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Sayre Cemetery
South Township, Madison County, Iowa

Section 20, Timber Lane Road
1/4 mile north of 260th Street
Lat: 41° 16' 29"N, Lon: 93° 52' 50"W

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Jan 30, 2001 [Jlwight@northlink.com].
Total records = 81.

Originally walked and recorded by Mrs. George Berg and Lewis E. Morris. There are many unmarked graves or unreadable headstones in this cemetery.

There are four children's graves that are either unmarked or unreadable. In addition to, or included in the four children's graves, the cemetery records state that three young children of Ruel B. and Talibitha Jane (Goff) Powell are reported to be buried here, but exactly where is not know.

Research and Comparisons: Birth, marriage, death and cemetery records and two burial indexes for Madison County, Iowa. The Social Security records were also checked, where possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

Allcock, Alvin, d. 8-27-1885, 8m 6d
Allcock, Anna, d. 6-28-1880, 19y, d/o W. C. & R. A.
Allcock, Esbury F., d. 2-26-1861,1y 1m 26d, s/o L. W. & Anna R.
Allcock, George W., d. 5-2-1878, 20y 10m 10d, s/o W. C. & R. A.
Allcock, L. W., d. 3-9-1878, 69y 9m 22d, Iowa Co. I 39th Inf., Civil War Veteran
Allcock, Lucy W., d. 5-25-1872, 72y 7m 8d, w/o N. S.
Allcock, Malvina (Sayre), b. 12-16-1849 Va., d. 2-11-1913, w/o William S.
Allcock, N. S., d. 1-29-1893, 91y 6m 22d
Allcock, Samuel R., d. 3-31-1851, 9y 3m 12d, s/o N. S. & Lucy W.
Allcock, William Stephen, b. 1849 Va., d. 3-12-1923, h/o Malvina (m) 10-23-1870 Madison Co., f/o Joseph Henry, Lula B. (Neal), Margaret (Roby)
Allen, Anna Bell (Foster), b. 1871, d. 2-15-1924, w/o John L.
Allen, Benjamin L., d. 11-25-1862, 21y,Camp Merron, Co. I 39th Inf., Civil War Veteran, s/o W. & Juda
Allen, Carl, 6m, no dates, s/o James M. & Leah A.
Allen, Clarissa Irene (Ray), b. 3-20-1863, d. 4-25-1892, 1st w/o Thomas J. (m) 2-3-1878 Madison Co.
Allen, Cynthia, 2y, no dates, d/o James M. & Leah A.
Allen, Eddie A., d. 6-10-1869, William B. & Frances E.
Allen, Frances E. (Allcock), b. 5-20-1840, Gentry Co., Mo., d. 3-5-1896, w/o 1st Levi Ray (m) 11-25-1858, 2nd William B. Allen (m) 11-25-1867, both Madison Co.
Allen, Francis M., d. 8-18-1888, 11m 9d, s/o James M. & Sarah Francis
Allen, Fred, b. 1896, d. 1919
Allen, Ivan J., b. 7-9-1896 Madison Co., d. 12-5-1918, s/o John L. & Anna B. (Foster)
Allen, James M., b. 4-12-1852 Ia., d. 10-1-1910, h/o Leah A. (m) 10-6-1870 Madison Co., f/o Cynthia, Stella, Carl, 2 infants, s/o Whitley & Juda (Pessinger)
Allen, John Lewis, b. 3-6-1865 Ia., d. 6-7-1916, h/o Anna B., s/o Wm. B. & Frances E.
Allen, Leah A. (Beem), b. 1-2-1852, d. 2-25-1925, w/o James M.
Allen, Loren D., d. 8-20-1891, s/o John L. & Anna B. (Foster)
Allen, Margaret P., b. 1-30-1882, d. 4-20-1886, 6y 3m 21y, d/o Thomas J. & Clarissa I. (Ray)
Allen, Margaret S. (Allcock), d. 11-6-1867, 35y 10m 26d, w/o William B.
Allen, Mary Ann, d. 3-7-1861, 1y 1m 10d, d/o William B. & Margaret S.
Allen, Mary, d. 4-15-1875, 10y 11m 22d, d/o William S. & Margaret S.
Allen, Sarah (Robinson), b. 5-18-1856 W. V., d. 4-7-1911, 2nd w/o Thomas J. (m) 4-6-1893, Madison Co., d/o William & Mary (Sayre)
Allen, Stella, 16y, no dates, d/o James M. & Leah A.
Allen, Susan P., d. 3-16-1877, 9y 9m 17d
Allen, Thomas J., b. 7-9-1857 Ia., d. 7-25-1913, h/o Clarissa I. & Sarah, s/o Wm. B. & Margaret (Allcock)
Allen, William B., d. 8-17-1903, 71y 6m 6d, h/o 1st Margaret S. , 2nd Frances E. (m) 11-25-1867 Madison Co.
Allen, William S., d. 8-4-1855, 1y 2m 16d, s/o William B. & Margaret S.
Bell, George R., d. 8-10-1897, 13y 1m 8d
Bowman, Tiny, no dates, no marker, Veteran
Collins, Elijah, b. 5-22-1833 Oh., d. 12-11-1914, h/o Susan & Samantha, s/o Iona & Melvina (Babcock)
Collins, Lee, b. 2-22-1877, d. 2-19-1878
Collins, Lubuk, b. 1-11-1870, d. 3-2-1872
Collins, Richie, b. 5-3-1866, d. 9-15-1866, s/o Elijah & Susan
Collins, Samantha, b. 1843, d. 1925, 2nd w/o Elijah
Collins, Susan (Ray), b. 1845, d. 7-21-1866, 21y 5m 28d, 1st w/o Elijah (m) 11-2-1860 Madison Co.
Conklin, Clark C., b. 4-16-1919, d. 9-1974
Cunningham, Forest Loyd, b. 6-3-1895, d. 9-16-1932, h/o Marie, s/o Henry & Suzie (Lefee)
Cunningham, Marie, no dates, w/o Forest L.
Davis, Laura Bell (Allen), b. 2-10-1891,Madison Co., d. 12-8-1918, w/o John, d/o John L. & Anna Bell (Foster)
Delanty, Dora A., b. 1887, d. 1949
Fox, Karman Marie, b. 1968, d. 1969
Hall, Daisy Mae (McDaniel), b. 8-24-1879, d. 10-13-1908, w/o Frederick Roy (m) 12-24-1899 Madison Co., d/o William F. & Lucy (Allen)
Kinney, Elizabeth, d. 1-9-1873, 41y 11m 2d, w/o Sylvester
Kinney, Sarah Allen, d. 12-9-1872, 12y 9m, d/o S. & E. J.
Little, Clarence Vernon, d. 4-26-1939, WWII Veteran
Little, Sarah F., b. 1879, d. 1949
Little, Thomas W., b. 1872, d. 1945, f/o Inez Alice
McDaniel, Charles William, b. 5-27-1884, d. 4-21-1954, s/o Wesley F. & Lucy J. (Allen)
McDaniel, Clara Jessie, b. 10-25-1892, d. 7-24-1911
McDaniel, David Ralph, b. 11-16-1889, 3-22-1942, WWI Veteran
McDaniel, Lucy Jane (Allen), b. 7-12-1861, d. 1-3-1942, w/o Wesley F.
McDaniel, Mary Frances, b. 11-16-1881, d. 12-25-1954, d/o Wesley F. & Lucy J. (Allen)
McDaniel, Phyllis Mae, b. 4-1-1930, d. 4-26-1942, d/o C. C. & C. M. McDaniel
McDaniel, Robert E., d. 1934, s/o C. C. & C. M. McDaniel
McDaniel, Wesley Franklin, b. 6-3-1849 Harrison Co., W.V., d. 5-2-1911, h/o Lucy J. (m) 9-8-1878 Madison Co., f/o Floyd Alonzo, Mary Frances
Nuzum, Richard C., b. 1941, d. 1946
Nuzum, Russell A., b. 1891, d. 1970, f/o Richard C, Caroline A, Raymond A.
Nuzum, Vivian Esther (Rush), b. 1897, d. no date
Porter, Ellen S., b. 5-1-1780, d. 7-2-1857
Porter, Leslie, b. 4-31-1871, 20d, s/o John C. & Nancy E. (Creger)
Porter, Richard A., d. 10-17-1859, 2y 6m 14d, s/o John C. & Nancy E. (Creger)
Ray, Barnabus, d. 2-11-1869, 64y 2m 6d, h/o Mary
Ray, Jacob, d. 11-5-1872, 22y 3m, s/o Barnabus & Mary
Ray, Joseph W., b. 1861, d. 6-23-1939
Ray, Levi S., b. 1862, d. 1939, h/o Mary L. (m) 4-3-1884, Madison Co., s/o Levi & Frances E. (Allcock-Allen)
Ray, Levi, b. 1838, d. 1863, 1st h/o Frances E. (Allcock) Allen
Ray, Mary L., b. 1862, d. 1949, w/o Levi S., d/o William & Amanda (Heacock)
Ray, Mary, d. 11-13-1872, 60y 8m 4d, w/o Barnabus
Reed, William, d. 12-31-1855, h/o Susanna
Rollins, Pleasant, b. 8-18-1811, d. 8-28-1900
Wetzel, Harold LeRoy, d. 9-9-1969, s/o Cecil & Marjorie
Young, Frederick D., b. 1893, d. 1972, h/o Rose I, m. 4-27-1921 Madison Co.
Young, Rose Inez (McDaniel), b. 8-5-1897, d. 4-17-1984, w/o Frederick D. Young

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