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Wight Cemetery
Macksburg, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 18' 01"N, Lon: 94° 10' 41"W
Webster Township Sec 15

This listing submitted by Judy Wight Branson, last edited Dec 28, 2003 [jlwight@northlink.com].  Total records = 217.

To reach cemetery it is on Roseman Bridge Trail, 1/2 mile west of Elmswood Ave, or East of Deer Run Ave, in Macksburg Iowa.

This cemetery was walked and recorded by Lewis E. Morris on Jul 22, 1971 and walked and photographs taken of all of the headstones in 2003 by Judy Wight Branson and Ida V. Morse.

Research and Comparisons: Two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death, funeral home records or obituaries for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification where possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

- Judy Wight Branson
Anthony, Harry, d. 7-23-1879, 5m 26d, s/o J. & L.
Beem, Cora Helen, d. 6-17-1890, 4m 17d, d/o Lemuel L. & Laura E.
Benson, Elizabeth, d. 3-2-1898, d/o Arthur D & Sarah
Benson, Claude, d. 12-4-1896, s/o Arthur D. & Sarah
Binns, Benjamin Shaw, b. 2-15-1854, d. 12-29-1937
Binns, C. B., foot marker only
Binns, Guy, b. 1895, d. 9-12-1896, 1y 4m 9d, s/o Nathan & Martha J.
Binns, Hannah Emeline (Fernside), b. 1857, d. 4-4-1923, w/o Benjamin
Binns, Martha Jane (Howard), b. 5-14-1872, d. 7-23-1948, w/o Nathan
Binns, Nathan, b. 1-1872, d. 4-2-1924, h/o Martha J.
Binns, William (Willie), d. 9-11-1896, 3y 3m 8d, s/o Nathan & Martha
Black, Hazel Fern (Young), b. 11-30-1893, d. 1-2-1953, w/o Bert
Black, John Burton (Bert), b. 8-17-1881, d. 11-11-1956, h/o Hazel F
Bonnell, Joseph, d. 3-19-1868, 20d, s/o J. L. & H.
Bucklin, Gretchen Lois (Harrison), b. 2-5-1914, d. 9-18-1985, w/o 1st Wm. Deardorff, 2ndMason C. Bucklin
Burrus, Charley Eugene, d. 2-19-1883, 6y 1m 14d, s/o Nathaniel & Mary E.
Burrus, Mary E. (Elston), b. 12-25-1852, d. 2-25-1883, w/o Nathaniel L.
Cain, Amanda Eliza (Salisbury), b. 1862, d. 9-24-1911, w/o John
Cain, John, b. 1844, d. 2-21-1902, h/o Amanda
Cunningham, Emery H., b. 3-10-1891, d. 2-9-1948, h/o Eva, WWI Vet.
Cunningham, Eva,b. 9-23-1898, d. 10-26-1957, w/o Emery H.
Cunningham, George, b. 1861, d. 8-6-1903, s/o Peyton Reed & Sarah D.
Cunningham, Harlan Fremont, b. 9-14-1851, d. 12-17-1927, h/o Sarah E.
Cunningham, Sarah D. (Stockton), d. 7-4-1864, 39y 6m 1d, w/o Payton R.
Cunningham, Sarah Elizabeth (Harrison), b. 12-4-1859, d. 9-18-1917, w/o Harlan F.
Cunningham. James M., b. 1-13-1854, d. 9-14-1915, s/o Peyton R. & Sarah D.
Deardorff, William Franklin, b. 3-26-1901, d. 6-9-1958, h/o Gretchen L.
Dorsey, Grace E. (Woods), b. 9-23-1879, d. 12-8-1918, w/o E. O.
Dorsey, Rebecca Ann (Cain), b. 10-13-1839, d.7-16-1901, w/o Chauncey H.
Dorsey, Chauncey H., b. 10-6-1842, d. 9-11-1931, h/o Rebecca
Dorsey, Earl Oliver, b. 12-31-1875, d. 12-10-1958, h/o Grace E.
Duff, Cora Ellen (Wight), b. 11-22-1871, d. 8-7-1939, w/o Wm. H.
Egabroad, Nancy Ann (Moore), d. 6-2-1873, 76y, w/o Peter G.
Egabroad, Peter G., d. 10-6-1876, 85y, h/o Mary
Elsbury, Elisf (Wight), b. 9-11-1841, d. 10-12-1859, 1st w/o Wm. N.
Elsbury, Marion, b. 3-24-1867, d. 3-24-1867, 1d, s/o Wm. & Nancy
Elsbury, Nancy Ann (Hart), b. 10-16-1843, d. 4-21-1923, 2nd w/o Wm. N.
Elsbury, William Nelson, b. 1-5-1834, d. 2-5-1918, h/o 1st Elisf, 2nd Nancy A.
Ettien, Philip, d. 6-28-1874, 74y 11m 22d, h/o Susan
Ettien, Susan (Zearing), b. 9-30-1820, d. 12-2-1881, w/o John P.
Fery, Christina (Buzzard), b. 2-14-1849, d. 9-5-1892, w/o Joseph
Fery, Frank M., d. 3-8-1883, 2y 3m, s/o Joseph & Christina
Fery, John W., d. 12-30-1891, 9y 11m 26d, s/o Joseph & Christina
Friberg, Ida May (Wight), b. 7-23-1863, d. 7-3-1892, w/o Theodore
Friberg, Jessie, b. 6-23-1883, d. 4-15-1902, 19y 2m 8d, d/o Theodore & Ida M.
Friberg, Omar Ward, b. 1-9-1887, d. 8-8-1912, s/o Theodore & Ida M.
Friberg, Theodore, b. 1-21-1855, d. 9-8-1939, h/o Ida M.
Fuson, Infant, b. 12-23-1911, d. 12-25-1911, s/o Claude & Sarah
Fuson, Infant, d. 1915
Fuson, Infants, b. 2-26-1901, d. 2-26-1901, triplet sons of Frank & Amanda
Gamble, Jessie Myrtle, b. 12-15-1901, d. 1-31-1902, d/o John L. & Ruth A.
Gamble, John Lowman, b. 7-19-1876, d. 7-17-1964, h/o Ruth A.
Gamble, Ruth Anna (Young), b. 6-13-1876, d. 9-19-1961, w/o John
Halsted, First name not readable, d. 9-5-1881, 5y 11m
Hamilton, Samuel, b. 1-23-1825, d. 2-23-1874, h/o Nancy (Wight)
Hamilton, William, b. 1797, d. 2-1-1884, h/o Jane (Wight)
Harrison, Frank, b. 12-6-1878, d. 12-10-1941, h/o Lulu M.
Harrison, George W., d. 5-7-1880, 18y 1m 7d
Harrison, James D., b. 9-30-1835, d. 8-12-1907, h/o Martha C.
Harrison, James E., b.7-17-1872, d. 4-21-1940, s/o James & Martha C.
Harrison, John E., b. 11-27-1822, d. 3-29-1873, h/o Mary E.
Harrison, Julia A., b. 3-22-1861, d. 11-12-1889, d/o James & Martha C.
Harrison, Lula Manetta (Pace), b. 1876, d. 1967, w/o Frank
Harrison, Martha Catherine (Hamilton), b. 5-6-1840, d. 2-21-1920, w/o James
Harrison, Mary A., d. 2-21-1880, 11y 10m 25d
Harrison, Mary E. (Paxon), b. 10-3-1839, d. 6-20-1910, w/o John E.
Harrison, Nathaniel (Dick), b. 10-12-1869, d. 4-4-1933, h/o Sarah J.
Harrison, Thomas Elmer, b. 11-24-1869, d. 1947, h/o 1st Jennie M. (Cunningham), 2nd Eva Estel, 3rd Nellie Miller
Hart, Mahala (Jackson), d. 1-27-1859, 43y, 2nd w/o George
Hawk, Ellen A., b. 4-27-1850, d. 8-14-1912, w/o John T.
Hawk, Elsie M., b. 3-16-1875, d. 11-30-1892, d/o John T. & Ellen A.
Hawk, John T., b. 10-14-1839, d. 11-2-1888, h/o Ellen A.
Hawk, May O., b. 1-9-1882, d. 1-9-1882, d/o John T. & Ellen A.
Hawk, Michael, b. 7-3-1815, d. 7-26-1895
Haymond, George, b. 4-11-1914, d. 4-18-1914, s/o Carl & Ester (Huffman)
Haymond, Infant, b. 1-22-1915, d. 1-22-1915, child of Carl & Ester (Huffman)
Helm, Harry D., b. 12-27-1877, d. 12-20-1955, h/o Mary
Helm, Robert William, b. 4-27-1934, d.10-5-1936, s/o Harry D. & Mabel F.
Herrick, Hazel, b. 1902, d. 1905
Herrick, Jennie, d. 1899
Hindman, Hattie, b. 1878, d. 1911, d/o Samuel N. & Margaret A.
Hindman, Infants,d. 6-12-1894, dau's of Samuel N. & Lydia O.
Hindman, John Stanley, b. 12-13-1879, d. 10-7-1957, h/o Myrtle A.
Hindman, Lydia O., b. 2-13-1859, d. 11-3-1941, 2nd w/o Samuel
Hindman, Margaret A. (Shuck), d. 8-29-1889, 39y 2m 13d, 1st w/o Samuel N.
Hindman, Myrtle A. (Rogers), b. 8-26-1879, d. 4-7-1958, w/o J. Stanley
Hindman, Roger Clair, d. 11-17-1909, 7m 29d, s/o J. Stanley & Myrtle A.
Hindman, Samuel Nelson, d. 10-31-1913, 69y 9m 2d, h/o 1st Margaret A., 2nd Lydia O.
Hockenberry, James H., b. 4-8-1864, d. 4-5-1942, h/o 1st Dora B. (Phillips), 2nd Lillie J.
Hockenberry, Lillie Josephine (Elsbury), b. 2-26-1866, d. 2-14-1958, w/o 1st Michael A. Shaw, 2nd James
Howard, Bessie Elizabeth,d. 2-15-1894, d/o Dexter & Elizabeth E.
Howard, David A., b. 11-4-1856, d. 1-29-1895, h/o Sarah M.
Howard, Dexter, d. 3-1-1887, 67y 10m 1d, h/o Elizabeth
Howard, Richard Lafayette, b. 4-8-1868, d. 12-27-1912, h/o Susan
Howard, Ruthanna, d. 7-4-1864, 4y 7m, d/o Dexter & Elizabeth
Howard, Tempest L., d. 1-4-1859, 5y 2m, d/o Dexter & Elizabeth
Huffman, Amanda (Hoffman), b. 12-24-1832, d. 6-24-1907, w/o John B.
Huffman, Clay Patrick, b. 9-14-1872, d. 2-3-1932, s/o John B. & Amanda
Huffman, Everett W., b. 10-10-1888, d. 4-6-1922, h/o G. Pearl
Huffman, Franklin P., b. 1875, d. 1878
Huffman, George W., b. 4-17-1854, d. 4-8-1940, h/o 1st Mary A. Hutchinson, 2nd Nancy C.
Huffman, Grace Pearle (Mitchell), b. 10-6-1894, d. 6-25-1958, w/o Everett
Huffman, John B., b. 3-15-1824, d. 6-1-1891, h/o Amanda
Huffman, Lola D. (Gantt), b. 10-12-1921, d. 7-13-2000, w/o Dean E.
Huffman, Nancy Catherine (Duffield), b. 1856, d. 1-29-1895, 2nd w/o George W.
Huffman, Nancy E., d. 1860
Hughes, Keith L., b. 8-18-1926, d. 2-6-2000, h/o Mary
Johnson, Alexander, b. 11-30-1830, d. 8-16-1908, h/o Elizabeth E.
Johnson, Charley, b. 6-12-1885, d. 7-30-1886, 1y 2m 14d, s/o M. J. & M.
Johnson, Elizabeth E. (Hays), b. 5-11-1831, d. 8-11-1896, w/o Alexander
Johnson, Francis Madison, b. 2-25-1860, d. 4-22-1936, h/o Lecretia
Johnson, J., d. 1-21-1903, 11m
Johnson, James (Jimmy), b. 3-5-1898, d. 1901, s/o F. Matt & Lecretia
Johnson, Lecretia A. (Howard), b. 1-8-1861, d. 1-9-1934, w/o F. Matt
Johnson, Margaret (Bradley), b. 10-10-1839, d. 8-11-1913
Kalbaugh, Mary Maude, d. 12-30-1894, 8y 2m 10d, d/o John W. & Matilda J.
Kelsey, Harry Reynolds, b. 2-22-1875, d. 10-19-1937, h/o Mary M.
Kelsey, Mary Maude (Cunningham), b. 7-29-1879, d. 4-23-1962, w/o Harry R.
Kennedy, Neley May, b. 7-15-1885, d. 3-22-1888, d/o Daniel I. & Eva J.
Leeper, Donald Harold, b. 8-25-1928, d. 8-25-1928, s/o Middy
Leonard, Pearl (Cunningham), b. 9-2-1896, d. 6-23-1958, d/o James & Bell
Little, Edith P., b. 1856, d. 1894
Little, Grover Guy, b. 5-31-1920, d. 2-18-2002, h/o Bessie H.
Little, Hiram, b. 1858, d. 1917, h/o Lucy A.
Little, Phoebe Esther (Sweet), b. 4-20-1897, d. 10-3-1927, w/o Russell
Little, Russell Guy, b. 4-28-1897,d. 5-1976, h/o Phoebe E., Vet.
McGlothlen, Emma (Morris), d. 5-27-1901, 40y 7m, w/o George W.
McGlothlen, Fred F., b. 9-19-1883, d. 1-13-1900
McGlothlen, George W., b. 8-15-1853, d. 10-6-1920, h/o Emma (Morris), Sarah E. (Hayden)
McNair, Hiram Y., b. 6-20-1844, d. 4-22-1918, s/o Amos & Charlotte (Fiester)
Melton, David O., b. 4-5-1827, d. 2-21-1899, h/o Elizabeth
Melton, Elizabeth (Wight), b. 7-1-1830, d. 3-28-1890, w/o David
Mitchell, Bertha M., b. 7-22-1885, d. 8-15-1970, w/o Charles E.
Mitchell, Charles E., b. 5-1-1882, d. 5-1970, h/o Bertha M.
Myers, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1848, d. 12-13-1931, h/o Elizabeth
Myers, Frank L., b. 9-1-1870, d. 8-21-1910, h/o Nellie
Myers, Maude Elizabeth, b. 6-16-1908, d. 8-26-1910
Newman, Melinda Jennie (Cunningham), d. 10-15-1869, 22y 5m 4d, w/o Peter S.
Nicholson, A. Cook, b. 4-24-1867, d. 3-2-1948, h/o E. Almira
Norris, Laura, b. 1872, d. 1896, d/o Perry & R. Ellen
Norris, Perry, b. 1821, d. 1901, h/o R. Ellen, s/o Wm. & Phoebe
Norris, Rebecca Ellen (Skiles), b. 1827, d. 1888, w/o Perry
Overton, Lewis William, b. 9-14-1911, d. 9-25-1979, h/o Ruth
Overton, Ruth Elizabeth (Kelsey), b. 1907, d. 1963, w/o Lewis W.
Overton, William Stanley, b. 5-2-1930, d. 1-13-1940, s/o Lewis W. & Ruth
Phillips, Sarah M. (Cunningham), b 7-4-1864, d. 12-18-1915, w/o 1st David A. Howard, 2nd Alvah Phillips
Piatt, Lane, b. 2-5-1913, d. 2-19-1918, s/o Charles & Buelah E.
Pickering, June Imogene (Little), b. 3-1-1922, d. 8-21-2004, w/o Roy
Pope, Catherine Elizabeth (Egabroad), b. 9-22-1915, d. 8-27-1899, w/o Charles S.
Pope, Charles Stephen, b. 10-22-1809, d. 10-22-1889, h/o Catherine E.
Pope, Eunice Almyra (Weeks), b. 1-13-1880, d. 8-10-1970, w/o Jacob
Pope, Ira Jacob, b. 8-28-1911, d. 12-11-1911, s/o Leander & Lidia
Pope, Jacob, b. 2-25-1853, d. 4-1-1922, h/o E. Almyra
Pope, John Henry, d. 6-16-1863, 18y 9m 2d, s/o Charles S. & Catherine E.
Ragan, Infant, b. 1-1-1912, d. 1-9-1912, 8d, child/o Charles F. & Myrtle
Reese, Sarah Ann (Sales), b. 7-8-1854, d. 1-22-1946, w/o Thogarmalh
Reese, Thogarmalh, b. 1848, d. 11-24-1927, h/o Sarah Ann
Rogers, Malinda Edith, b. 1-9-1880, d. 8-9-1954, d/o Wm. & Malinda
Rogers, Malinda R. (Cox), b. 1-31-1846, d. 1-15-1936, w/o William P.
Rogers, William Parley, b. 1-15-1844, d. 7-28-1928, h/o Malinda R.
Rogers, Winfield B., b. 1884, d. 1905, s/o Wm. P. & Malinda A.
Rutherford, GeorgeV., d. 8-6-1891, 1y 2m 13d, s/o Clinton C. & Mattie I.
Rutherford, Joseph E., d. 12-23-1865, 20y 11m 16d, h/o Mary A., Civil War Vet.
Rutherford, Mary A. (Cunningham), b. 1845, d. 12-23-1865, w/o Joseph
Rutherford, Mattie L., d. 8-13-1893, 25y 5m 29d, 1st w/o Clinton C.
Shephard, Eliza S., d. 2-20-1875, 69y, w/o Joseph
Silverthorn, Samuel Delveno, d. 12-27-1873, 1y 6m 21d, s/o Joseph I. & Barbara A.
Smith, Albert Gail, d. 12-15-1894, 1y 27d, s/o Walter S. & Florance M.
Smith, Hiram C., b. 6-15-1825, d. 8-9-1909, h/o Mahala J.
Smith, Laura A., d. 1-21-1902, 38y 9m 10d
Smith, Mahala Jane (Hart), b. 6-17-1840, d. 4-24-1930, w/o Hiram C.
Smith, Walter Scott, b. 6-1-1867, d. 7-23-1898, h/o Florence M.
Smoot, Alice, no dates, d/o James W. & Jemima (Wight)
Smoot, James W., b. 5-12-1801, d. 5-17-1881, h/o Jemima
Smoot, Jemima (Wight), b. 1-6-1823, d. 2-3-1901, w/o James W.
Stewart, Irene (Rogers), b. 5-6-1896, d. 11-26-1917, w/o Wm. R.
Stewart, William R., b. 11-16-1865, d. 6-26-1950, h/o 1st Irene (Rogers), 2nd Fannie (Smith)
Sweet, George (infant), d. 12-1-1898
Sweet, George W., b. 8-14-1849, d. 7-21-1928, h/o Ruth
Sweet, Infant, L. V., female, d. 9-20-1887, 2y 3m 8d
Taylor, Infant, d. 9-25-1897, 18d, d/o C. E. & S. A.
Taylor, Jerome, d. 5-6-1896, 38y 11m 10d
Taylor, Mary M., d. 6-15-1886, 60y 4m 28d
Tumbleson, Elishia, d. 7-29-1884, 76y, h/o 1st Hannah Leedom, 2nd Elizabeth Jordan, 3rd Mary Newman
Welty, Ida Florence (Elsbury), b. 4-1864, d. 9-26-1952, w/o John A.
Welty, John Adams, b. 12-1858, d. 10-16-1922, h/o Ida F.
Welty, John Alvin, b. 2-26-1913, d. 9-18-1914, s/o Nelson E. & Hulda L.
Wight, America, b. 1-29-1844, d. 3-3-1846, d/o Theodore F. & Elizabeth
Wight, Benjamin Franklin, b. 12-31-1876, d. 11-19-1880, s/o James & Harriet
Wight, Charlie Melvin, d. 1-15-1864, 3y 3m 29d, s/o James E. & Harriet M.
Wight, Dicy (Anderson), b. 5-29-1800, d. 11-17-1886, w/o George
Wight, Elizabeth (Osborn), b. 11-27-1818, d. 1-12-1875, w/o Theodore
Wight, Forest Lee, b. 4-18-1866, d. 10-20-1866, s/o James E. & Harriet M.
Wight, George W., b. 9-10-1846, d. 4-2-1905, h/o Susan C.
Wight, George, b. 5-4-1793, d. 4-25-1866, h/o Dicy
Wight, George, b. 9-20-1826, d. 1-12-1864, h/o 1st Mary L. (Robertson), 2nd Mary (Lucus)
Wight, James E., b. 11-11-1824, d. 11-1-1876, h/o Harriet M.
Wight, Laura, b. 2-23-1848, Il, d. 4-8-1851, d/o Theodore F. & Elizabeth
Wight, Leander, b. 9-10-1857, d. 5-10-1859, s/o Theodore F. & Elizabeth
Wight, Mary Louise (Robertson), b. 12-21-1830, d. 4-5-1894, w/o George
Wight, Philip, b. 12-2-1869, d. 12-3-1908, s/o James M. & Mary A.
Wight, Susan Cordelia (Ettien), b. 2-16-1851, d. 6-9-1925, w/o George
Wight, Theodore F., b. 4-4-1818, d. 8-12-1887, h/o Elizabeth
Wight, Theodore L., b. 1-20-1853, d. 7-20-1880, s/o Theodore F. & Elizabeth
Wight, Theodore W., b. 12-2-1879, d. 4-15-1894, h/o Clara
Wilkinson, Mary H. (Paxton), b. 10-3-1840, d. 6-21-1910
Woldridge, Amanda (Cormack), d. 9-5-1880, 29y, w/o James
Young, Alfred Snyder, b. 8-17-1860, d. 2-18-1957, h/o Nannie
Young, Anna Jennie (Newerf), b. 9-7-1865, d. 6-16-1943, w/o Oscar
Young, Hugh Allison, b. 11-11-1870, d. 1-11-1945, h/o Lillie
Young, Lillie Estella (Binns), b. 2-12-1877, d. 9-8-1957, w/o Hugh
Young, Lucinda (Snyder), b. 8-11-1831, d. 1-7-1919, w/o Wm.
Young, Nannie Lucinda (Eyerly), b. 8-22-1866, d. 2-28-1957, w/o Alfred S.
Young, Oscar Oland, b. 10-13-1864, d. 4-19-1953, h/o Anna J.
Young, Russell Oland, b. 12-3-1900, d. 1935, s/o Oscar O. & Anna J.
Young, William, b. 5-19-1867, d. 10-30-1947, h/o Daisy K.
Young, William, b. 7-13-1833, d. 2-7-1917, h/o Lucinda
Zearing, Rebecca (Charles), b. 1-21-1830, d. 12-18-1904
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