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Primitive Baptist Cemetery
Union Township, Madison County, Iowa

Union Township, Section 30 - Madison County
Iowa Cedar Bridge Road - 1 mile north of Highway 92

Lat: 41°21'06"N, Lon: 94°00'04"W

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Aug 27, 2001 [jlwight@northlink.com].
Total records = 265.

Some information provided by V.R.D. This cemetery was originally walked and recorded in 1974.

* Indicates that some or all of the information was taken from death records for Madison County.

Information was taken from two cemetery indexes, birth, marriage, death and cemetery records for Madison County, Iowa.

- Judy Wight Branson

Acheson, Infant, d. 5-30-1904, s/o Wiley Humphry & Bertha M. (James)
Ackelson, Buelah A. (Vostal), b. 1903, d. 1928
Ackelson, Ruby A. (Bailey), b. 1911, d. 1938
Ackelson, Thomas, b. 1899, d. 1917
Adams, Elizabeth (Thornburg), b. 6-11-1898, d. 3-8-1922, d/o James C. & Emily (Evans)
Adkins, Adelpha (Collier), no dates, w/o Malichi, (m) 1854, Madison Co.
Alley, Fredrick Rylands, no dates, s/o Fredrick & Clarkie Ann (Crawford)
Alley, Mary E., d. 11-27-1875, 18d, d/o Fredrick & Clarkie Ann (Crawford)
Baker, Eliza J. (Brantner), b. 5-7-1818, W.V., d. 12-17-1913, d/o William *
Banker, Eliza J., b. 1831, d. 12-17-1913
Banks, Elizabeth (Crawford), b. 1840, d. 1902, w/o Josiah, d/o James P.
Banks, Elizabeth, b. 1870, d. 1926
Banks, Eunice (James), d. 6-1-1883, w/o John
Banks, Francis Marion, b. 7-17-1865, Madison Co., d. 8-23-1945, h/o Malinda J., (m) 10-3-1894, Madison Co., s/o Josiah & Elizabeth (Crawford), f/o Lee; Lloyd; Bessie (Leaseman)
Banks, Isaac Josiah, b. 4-16-1833, d. 7-29-1923, h/o Elizabeth, (m) 12-31-1861, Madison Co.
Banks, John, d. 11-19-1886, h/o Eunice
Banks, Malinda (Linna) J. (Smith), b. 10-7-1859, Madison Co., d. 4-27-1947, w/o Francis M., d/o Levi & Sarah (James)
Banks, Warren, b. 7-19-1880, Madison Co., d. 7-9-1902, s/o Josiah & Elizabeth
Banks, William Annon, b. 11-2-1862, Madison Co., d. 8-22-1937, s/o Josiah & Eliz. (Crawford)
Battice, Eliza J. (Stephenson), b. 1868, d. ----
Battice, William, b. 8-23-1843, London, Eng., d. 12-1-1930
Benge, Joshua, b. 9-28-1823, Ky., d. 1-25-1912, f/o Susan (Compton-Crawford), s/o Thomas *
Benge, Susan (Compton-Crawford), b. 1867, d. 1947, 2nd w/o John L. Crawford; 2nd w/o Granville Compton, m/o Clarence R.
Berlin, Isaac/Isiah, b. 1851, Oh., d. 9-17-1913, h/o Clarinda F. (Dorrell), s/o Joseph
Berlin, Russell, b. 7-20-1907, Madison Co., d. 10-25-1907, s/o Isiah & Clarinda F. (Dorrell) *
Bryan, Oraph Ann (Lamb-Darnell), b. 8-6-1848, d. 12-24-1926, d/o John B.
Butler, Julia Elizabeth (Butler), d. 9-8-1874, 1y 2m 17d, d/o Jas. & Anna (Crawford)
Campfield, Henry G., b. 1861, Pa., d. 1937, h/o Ruby A., (m) 2-25-1895, Adair Co. Ia, f/o Ethel (Wearmouth); Tressa (Tracy); Etta (Osborn); James
Campfield, Ruby Ann (Bailey), b. 7-4-1878, Fontanelle, Ia, d. 11-8-1946, w/o Henry G., d/o Isaac & Ella
Carter, Adela (Evans), b. 2-16-1838, Washington Co. In, d. 2-27-1916, w/o Joseph, d/o Robt. A. & Eliz. (Shoemaker)
Carter, Joseph, b. 4-12-1832, Jackson Co. In, d. 4-10-1908, h/o Adela, s/o Thomas & Susan (Shoemaker) *
Cole, Lola, b. 4-23-1892, Madison Co, d. 8-17-1892, d/o J. S. & Flonilla
Cole, Mary, d. 4-28-1898, 81y 8m 4d
Cole, William, d. 7-7-1881, 76y 8m 21d
Compton, Clarence R., b. 5-20-1893, Glenwood, Ia, d. 5-29-1938, Des Moines, Ia, s/o Granville & Susan (Crawford-Benge)
Conn, Charles Henry, b. 1857, Ind., d. 1935, h/o Hattie (Schell), f/o Henry Garrett; Clifford Charles; Gertrude S. (Jones); Edna May (Dorrell)
Cooper, Emma A. (White-Minnick), b. 7-5-1858/1860, Oswegeo Co. N.Y, d. 4-18-1948, w/o 1st Franklin Minnick, (m) 9-30-1882, Mad. Co.; 2nd Wm. H., d/o Burton & Melissa (Reynolds) - m/o Flora Viola (Rehard); Ed. J.; Nancy N. (Rowe)
Cooper, William H., b. 1861, Mi, d. --, h/o 1st Eliza E. (Gearhard) (m) 2-18-1887; 2nd Emma A. (m) 4-16-1898; both, Madison Co., s/o Jas. H. & Levina (Bosley)
Crawford, Bessie M., b. 8-15-1887, Mad. Co, d. 3-19-1908, d/o C. S. & Ida (Davis) *
Crawford, Elizabeth (Weaver), b. 1829, Lawrence Co. In, d. 6-6-1864, w/o Lewis
Crawford, Ida (Grout), d. 12-23-1886, 20y, 1st w/o John L., m/o Myrtle
Crawford, John Lewis, b. 11-9-1855, d. 4-23-1944, h/o 1st Ida (Grout) (m) 8-29-1886, Madison Co.; 2nd Susan (Benge-Compton), s/o John & Mary (McCoy)
Crawford, John, b. 2-10-1809, Orange Co. N.C, d. 11-22-1892, h/o Mary, (m) 3-29-1832, Lawrence Co. In, s/o James & Mary (Woody)
Crawford, Lewis, b. 3-16-1821, In, d. 3-19-1908, h/o Elizabeth, (m) 10-1-1849, In, s/o James & Mary (Woody) *
Crawford, Mary (Polly) (McCoy), b. 7-24-1812, Perquimans Co. N.C, d. 7-16-1903, w/o John
Crawford, William, b. 1836, d. 5-9-1879, s/o John & Mary
Cridling, John, b. 9-5-1855, Ripley Co.In, d. 1918, h/o Laura A., f/o Sarah Frances (Darnall); Ethel C. (Clopton); Mary (Wilkinson)
Cridling, Laura Ann (Evans), b. 6-6-1858, Ks, d. 8-31-1936, w/o John, d/o Henry & Mary Elizabeth (Atkinson)
Criss, Joseph Oliver, b. 1-15-1861, Pa, d. 12-3-1905, h/o Martha, s/o David & Eliz.
Criss, Martha (Cox), b. 9-27-1865, Madison Co, d. 2-6-1951, w/o Joseph O., d/o Eli & Mary (Mills)
Crow, Hazel Etta (Jessup), b. 9-8-1897, d. 1-11-1952, El Monte, Ca, w/o Ezra, d/o Charles Elsworth & Ora D. (Owens), m/o Martha; Thomas; Donald
Darnall, Louisa (Thornburg), no dates, 1st w/o C. C., (m) 6-24-1855, Madison Co.
Davis, Charles Samuel, b. 11-24-1905, Winterset, Ia., d. 7-25-1953, s/o Benj. B. & Millie (Pender)
DeBord, Infant, no dates, s/o Walter & Myrtle (Wright)
Dorrell, Bertha (Gordon), b. 7-16-1886, Winterset, Ia., d. 2-5-1951, w/o Gold, (m) 8-9-1905, Madison Co, d/o Newton D. & Lucy A. (Huss)Dorrell, Charles F., d. 2-7-1877, 4y 8m 16d
Dorrell, Edna M. (Conn), b. 3-30-1889, d. 12-1968, Des Moines, Ia., w/o John A., d/o Charles Henry & Hattie (Schell)
Dorrell, J. N., b. 1861, d. 1924
Dorrell, John A., b. 3-17-1887, Winterset, Ia, d. 11-18-1950, Des Moines, Ia., h/o Edna M., s/o Nicholas & Mary Jane (Belcher), f/o Robert; Gertrude A.
Dorrell, Katie, b. 1861, d. 1924
Dorrell, Mary Jane (Belcher), b. 1864, d. 1936, w/o Nicholas
Dorrell, Nicholas, b. 1857, d. 1923, h/o Mary J.
Dorrell, Robert, b. 1856, d. 12-13-1915
Dorrell, Roy C., b. 1847, d. 1899
Dorrell, Sallie, b. 9-21-1852, Madison Co, d. 12-16-1939, d/o John & Nancy
Dorrell, Warren, no dates
Dorrell, William L., d. 3-9-1892, 1y 2m, s/o Harvey & Emma (Burcomb)
Dorrell, William Marguis, b. 1882, d. 9-10-1899
Dorrell, Wilson G., d. 8-18-1926, 93y, h/o Sarah (Landers)(m) 11-26-1853, Mad. Co.
Eggleston, Nancy (Moore), b. 3-12-1818, d. ---
Evans, Anna, d. 1867, 68y
Evans, Elizabeth (Shoemaker), b. Pa, d. 1-6-1887, 76y, d/o Henry
Evans, Henry, b. 5-22-1834, Lawrence Co. In, d. 4-3-1909, h/o Mary E., s/o John E./M. & Anne (Moore)
Evans, Mary Elizabeth (Atkinson), b. Nelson Co. Va, d. ---, w/o Henry
Evans, Robert A., b. 1814, Washington Co. In, d. 6-6-1880, h/o Eliz., f/o Amanda J.; Nancy F. (Speer)
Farnsworth, Elmer E., d. 9-8-1867, 1y 8d, s/o Henry C. & Adeline (Hood)
Farnsworth, Frankie, d. 12-29-1867, 7m, s/o Henry C. & Adeline (Hood)
Fosher, Samuel, b. 5-27-1847, Putnam Co. In, d. 10-20-1912, h/o 1st Jennie (Hill) (m) 10-12-1871; 2nd Alma R. (Farlow), (m) 6-4-1887; both in Madison Co., s/o Christian & Emily S. (Bonderant)
Freestone, Frankie, d. 12-4-1898, 23y 2m 8d, s/o Marcus W. & Patience (McConkey)
Gatchel, Goldie, b. 1887, d. 1912
Gentry, William, b. 4-5-1815, Ky, d. 4-15-1862, h/o Sarah (Wright) *
Gibson, Infant, b. 1-1-1913, d. 1-1-1913, child of Ralf & Effie (Moore)
Gordon, Mrs., d. 1-19-1907, Des Moines, Ia. (per funeral home records)
Gray, Infant, no dates
Gray, Infant, no dates, s/o Floyd & Ida
Guye, Everett O., d. 3-31-1869, 4m 2d, s/o James W. & Serena
Guye, Levi H., d. 12-16-1887, 23y 7m 10d
Guye, Mary (Litton), b. 1858, d. 1902
Guye, Serena (Smith), d. 5-19-1869, 37y, w/o James W., m/o Samuel H.
Hamilton, Clyde Arthur, b. 2-5-1921, d. 3-6-1921
Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, b. 3-12-1862, d. 1-23-1922, h/o Laura, (m) 9-21-1890, Madison Co, s/o Wm. & Sarah (Woodard)
Hamilton, Cora L., b. 9-19-1901, Madison Co, d. 3-31-1920, d/o Benj. F. & Laura
Hamilton, Laura (Keeler), b. 10-25-1863, d. 7-13-1933, w/o Benj. F., d/o Baker & Mary (Osborne)
Harper, John, b. 1825, Oh, d. 12-28-1906, h/o 1st Mary M.; 2nd Mary A., f/o Frank
Harper, Mary Ann (Deal-Cart), no dates, 2nd w/o John
Harper, Mary M. (VanHorn), d. 3-1881, 1st w/o John
Hartman, Frank L., b. 1881, d. 1933, h/o Pearl, (m) 6-28-1904, Madison Co., s/o Wm. & Laura (Smith)
Hartman, Infant, d. 8-20-1938, s/o Harold & Katherine
Hartman, Pearl (Moore), b. 1884, d. ---, d/o Philip & Mary Ellen (Crawford)
Hartman, Win W., b. 1879, d. 1938
Havercraft, Clinton, d. 11-11-1927, 50y
Hood, Alfred, b. 1808, N. C, d. 12-10-1890, h/o 1st Mary; 2nd Rachel A.; 3rd Mary Jane (Crosley-Ford), (m) 12-22-1881, Madison Co, s/o Richard & Judith (Rich)
Hood, John, d. 2-27-1877, 4y 16d
Hood, Mary (Gifford), d. 1869, 54y, 1st w/o Alfred
Hood, Rachel A. (McNeil), d. 4-9-1881, 51y 10m 24d, 2nd w/o Alfred
Howard, Charles E., b. 6-24-1883, Madison Co, d. 1936, s/o George & Sarah
Howard, George W., b. 1852, d. 1930, h/o Sarah, (m) 6-8-1881, Madison Co.
Howard, Sarah Emeline (Moore), b. 5-3-1866, Ia., d. 5-24-1916, w/o Geo., d/o John H. & Martha Ann (Crow)
Hubbard, Maranda D. (Smith), b. 8-21-1825, Rockcastle Co. Ky, d. 1907, 3rd w/o Allen, (m) 11-18-1869, Madison Co, d/o Aquilla & Elizabeth (Collier)
Jackson, Alta May (Thornburg), b. 1879, d. 1903, w/o Andrew, (m) 1-30-1898, Madison Co., d/o Wm. & Eliz. (Roby)
Jacobs, Ray M., d. 3-2-1906, 10m, s/o S. P. & M.
James, Almon, d. 2-14-1904, h/o Maggie (m) 9-18-1879, Madison Co, f/o Ora L.
James, Alonzo, b. 3-23-1877, Mad. Co, d. 7-24-1916, s/o John & Permelia (Smith) *
James, Anna (Rambo), b. 1816, d. 3-26-1879, w/o Josiah
James, Annon, b. 8-6-1869, Madison Co, d. 2-23- 1932, h/o Stella, s/o John H. & Permelia (Smith)
James, John H., b. 1840, In, d. 9-3-1879, 1st h/o Permelia (Smith), (m) 11-5-1857, Mad. Co, s/o Morgan & Nancy (Mabbitt), f/o Ellen (Kellogg); Lewis; Annon; Albert; Alonzo
James, Josiah, b. 1810, N.C, d. 1-30-1904, h/o Anna, (m) 12-22-1831
James, Margaret (Maggie) (McConkey), b. 10-7-1861, Madison Co, d. 8-21-1952, w/o Almon, d/o Wm. & Sarah Jane
James, Mary (Rambo), d. 3-27-1907, w/o James M., (m) 3-14-1822, Wayne Co. In,
Jessup, Charles Elsworth, b. 4-18-1862, Madison Co, d. 5-6-1950, h/o 1st Ora L; 2nd Grace Z., s/o Isaac & Malinda (Brinson)
Jessup, Grace Zulu (Elwell-Blasedale), d. 4-15-1939, 2nd w/o Charles E., (m) 8-9-1919, Madison Co.
Jessup, Opal E., b. 3-24-1900, d. 4-13-1917, d/o Charles E. & Ora L.
Jessup, Ora Luella (Owen), b. 8-20-1870, Jackson Co. In, d. 7-26-1917, 1st w/o Chs. E. (m) 2-18-1885, Madison Co., d/o James & Mary (Harrell)
Jordan, Basil, b. 1831, Noble Co. Oh, d. 8-26-1907
Jordan, Elder Francis Marion, b. 1853, d. 1927, h/o Mary J.
Jordan, Mary Jane (Reed), b. 1855, d. 1930, w/o Francis M.
Jordan, Pearl C., b. 1881, d. 1900
Jordan, S. H., b. 1850, d. 1937, w/o G. H.
Kellogg, Charles A., b. 4-13-1883, Madison Co., d. 1-30-1947, h/o Margaret, (m) 1-7-1909, s/o James M. & Ellen (James), f/o Florence
Kellogg, Elizabeth (Smith), b. 1-20-1822, Butler Co. Oh, d. 3-10-1892, w/o Miles
Kellogg, Ellen (James), b. 3-31-1860, d. 8-4-1920, w/o James M., d/o John H. & Permelia (Smith)
Kellogg, James Madison, b. 1-24-1852, Mahaska Co. Ia, d. 12-25-1903, h/o Ellen, (m) 4-12-1876, Madison Co., s/o Miles & Elizabeth (Smith)
Kellogg, Margaret (Cort), b. 1885, d. ---, w/o Charles
Kellogg, Miles, b. 5-5-1823, Butler Co. Oh, d. 7-1-1897, h/o Elizabeth
Kellogg, Monroe, b. 6-26-1859, Madison Co, d. 6-27-1859, s/o Miles & Elizabeth
Kellogg, Sylvester, b. 5-11-1857, Madison Co, d. 1-23-1876, s/o Miles & Elizabeth
Kerns, Marilla, d. 3-6-1882, 41y
Kerns, Permelia (Smith-James), b. 4-27-1838, Jackson Co. In. d. 1910, w/o 1st John H. James, (m) 11-5-1857; 2nd John Kerns, (m) 2-18-1883; both in Madison Co, d/o Aquilla & Eliz. (Collier), m/o Ellen (Kellogg); Annon; Lewis; Alice; Albert; Alonzo
King, Byrl, b. 1895, d. 4-13-1917
Lamb, John B., b. 4-5-1824, Greene Co. In, d. 9-17-1906, h/o 1st Sarah B. (Moore) (m) 2-18-1844, Ind.; 2nd Evelyn Eliz. (Moore-Howard), (m) 2-25-1895, Madison Co, s/o John & Margaret (Fawcett) *
Lang, Patience, b. 2-6-1869, d. 10-2-1905
Locke, Robert, no dates, s/o John & Alice (Fosher)
McConkey, Sarah J., b. 9-6-1829, d. 2-27-1907, w/o William
McConkey, Sophia E., d. 10-2-1882, 18y 1m 10d
McConkey, William, b. 7-26-1826, d. 1-12-1892, h/o Sarah J.
McManigall, Ella, d. 11-16-1890, 30y 4m 10d
McNeley, Anna Frances, d. 4-7-1932
McNeley, Lois Laura, b. 4-9-1909, Madison Co, d. 1-14-1910, d/o Roy Russell & Myrtle (Wright) *
McNeley, Myrtle Rose (Wright), b. 1-29-1883, Madison Co, d. 2-15-1915, d/o Eli Almond& Adeline (VanScoy) *
Moon, Nancy (Woody), d. 1-27-1870, 47y, w/o Jesse, m/o Abigail
Moore, Emma A., b. 12-18-1867, Winterset, Ia, d. 2-12-1947, d/o Philip C. & Ellen (Crawford)
Moore, Eva Cecile, b. 4-4-1890, Winterset, Ia, d. 7-25-1890, d/o
Moore, Francis Marion, b. 1869, d. 1927
Moore, Frederick, b. 9-28-1871, d. 9-20-1873
Moore, Henry, no dates, d. 18y
Moore, John H., b. 2-20-1837, Green Co. In, d. 4-5-1930, h/o 1st Martha A. (Crow), (m) 1857, In.; 2nd Melissa (White) (m) 8-8-1873, Madison Co.
Moore, Mary Ellen (Crawford), b. 9-23-1848, Lawrence Co. In, d. 3-27-1930, w/o Philip C., d/o John & Mary (McCoy)
Moore, Philip C. M., b. 2-6-1839, Greene Co. In, d. 6-23-1926, h/o Mary E.
Osburn, Anna (Fidler), b. Nelson Co. Ky, d. 1874, 83y
Osburn, Hannah (Crawford), b. 10-12-1812, d. 3-2-1901, w/o Moses, d/o James & Mary (Woody)
Osburn, Moses, b. 1812, Ky, d. 8-30-1861, h/o Hannah
Osburn, Oliver, b. 3-1847, In, d. 10-20-1890, h/o Mahala Alice (Simmons), (m) 12-21-1874, Warren Co. Ia, s/o Moses & Hannah, f/o Lucinda Ellen (James)
Parker, Emeline (Baker), b. 9-5-1840, In, d. 9-5-1918, d/o Moses & Margt. (Floren) *
Pender, Harvey, b. 1-31-1853, d. 5-30-1934, h/o Mattie, s/o Jeremiah & Jane,
Pender, James Thomas, b. 1-13-1865, Ia, d. 1-14-1910, h/o 2nd Ellen (McClain-Alley), (m) 8-22-1897, Madison Co, s/o Jeremiah & Jane *
Pender, James, b. 1-13-1865, d. 1-4-1901, s/o Jeremiah & Jane
Pender, Jane (Crawford), b. 4-14-1824, Lawrence Co. In, d. 2-4-1906, w/o Jeremiah
Pender, Jeremiah C., b. 3-5-1825, Lawrence Co. In, d. 8-18-1895, h/o Jane
Pender, Martha Ann, d. 8-19-1880, 17y 10m 11d, d/o Jeremiah & Jane
Pender, Mattie (Crawley), b. 1864, d. 11-5-1889, w/o Harvey
Pender, Virgil V., b. 6-16-1882, d. 12-9-1908, s/o Harvey & Mattie
Pender, Wm. D., b. 6-10-1888, Council Bluffs, Ia, d. 6-4-1948, s/o Harvey & Mattie
Poffenbarger, Samuel W., b. 3-10-1818, Washington Co. Md, d. 12-18-1882, h/o 1st Hannah (Smith) (m) 9-1-1849; 2nd Mary McKenzie (m) 11-27-1873; in Madison Co.
Pugh, May, d. 3-30-1900, 1y 6m 17d, d/o C. & D.
Purcell, Infant, no dates, s/o Marion
Purcell, Nellie, no dates, d/o Walter & Mary
Rehard, Flora Viola (Minnick), b. 1885, d. 19---, w/o Leonard V., d/o Frank & Emma A. (White-Cooper)
Rehard, Leonard V., b. 1-13-1882, Madison Co., d. 8-8-1941, w/o Flora V. (m) 1907, s/o John & Laura Elizabeth (Smith), f/o Floyd Vernon
Rowland, Infant, b. 10-25-1906, d. 10-25-1906, s/o C. W. & G. (Murphy) *
Sawyers, Jessie E., b. 9-28-1873, d. 8-23-1909
Scofield, J. A., d. 8-12-1887, 30y 27d
Scofield, Lucilla, d. 1-23-1887, 17y 3d, d/o M. C. & C.
Scofield, Rodilla D., no dates, d/o M. C. & C.
Shaw, John T., d. 10-13-1862, 9m 8d, s/o John T. & Nancy M.
Shoemaker, John C., b. 8-24-1831, Pa, d. 2-6-1909, h/o Mary Steele *
Short, John L., b. Il, d. 5-14-1888, 4y 6m 12d, s/o T. S. & S. F.
Short, Paul W., d. 6-23-1895, 9m 28d, s/o T. S. & S. F.
Smith, Anna E., d. 11-20-1864, 3y 8m
Smith, Aquilla, b. 1788, Jamestown, Va, d. 10-1-1865, h/o 2nd Elizabeth, s/o Elijah & Margaret (Preston)
Smith, Asa Burrell, b. 5-7-1835, Jackson Co. In, d. 10-14-1914, h/o Mary M., (m) 5-1-1864, Madison Co., s/o Aquilla & Elizabeth
Smith, Elijah, b. 1876, d. ---, s/o Aquilla & Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth (Collier), b. 1800, Va., d. 12-23-1862, 2nd w/o Aquilla
Smith, Ernest, b. 1878, d. 5-24-1934
Smith, John C., d. 9-9-1857, 6y 21d
Smith, Lee, b. 1874, d. 1880, s/o Aquilla & Elizabeth
Smith, Levi, b. 5-10-1830, Ky, d. 12-19-1894, h/o Margaret, f/o John C.; Anna E.
Smith, Margaret, d. 8-1857, 21y, w/o Levi
Smith, Mary Matilda (Pender), b. 1-24-1848, Jackson Co. In, d. 4-20-1920, w/o Asa B., d/o Jeremiah C. & Jane (Crawford)
Smith, Mary Polly, b. 12-23-1817, Rockcastle Co. Ky, d. 8-3-1880, d/o Aquilla & Elizabeth (Collier)
Smith, Nellie, b. 11-26-1912, d. 4-6-1913, d/o Walter & May (Purcell) *
Smith, Olive J., d. 1-26-1899, 28y 8m 1d, w/o J. W.
Smith, Stephen, b. 1878, d. 1931, s/o Aquilla & Elizabeth
Stephenson/Stinson, Fredrick, b. 1826, d. 1895 - Civil War Vet.
Stephenson/Stinson, Sophia, b. 1839, d. 1923
Stevens, Louisa (Thornburg), b. 10-30-1836, d. 11-10-1865, w/o Wilford, (m) 8-12-1856, Madison Co.
Stevens, Walter, d. 4-13-1887, 7y 1m 2d, s/o W. & L. S.
Stinton, Margaret, b. 4-11-1822, Rockcastle Co. Ky, d. 2-18-1908, w/o Wm., d/o Aquilla & Eliz. (Collier), (her name is also listed as Stephenson, stating a name change)
Sweeny, Arthur, d. 3-25-1877, 12d, s/o Franklin W. & Laura (Freeborn)
Tannehill, Elder Donnison S., b. Tn, d. 9-29-1861, 47y 20d, h/o Larousa
Tedford, Henry, d. 9-11-1870, 1y 3m 11d
Tedford, James A., d. 9-1868, 10m
Terry, Agnes (Crawford), b. 1852, d. 1937, w/o Wilson, d/o Lewis & Eliz. (Weaver), w/o Wilson
Terry, Infant, b. 5-19-1914, d. 5-20-1914, child of George & Cora (Wright)
Terry, Lulu (Sheldon), d. 12-30-1933, w/o Cleve
Terry, Myrtle, d. 4-27-1885, 3y 6m 3d
Terry, Wilson L. (Rev.), b. 8-11-1851, d. 4-22-1904, h/o Agnes (m) 11-23-1871, Madison Co.
Thornburg, Absolom, d. 1-23-1863, 77y, h/o Delila
Thornburg, Albert Clifton, d. 4-21-1879, 4y 5m
Thornburg, Arthur, b. 7-24-1878, d. 2-14-1916
Thornburg, Delila, d. 2-23-1875, 67y, w/o Absolom
Thornburg, Elizabeth (Fidler), b. 10-12-1813, Nelson Co. Ky, d. 12-12-1851, w/o James, m/o James Cass
Thornburg, Ethelyn, b. 12-24-1908, d. 7-29-1909
Thornburg, Infant, d. 3-28-1885, 11d, s/o W. & E.
Thornburg, James Lester, b. 7-17-1864, d. 1887
Thornburg, Laura I. (Thomas), b. 9-20-1885, Wi, d. 5-1-1914, d/o George & Rose (Gilbert) *
Thornburg, Sarah A., d. 12-25-1875, 3y 25d
Thornburg, Vervie, d. 9-9-1875, 4y 9m 8d, d/o W. & M.
Thornburg, William E., b. 11-25-1875, Madison Co, d. 1-11-1955, s/o Wm. & Eliz.
Utter, Emiline, d. 8-3-1897, 62y
Vermillion, Jaddie, d. 8-20-1876, 6m, adopted s/o R. D. & A. C.
Waren, Sarah E., b. 6-8-1848, d. 8-12-1910
Warenfeldt, Sarah E., b. 6-8-1848, d. 8-12-1910
Weaver, Calvin S., b. 5-29-1911, Madison Co, d. 7-19-2000, Waterloo, Ia, h/o Neva (Morley), (m) 10-31-1941, s/o Charles M. & Nellie (Smith)
Weber, Emma, b. 1864, d. 4-14-1899
White, Edward N., b. 10-18-1840, Oh, d. 6-17-1922, h/o Nancy J.,
White, Myrtle Floss, b. 9-27-1888, Madison Co, d. 1-10-1940, d/o Edw.N. & Nancy J.
White, Nancy Jane, b. 3-3-1845, Oh, d. 8-22-1929, w/o Edward N.
Whitt, Francis D., b. 8-1-1847, Mo, d. 3-5-1915, County Farm, s/o Wm. & Malinda (McQuire) *
Whitt, Martha Marilda (Moore), b. 4-26-1860, Mo, d. 4-29-1949, w/o 1st Luftus White, (m) 1-6-1874, Madison Co.; 2nd Noah B., d/o John H. & Mary Ann (Crow)
Whitt, Napoleon (Noah) Bonapart, b. 7-23-1850, Mo, d. 6-14-1940, h/o Martha M., (m) 7-5-1899, Madison Co., s/o Jeremiah
Woolery, Agnes, d. 10-31-1861, 17y 1m 10d, d/o Eli & Mary
Woolery, Anderson, d. 9-6-1857, 1y 5m, s/o Eli & Mary
Woolery, Eli, b. 1-3-1822, Lawrence Co. In, d. 11-22-1903, h/o 1st Mary; 2nd Emily; 3rd Hannah (Brown), f/o Anderson; Flora; Ida May; Agnes,
Woolery, Emily (Pearson), b. 12-24-1828, Tn, d. 8-15-1891, 2nd w/o Eli
Woolery, Flora, d. 3-4-1868, 7y 1m 10d, d/o Eli & Mary
Woolery, Ida May, d. 4-11-1870, 8m, d/o Eli & Mary
Woolery, Infant, no dates, d. 3d, child of Eli & Mary
Woolery, Mary (Mathias), b. 9-30-1825, d. 11-6-1869, 1st w/o Eli, (m) 1843
Worthing, Dorothy, b. 2-4-1916, d. 2-4-1916, d/o W. W. & Nettie Bell (Rose) **
Wray, Anthony, d. 12-17-1899, 1y 4m 23d, s/o N. & M. D.
Wray, Isaac Earl, d. 12-17-1889, 7m 28d, s/o N. & M. D.
Wray, William L., d. 3-9-1892, 1y 1m 25d
Wright, Daisy (Howard), b. 1885, d. ---, w/o Leroy
Wright, David, b. 9-4-1901, d. 3-17-1903, 1y 6m 13d, s/o Giles O. & Margaret
Wright, Dean Ray, b. 1885, Winterset, Ia, d. 7-4-1959, h/o Katherine B., (m) 2-28-1907, f/o Paul; Margaret (Brittain)
Wright, Giles O., b. 1854, d. 1934, h/o Margaret, (m) 9-26-1878, Madison Co.
Wright, Jessup, b. 8-18-1886, d. 7-8-1912
Wright, Katherine B. (Wentz), b. 10-15-1887, Albia, Ia, d. 3-2-1939, w/o Dean R.
Wright, Leroy, b. 1882, d. 1950, h/o Daisy, (m) 5-18-1901, Winterset, Ia., s/o Giles O. & Margaret
Wright, Margaret C. (Moore), b. 8-13-1864, d. 10-7-1929, w/o Giles O., d/o John H. & Martha Ann (Crow)
Wright, Ralph Otis, b. 3-4-1909, d. 1-17-1910, s/o Dean Ray & Katherine (Wentz)
Wright, William, b. 1841, Roanoke, Va., d. 4-15-1900
Young, George W., b. Md, d. 5-8-1942, f/o Merle (Hamilton)
Young, Infant, d. 11-10-1861, s/o J W. & K. E.
Young, Kathleen, b. 3-24-1912, d. 4-18-1934
Young, Laura B., b. 9-4-1858, d. 9-4-1926

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