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Jackson Cemetery
Jackson, Cassia County, Idaho

Lat: 42° 38' 31"N, 113° Lat: 113° 32' 21"W

Contributed by Doni Mallory, May 25, 2007 [indian@atcnet.net]. Total records = 11.

Traveling east from the town of Rupert, Idaho on E. Baseline Road (which is still considered the old US Hwy. #30 going to Pocatello, Idaho) when you reach the 600 East Road, turn left (going North) which will be a gravel road. Come to your first Canal bank (which is 100 North) going directly over the Canal and make a sharp right-hand turn onto a very narrow gravel Canal road. Follow this canal road & bank for about � a mile. The Jackson Cemetery is to your "left" in the middle of a plowed dirt farmer's field, and is very hard to see, especially if it is overgrown with weeds.

An indication of just where the cemetery is located at, is some huge Lombard Popular trees, with a slight turn-off. Right there by the trees is a small rusted, steel "stile" at the north end of the fence, in which one must walk up over, then across the farmer's field to reach the cemetery. At times, one can view a few of the older white headstones directly from the Canal bank, which are sticking up from the cemetery.

Jackson Cemetery is hard to find & locate, if one does not have adequate directions. Most of the local farmers or folks living close by, can give a person directions, should they get lost.

Jackson Cemetery is a very, very old Cemetery. It is unkempt and almost completely demolished now. There are only a few existing headstones left inside the fenced area, all other headstones are now disintegrated, or have been vandalized or demolished.

Jackson Idaho, at one time, used to be a small farming community close to Minidoka Dam in Minidoka County, out of Rupert, Idaho. Pioneers who settled in the area and who had died were buried in this cemetery. Also, some of the gravesites were moved to the Rupert, "Mars Cemetery" in Minidoka County, Rupert, Idaho.

On the date of clean-up, a large wooden "cross" was constructed & built by Volunteers & placed within the cemetery itself to mark the cemetery, in hopes the cemetery could be seen from the Canal bank.

Two anonymous volunteers and myself visited what remains of this cemetery and it was cleared out, weeded, raked, and some of the fencing fixed on Feb 26, 2006. I read all of the existing and legible stones and markers at that time, plus some research into it's history.

- Doni Mallory

Carraway, Nellie May Teem, b. 3 Mar 1894, d. 21 Mar 1922
Franklin, Baby, b. 18 Nov 1918, d. 18 Nov 1918
Franklin, Mary M., b. 4 Mar 1887, d. 23 Nov 1918
Johns, Rosine Catherine, b. 26 Apr 1858, d. 21 Jun 1947
Johns, William Taylor, b. 9 Mar 1843, d. 26 Jan 1914
Johnson, Esther Sailor, b. 28 Oct 1837, d. 27 Feb 1926
Johnson, John Alexander, b. 12 Sept 1836, d. 28 Apr 1914
Johnson, William H., b. 5 Apr 1880, d. 29 Dec 1960
Leoni, Cesare, b. 30 Oct 1874, d. 4 Aug 1915, (was moved to "Mars Cemetery" in Rupert, Idaho)
Leoni, Theadore, b. 21 Mar 1909, d. 30 May 1916, (was moved to "Mars Cemetery" in Rupert, Idaho)
Teem, Leander Miles, b. 3 Jun 1860, d. 2 May 1936

Unknown burials, no dates, (perhaps 2 burials here) within a single fenced-in plot, no headstones left, unmarked.
Unknown burial, no dates, (at one time had a 4-corner concrete structured large monument & was once individually fenced. The bottom base of the concrete Monument is the only remaining thing left, & the only identification was a concrete letter "E." that was a broken piece from off the Monument & headstone itself.)

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