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Wiley Church Cemetery
Deerfield Township, Fulton County, Illinois

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 32.

Contributor Index:

Berkey, Josiah, b. 1834, d. 1864, s/o Christian and Barbara Berkey, [DL]
Cooper, Ruth (Loucht), b. Apr 28, 1897, d. Jul 09, 1947, [DK]
Crowl, Elias, b. 24 Jun 1823, Carroll Co. MD., d. 23 May 1899, s/o George and Rebecca (Myerly) Crowell, h/o Leah Emeline (Henry) Crowl, m. abt 1846, [JG]
Crowl, Leah Emeline (Henry), b. 16 Oct 1825, Westminster MD., d. 23 Aug 1898, Brimfield, IL, d/o Jacob and Catherine Graff (Loofe) Henry, w/o Elias Crowl, m. abt 1846, [JG]
Daily, Catherine, b. 1811, d. 1875, w/o James Daily, d/o George W. and Elizabeth Hainline, [DL]
Daily, James, b. 1902, d. 1871, [DL]
Daily, Samuel W., b. 1835, d. 1857, s/o James and Catherine Daily, [DL]
Goodell, Barbery A., b. Jul 5, 1870, d. Mar 16, 1923, d/o Richard & Susan Hammond, [DK]
Goodell, George W., b. Nov 14, 1866, d. Nov 14, 1939, [DK]
Hammond, Richard F., b. Jan 26, 1835, d. Nov 16, 1921, [DK]
Hammond, Susan A., b. 1844, d. 1934, [DK]
Howerter, Anna Margaret (Mahr), b. 8 Sep 1863, Gahanna OH., d. 17 Jan 1941, d/o Johann Philip Mahr and Catherine (Schrodt) Mahr. w/o John Peter Howerter, m. 31 Mar 1886, [JG]
Howerter, John Peter, b. 18 Jun 1862, Berks Co. PA, d. 26 Dec 1942, s/o Peter Harrison Howerter and Hannah Susanna (Traub) Howerter, h/o Anna Margaret (Mahr) Howerter, m. 31 Mar 1886, [JG]
Lawson, Harmon M., b. May 14, 1882, d. Aug 28, 1957, [DK]
Lawson, Josie Pearl, b. May 14, 1882, d. Aug 28, 1957, [DK]
Loucht, John, b. 1854, d. 1929, [DK]
Loucht, Mary E. (Hammond), b. 1863, d. 1926, [DK]
Mahr, Catherina (Schrodt), b. 16 Nov 1823, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. d. 12 Jan 1878, d/o Johann and Anna Margarete (Erb) Schrodt. w/o Johann Philip Mahr, m. 16 Oct 1845, [JG]
Mahr, Johann Philip, b. 18 Sep 1815, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, d. 31 Dec 1892, s/o Phillip Ludwig and Anna Margareta (Schnur) Mahr, h/o Catherina (Schrodt) Mahr, m. 16 Oct 1845, [JG]
Utsinger, Fannie, b. Aug 17, 1890, d. Jun 19, 1958, [DK]
Utsinger, Jesse Wm., b. Jan 17, 1888, d. Sep 7, 1947, [DK]
Utsinger, Mary Carliete, b. Feb 6, 1912, d. Aug 18, 1914, [DK]
Utsinger, Shirley Gladys, b. Dec 04, 1920, d. Oct 08, 1976, [DK]
Utzinger, Blanche Mae (White), b. Mar 18, 1913, d. Jan 19, 1963, [JG]
Zimmerman, Alta Belle (Howerter), b. 3 May 1888, d. 29 Aug 1974, Cuba, d/o John Peter and Anna Margaret (Mahr) Howerter. w/o Bert Edward Zimmerman, m. 2 Aug 1905, [JG]
Zimmerman, Bert Edward, b. 3 Jun 1885, d. 3 Apr 1964, Canton, h/o Alta Belle (Howerter) Zimmerman, m. 2 Aug 1905, Fairview, s/o Jeremiah and Rebecca Catherine (Crowl) Zimmerman, [JG]
Zimmerman, George, b. 29 Jun 1807, Codurus Twp. York Co. PA, d. 16 Mar 1882, s/o Johann Christian Zimmerman and Ann Christianna, h/o Mary Ann (Cooper) Zimmerman, m. abt 1831, [JG]
Zimmerman, Jeremiah, b. 10 Sep 1843, Franklin Co. PA., d. 1/Sep/1915, h/o Rebecca Catherine Crowl, m. 20 Apr 1866, s/o George and Mary Ann (Cooper) Zimmerman, [JG]
Zimmerman, Luther Bernard, b. Nov 19, 1931, d. Aug 15, 1950, Korean Conflict Casualty, [JG]
Zimmerman, Luther Berton, b. Dec 25, 1910, d. Aug 27, 1979, [JG]
Zimmerman, Mary Ann (Cooper), b. 21 Dec 1809, Carroll Co. MD., d. 23 Jul 1884, d/o William Cooper and Eve. w/o George Zimmerman, m. abt 1831, [JG]
Zimmerman, Rebecca Catherine (Crowl), b. 11 Jan 1848, MD, d. 14 Jun 1914, d/o Elias Crowl and Leah Emeline (Henry) Crowl, w/o Jeremiah Zimmerman, m. 20 Apr 1866, [JG]
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