derry
Derry, James W., d. 29 May 1852, age: 1m, 21d, son of N & M Derry, s/w infant dau Derry
Derry, N, d. 12 May 1857, son of N & M Derry
Evans, George W., d. 9 Feb 1855, age: 2y, 10m, 5d, son of H & A Evans
Hill, Sarah, d. 11 Mar 1852, age: 27 yrs
Kent, John R., b. 10 Nov 1807, d. 11 Dec 1845, age: 38y, 1m, 4d
McCarty, Amanda, d. 6 Sep 1855, dau of W & S McCarty
McCarty, Emma, d. 6 Jun 1846, age: 64 yrs
McCarty, George W., d. 9 Dec 1852, age: 2m, 18d, son of W & S McCarty
McCarty, Isaac, d. 6 Mar 1853, age: 31y, 1m, 3d
McCarty, John, d. 7 Oct 1850, age: 1y, 8m, 29d, son of W & S McCarty
McCarty, William, d. 4 Oct 1850, age: 8m, 14d, son of I & N McCarty
Omay, Mary Jane, d. 18 Apr 1853, age: 9 yrs, dau of A & O Omay
Patterson, William, b. 9 Dec 1807, d. 13 Apr 1862, age: 54y, 7m, 26d
Rakestraw, Douglas, no dates, stillborn son of H & M Rakestraw, s/w Maria L and Rebecca J Rakestraw
Rakestraw, Henry, d. 25 Feb 1878, age: 65y, 7m, 20d
Rakestraw, John E, d. 6 Jan 1863 Louisville, KY, age: 23y, 7m, 19d, Co. K, 85th Reg., Ill. Vol., two markers"
Rakestraw, Joseph B., d. 2 Mar 1874, age: 21y, 6m, 18d, son of H & M Rakestraw
Rakestraw, Maria L., d. 3 Aug 1843, age: 9m, 3d, dau of H & M Rakestraw, s/w Douglas and Rebecca J Rakestraw
Rakestraw, Mary A., b. 4 Sep 1821, d. 13 Sep 1907
Rakestraw, Rebecca J., d. 4 Apr 1851, age: 10y, 3m, 10d, s/w Douglas and Mary A Rakestraw
Ringhouse, Orphia, b. 15 Sep 1838, d. 16 Jan 1874, age: 35y, 4m, 1d, wife of Peter Ringhouse
Ringhouse, Peter, b. 20 Jun 1829, d. 25 Feb 1902, age: 72y, 8m, 5d
Ringhouse, Sarah Ellen, d. 29 Oct 1869, age: 1y, 10m, 27d, dau of J P &O Ringhouse
Stufflebeam, Mary, d. 7 Apr 1855, age: 21y, 9m, 1d, wife of H Stufflebeam
VanJassen, Freddie, b. 9 Feb 1888, d. 27 Aug 1899, age: 11y, 6m, 18d, son of A & E VanJassen
Whitehead, Elizabeth, d. 14 Oct 1855, age: 16y, 5m, dau of V & T Whitehead, s/w Malinda & Velica Whitehead
Whitehead, Malinda, d. 12 Jun 1855, age: 42y, wife of T Whitehead, s/w Elizabeth & Velica Whitehead
Whitehead, Velica, no dates, age: 44y, wife of T Whitehead, s/w Elizabeth & Malinda Whitehead

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