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Pitzer-Eppard Cemetery
Jackson Township, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 23' 31"N, 94° 10' 18"W
Jackson Twp R29W Sec 10

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Sep 06, 2000, updated Dec 13, 2003 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 170.

From Pitzer, Iowa take Hwy 92 west to Deer Run Lane, turn right on Deer Run. The cemetery is at 1780 Deer Run Lane.

Also known as Eppard Cemetery and Phillips & Jackson Township Cemetery. The first burial was made some time before 1860, first burial listed below seems to be about 1867, however many of the earliest graves went unmarked.

Early maps use Eppard Cemetery and some of the first burials seem to be Eppard. No one seems certain of the history or date when the cemetery was taken over by the United Presbyterian church of Pitzer, but it is well cared for and in good condition.

This cemetery was walked and recorded by Donna Golightly in 1975. Then again walked, recorded with a digital camera in 2003 by Ida V. Morse. This listing has been transcribed from these sources, with permission, in Dec 2003.

- Judy Wight Branson

Aitchison, Arthur Gordon Jr., b. 4-28-1914, d. 5-14-1914, s/o Arthur & Velma (Duff)
Aitchison, Arthur Gordon, b. 10-17-1880/1881, d. 5-10-1928, h/o Velma G.
Aitchison, Hellen D., b. 5-3-1899, d. 3-20-1901, d/o John F. & Rinda (Hupp)
Aitchison, J. R., b. 1905, d. 1905, 17d, s/o Arthur G. &Velma G.
Aitchison, James Fox, b. 2-27-1839, d. 2-15-1912, h/o Jane M.
Aitchison, Jane M. (Henderson), b. 4-8-1839, d. 5-6-1900, w/o James F.
Aitchison, Velma G. (Duff), b. 10-21-1882, d. 5-1969, w/o Arthur G.
Algreen, Bill, b. 3-28-1902, d, 3-1977, h/o Peggy L.
Algreen, Margaret L., b.7-29-1911, d. 4-1994, w/o Bill
Anderson, Freddie, d. 9-1-1886, 1y 9m 4d, s/o John & Sarah (Frannie)
Anderson, John, b. 10-16-1845, d. 10-30-1910, h/o Sarah F.
Anderson, Sarah F. (Stewart), b. 1852, d. 2-14-1925, w/o John
Armstrong, Grace, b. 1879, d. 6-23-1897, d/o John L.
Armstrong, John Lewellen, b. 1849, d. 8-7-1918, s/o Elliot & Mary (Kee)
Armstrong, Nile W., b. 1900, d. 1900, s/o John L.
Armstrong, Wardy, b. 1886, d. 6-23-1897, s/o John L.
Barnes, Harrison, d. 3-27-1874, 55y 6m 27d
Barr, Eliza A. (Watson), b. 1831, d. 1909, w/o Joseph W.
Barr, Helen Jane, d. 4-27-1908, d/o J. E. & S. H.
Barr, Infant, b. 4-27-1908, d. 4-27-1908, s/o John E.
Barr, John M., b. 1856, d. 1891
Barr, Joseph W., b. 1831, d. 1884, h/o Eliza A.
Beck, Clarence B., d. 1-12-1887, 3m 28d, s/o James G. & Mary R. (Thomson)
Beck, Infant, d. 3-21-1903, s/o Samuel M. & Etta (Brown)
Beck, James A., d. 9-3-1875, 5m 25d, s/o James G. & Mary R. (Thomson)
Bell, Walter, d. 9-13-1869, 35y, Civil War Vet.
Bennett, Nellie Ardella, b. 4-5-1883, d. 11-24-1898, d/o M. W. & E. S. (Sinclaire)
Boothroy, Lilly M., b. 1888, d. 1897
Boyd, David, d. 1-22-1901, 74y , h/o Mary
Boyd, Mary, d. 8-2-1908, 100y, w/o David
Brown, Cora May, no dates, d/o John
Brown, John W., d. 2-25-1874, 49y
Brownell, Minnie L, d. 11-7-1898, 27y
Bunn, Samuel, b. 1-1-1821, d. 2-22-1885, h/o Margaret (McPherrin)
Cline, Fredrick, b. 1-2-1827, d. 11-9-1881, h/o Mary, s/o David & Malinda (Sollars)
Cline, Mary (Williamson), b. 6-29-1828, d. 5-7-1893, w/o Fredrick
Criss, Vada Ellen, b. 11-27-1904, d. 8-31-2002
Curry, Martha, d. 11-15-1879,71y 3m 3d, w/o Robert
Curry, Robert, d. 8-18-1885, 76y 8m, h/o Martha
Davis, John, d. 4-18-1883, 49y 7m 8d, h/o Philena V.
Davis, Lillian E., d. 10-9-1883, d/o John & Philena V.
Davis, Philena Victoria, b. 1836, d. 5-27-1911, w/o John
Duff, Elinor (Donnelly), b. 1810, d. 2-3-1885, w/o James
Duff, Elizabeth W., b. 9-13-1839, d.1-4-1916, d/o Jas. & Elinor (Donnelly)
Duff, James, b. 1803, d. 11-15-1876, h/o Elinor
Duff, Martha, d. 8-15-1884, 43y
Dunn, John E., b. 4-25-1880, d. 5-19-1887, s/o Levi & H. Martha
Dunn, Levi, b.1824, d.1885, h/o 1st Phoebe Bessey, 2nd Martha (Benum)
Early, Elizabeth (McMarren), d. 8-21-1872, 62y 6m 25d, w/o John E.
Early, John E., d. 4-18-1873, 66y 9m 14d, h/o Elizabeth
Early, Myrtle, d. 11-7-1874, 1y 9m 24d, d/o Thomas & Hattie
Eppard, Charlotta Della, b. 9-6-1874, d. 2-12-1875, d/o Wm. S. & Mary C.
Eppard, Jacob Henry, b. 6-24-1870, d. 7-4-1870, s/o Wm. S. & Mary C.
Eppard, Mary Catherine (Meadows), b. 3-28-1838, d. 1-14-1917, w/o Wm. S.
Eppard, William Smith, b. 1-2-1844,. d. 7-8-1919, h/o Mary C.
Ford, Charles Worthington, b. 11-26-1846, d. 8-16-1906, h/o Theresa
Ford, Francis Louis, b. 8-21-1885, d. 4-27-1945, h/o Myrtle E.
Ford, Myrtle E. (Spencer), b. 1888, d. 1968, w/o Francis L.
Ford, Theresa (Bunn), b. 9-4-1850, d. 2-10-1889, w/o Charles W.
Gameron, Jessie T., d. 4-17-1887, 2y 4m 17dm, d/o L.A. & R. R.
Gordon, W. H., d. 9-8-1870, 35y 6d
Hawthorne, Infant, d. 4-22-1918, d/o C. E. & V. F.
Hendrick, Charles Edward, b. 2-26-1919, d. 6-18-1920, s/o Fred & Flossy (Bell)
Hepner, Mary Methene (Smith), b. 1-22-1816, d. 1-5-1913, w/o1st John Eppard, 2nd John Hepner
Hindman, Eliza (McMichael), b. 11-15-1854, d. 3-19-1909, w/o Robert M.
Hindman, Fern Mae, b. 5-2-1906, d. 7-9-1906, d/o R. A. & G. B.
Hindman, Infant, b. 5-2-1906, d. 5-2-1906, d/o R. A. & G. B.
Hindman, Robert McClarren, b. 3-6-1845, d. 5-7-1919, h/o Eliza
Hoeness, Emmanuel, b. 1-10-1867, d. 2-19-1899
Hoeness, Samuel, b.1820, d. 1901
Johnson, Anna Jane (Anderson), b. 1-18-1882, d. 3-7-1942, w/o Emil
Johnson, Emil, b. 1873, d. 1954, h/o Anna J.
Johnson, Frank J., d. 8-19-1879, 25/28y 9m 26d
Kephart, Irene Elizabeth (Mabbitt), b. 2-16-1921, d. 2-4-2002, w/o Cass Evans, Tom Allen, James Kephart
Kephart, James A., b. 10-6-1921, d. 7-31-1993, h/o Irene E.
Kirk, Faith D., d. 4-24-1886, 2y 1m 13d, d/o D. S. & A. Eliza (Gregg)
Lamb, Lottie Virginia, b. 1-20-1912, d. 8-23-1913, d/o Wm. & Corda M. (Wagner)
Mabbitt, Anthony, b. 11-17-1866, d. 1-9-1947, h/o Sarah E.
Mabbitt, Ardelia (Lamb-Banks), b. 2-12-1879, d. 7-3-1955, w/o John W.
Mabbitt, Bertha, d. 7-14-1893, 15y 7m 27d, d/o Wm. & Samantha E.
Mabbitt, Cora B., d. 3-24-1876, 1y 10m 21d, d/o Wm. & Samantha E.
Mabbitt, Donald, b. 1926, d. 1937, s/o Thomas E. & Isadora M. (Harrison)
Mabbitt, Emmaline, d. 8-16-1879, d/o Wm. & Samantha E.
Mabbitt, Eva Anabell, b. 12-21-1883, d. 3-8-1901, d/o Emery & Jessie
Mabbitt, Infant, b. 5-31-1892, d. 6-20-1892, s/o Anthony & Sarah E. F.
Mabbitt, Infant, d. 2-23-1886, s/o M.L. & Wilda
Mabbitt, Isadora Mildred (Harrison), b. 7-28-1905, d. 5-1993, w/o Thomas
Mabbitt, John Wesley, b. 1872, d.7-29-1929, h/o Ardelia, s/o Wm. & Samantha
Mabbitt, Oscar C., b. 10-27-1896, d. 9-1970, s/o John W. & Ardelia
Mabbitt, Samantha E. (Bonner), b. 8-1-1845, d. 7-8-1914, w/o William
Mabbitt, Sarah E., d. 3-26-1874, 1y 7m 15d, d/o Wm. & Samantha E.
Mabbitt, Sarah Ellen Florence (Eppard), b. 8-30-1868, d. 7-12-1959, w/o Anthony
Mabbitt, Thomas Earl, b. 6-22-1900, d. 11-1986, s/o John W. & Ardelia
Mabbitt, William H., d. 3-8-1874, s/o Wm. & Samantha E.
Mabbitt, William, b. 9-6-1833, d. 6-14-1907, h/o Samantha E.
Mabbitt, Willis Royal, b. 12-30-1941, d. 6-23-1942, s/o Thos. E. & Isadora M.
McCorkle, Joanna (Mekemson), b. 12-10-1852, d. 10-27-1888, w/o Merrit H.
McCorkle, Louvisa (Skinner), b. 1-25-1848, d. 10-2-1929, w/o Merrit H.
McCorkle, Merrit Heber, b. 10-22-1852, d. 6-25-1935, h/o 1st Joanna, 2nd Louisa
McDonald, William, d. 1-30-1890, 35y
Meneffe, Dora Belle, d. 7-29-1875, 7m 29d, d/o John W. & Martha J.
Meneffe, Martha J. (Cline), d. 3-20-1876, 23y 2m 23d, w/o John W.
Meneffe, Willie C., d. 6-21-1876, s/o John W. & Martha J.
Moore, Mary Jane (Leighty), d. 2-8-1895, 54y 9m 17d, w/o Wm. A.
Moore, William A., d. 12-17-1904, 66y 6m 25d, h/o Mary J.
Moorman, Lizzie, rest of stone unreadable
Moorman, Louvisa, d 2-27-1871, 2y 2m 1d, d/o J. P. & E. L.
Niblo, Ella M., d. 7-22-1889, 4y 5m 4d, d/o Thomas & Jennie E.
Niblo, Thomas, d. 9-12-1895, 44y 3m 1d, h/o Jennie Eleanor (Brush)
Paullin, Anna M., b. 1907, d. 1928, w/o Wm. Ward
Paullin, Infants, no dates, children of Wm. Ward & Anna M.
Phillips, George, b. 11-10-1865, d. 3-14-1947, h/o Sara
Phillips, John, b. 3-23-1823, d. 5-15-1898, h/o Sally
Phillips, Sally (Hake), b. 2-11-1839, d. 1-22-1931, w/o John
Phillips, Sara Jo-Ann, b. 1866, d. 1929, w/o George
Rehard, Infant, no further info
Roberts, Arthur E., b.4-9-1864, d. 8-10-1896
Rose, Charles H. W., d. 2-1-1867, s/o Willis H. & Charlotta
Rose, Charlotta (Loving), d. 10-11-1886, 93y, w/o Willis H.
Rush, C. Orson, b. 9-24-1885, d.10-23-1943, h/o Maggie M.
Rush, Maggie M. (Groves), b. 5-9-1888,d. 5-26-1960, w/o C. Orson
Ruth, Kenneth J., b. 3-5-1910, d. 1-14-1988, h/o Mabel A.
Ruth, Mabel A., b.7-9-1910, d. 12-2-2002, w/o Kenneth J.
Sawhill, Annette C. (Eckhardt), b. 1-10-1942, d. 11-30-1998, w/o John
Sawhill, James (Rev.), b. 2-22-1829, d. 3-27-1904, h/o Martha
Sawhill, John Robert, b. 3-7-1942, d. no date, h/o Annette C.
Sawhill, Martha Ellen (Wallace), b. 12-1-1843, d. 12-10-1916, w/o James
Schoenenberger, Sylvia (Mabbitt), b. 3-2-1910, d. 3-1-1996
Seymour, Stephen, d. 7-31-1888, 61y 1m 14d
Shade, Anni K., b. 4-21-1903, d. 9-5-1972
Shade, Bertha Blanche (Mabbitt), b. 7-4-1906, d. 4-7-1958, w/o Leland
Shade, Goldie, d. 9-13-1926, d/o Leland M. & Blanche B.
Shade, Lelan M., b. 8-4-1898, d. 10-1979, h/o Bertha B.
Sheely, Harriet, d. 3-27-1881, 38y 10m 17d, w/o Joseph
Shields, Myrtl M., d. 8-1-1875, d/o E. & F.
Shoff, John Herman, b. 1-9-1904, d. 9-20-1976, h/o Lenore Irene (Myers)
Shorb, Elsie Jean, b. 1886, d. 1936, w/o Franklin P.
Shorb, Franklin P., b. 1874, d. 12-15-1954, h/o Elsie J.
Snyder, Infant, b. 4-22-1883,d. 4-22-1883, s/o Josiah A. & Mary E. (Shuck)
Spence, John, b. 3-17-1832, d. 1-14-1916, h/o Mary J. Civil War Vet.
Spence, Mary J. (Richie), b. 11-22-1857, d. 2-7-1906, w/o John
Spence, William, b. 12-21-1847, d. 11-23-1930, s/o John & Mary (Richie)
Spencer, Howard M., b. 1905, d. 6-14-1962, h/o Myra P.
Spencer, Idaletta M. (Mekemson), b. 12-27-1864, d. 11-1-1945, w/o James H.
Spencer, James Harvey, b. 3-4-1861, d. 8-21-1933, h/o Idaletta M.
Spencer, Myra P., b. 1912, d. no date, w/o Howard M.
Spencer, Robert Harvey, b. 5-5-1914, d. 3-1916, s/o Frank R. & Mary J. (Fleming)
Sprunger, Bernice, b. 9-26-1938, d. no date, w/o Willis C.
Sprunger, Kyle Boone, d. 1-20-1987, s/o Dani & Diana
Sprunger, Mabel Maurine (Shrorb), b. 4-4-1916, d. 5-31-1999, d/o Franklin P. & Elsie (Ford)
Sprunger, Willis C., b. 4-20-1936, d. 6-11-1989, h/o Bernice
Sprunger, Willis S., b. 1-15-1910, d. Dec. 1, 1978, h/o Mabel M.
Straub, F. G., b. 12-8-1867, d. 7-7-1915
Sulgrove, Eli, b. 2-8-1794, d. 6-20-1881, Naomah (Thompson), Rosannah (Brice), Barbara F. (Combs)
Weaver, Floretta Arminta (Eppard), b. 12-16-1854, d. 1-11-1941, w/o John W.
Weaver, John William, b. 1-29-1848, d. 6-16-1914, h/o Arminda F.
Williams, Annie L., d. 4-2-1899, 28y
Williams, Charlie, d. 8-23-1870, 1y 5m, s/o J. E. & A.
Williams, Child, d. 6-16-1923, d/o J. T. & H. H.
Williams, Helen Lydia (Hoeness), b. 5-27-1891, d. 12-1-1953, w/o John T.
Williams, Infant, d. 1-24-1871, 1d, s/o J. E. & A.
Williams, John Elza, b. 10-11-1843, d. 12-30-1913, s/o Robt. & B. (Sonder)
Williams, John Taylor, b. 6-30-1877, d. 5-7-1939, h/o Helen L. (Wallace)
Woods, James, d. 9-10-1873, s/o I. L. & E. C. (Brown)
Young, Elmer J., b. 4-28-1893, d. 1-30-1935, s/o Joseph H. & Laura F, Pvt. U.S. Army
Young, Joseph H., b. 1864, d. 1896, h/o Laura F.
Young, Laura F., b. 1867, d. 1954, w/o Joseph H.
Young, Lillie Victoria (Eppard), b. 1873, d. 1956, w/o 1st H. Tobin, 2nd Robert Young
Young, Robert, b. 1874, d. 1956, h/o Lillie V.
Young, Walter, d. no dates, 2y, s/o Joseph H. & Laura F.

Research and Comparisons from: The two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death and cemetery records for Madison County, Iowa, and the Social Security records when possible, for verification, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

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