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Kilpatrick Cemetery
Blaine County, Idaho

Contributed by Kevin S McMullin, April 23, 2000 [kev_mcm@msn.com]. Total records = 5.

Kilpatrick cemetery is located about 4 miles east of highway 20/75. Going north on highway 75 from Twin Falls-Shoshone-to the 20/75 junction. Turn right go to mile post 185.5. As you round a right hand turn, you will see the Kilpatrick Bridge Rd sign. Turn onto it and you will see a small cemetery on the hill enclosed in a fence on the left.

Across the dirt road from the cemetery is an area of Sage brush (tall sage brush) next to the railroad right of way (now gone). In the hollowed ground is two tombstones. One standing, one down. It is told that a person (young women in the early 1900's would get off the train there and put flower on the graves every year.

I inventoried and transcribed this work in the summer of 1996.

- Kevin S McMullin
Ellison, Jane,Feb. 27, 1820, d. Aug. 25, 1907
Southard, Matilda J., Apr 22, 1840, d. Apr. 7, 1903
Freeman, Eliza, b. July 4, 1842, d. Dec 13, 1904, wife to J.L.Freeman
Crosslin, Anne, d. Feb. 14, 1903, age 82
Crosslin, John, d. Mar. 29, 1903, age 84


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