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Pinegrove Cemetery
Rathdrum, Kootenai County, Idaho

Contributed by Mary Garrison [mycougars@adelphia.net]

?, Florence, b. 1901, d. 1919
?, Laurence, b. n/d, d. n/d
?, Viola, b. n/d, d. n/d
Amell, ?, b. n/d, d. n/d
Balkow, ?, b. n/d, d. n/d
Barnes, ?, b. n/d, d. n/d
Barto, ?, b. n/d, d. n/d
Basley, ?, b. n/d, d. n/d
Bosley, ?, b. n/d, d. n/d
C F W, b. n/d, d. n/d
Feldhaber, (deed 02-24-1908)
Flint, b. n/d, d. n/d, Res,
French, ?, b. n/d, d. 1924
Hendricks,, b. n/d, d. n/d, Deed ?
Lear, Deed
Leppert,, b. Stone broken & missing
McClane,, b. n/d, d. n/d, Deed ?
Merion,, Deed ?
Tautenhahn,, b. 4 - 5 Unreadable stones 1936
Tautenhahn,, b. Two unreadable stones 1948
Unknowns, b. Several
Wayside Club, b. Several Unknown Graves See others

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