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Resurrection Cemetery
Justice, Cook County, Illinois

7201 Archer Rd, Justice IL. 60458
(708) 458-4770

Lat: 41° 45' 22"N, Lon: 87° 49' 38"W

From IL #171 take Archer Rd north for 2 miles, cemetery is on the east or right side.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jun 27, 2012. Total records = 50.

Contributor's Index:

Berezniak, Cecylia H., b. 18 Oct 1882, d. 12 Jul 1974, w/o John Berezniak, d/o Joseph Laux ad Marianne Konieczka, [EC]
Berezniak, Frank T., b. 01 Apr 1907, d. 27 Oct 1967, h/o Helen Berezniak, s/o John Berezniak and Cycelia H. Laux, [EC]
Biestek, Bronislaw, b. 1884, d. 1945, "Ojciec", h/o Bronislawa Biestek (Stanek), inscription in Polish, [SL]
Biestek, Bronislawa (Stanek), b. 1882, d. 1966, "Matka", w/o Bronislaw Biestek, inscription in Polish, [SL]
Biestek, Dorothy M. (Wiedenhoeft), b. 1909, d. 1972, "Wife Mother", w/o Stanley W. Biestek, [SL]
Biestek, Frank J., b. 1914, d. 2003, "Syn", s/o Bronislawa (Stanek) and Bronislaw Biestek, [SL]
Biestek, Stanley W., b.1906, d. 1986, "Husband Father", h/o Dorothy M. Biestek (Wiedenhoeft), s/o Bronislawa (Stanek) and Bronislaw Biestek, [SL]
Borowicz, Bernice J., d. 18 Apr 1970, bur. 22 Apr 1970, w/o John M., d/o Bernard Rewers, [KB]
Borowicz, John M., d. 14 Dec 1977, bur. 17 Dec 1977, h/o Bernice J., [KB]
Budzynska, Wiktorya, 1950, "Corka", d/o Victoria (Biestek) and Simon Budzynski, inscription in Polish, [SL]
Budzynski, Simon, b. 1911, d. 1979, h/o Victoria Budzynski (Biestek), [SL]
Budzynski, Victoria (Biestek), b. 1912, d. 2007, w/o Simon Budzynski, [SL]
Dombkowski, Helen P. (Biestek), b. 1916, d. 1992, w/o Raymond J. Dombkowski, d/o Bronislawa (Stanek) and Bronislaw Biestek, [SL]
Dombkowski, Raymond J., b. 1921, d. 1988, h/o Helen P. Dombkowski (Biestek), [SL]
Gajewicz, Caroline (Kaprocki), b. 1898. d. 1959, w/o Frank Gajewicz, [MS]
Gajewicz, Edward, b. 3 Sep 1914, d. 3 Dec 1914, s/o Maryanna (Matecki) and Franciszek Gajewicz, [MS]
Gajewicz, Franciszek, b. 1876, d. 1924, h/o Maryanna Gajewicz (Matecki), [MS]
Gajewicz, Frank, b. 4 Oct 1897, d. 16 Dec 1962, s/o Maryanna (Matecki) and Frank Gajewicz, h/o Caroline Gajewicz (Kaprocki), [MS]
Gajewicz, Hendryk, b. 10 Oct 1916, d. 16 Feb 1917, s/o Maryanna (Matecki) and Franciszek Gajewicz, [MS]
Gajewicz, Ignacy, b. 30 Jul 1907, d. 6 Feb 1908, s/o Maryanna (Matecki ) and Franciszek Gajewicz, [MS]
Gajewicz, Maryanna (Matecki), b. 2 Jan 1879, d. 8 Sep 1920, w/o Franciszek Gajewicz, [MS]
Glapa, Irene (Gajewicz), b. 20 Dec 1919, d. 17 Oct. 1981, d/o Caroline (Kaprocki) andFrank Gajewicz, w/o Roman Glapa, [MS]
Gronski, Mae H. (Biestek), b. 1910, d. 1999, "Mother", w/o Sigmund T. Gronski, d/o Bronislawa (Stanek) and Bronislaw Biestek, Sec 61, [SL]
Gronski, Sigmund T., b. 1905, d. 1964, "Father", h/o Mae H. Gronski (Biestek), Sec 61, [SL]
Konecki, Sophie (Gajewicz), b. 25 Oct 1910, d. 4 Aug 2001, d/o Maryanna (Matecki) and Franciszek Gajewicz, w/o Vincent Konecki, [MS]
Konecki, Vincent, b. 2 Sep 1908, d. 9 Apr 2000, h/o Sophie (Gajewicz) Konecki, [MS]
Koranda, Anna, b. 1858, d. 1941, w/o Jan, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Bozenka, b. Feb 11, 1896, d. Jun 30, 1913, Zde Odpociva, V Panu Zesnula Dnes Loucime Se V Bolu, V Nebi Se Sejdem Spolu, s/w Anna and Jan Koranda, inscription is Czech, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Frantisek, b. May 5, 1862, d. Apr 6, 1934, Father, h/o Rozalie, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Jan, b. 1865, d. 1933, h/o Anna, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, John J. Jr., b. 1906, d. Feb 27, 1946, s/o Rozalie and John Koranda, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, John J., d. Sep 4, 1944, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, John, b. May 15, 1860, d. Mar 14, 1931, h/o Rozalie, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, John, d. Sep 29, 1957, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Lorraine, b. 1926, d. 1932, Granddaughter of Anna and Jan Koranda, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Marie, b. 1859, d. Dec 5, 1940, w/o Vojtech Koranda, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Marie, b. May 10, 1863, d. May 27, 1922, w/o Matej Koranda, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Matej, b. Feb 10, 1863, d. Jun 5, 1919, h/o Marie, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Michael, b. Feb 26, 1896, d. Nov 10, 1918, killed in action Nov. 11 1918 Private Co B. 2nd Engrs, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Rozalie, b. Feb 14, 1865, d. Dec 25, 1924, Mother, w/o Frantisek, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Rozalie, b. Jan 12, 1862, d. Feb 27, 1936, w/o John, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Virginia R., b. 1908, d. Jul 21, 1964, Mother, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, Vojtech, b. Apr 23, 1858, d. Apr 3, 1908, Odpovia V Pokoui, in Czech, h/o Marie, Sec B, [MK]
Koranda, William John, b. Sep 28, 1891, d. Mar 31, 1949, Illinois, Cook 311 Engrs 86 Div, World War I, s/o Rozalie and John Koranda, Sec B, [MK]
Krol, Bronislawa Gajewicz, b. 29 Nov 1902, d. 28 Jan 1931, Wife, [MS]
Krol, Kazimierz, b. 26 Feb 1896, d. 22 Nov 1989, Husband, [MS]
Kulish, Frank, d. 22 Aug 1940, h/o Marie Kulish (Berezniak), [EC]
Piotrowski, Stephen F., b. 26 Jul 1898, d. 24 Mar 1958, h/o Anne (Czajkowski), m. 25 Jun 1924, s/o Frank Piotrowski and Pauline (Appolonia) Laux, [EC]
Wolak, Sophie B. (Biestek), b. 1918, d. 2000, d/o Bronislawa (Stanek) and Bronislaw Biestek, [SL]
Zachwieja, Anna C., b. 25 May 1911, d. 08 Sep 1985, d/o Tomasz and Maryanna Filipiak, [LF]


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