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Union Chapel Cemetery (Debord Cemetery)
St. Charles, Madison County, Iowa

235th St. & Terrace Ave
St Charles IA

South Township Sect 7
Lat: 41°18'31"N, Lon: 93°53'36"W

This listing submitted by Judy Wight Branson [jlwight@northlink.com]. 
Total records = 538.

* Indicates that all or part of the information was taken from death records for Madison Co., Iowa

Credits: This cemetery was originally walked and recorded by Mary Ann Banks & Helen Forman in 1976. My thanks to Edna Eaton for her help on the Lienemann family.

Research and Comparisons From: Birth, marriage, death and cemetery records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records, when possible, in order to make this list as complete and accurate as possible.

Allcock, Effie I., d. 2-17-1895, consumption, 21y 6m 7d, w/o Joseph Henry (m) 7-12-1892 Madison Co., d/o Solomon & Frances M. (Caskey)
Archer, Rebecca J., d. 9-11-1866, 2m 3d, d/o Asa & Sarah J. (Neal)
Archer, Sarah J. (Neal), d. 4-4-1876, 42y 10d, 1st w/o Asa
Bailey, Everett, b. 10-23-1881, d. 10-1969, h/o Nellie
Bailey, Kate Ann (Dryden), b. 1866 Ia., d. 3-22-1932, w/o Russell, d/o John & Mary (Rogers)
Bailey, Mary R., b. 3-6-1899, Madison Co., d. 7-25-1906, meningitis, d/o Thomas R. & Kate *
Bailey, Nellie L., b. 1886, d. 1974, w/o Everett
Bailey, Thomas Russell, b. 1865 Ia., d. 1951, w/o Kate A. (m) 2-18-1892, Madison Co., s/o Moses R. & Mary (Chandler)
Baker, Flossie F. (Queen), b. 6-20-1882, d. 7-31-1916, w/o Claude, d/o John
Barber, George W., b. 1874, d. 1950, h/o Lula M. (m) 1-30-1901, Winterset, s/o John H. & Louisa (Phipps-Landers)
Barber, John H., b. 1-5-1843, Ind., d. 8-19-1918, h/o Louisa (m) 2-11-1872, Madison Co, s/o Jacob
Barber, Louisa (Phipps-Landers), b. 1843, d. 4-10-1934, w/o John
Barber, Lula M. (Shutt), b. 1881, d. 1964, w/o George W., d/o Edward & Kate (Fisher)
Barnes, Serena, b. 1869, d. 1897
Bauer, George L., b. 1869, d. 1948
Bauer, Johanna, b. 10-7-1830, Germany, d. 6-18-1908, w/o John A.
Bauer, John A., b. 9-11-1830, Germany, d. 5-28-1888, w/o Johanna, s/o Leopold
Bauer, Matilda C., b. 1863, d. 1938
Bauer, Sherman A., b. 1869, d. 1932
Beall, Ethel, b. 7-2-1904, d. 7-2-1904, d/o Clarence A. & Maude M. (Ogburn)
Bell, Alice A. (Cunnigham), b. 1868, Ia., d. 12-23-1911, w/o Frank M., d/o Benjamin & Leona Harriet (Cantrell)
Bell, Clyde A., b. 11-25-1888, d. 8-22-1944
Bell, Frank M., b. 1868, d. 1949, h/o Alice A. (m) 10-2-1885, Madison Co., s/o Robinson & Eliza (Turner)
Bell, John W., b. 1818, d. 3-27-1892, heart disease *
Bell, John William, b. 1861, d. 2-23-1932, h/o Rosalie
Bell, Mamie, d. 12-1-1877, 2y 11m 14d
Bell, Nancy (Huqua), b. 2-10-1829, Ky., d. 10-31-1912, d/o Joel & Jane (Hanpes) *
Bell, Rosalie (Miles), b. 1864, d. 1940, w/o John W.
Benge, Brad Lee, b. 1974, d. 1974
Benham, Infant, b. 3-11-1904, d. 3-21-1904, s/o Theodore A. & Nancy L.
Benham, Nancy Louise, b. 1866, d. 1946, w/o Theodore A.
Benham, Theodore A., b. 1854 Ill., d. 1920, h/o Nancy L.
Bishop, Esta M., b. 3-10-1905, d. 3-29-1926, w/o Paul W.
Bishop, Joseph, d. 10-8-1856, 31y
Bishop, Levi, d. 1850
Bishop, Noah, d. 4-23-1869, 47y 2m 19d
Bishop, Paul W., b. 6-15-1901, d. 3-8-1969, h/o Esta M. (m) 3-29-1926
Blanchard John, b. Vt., d. 7-13-1898, dropsy & heart disease, 83y 4m 1d *
Blanchard, Stephen, b. 10-10-1838, Vt., d. 11-20-1914, s/o John & ? (Briggs) *
Bowlsby, Earnest T., d. 11-19-1871, 1y 1m 19d, s/o J. F. & M. J.
Breeding, Fannie Ann (Odell), b. 1858 Ia., d. 1938, w/o James W., d/o Solomon & Frances M. (Caskey)
Breeding, Ida E. (Campbell), b. 1863, d. 2-8-1926, w/o Joseph P., d/o Silas H. & Mary C. (Richie)
Breeding, James William, b. 5-1-1856, Adair Co. Ky., d. 9-25-1903, h/o Fannie A. (m) 6-3-1875, Madison Co., s/o Joseph A. & Eliza Ann (Turk), f/o Anna (Jones), Samuel, Solomon, Eliza Ann, John M., Charles, Clarence, Fred, Rella Edna (Schoenenberger), Robert Russell, Nellie, James
Breeding, Joseph Pascal, b. 7-4-1861, Madison Co., d. 11-4-1918, h/o Ida E. (m) 12-23-1883,
Breeding, Solomon A., b. 9-13-1879, d. 11-16-1907, s/o James W. & Fannie A.
Brown, Alice Roxie (Barber), b. 1872, d. 1952, w/o Samuel G., d/o John H. & Louisa (Phipps-Landers)
Brown, Clarence, b. South Twp., d. 11-20-1897, cholera, 2y 2m *
Brown, Claude, d. 8-15-1920, Pfc. Iowa 315th 90th Div.
Brown, Daniel, b. 1884, d. 1908
Brown, Ernest J., b. Ia., d. 4-12-1899, Scott Twp., measles, 6y 7m *
Brown, Eugene Paul, d. 6-1-1979, 63y
Brown, Gail E., b. 1899, d. 9-27-1935
Brown, John H., d. 10-19-1984, 76y
Brown, Samuel Griffith, b. 1870, d. 8-6-1936, h/o Alice (m) 8-16-1893, Madison Co., s/o Daniel & Mary J. (Murphy)
Brown, Sarah E., b. 1923, d. 1961
Brown, Thomas D., b. 1866, d. 9-25-1933
Bundurant, Mary, d. 8-12-1870, 80y 11m 12d
Campbell, James W., b. 3-21-1857, d. 9-9-1926, h/o Varella J.
Campbell, Mary Catherine (Richie), d. 11-27-1889, 66y 6m, w/o Silas H.
Campbell, Nellie, b. 12-6-1891, d. 8-22-1892, d/o T. Jackson & Roselba
Campbell, Roselba, b. 1864, Ia., d. 1957, w/o T. Jackson, d/o John Boyd & Charlotte (Johnson)
Campbell, Silas H., d. 7-10-1882, 50y 10m 16d, h/o Mary C., f/o Thomas Jackson, Ida E. (Breeding), Benjamin, Charlie C., Rachel Jane (Crow)
Campbell, Thomas Jackson, b. 1861, Va., d. 1946, h/o Roselba (m) 12-25-1885,Madison Co., f/o Maude H. (Verling), s/o Silas H. & Mary C. (Richie)
Campbell, Varella J., b. 9-7-1852, d. 4-23-1905, w/o James W.
Chadd, Anna Mae, d. 3-15-1874, 10m 13d, d/o D. & F. J.
Chase, Eliza A., d. 8-19-1892, 58y 3m 11d
Cleland, Maggie, d. 9-20-1864, 1y 11m 2d, d/o M. & H. J.
Collins, Alexander, d. 12-30-1865
Conrad, Jackson, b. 5-24-1827, Oh., d. 5-13-1915, h/o S. Jane, f/o Jasper, Elmer, Marion, s/o J. W.
Conrad, Manday, b. 9-12-1876, d. 8-26-1877
Conrad, Submitta Jane (McConkey), b. 1846, d. 8-17-1928, w/o Jackson
Cooper, Alla Elvira, b. Scott Twp., d. 5-6-1889, 4d, d/o Francis & Sarah Frances ( Daniel) *
Cooper, Edward Wayne, b. 9-6-1922, d. 10-1976
Cooper, Eliza, b. 1889, d. 1892
Cooper, Ethelinda M., b. 1823, d. 1905, w/o Josephus
Cooper, Francis (Frank), b. 1869, Ind., d. 1954, h/o Sarah F.
Cooper, George R., b. 10-30-1900, d. 5-1969, h/o Wilma
Cooper, Harold R., b. 1914, d. 1938
Cooper, Joseph O., b. 1849, d. 4-27-1926, h/o Margaret
Cooper, Joseph, b. 1887, d. 11-13-1930, h/o Ocein
Cooper, Josephus, b. 3-28 1815, Pa., d. 2-17-1816, h/o Etherlinda, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Lazier) *
Cooper, Laura, b. 1894 Scott Twp., d. 11-3-1895
Cooper, Lucy L., b. 1861, d. 1916, w/o William
Cooper, Margaret, b. 1867, d. 1933, w/o Joseph O.
Cooper, Mark E., b. 2-15-1891, d. 5-15-1966
Cooper, Sarah Frances (Daniel), b. 1866, N. C., d. 7-14-1928, w/o Frank
Cooper, Willard, b. 3-13-1912 Madison Co., d. 10-26-1914, s/o Joseph & Ocein (Medes)
Cooper, William, b. 1850, d. 1953, h/o Lucy L.
Cooper, Wilma B., b. 1912, d. 6-15-1994, w/o George R.
Crow, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1877, d. 4-19-1947
Crow, John Edward, b. 1850, d. 1905, h/o Rachel Jane
Crow, Rachel Jane (Campbell), b. 8-10-1848, Va., d. 7-7-1911, w/o John Edward, d/o Silas & Catherine (Richie) *
Crow, William E., b. 1878, d. 1946
Cunningham, Carrie Frances (Stout), b. 1865, Ia., d. 12-21-1941, w/o Gibson, d/o Elvis & Abigail (Brassfield)
Cunningham, Ellen N., b. 1890, d. 12-17-1961, w/o Verl
Cunningham, Gibson, b. 4-21-1857, Ia., d. 12-28- 1913, h/o Carrie F. (m) 1-6-1883, Madison Co., s/o Benjamin & Leona Harriet (Cantrel), f/o Verl C.
Cunningham, Henry, b. 1853, Ind., d. 1897, h/o 2nd Suzie (Lafee-Morris) (m) 5-28-1889, Madison Co., f/o Eva (Brown), Forest Loyd, s/o Benjamin & Leona H. (Cantrel)
Cunningham, Maria, b. 1856, d. 1888
Cunningham, Verl, b. 1889, d. 1943
Curtis, Elmer, d. 12-16-1877, 15y 7m 27d
Daniel, Mary Ellen, b. Ia., d. 4-28-1900, 31y 4m 13d, w/o C. P. *
Daniel, William Berry, b. 5-9-1838, Park Co. Ind., d. 10-13-1914, h/o Allie/Ollie E. (Farr), f/o Charles P., W. A., s/o Pressley & D. (Gearhart) *
Daniels, Amanda S., d. 2-19-1877, 3y 7m 15d, d/o S. M. & L.C.
Darnall, John, d. 1-1-1863, 82y
Darnall, Mary A., d. 6-25-1876, 52y 6m 2d
Dawson, Nancy, d. 5-12-1870, 68y, w/o H. G.
Debord, Can't read, d. 9-5-1860, 15y 11m
Debord, Columbus, b. 1860, Ia., d. 1-26-1889 - 29y 5m 24d, s/o Meres C. & Mary M.
Debord, Deidamia, d. 8-7-1862, d/o Elijah & Zerilda (Cunningham)
Debord, Edward C., b. 9-14-1851, Ia., d. 1-28-1903, h/o Joanna (m) 2-27-1873, Madison Co., f/o Walter G., Mabel Grace
Debord, Elijah, d. 2-11-1861, 39y 4m 23d
Debord, Esther, d. 10-26-1873, 19y 7m 24d, d/o Meres C. & Mary M.
Debord, Frances, stone unreadable
Debord, Infant, d. 4-15-1889, d/o G. & E. N.
Debord, Infant, d. 7-19-1876, d/o Edward C. & Joanna
Debord, Jessie M., d. 10-16-1878, 10y 1m 10d, d/o Edward C. & Joanna
Debord, Joanna (Hicks), b. 8-17-1856, d. 10-29-1911, w/o Edward C.
Debord, Lydia J., d. 4-8-1856, 1m, d/o Meres C. & Mary M.
Debord, Mary M., d. 11-16-1891, 72y 10m 15d, w/o Meres C.
Debord, Meres C., b. Va., d. 12-1-1897, 74y 8m 17d, h/o Mary M., Civil War Vet., Co. A, 39th Ia. Vol., f/o Emeline, Taylor, Ester, Columbus
Debord, O. T., d. 12-27-1878, 8m 22d, s/o G. & E. N.
Debord, Robert C, d. 9-14-1860, 11y 4m 26d, s/o Elijah & Zerilda (Cunningham)
Debord, Tillman Howard, b. 1885, d. 4-20-1955, h/o Ida E. (Clapper) (m) 5-3-1888, Madison Co.
Debord, Vernon Lester, d. 9-25-1938
Debord, Viola Jane, b. Patterson, Ia., d. 7-28-1882, cholera, 1y 21d *
Debord, Zachary Taylor, b. 1850, Ia., d. 1870, s/o Meres C. & Mary M.
Dick, Sarah Elizabeth (Franks), b. 12-9-1837, Pa., d. 2-7-1919, d/o Alex & Eliz. (Whetsell) *
Diggs, Bill C., b. 1886, d. --, h/o Clara
Diggs, Clara, b. 1883, d. 1973, w/o Bill C.
Diggs, Eliza Ann, b. 1872, d. 4-3-1940, w/o George C.
Diggs, George C., b. 1872, d. 8-12-1955, h/o Eliza A.
Diggs, James H., b. 1850, d. 1919, h/o Jane, f/o Anna Myrtle
Diggs, Jane (Cooper), b. 1852, d. 2-9-1932, w/o James H.
Doan, Arminta (Debord), b. 1849, d. 5-19-1932, w/o William H.
Doan, Don M. Beck, b. 1866, d. 10-28-1935, s/o William & Arminta
Doan, Eliza, b. Va., d. 5-11-1903, 74y *
Doan, Frankie Brian, b. 1883, d. 12-8-1928, s/o William & Arminta
Doan, Lochner, d. 9-30-1885, 6y 2m 5d
Doan, Mary A. (Bundell), d. 5-10-1870, w/o Zacharias
Doan, William A., b. 1881, d. 1942, s/o William & Arminta
Doan, William H., b. 1841, d. 1921, h/o Arminta (m) 10-5-1865, Madison Co.
Doan, Zacharias D., d. 9-30-1885, 67y, h/o Mary A., Civil War Vet. Co. C, 40th Ia Inf.
Doty, John B., d. 2-10-1878, 68y 1m 17d, h/o Mehitable (m) 8-13-1874, Madison Co.
Doty, Mehitable (Lyon), d. 8-26-1882, 57y 9m 9d, h/o John B.
Douglas, Ansil Russell, b. 3-18-1901 d. 11-1977, h/o Sadie E., s/o F. L. & Carrie (Phillips)
Douglas, Sadie E., b. 8-27-1902, d. 5-11-1975, w/o Ansil R.
Dryden, Margaret J., d. 8-10-1876, 5m 2d, d/o John A. & M.
Dryden, Mary, d. 11-20-1871, 31y 9m 19d, w/o John A. (m) 9-15-1855, Madison Co., m/o Kate Ann, William B.
Dryden, William Bailey, b. 1864, Madison Co., d. 1-1-1932, s/o John A. & Mary (Rogers)
Dunn, Mary E. (Allison), b. 6-25-1855 Ind., d. 8-17-1922, w/o Charles, d/o Hugh & Sarah (Glynn) *
Dunn, Willie, d. 2-10-1875, s/o G. W. & E.
Edmondson, Sarah C. (Weller), d. 9-30-1860, 23y 29d, w/o Wm. H. (m) 2-7-1856, Madison Co.
Elbridge, D. Melvin, b. 1884, d. 1945, h/o Faye
Eldridge, Ernes A., b. 3-29-1876, d. 4-28-1876
Eldridge, Faye, b. 1892, d. 1941, w/o D. Melvin
Eldridge, Frances A., d. 2-20-1903, 55y 11m 23d, d/o William & R.
Eldridge, Lawson A., b. 9-4-1851, d. 6-26-1943, h/o Martha V. (m) 11-26-1874, Madison Co.
Eldridge, Martha V. (Johnson), b. 5-13-1874, d. 11-19-1877, w/o Lawson A.
Eldridge, Minneola, b. 1873, d. 1904
Eldridge, Rebecca (Ray), b. 11-3-1836, d. 5-1-1921, w/o William
Eldridge, Sarah Frances, b. 5-6-1868, d. 7-16-1930
Eldridge, William, d. 5-19-1892, 60y 4m, h/o Rebecca
Emery, Hattie, d. 10-19-1873, 1y 3m, d/o Samuel E. & I.
Fosher, Christian, d. 12-21-1878, 70y 2m 6d, (poss. h/o Emily E.)
Fosher, James, d. 8-17-1878, 22y 11m 29d
Fosher, Orpha E., d. 9-21-1876, 4y 4m 29d, d/o J. & M.
Freeman, Charles C., d. 7-3-1937, Pfc. U.S. Army, h/o Ethel M. (Shoemaker)
Freeman, Christina M. (Garlock), b. 12-21-1849, d. 5-23-1923, w/o George R.
Freeman, George R., b. 4-1-1845, Berrington, Cook Co. Ill., d. 2-6-1910, h/o Christina M.
Galbraith, Dora V., b. 1856, d. 8-25-1930, 2nd w/o Samuel T.
Galbraith, Marilla A., b. 1855, d. 1899, 1st w/o Samuel T.
Galbraith, Samuel T., b. 1846, d. 11-20-1927, h/o Marilla A. & Dora V.
Gentry, Alvin B., b. 12-28-1899. d. 2-20-1983, h/o Zola C. (m) 1924, Madison Co., f/o Hazel Lorraine (Lowden), Wayne W., Ardith Elaine, Adeline, s/o Byron & Delilah E. (Landers)
Gentry, Byron, b. 1868, d. 1942, h/o Delilah (m) 3-15-1899, Madison Co., f/o Alvin B., Mabel M., William W., Elinor Jane (Atcheson)
Gentry, Delilah (Della) E. (Landers), b. 1879, d. 1943, w/o Byron, d/o Hiram & Nancy M. (Allison)
Gentry, Infant, d. 9-20-1926, d/o Alvin B. & Zola C.
Gentry, Mary, b. 12-8-1906, d. 1-10-1907, d/o Byron & Della E.
Gentry, Zola Cosetta (Bruett), b. 9-9-1903, d. 7-30-1975, w/o Alvin B.
Grasty, Israel Pickens, b. 4-14-1833, N. C., d. 1-25-1925, f/o William E.
Grasty, Julia (Judy) Elizabeth (Hamner), b. 1870, Madison Co., d. 10-12-1934, w/o William E.
Grasty, Lee Edward, b. 10-25-1900 Madison Co., d. 4-2-1931, s/o William E. & Julia E. (Hamner)
Grasty, Onie, b. 1898, d. 1947
Grasty, Wallace Carl, d. 11-13-1984, 83y
Grasty, William E., b. 1872, Brown Co. Ind., d. 1963, h/o Judy (m) 4-2-1893, Madison Co., s/o Israel & Elizabeth (Cooper), f/oVera (John)
Grather, Harriett E., d. 10-10-1862, 31y 4m 4d, w/o H. E.
Grather, Infant, d. 3-31-1858, 11d, s/o H. & Harriet E.
Grather, Lyda E., d. 7-30-1871, d/o H. & Harriet E.
Grather, Lyda H., d. 11-5-1859, 26y 3m 27d, sister/o H.
Grather, Melissa J., d. 4-2-1872, 6y 14d, d/o H. & H. E.
Gray, Bernice P., b. 1910, d. --, w/o James T.
Gray, James T., b. 11-28-1904, d. 3-1967, h/o Bernice P.
Gray, Mary Isabelle (Baker-McCormick), b. 1-3-1862, Ind., d. 4-9-1917, w/o John, d/o Daniel & Mary (Hurt)
Guilliams, Abraham, d. 3-14-1865, 29y 4m, Civil War Vet., Co. F 4th Ia. Inf.
Guilliams, Anna, b. 2-12-1806, d. 7-14-1890, w/o W. F.
Guilliams, Anna, d. 6-7-185, d/o W. & Anna
Guilliams, Benton G., b. 1-1-1846, d. 1-12-1917, h/o L. Jennie (m) 9-18-1874, Madison Co.
Guilliams, Elizabeth, d. 9-20-1869, 17y 3d, d/o William J. & Abiagail (Debord)
Guilliams, Ernest E., b. 1882, d. 1948, h/o Iva D. (m) 3-15-1908, Crawford Twp., s/o Benton C. & L. Jennie
Guilliams, George P., d. 2-19-1867, 10y 19d, s/o William J. & Abigail (Debord)
Guilliams, George W., d. 5-6-1866, 27y 9m 2d
Guilliams, Georgiana, d. 10-25-1866, 4m 5d, d/o George W. & Mary Jane (Stout)
Guilliams, Iva D. (Blosser), b. 1887, d. 1976, w/o Ernest E., d/o Samuel & Alice Jane (Gillogly)
Guilliams, L. Jennie (McKenzie), b. 12-21-1855, Ia., d. 1-6-1909, w/o Benton G., d/o Cason & Sarah (Fields) *
Guilliams, Pearly, b. 7-1-1880,South Twp., d. 7-20-1881, cholera, 7m 20d, d/o Benton G. & Jennie (McKinzie) *
Guilliams, W. F., b. 12-19-1807, d. 4-29-1869, h/o Anna
Guilliams, William J., b. 1878, d. 1930
Haag, Catherine, d. 10-1-1875, 72y 8m 1d
Hamner, Elizabeth K., d. 9-2-1860, 13y 5m 21d, d/o J. & C.
Hamner, John R., Civil War Vet., no further info
Hamner, John, no further info
Hamner, Manervy, d. 9-13-1860, 18y 8m 26d, d/o J. & C.
Hamner, Valentine, b. 4-3-1844, Johnson Co. Ind., d. 4-12-1910, h/o Phoebe (Allen) (m) 11-23-1865, Madison Co., f/o David Edward, Rachel Anna (Young), Julia Eliz. (Grasty), Margaret (Beem), s/o George & Elizabeth (Lane)
Harbert, Dewitt, d. 1-4-1860, 11y 5m 12d, s/o William & W. B.
Harbert, James E., d. 11-4-1856, 20y 3m 16d
Harbert, Susan E., d. 3-27-1854, 4y 1m 28d
Hardesty, Pearlie, no information
Hardesty, Susan M., d. 12-18-1878, 18y
Hardesty, W. J., d. 2-10-1882, stone broken
Harsin, Mary, d. 8-23-1860, 23y, w/o George
Harsin, William, d. 8-11-1860, 9m 7d, s/o George & Mary
Hart, Emmett H., b. 1889, d. 1969, h/o Reba M., f/o Forest M., Shirley Ann, Ninetta Lois
Hart, Reba Myrtle (Ross), b. 1902, d. 1961, w/o Emett H.
Hart, Shirley Ann, b. 7-23-1923, d. 1-22-1924, d/o Emmett H. & Reba M. (Ross)
Harter, Morris, d. 11-22-1959, 11m 10d, s/o S. & M. A.
Harter, Rachel M., d. 11-17-1859, 2y 6m 22d, d/o S. & M. A.
Harter, Sarah E., d. 11-16-1859, 1y 5m 16d, d/o S. & M. A.
Henkel, Job, d. 7-29-1851. 52y, h/o Nancy
Henkel, John, b. Va., d. 1-14-1881, 61y 4m 14d *
Henkel, Nancy S., d. 11-30-1860, 10y 7m 7d, d/o John & Joana
Henkel, Nancy, d. 10-19-1864, 66y 8m 23d, w/o Job
Hollowback, Permelia A., d. 11-16-1860, d/o A. & M.
Hoover, Charles Wiley, b. 1-16-1848 Ind., d. 8-13-1910, s/o Israel & Nancy (Ray)
Hoover, Hester, b. Ia., d. 11-7-1891, 30y *
Hoover, Israel, b. 11-7-1824, N. Carolina, d. 1-27-1911, pneumonia, h/o Nancy *
Hoover, Margaret H., b. 4-13-1861, d. 11-6-1891
Hoover, Nancy (Ray), b. 8-3-1829, Ind., d. 6-3-1881, 2nd w/o Israel *
Hutton, Amanda, b. 1976, d. 1976
Hymes, Elizabeth (Gratner), b. 1851, d. 7-2-1936, w/o Thomas M. (m) 9-18-1877, Madison Co.
Hymes, Emma May, b. Patterson, Ia., d. 9-19-1881, 10m 12d
Hymes, Florence, b. 1891, d. 1976
Hymes, Laurence, b. 1891, d. 1974
Hymes, Leroy Henry, b. 3-18-1884, d. 1965, s/o Thos. Milton & Eliz. E. (Gratner)
James, Daisy Dora (Lee), b. 11-20-1880, Ia., d. 5-24-1910, consumption, d/o James A. & Belle (Smith)
James, Henry H., b. 1871, d. 4-27-1918, h/o Lula (m) 1-16-1903, Madison Co, f/o Milo Mark, s/o Nathan & Keziah (Shoop)
James, Lula (Breeding), b. 8-31-1877, d. 3-1976, w/o Henry H., d/o George Miller & Sarah Alice (McMichael)
James, Mark Milo, b. 11-28-1903, Union Twp., d. 7-28-1929, s/o Henry H. & Lula (Breeding)
James, Richard, d. 9-17-1916, Des Moines, Ia., s/o Annon
James, Ruth, b. 8-4-1911, Union Twp., d. 1919, d/o Henry H. & Lula (Breeding)
Janes, Clarissa May (Mathews), b. 1899, d. 7-6-1960, w/o Lester T.
Janes, Eletha, b. 1861, d. 1937, w/o Thomas R.
Janes, Florence Hellen, b. 1900, d. 11-26-1982, 82y, w/o Hayes
Janes, Hayes N., b. 4-8-1898, d. 9-1978, h/o Hellen F.
Janes, Infant, b. 6-9-1934, Patterson, Ia., d. 6-9-1934, s/o Lester Thos. & Clarissa May (Mathews)
Janes, Lenora, d. 7-3-1979, 75y
Janes, Lester Thomas, b. 3-27-1896, d. 5-1975, h/o C. May
Janes, Thomas Leonard, d. 8-15-1986, 64y
Janes, Thomas Ross, b. 1850, d. 1-22-1934, h/o Eletha
Jesse, Edgar M., b. 1867, d. 8-4-1952
Jesse, John L., b. 1885, d. 1921
Jesse, Martha (Eskew), b. 10-24-1839, d. 4-22-1918, w/o William T.
Jesse, William Thomas, b. 8-5-1839, Ky., d. 5-27-1917, h/o Martha E. (m) 3-11-1866 Madison Co., f/o Ella, Civil War Vet., Co. H, 23rd Ia. Vol. Inf. -
Jones, Anna (Breeding), b. 11-22-1875, Madison Co., d. 3-21-1903, w/o Perry, d/o James W. & Fannie A. (Odell)
Jones, Denver H., d. 2-3-1876, 7y 1m 14d, s/o M. & P. J.
Jones, Elijah B., b. 1858, d. 7-17-1936, h/o Mary C. (m) 12-14-1871, Madison Co., f/o Perry, Florence (Jones), Mary Jane (Read)
Jones, James W., d. 8-16-1867, 9y 10m 9d, s/o George & Mary A.
Jones, John, d. 7-12-1899, 84y 2m 3d, h/o Sallie
Jones, Joseph H., b. 1894, d. 1965, h/o Lenore B.
Jones, Lenore B., b. 1905, d. --, w/o Joseph H.
Jones, Mary Catherine (Ross), b. 1850, d. 12-22-1923, w/o Elijah
Jones, Ocein (Cooper), b. 1891, d. 1964
Jones, Perry, b. 1-9-1873 Ia., d. 7-15-1959, h/o Anna (m) 1-25-1898, Madison Co., s/o Elijah B. & Mary C. (Ross)
Jones, Sallie, d. 5-24-1878, 59y 8m 5d, w/o John
Jones, Sammie, d. 8-11-1885, s/o E. & K.
Keller, Clementine E., b. 1864, d. 1956, w/o Edward B.
Keller, Edward B., b. 1867, d. 5-5-1941, h/o Clementine E.
Kemerer, Eliza, d. 1-23-1859, 23y 1m 26d, w/o L.
Kerr, Brice Deane, b. 8-22-1974, d. 8-23-1974, s/o Terry & Pam
Kettler, William, d. 5-12-1859, 42y 7m 13d
Kirk, Charlotte (Johnson), b. Oh., d. 1-14-1883, 59y 10m, 2nd w/o John B. (m) 1-29-1863, Madison Co.
Kirk, Eliza (Bird), d. 11-16-1868, 19y 10m 16d, 1st w/o John B., (m) 2-6-1859 Madison Co.
Kirk, John Boyd, d. 8-3-1889, 88y 3m 3d, h/o 1st Lucy, 2nd Charlotte
Knoles, George W., d. 12-16-1878, h/o Mary E. (Allison) (m) 10-3-1875, Madison Co.
Kobylasz, Jay J. Jr., b. 5-15-1904 - d. 5-1970, h/o Jennie
Kobylasz, Jennie, b. 6-24-1898, d. 10-1966, w/o Jan
Lake, Baylis E., d. 6-10-1874, 41y 10m, h/o Sarah (Lewis) (m) 11-5-1867, Madison Co.
Landers, Anna, d. 4-2-1856, 9y 5m 2d, d/o W. D. & M. L.
Landers, Archelus, d. 3-22-1855, 1y 5m 19d, s/o T. & L.
Landers, E. Mardena (Hermon), b. 1927, d. --, w/o Jack M.
Landers, Edna Rebecka (Haynes), b. 1885, d. 1961, w/o Perry H., d/o Lafayette & Eliz.
Landers, Edward A., b. 1870, d. 2-13-1914, Gillette Grove, Iowa, h/o Minnie (Kime), s/o Hiram & Eliza
Landers, Eli, b. 2-23-1850, d. 6-9-1923, h/o Sarah J. (m) 7-2-1868, Madison Co., f/o Lanson F., Rosa (Eldridge-Alexander), Cora (Carson), Nellie (Stanton), Carrie (McGinnis), Nevin, s/o John & Sarah (Burkett)
Landers, Eliza E. (Phipps), 4-1-1878, 27y, w/o Uriah
Landers, Felix, b. 5-5-1840, Ind., d. 6-6-1911, h/o Mary (m) 2-1-1866, Madison Co., f/o Harmon C., W. S., John B., s/o John & Sarah (Burkett), br/o Hiram, s/o John & Sarah (Burkett) *
Landers, George O., d. 4-8-1874, 1y 4m 6d, s/o N. & E. E.
Landers, H. Ira, d. 4-1-1873, 27y 3m 13d
Landers, Harmon C., d. 7-3-1893, 7y 11m 5d, s/o Felix & Mary
Landers, Hiram, b. 1845, Putnam Co. Ind., d. 3-19-1900, 54y 6m 29d, h/o 1st Eliza (Debord) (m) 5-23-1869, 2nd Nancy, s/o John & Sarah (Burkett), br/o Felix, f/o Perry H.
Landers, Howard F., b. 1908, d. 2-24-1922
Landers, Infant, d. 1-10-1875, d/o S. W. & S. E.
Landers, Jack M., b. 1923, d. 1960, h/o E. Mardena (m) 1-30-1946, Madison Co.
Landers, John, d. 9-11-1878, 74y 6m 4d
Landers, Mary (Lyons), b. 1849, d. 1937, w/o Felix
Landers, Nancy M. (Allison), d. 4-9-1925, 67y 5m, 2nd w/o Hiram (m) 3-30-1877, Madison Co.
Landers, Orville R., b. 5-10-1891, d. 1-10-1899
Landers, Perry H., b. 1883, d. 1958, h/o Edna R. (m) 3-18-1906, St. Charles, s/o Hiram & Nancy M. (Allison), f/o Mary Jean, Ruth Maxine (Davis), Theresa Imogene
Landers, Rainie Sue, b. 12-15-1967, d. 12-16-1967
Landers, Russell, d. 12-3-1866, 6m 2d, s/o J. & L.
Landers, Sarah Jane (Casky), b. 5-7-1849, Ind., d. 12-25-1919, w/o Eli, d/o John & Elizabeth (Peterson)
Landers, Uriah, d. 4-17-1868, 32y 1m 16d, h/o Eliza E.
Lane, Dyla E., b. 7-9-1921 Madison Co., d. 1941, d/o Thomas O. & Stella M. (Cooper)
Lane, Merl, b. 1959, d. 1959
Lane, Stella M. (Cooper), b. 7-28-1890, d. 2-1963, w/o Thomas O., d/o Joseph & Margarette(Thornburg)
Lane, Thomas Orva, b. 1883, d. 1937, h/o Stella M. (m) 6-26-1907, Winterset, s/o Thomas W. & Mary E. (Allison), f/o Earl Dale, Phillis Orva, Francis Rex,
Lathrum, Cleo Ray, b. 12-20-1931 Madison Co., 12-3-1932, 11m 13d, s/o Walter S. & Carrie Muriel (Morse)
Lathrum, Fredrick G., d. 8-7-1880, 5d, s/o John & I.
Lathrum, Isabelle (Inge), b. Ky., d. 8-19-1903, 75y 2m 29d, w/o Jesse
Lathrum, Jennie A., d. 9-24-1885, 11m 16d, d/o Samuel & Maria (Shultz)
Lathrum, Jesse, b. N. C., d. 3-13-1882, 60y 3m 10d, h/o Isabelle I., f/o Sarah (James), Edgar Keith
Lathrum, John, d. 8-2-1897, 51y 7m 12d, Civil War Vet., Co. E 47th Ia. Inf.
Lathrum, Margaret, no dates, 3y 1m 30d, d/o J. & I.
Lathrum, Mary Ellen, b. Ia., d. 9-24-1885, 6y, d/o Samuel & Maria
Lathrum, Mirium, b. 1855, d. 1948, w/o Samuel C.
Lathrum, Rebecca L., d. 2-2-1858, 7m, d/o J. & I.
Lathrum, Rex Kay, b. 4-1-1935, d. 8-28-1941, s/o Samuel & Vivian B. (Gamble)
Lathrum, Samuel C., b. 1-1-1852, d. 5-24-1931, h/o Maria, f/o David A.
Lathrum, Samuel Darius, b. 3-25-1915, South Twp., d. --, h/o Vivian, s/o David A. & Elizabeth (Freeborn)
Lathrum, Stephen, b. Ia., d. 11-2-1888, 22y 11m 22d, s/o Jesse & Isabelle
Lathrum, Vivian B. (Gamble), b. 4-23-1916, d. 1973, w/o Samuel D., d/o John Lowman & Ruth Anna (Young)
Lathrum, William, d. 4-26-1860, 11m 24d, s/o Jesse & Isabell
Lee, Belle (Stith), b. Ill., d. 2-1880, 25y 3m 17d, w/o John A. (m) 11-3-1878, Madison Co. *
Lewis, John, d. 4-23-1863, Corinth, Miss., 32y, Co. F 39th Ia. Inf.
Libby, Ellen Mae (Murphy), b. 1876, d. 6-23-1932, w/o Fred G., d/o Daniel B. & Sarah (Peek)
Libby, Fred G., b. 1879, d. 1950, h/o Ella M. (m) 2-17-1904 Madison Co., s/o Wm. & Susan (Madden)
Libby, Sarah Bertha, b. 10-10-1909, Ia., d. 11-3-1914, d/o Fred G. & Ella May (Humphry) *
Lincoln, Barbara Ann, b. 6-18-1948, d. 1-31-1966, d/o Robert & Betty J.
Lincoln, Betty J., b. 10-19-1927, d. --, w/o Robert
Lincoln, Robert, b. 5-29-1927, d. 12-7-1973, h/o Betty J., f/o Barbara A.
Linn, Alma Grace Pearl, b. 9-20-1911, d. 10-23-1911, d/o Clarence Robt. & Myrtle M. (Libby)
Lutz, John S., b. 4-27-1915, d. 8-1977, h/o Margaret M.
Lutz, Margaret M., b. 1909, d. 1971
Lynch, Willie, b. 1869, d. 1870, s/o P. S. & E.
Lyon, Columbus C., d. 8-30-1860, 1y 6d, s/o W. & M.
Lyon, Forest Dale "Red", b. 6-26-1916, Scott Twp., d. 11-26-1975, h/o Leona M. (m) 7-9-1949
Lyon, Infant, d. 11-8-1949, d/o T. D. & L.
Lyon, Jacob Alonzo, b. 1877, d. 1962, h/o Viola Z. (m) 1-18-1905, East Peru, s/o Wm. & Clara (Doty), f/o Lester Alonzo, Forest Dale
Lyon, Leona M., b. 9-29-1928, d. --, w/o T. D.
Lyon, Lester Alonzo, b. 7-30-1909, Scott Twp., d. 1943, s/o Jacob A. & Viola F. (Hope)
Lyon, Linden E., b. 1912, d. 1966
Lyon, Viola Fon (Hope), b. 1884, d. 1967, w/o Jacob A., d/o Benjamin & Catherine (Saunders)
Lyon, William N., d. 9-18-1870, 52y 3m 18d, h/o M.
Mahan, Augusta, b. 1890, d. 1958, w/o Lester
Mahan, Dixie Lee, d. 1938
Mahan, Lester, b. 1890, d. 1958
Martin, Steven F., d. 8-7-1862, 1y 2m 1d, s/o A. S. & Harriet
McClain, Ada A., b. Madison Co., d. 11-25-1898, 2m 1d, d/o William A. & Ida M.
McClain, David S., b. 1869 Ia., d. 1888, s/o William & Elvira
McClain, Eliza, b. 3-22-1836, d. 6-10-1923
McClain, Elvira, b. 2-28-1837 Ia., d. 4-3-1905, w/o William
McClain, Ida M. (Davis), d. 10-21-1892, 21y 6m 5d, w/o Wm. A., d/o Reuben & Sarah A. (Larkins)
McClain, Thomas, b. 4-20-1834, d. 8-10-1911
McClain, Wm., b. 5-12-1832 Ireland,d. 2-19-1906, h/o Elvira, f/o Maria, Mary, Elvina, Wm., David S.
McClellan, Benjamin, d. 3-21-186? (can't read), 70y 7m 29d
McClellan, J. Reber, d. 8-21-1860, 1y 8m 2d, s/o G. W. & M. J.
McClellan, Samantha J., d. 7-11-1860, 3y 10m 18d, d/o G. W. & M. J.
McMillan, Lora F., d. 7-11-1872, 6y 4m 6d, d/o A. H. & L. J.
Merritt, Lucinda C., d. 10-1-1879, 58y 5m 7d
Miles, Clarence A. Louis, b. 5-4-1896 Ia., d. 6-23-1913, 17y, s/o John & Rosa (Slayden)
Miles, John H., b. 11-26-1850, Ind., d. 4-6-1904
Miles, Minnie E., b. Ia., d. 2-22-1892, scarlet fever, 4y 5m *
Miller, Chauncy S., b. 8-20-1884, d. 11-1963, h/o Julia A.
Miller, Julia A., b. 3-19-1881, d. 4-1976, w/o Chauncy S.
Moore, Floyd O., b. 5-25-1880, d. 3-14-1963
Moore, George, b. 9-22-1841 Oh., d. 11-6-1915, h/o Ophelia (m) 9-20-1876, Madison Co., s/o Branton & Thankful (Everett) *
Moore, Ophelia (Wood), b. 1852, d. 1941, w/o George
Morse, Leon J., b. 1872, d. 1959, h/o Wilda
Morse, Wilda, b. 1886, d. 1963, w/o Leon J.
Moscrip, Walter C., b. 1885, d. 1898
Murphy, Daniel Boone, b. 3-20-1845, Oh., d. 9-4-1915, s/o James & Emily (Heckson) *
Murphy, Flora E., b. 4-9-1893, d. 9-20-1951
Murphy, Hollis V., b. 1882, d. 1960, h/o Onie Bell
Murphy, O. B., b. 3-20-1845, d. 9-4-1916, h/o Sarah
Murphy, Onie Bell, b. 1885/1895, d. 1921
Murphy, Sarah (Reed), b. 5-6-1840 Oh. 3-7-1909, w/o O. B., d/o Leonard & Ann & (Treabor) *
Myers, Hallie May, b. 5-10-1883, d. 9-5-1953
Neal, Carrie Ellen, d. 1937
Neal, Carrie M., d. 4-24-1904, 28d, d/o Robert L. & Octavia
Neal, David, b. 1860, d. 4-30-1933/1937
Neal, Freddie, b. Madison Co., d. 7-12-1890, 1y *
Neal, Harvey (Harry) Cornelius, b. 3-18-1902 South Twp., d. 1964, h/o Hazel (m) 11-27-1924, Madison Co., s/o Geo. A. & Emma (Stiffler)
Neal, Hazel Marie (Powell), b. 424-1902 Madison Co, d. 4-22-1998, w/o Harry C., d/o Alonzo F. & Margaret (Kranz)
Neal, Octavia, b. 1868, d. 3-2-1920, 1st w/o Robert L.
Neal, Robert Lee, b. 1867, d. 9-20-1936, h/o 1st Octavia, 2nd Lulu Blair,s/o Robert D. & Martha Ann (Gilleland)
Neal, Stella, b. 11-16-1888, d. 11-16-1888 *
Nelson, Anna (infant), d. 12-10-1874, d/o Joseph E. & Elizabeth K.
Nelson, Elizabeth K. (Lyon), d. 5-28-1876, 26y 11m 4d, w/o Joseph E. (m) 2-25-1869 Madison Co.
Newkirk, Jesse C., b. 1896, d. 1968, h/o Margaret A.
Newkirk, Margaret A., b. 1896, d. --, w/o Jesse C.
Nicholson, Sarah A., b. 8-16-1847, d. 2-10-1895 (poss. w/o Jonathan V.)
Odell, Emily F. (Simpson), b. 1869 Ky., d. 12-8-1898, w/o John J., d/o Milton & Dicy (Coffy)
Odell, John J., b. 1860, d. 1926, h/o Emily F. (m) 10-21-1880, Madison Co., s/o Solomon & Frances M. (Caskey)
Odell, Martha, unreadable
Odell, Solomon M., b. 9-21-1882, d. 3-3-1883, s/o John J. & Emily F.
Ogburn, Mathew, d. 8-8-1895, 10m 12d
Ogburn, Millie May, b. 5-4-1881, d. 5-4-1881, d/o M. & E.
Pefley, Melissa J. (Teas), d. 12-28-1878,19y 3m 10d, w/o Jacob (m) 12-30-1875, Madison Co.
Pixler, Joseph B., b. Oh., d. 2-20-1899, 69y 10m 2d, h/o Mary E., f/o Eugene E., Norman, Alice Angeline (Carter)
Pixler, Mary E. (Osborn), d. 3-21-1900, 67y 4m 26d, w/o Joseph B.
Pomeroy, John, d. 9-9-1870, 71y 2m 16d
Pomeroy, Neal Powers, b. 7-19-1828 Oh., d. 9-15-1911, h/o Sarah (m) 11-21-1860, Madison Co., f/o George, Maggie (Bradshaw), Amanda (Wilcox), Edward, Ella M. (Sayre), s/o John & Margaret (Powers) *
Pomeroy, Sarah Jane (Collins), b. 12-16-1841, d. 1-5-1926, w/o Neal P.
Powell, Albert A., b. 1879, d. 1965
Powell, Alonzo Edward, b. 12-20-1869 Mich.,d. 5-11-1937, h/o Margaret A., s/o Chs. & Myrtle
Powell, B. Matilda, b. 1897, d. 1928, w/o G. M.
Powell, Bartsel L., b. 1897, d. 1928, h/o Gertrude C.
Powell, Charles M., d. 5-21-1890, suicide, 50y *
Powell, Charles W., b. 1903, d. 1904
Powell, Ernest D., 5-12-1888, 15d, s/o G. M. & B. M.
Powell, G. M., d. 5-20-1890, 46y 2m, h/o B. Matilda, Civil War Vet., Cpl. Co. E, 13th Mich. Inf.
Powell, George T., d. 1-26-1897, 14y 2m 2d, s/o G. M. & B. M.
Powell, Gertrude Clementine (Keller), b. 1896, d. 1966, w/o Bartsel L.
Powell, Harlan, b. 1905, d. 10-10-1937, h/o Lorraine (m) 4-11-1928, Madison Co.
Powell, Lorraine (Beem), b. 6-8-1904, d. ---, w/o Harlan, d/o John Wesley & Mary Viola (Hircock)
Powell, Margaret A. (Franz), b. 5-10-1872, d. 12-1-1948, w/o Alonzo E.
Powell, Maurice Marshal, d. 12-12-1989, 84y
Powell, Nancy L., b. 1882, d. 1943, w/o Albert A.
Queen, Grace E., b. 7-8-1901, d. 12-12-1903, d/o John Laura & L. F.
Queen, H., d. 2-19-1890, 68y 11m 27d, h/o Martha A.
Queen, Infant, d. 3-8-1880, d/o C. H. & A. E.
Queen, John L., b. 12-16-1851, d. 12-17-1907, h/o Laura F. (Ross) (m) 2-13-1879, Madison Co.
Queen, Martha A., b. 1882, d. 1910, w/o H.
Queen, Mary, d. 10-28-1878, 14y 9m 7d, d/o H. & Martha A.
Queen, Oliver H., d. 8-22-1863, 1y 11m 22d, s/o H. & Martha A.
Quick, Abigail V. (Barnes), b. 1-16-1840, d. 3-4-1917, w/o George
Quick, Fred, d. 9-19-1895, 32y 11m 22d
Quick, George, b. 2-25-1840, d. 6-3-1907, h/o Abigail V. (m) 9-17-1862, f/o William A.
Quick, Glenn, b. 1905, d. 1930, s/o William A. & Mabel V.
Quick, Mabel V. (Lyons), b. 1879, d. 1961, w/o Wm. A., d/o Wm. & C. (Doty)
Quick, William A., b. 1869, d. 1-24-1954, h/o Mabel V. (m) 3-9-1899, Madison Co., s/o George & Abigail V. (Barnes)
Quinn, Wilbert L., b. 5-20-1874, d. 11-19-1897
Ray, Eva E., d. 10-22-1874, 6y 8m 11d, d/o Isaac & Hulda (Lyons)
Read, Asahel Ernest, b. 1870, d. 3-31-1940, h/o Mary J.
Read, C. Earl, b. 10-28-1906, d. 10-28-1906, s/o Asahel E. & Mary J.
Read, Esther K., b. 10-22-1918, d. --, w/o Raymond A.
Read, Jerry Lester, b. 12-2-1943, d. 12-4-1943
Read, John H., d. 8-26-1876, 5y 11m 27d, s/o T. & A. E.
Read, Mary Jane (Strain-Jones), b. 1-18-1885, Ia., d. 7-25-1917, w/o Asahel E., d/o Elijah & Catherine (Ross) *
Read, Raymond A., b. 7-15-1913 Madison Co., d. 10-27-1961, h/o Esther (m) 5-15-1937, s/o Asahel E. & Mary J.
Read, Victor Kay, b. 6-7-1938, d. 8-2-1950
Reimann, Bessie M. (Landers), b. 1885, d. 1946, w/o John F.
Reimann, Infant, b. 12-31-1902, d. 1-1-1903, d/o John F. & Bessie M.
Reimann, Infant, b. 12-31-1902, d. 1-7-1903, d/o John F. & Bessie M.
Reimann, Infant, b. 6-3-1905, d. 6-7-1905, d/o John F. & Bessie M.
Reimann, John F., b. 1873, d. 1942, h/o Bessie M.
Rench, Henry T., b. 1863, Jones Co. Ia, d. 11-26-1928, h/o Mary A., s/o John & Martha
Rench, Mary Augusta (Strain), b. 5-26-1876, d. 3-7-1872, w/o Henry T.
Ritchie, N. F., d. 12-4-1889, 71y 10m 5d
Robison, Claude M., b. 5-3-1945, d. 8-30-1966
Ross, Carrie A., b. 10-10-1880, d. --, w/o Thomas
Ross, Cunningham, b. Oh., d. 9-20-1887, 62y 2m 1d
Ross, Mary E., d. 2-5-1882, 68y, w/o Samuel A.
Ross, Mary J., b. 2-5-1825, d. 7-11-1909
Ross, Mary L., d. 2-28-1896, 22y 4m 2d, 1st w/o Perry C.
Ross, Mary, d. 7-29-1883, 89y 9m, w/o John
Ross, Max, d. 1-10-1897, 10m 23d, s/o P. C, & M. L.
Ross, Missouria Jane, d. 5-21-1861, 4y 1m 22d, d/o Samuel A. & Sarah A.
Ross, Ruby C., b. 6-6-1875, d. 5-31-1904, 2nd w/o Perry C.
Ross, Ruth Minerva, d. 4-24-1861, 8y 3m 9d, d/o Samuel A. & Sarah A.
Ross, Samuel A., b. 2-9-1821, Warren Co. Ia., d. 3-3-1905, h/o Sarah A.
Ross, Samuel A., d. 6-7-1879, 18y 2m 20d, s/o Samuel A. & Sarah A.
Ross, Sarah (Sallie) Ann (Emery), b. 9-29-1827, d. 3-16-1900, w/o Samuel A.
Ross, Thomas, b. 1-4-1884, d. 12-6-1907, h/o Carrie A.
Runkle, Catherine (Guilliams), d. 9-4-1860, 27y, w/o Thomas
Runkle, Infant, d. 2-9-1873, s/o Thomas & Mary A.
Runkle, Lidia, d. 4-27-1872, 3y 3m 10d, g-daughter of Thomas & Mary A.
Runkle, Margaret A., d. 6-6-1854, 1y 5m 20d, d/o F. & Tabitha
Runkle, Martha, d. 10-7-1860, 6m 11d, d/o T. & C.
Runkle, Mary A. (Johnson), b. 1836, d. 1914, w/o Thomas
Runkle, Sherman, d. 8-7-1865, 6m 8d, s/o Thomas & Mary A.
Runkle, Tabitha, d. 1852, 35y, w/o F.
Runkle, Thomas, d. 3-26-1886, 70y 9m 27d, h/o Mary A. (m) 2-10-1864, Madison Co.
Russell, Agnes Nancy, b. 8-6-1841, Ireland, d. 1-20-1914, David & Mary Ann (Kerns) *
Shaver, Henry T., d. 11-26-1891, 21y 9m 27d, h/o Rose E.
Shaver, Rose E., d. 2-8-1903, 25y 3m, w/o Henry T.
Shaw, Eliza V., b. 8-21-1846, d. 3-3-1884
Short, J. S., d. 1-28-1874, 67y 11m 20d
Shutt, Edward, no dates, h/o Kate C., Civil War Vet., Co. C, 10th Ia. Vol.
Shutt, Kate C., d. 11-14-1896, 41y 7m 13d, w/o Edward
Shutt, Russell O., b. 1891, d. 1960
Simpson, Leoti C., b. 1889, d. 1950, w/o B. N.
Simpson, Pauline, b. 1909, d. 1913, d/o B. N. & Leoti C.
Sims, Rachel (Gray), b. 9-27-1846, Oh., d. 2-7-1917, w/o Howard, d/o John
Smith, Claramon (Lyon), d. 9-23-1870, 24y 8m 7d, w/o Thomas P.
Smith, Ella (Best), b. 3-28-1866, d. 1-9-1915, d/o John & Harriet (Davis) *
Smith, Infant, d. 9-20-1870, s/o Thomas P. & Claramon
Smith, Thomas P., d. 1-14-1881, 61y 4m 14d, h/o Claramon (m) 1-11-1867, Madison Co.
Stiles, Elbridge W., d. 11-28-1926, h/o Phoebe S. (m) 10-15-1871, Madison Co., Pfc. Ia 38th Inf.
Stiles, Judson C., b. 3-1876, d. 12-9-1936, h/o Leota M.
Stiles, Leota M., b. 1880, d. 1930, w/o Judson C.
Stiles, Phoebe S. (Debord), b. Madison Co., d. 11-10-1880, 26y 6m 15d, w/o Elbridge W.
Tandy, Martha A., d. 10-21-1859, 2m 2d, d/o D. & M. E.
Taylor, Fayette, b. 11-14-1852 Ind., d. 5-1-1930, h/o 1st Sarah C., 2nd Nancy M., f/o William P., s/o Israel S. & Hannah (McCarty)
Taylor, Florence Allie (Shaver), b. 187, d. 1964, w/o John, d/o George & Sarah (Kephart)
Taylor, Israel S., b. Pa., d. 12-15-1899, 83y 1m 8d, h/o Hannah
Taylor, John, b. 1877, d. 1936, h/o Allie (m) 7-7-1903, Patterson, Ia., s/o Fayette & Sarah C.
Taylor, Nancy M. (Allison), b. 11-10-1857, d. 4-9-1925, 2nd w/o Fayette (m) 9-29-1910m MadisonCo., d/o Hugh & Sarah (Glynn) *
Taylor, Sarah Catherine (Runkle), b. 7-11-1850,, d. 2-1-1908, cancer, 1st w/o Fayette (m) 1-1-1874, Madison Co.
Verling, Infant, d. 1-22-1883, 1m 12d *
Vierling, Anna A., b. 1868, d. 7-10-1918
Vierling, Benjamin S., b. 1837, d. 1908, h/o Elizabeth, f/o Ernest T., Mary Viola (Bruett), Henry
Vierling, Catherine W., b. N. C., d. 1-22-1899, 83y 22d
Vierling, Elizabeth (Wykoff), b. 1843, d. 1926, w/o Benjamin S.
Vierling, Ernest Truman, b. 1881, d. 3-21-1977, h/o Maude H. (m) 9-29-1908, Madison Co., s/oBenjamin S. & Maude H., f/o Clarence Campbell, Fred H.,Jack Truman, Eugene Charles
Vierling, Maude Henrietta (Campbell), b. 1888, d. 1955, w/o Ernest T., d/o Thomas Jackson & Roselba (Kirk)
Vierling, T. T., d. 7-11-1886, 79y, Civil War Vet.
Weller, Jonathan H., d. 10-20-18?? (can't read), s/o F. E. & L. M.
Weller, Pembrook, d. 8-2-1860, 10y 2m, s/o F. E. & L. M.
Whited, Dewitt C., d. 9-10-1855, 1y 7m 13d, s/o R. B. & A. M.
Wilcox, Almanza A., b. 1816, New York, d. 1880, h/o Catherina A., f/o Grant, Joseph F., Ulysses, Frank
Wilcox, Almeda E., d. 11-23-1875, 3y 8m 23d, d/o Almanza A. & Catherina A.
Wilcox, Amanda (Pomeroy), b. 12-24-1867, d. 7-22-1934, w/o Grant, d/o Neal O. & Sarah J. (Collins)
Wilcox, Catherina A. (Shellenbarger), b. 1834 Oh., d. 6-6-1922, w/o Almanza A.
Wilcox, Glen, b. 2-9-1892, d. 5-25-1954, Pfc. Co. C. 88th Inf. WWI
Wilcox, Grant, b. 3-23-1885 Ill., d. 9-5-1909, h/o Amanda (m) 3-3-1889 Madison Co., s/o Almanza A. & Catherina A.
Wilcox, Infant, d. 2-1-1867, d/o Almanza A. & Catherina A.
Wilkins, John, d. 6-28-1862, 69y 9m 2d
Willcox, Clair, b. 10-4-1895, d. 12-23-1917, U.S. Army 168th Inf., died & buried, Liverpool, England
Willcox, Earl, d. 8-11-1905, 8y 1m 18d, s/o C. & M.
Willcox, John, (infant), d. 4-6-1902, s/o C. & M.
Willcox, Myrtle Mae (Haxton), b. 4-13-1877 Ia., d. 7-2-1910, w/o Joseph F. (m) 1-15-1894, Madison Co., d/o John Nelson & Mary Ellen (Taylor)
Wilson, John W., 8-28-1860, 2y 2m 2d, s/o J. & A.
Wood, Abraham, b. 6-9-1805, d. 8-30-1890, h/o Nancy
Wood, J. W., d. 8-17-1881, 11y 2d
Wood, Nancy W., b. 11-27-1814, d. 4-19-1895, w/o Abraham
Woodruff, Charles A., b. 1899, d. 1967, h/o Elsie A.
Woodruff, Elsie A., b. 1889, d. 1973, w/o Charles A.
Young, Hugh E., b. 1891, d. 1972
Young, Martha, b. 1871, d. 1965, w/o Thornton
Young, Thornton J., b. 5-16-1863, d. 3-28-1929, h/o Martha, s/o Wm. & Lucinda (Snyder)

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