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Lone Tree Cemetery
Putnam, Bureau County, Illinois

Lat: 41° 11' 03"N, Lon: 89° 28' 55"W (Lone Tree Corner location)
Wheatland Twp, T14N R Sec 21

Contributed by Dena Whitesell, Feb 01, 2006 [iluvot2@yahoo.com]. Total records = 9.

This original cemetery is located on private property located 1 1/2 miles NNE from the existing Lone Tree Corner Cemetery, exact location unknown.

This original cemetery was established in 1850, is located in Wheatland Township on private property with the exact location unknown.

In the late 1950s the gravestones were razed and the cemetery became farmland. In 1992 eight of the original grave markers were found and relocated to this cemetery.

Lone Tree Corner Cemetery is located 5 miles west of Route 29 on 500N running into 250N, also known as the Bradford Blacktop just outside of a little town called Putnam. The cemetery is located on the left side as you proceed west into Bureau County (towards the town of Bradford).

I completed this transcription on Jan 31, 2006, reading from the monument placed within the Lone tree Corner cemetery.

- Dena Whitesell

Ammons, Daniel, d. Nov 15, 1869, age: 32yr 3mo 1da, Son of C. & S.
Ammons, Harrison H, d. Oct 19, 1860, age: 11yr 14da
Anderson, Daniel, d. Apr 13, 1863, age: 21yr 3mo 17da
Anderson, Daniel, d. Oct 10, 1860, age: 2yr 4mo 10da, Son of Richard & Mary
Anderson, Emma, d. Jun 15, 1862, age: 6mo 10da, dau. of Abraham & Pleasant (Wright)
Anderson, George E, d. Feb 18, 1861, age: 2yr 6mo, Son of Abraham & Pleasant (Wright)
Anderson, Henrietta, d. Dec 31, 1856, age: 1mo 3da, dau of Adam & Judy (Chesney)
Anderson, Infant, d. Apr 27, 1869, Infant of John & Rachel Anderson
Anderson, Infant, no dates, Dau. of T. J. & Emmeline (Anderson)
Anderson, Jessie M, d. Jan 26, 1866, age: 2yr 2mo 7da, dau. of Jacob & Harriet
Anderson, John D, d. Jan 26, 1868, age: 3mo 4da, Son of Jacob & Harriet
Anderson, Judy Chesney, d. Jan 11, 1869, age: 33yr 7mo 21da, Wife of Adam
Anderson, Levi Col., d. Nov 7, 1855, age: 57yr 29da, Husband of Sarah Brown, original marker moved to Lone Tree Corner Cemetery,
Anderson, Mary Ammons, d. Jan 10, 1905, age: 86yr 1mo 3da, Wife of Richard
Anderson, Minerva, d. Jul 7, 1851, age: 3mo 24da, dau. of James & Terreacy Brown Anderson
Anderson, Richard, d. Sep 26, 1895, age: 79yr 14mo 29da
Anderson, Sarah Brown, b. Sep 1808, d. Oct 2, 1892, age: 84yr, Wife of Col. Levi Brown, original marker moved to Lone Tree Corner Cemetery. Marker is down but in good shape,
Anderson, William H, b. Jun 26, 1843, d. Feb 19, 1864, age: 20yr 3mo 23da, Son of Levi & Sarah, original marker moved to Lone Tree Corner Cemetery,
Bear, Harrison, d. Apr 5, 1857, age: 3da, Son of J. C. F. & Elizabeth (Anderson)
Brown, Christinia Statler, d. Jun 23, 1856, age: 89yr, Wife of Adam
Gallentine, John A, d. Oct 20, 1864, age: 3yr 6mo 6da, Son of Eli & Emmeline
Gallentine, William J, d. Feb 28, 1864, age: 1yr 10mo 1da, Son of Eli & Emmeline
King, Clara, d. May 25, 1863, dau. of J. & S.
Lackey, Jerome, d. Aug 22, 1856, age: 6mo 10da, Son of John W. & Rachel
Martin, John M, d. Apr 22, 1855, age: 1yr 1mo 6da, Son of William J. & Susan
Pettit, Ingraham H, d. Oct 25, 1869, age: 3mo 17da, Son of John & Mary
Pettit, Loretta, d. Nov 23, 1860, age: 2yr 8mo 12da, dau. of John & Mary
Shriver, Marion C, d. Dec 20, 1870, age: 11yr 8mo 28da, Son of A. & Melinda
St. Clair, Luther, d. May 3, 1863, age: 2yr 3mo, Son of W. H. & Matilda
Wilson, Issac, d. Feb 22, 1826, age: 84yr, Husband of Mary
Wilson, Mary, d. Jan 11, 1850, age: 40yr 3mo 7da, Wife of Issac

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