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Old Albion Cemetery (LDS)
Albion, Cassia County, Idaho

Lat: 42° 24' 58"N, 113° 35' 20"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 74.

Contributor's Index:

Agee, William W, b. 19 Oct 1828, d. 29 May 1879, [LP]
Bailey, Elizabeth Ellen, b. 28 Jan 1824 or 25, Gwinnett Cty, Georgia, d. 8 Dec 1905, d/o Ransom Bennett and Francis Lowe, w/o Wm. Buchanan Bailey, [LP]
Bascom, John, b. 8 Aug 1833 New York, d. 16 Feb 1886, [LP]
Bishop, James M, b. 5 Mar 1832, d. 13 May 1912, [LP]
Bishop, Martha Wright, d. Apr 1882, aged 41yr [LP]
Bristow, Myrtle D, b. 21 Feb 1897, Verda Valley, Arizona, d. 18 Jan 1905, d/o James T. Bristow and Ona Gaddis, [LP]
Dennis, Charlotte Melvina, b. 10 Mar 1853, Knoxvill, Iowa, d. 5 Dec 1898, d/o Ellsworth and Charlotte Melvina, w/o John Dennis, [LP]
Dennis, John, b. 6 May 1840, Iowa, d. 6 Jan 1908, mothers name Henry, h/o Charlotte Melvina Ellsworth, [LP]
Gray, William, b. 9 Jul 1899, d. 29 Jul 1934, s/o Charles Lions Gray and Dora Marie Robbins, h/o Edna May Danner, [LP]
Hendersen, Rolland, b. abt 1913, d. 1913, s/o Charles Hendersen and Amy Kelly, [LP]
Howell, R. N, d. 26 Aug 1884, aged 54yr 8mo, 26da, [LP]
Kelly, Mary Amelia, b. 14 Oct 1902, d. 23 Jun 1935, d/o Michial Whalen and Jessie Alcanta, w/o George Kelly, [LP]
Kelly, Sabestian, b. 8 Sep 1912, d. 12 Oct 1912, s/o Sabestian Kelly and Agnes Bradbury, [LP]
Langley, William, b. 18 May 1882, d. 1 Jan 1903, [LP]
Langley, Willy, b. 10 Jun 1887, d. 1 Feb 1905, [LP]
Lewis, David, b. 1818?, d. 8 Sep 1920, age 102 years, s/o Lemual Lewis and Mary Ellen, h/o Mary Gibson, [LP]
Mahoney, Maria Eliza, b. 17 Mar 1849, Keokuk Co, Iowa, d. 11 Nov 1918, d/o William Williams and Mary Brooks, w/o James Henry Mahoney, [LP]
McBride, Farine Parke, b. 1 Feb 1911, d. 26 May 1933, [LP]
Morris, William, b. 5 Apr 1827, Wales, d. 1 Dec 1908, h/o Martha Morgan, [LP]
Morrison, John P, b. 4 Oct 1853, d. 27 Jan 1916, s/o John Morrison and Adaline, h/o (2nd wife) Agnes Low, [LP]
Munday, Charity L, b. 1857, d. 1941, [LP]
Munday, Maud, b. 1 Jun 1882, d. 25 Oct 1934, d/o Jennings Munday and Charity Wolverton, [LP]
Murphy, William M, b. 1887, d. 28 Apr 1890, aged 3yr 25da, s/o Andrew and Isabell Murphy, [LP]
Murry, Ora E, b. 13 Jan 1891, d. 29 Sep 1892, d/o Asehel P. Murry and Albertena Charlstrom, [LP]
Neel, William W, b. 30 Oct 1881, d. 27 Oct 1888, s/o N. and L. Neel, [LP]
Newman, James Albert, b. 17 Dec 1905, Howard Co MO, d. 5 Jan 1920, s/o William Newman and Virginia Hitt, [LP]
Nielson, Mirla C, b. 16 May 1894, Emery, Utah, d. 16 Jan 1913, d/o Olaf Nielson and Charlotte Elizabeth Roper, [LP]
Nutt, Infant, b. 24 Mar 1888, d. 24 Mar 1888, s/o Edwin A. Nutt and Francis Amelia Nutt, [LP]
Nutt, Infant, b. 26 Jul 1894, d. 26 Jul 1894, s/o Edwin A. Nutt and Francis Amelia Nutt, [LP]
Nutt, Mary Amelia, b. 24 Feb 1893, d. 20 Aug 1893, d/o Edwin A. Nutt and Francis Amelia Hepworth, [LP]
Nutt, Mary, b. 2 Nov 1837, Ill, d. 3 Jan 1931, d/o Daniel Denman and Mary Etta Bedell, w/o Seymore J. Nutt, [LP]
Overstreet, Leonie E. Conant Powers, b. 16 Sep 1880, Boise, Idaho, d. 25 Feb 1916, d/o Edward Conant and Edella F. Basil, w/o 1. William Powers and 2. Charles H. Overstreet, [LP]
Paden, Jacob, b. 15 Dec 1828, Crowford Co, Pa, d. abt 1898, s/o Isaac Paden and Celia Fish, h/o 1. Louisa Curtis Smith and 2. Lucinda Hall, [LP]
Parke, Almedia, b. 1872, Centerville, Utah, d. 6 Sep 1887, d/o Ira Curtis Parke, and Mary Vashti Call, [LP]
Parke, Charles, b. 31 Jan 1828, Indiana, d. 1 May 1902, s/o Thomas Harris Parke, and Huldah Curtis, h/o 1. Lavinna Coltrin and 2. Margaret Watterson, [LP]
Parke, Elizabeth Ann Parke, b. Jun 1868, d. 28 Feb 1954, aged 86yr 4mo 11da, [LP]
Parke, Huldah Curtis, b. 16 Jul 1805 NY. d. 20 Nov 1887, (d/o Thomas Curtis and Eunice Peet), w/o Thomas Harris Parke, [LP]
Parke, Ira Curtis, b. 22 Jan 1834, Kirtland, Mo, d. 13 Feb 1897, s/o Thomas Harris Parke, and Huldah Curtis, h/o Mary Vashti Call, [LP]
Parke, Jessie, b. 1889, d. 1891, d/o Charles Parke, and Sarah Vaughn, [LP]
Parke, John, d. 12 Aug 1844, Hancock Co, Ill, d. 2 Nov 1888, s/o Thomas Harris Parke, and Hulda Curtis, h/o Elizabeth Skelton, [LP]
Parke, Joseph, b. 1859, d. 1929, [LP]
Parke, Margaret Alice Watterson, b. 9 Jul 1834, Isle of Man, d. 10 May 1907, d/o William Watterson and Mary Colvin, w/o Charles Parke, [LP]
Parke, Mary Vashti Call, b. 27 Mar 1836, Kirkston, Ohio, d. 8 Aug 1921, d/o Anson Call and Mary Flint, w/o Ira Curtis Parke, [LP]
Parke, Nellie, b. 10 Dec 1896, d. 27 Jul 1913, d/o Reuben Chester Parke, and Adelaide Pierce, [LP]
Parke, Rueben Chester, b. 18 Dec 1873, Centerville, Utah, d. 18 Dec 1918, s/o Ira Curtis Parke, and Mary Vashti Call, h/o Adelaide Pierce, [LP]
Parke, Thomas Harris, b. 3 Jan 1803, Newark, NJ, d. 10 Aug 1897, s/o Micajah Parke, and Mary Beamer, h/o Hulda Curtis, [LP]
Parke, William Langley, b. 10 Jun 1897, d. 1 Feb 1905, s/o Joseph Parke, and Elizabeth Ann Harris, [LP]
Parrott, William Edward, b. 13 Jan 1844, Clay Co, Missouri, d. 2 Jul 1896, s/o Evans Parrott and Mahala Salers, h/o Kitty Stevens, [LP]
Payne, Ivy Marie, b. 28 Oct 1907, d. 24 May 1909, d/o Shelton Payne and Jennie, [LP]
Peck, Eliza Hunter, b. 22 Dec 1880, Salt Lake City, Utah, d. 29 Nov 1921, d/o Jacob Hunter and Mary Shafer, w/o Jared Roundy Peck, [LP]
Peck, Jared Roundy, b. 10 Apr 1878, Wanship, Utah, d. 25 Jan 1919, s/o Lucius Augustus Peck and Evelyn Roundy, h/o Eliza Hunter, [LP]
Perkins, Richard A, b. 1885, d. 19 Nov 1886, s/o Harvey L. Perkins and Victoria Parke, [LP]
Phippen, Edith Hellen, b. 10 Jun 1922, d. 3 Mar 1923, d/o Melvin Earl Phippen and Edna L. Cook, [LP]
Powell, Richard (Dick), b. 1 Feb 1855, England, d. 27 Aug 1906, s/o Edward Powell and Ann Tung, h/o Lilyan Mahoney, [LP]
Pratt, Alice, b. 1 Jan 1845, Northern France, d. 17 Feb 1920, d/o Thomas or William Smart and Alice Fleet, w/o William Jarad Pratt, [LP]
Reid, Mary E, b. 19 Oct 1917, d. 5 Apr 1921, [LP]
Robinson, Eunice E, b. 28 Jul 1834, Meshoppin, Pa, d. 4 Jan 1908, d/o George Mowery and Hollenbach, w/o Culbert B. Robinson, [LP]
Sansbury, James R., b. 1831 N.J, d. 10 Sep 1880, [LP]
Tremayne, Arnold M, b. 1915, d. 1917, [LP]
Tremayne, Florence M, b. 29 Jul 1885, d. 17 Feb 1888, [LP]
Tremayne, Hyrum S, b. 1879, d. 1962, [LP]
Tremayne, Hyrum, b. 16 Feb 1851, Bristle, England, d. 4 Mar 1934, s/o William Henry Tremayne and Elizabeth Dyer, h/o Eliza Jane Harris, [LP]
Tremayne, Luella, b. 3 Jun 1883, d. 12 Sept 1884 (both on the same headstone), [LP]
Tremayne, Randy L, b. 28 Dec 1953, d. 5 Sep 1971, s/o Marvin and Fern Tremayne, [LP]
Tremayne, Raymomond (sic) Nichols, b. 23 Oct 1916, d. 23 Mar 1976 at San Diego, CA, [LP]
Tremayne, William H, b. 1881, d. 1968, [LP]
Twitchell, Francis E, b. 1925, d. 1927, [LP]
Twitchell, Harriet E, b. 1873, d. 1955, [LP]
Twitchell, Lorenzo, b. 1864, d. 1922, [LP]
Twitchell, Oren, b. 1913, d. 1913, [LP]
Walton, Robert Samuel, b. 1886, d. 2 Mar 1934, s/o Thomas Cowder Walton and Helen Rathbone, h/o Mrs. Burton Collins-nee-Mildred Sears, [LP]
Williams, Nephi Parley, b. 1 Jan 1844, d. 12 Sep 1908, s/o William Williams and Mary Brooks, h/o Maria Huff, [LP]
Wolverton, John H, b. 1864, d. 1918, [LP]
Wrich, Mahala D, d. 30 Apr 1889, aged 69yr, w/o John Wrich, [LP]

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