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Peru Cemetery
Walnut Township, Madison County, Iowa

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson [jlwight@northlink.com] January 15, 2000. Total records = 1124.


* Indicates that part or all of the information came from death records for Madison County, Iowa and / or could indicate an unmarked grave.

Credits: This cemetery was originally walked and recorded by Wilma Johnson and others.

Research and Comparisons: This information was taken from two burial indexes, birth, marriage and death records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records for verification, where possible, in order to make this list accurate as possible.

Pafford, Elizabeth A. (McKee), b.Va., d.10-17-1900, 74 y 6 m 23 d, asthma, w/o Jesse *
Pafford, Jesse, d.5-28-1874, 64 y, h/o Elizabeth A., (m) 10-5-1869 Madison Co.
Parrott, Naomi, b.4-8-1907, d.2-1969, w/o Raymond
Parrott, Raymond, b.9-26-1897, d.10-1963, h/o Naomi
Patrick, Huldah J., b.1877, d.1920, w/o Willis
Patrick, Willis, b.1857, d.---, h/o Huldah J.
Paul, Elmer J., b.8-6-1888, d.5-25-1952, WW I Vet. 302nd Infantry
Paxton, Joseph R., b.1899, d.1973, h/o Minnie M.
Paxton, Minnie M., b.1900, d.1969, w/o Joseph R.
Peacock, Alice M., b.4-23-1913 Madison Co., d.10-13-1913, 5 m 20 d, d/o George H. & Myrtle M. (Denton)
Pettit, Jacob (Jake), b.6-13-1892 Madison Co., d.5-1974, h/o Vella F., (m) 10-6-1919 Madison Co., s/o M. & Melissa (Filby)
Pettit, Raymond Eldon, b.9-9-1920 Madison Co., d.1976, s/o Jake & Vella (Imes)
Pettit, Vella Fern (Imes), b.1898 Winterset, d.1938, w/o Jake, d/o Arthur & Florence (Kirk)
Philby, J. J., no dates, h/o Sydney A., Civil War Vet. Co. I 4th Iowa Calvary
Philby, Sidney A., d.6-16-1867, 59 y, w/o J. J.
Phillips, Chester A., b.1869, d.1960, h/o Cornella H., f/o Carroll Arthur, Paul Alton
Phillips, Cornella H. (Moore), b.1872, d.1944, w/o Chester A.
Phillips, Edwin George, b.11-29-1892, d.11-28-1988, 95 y, h/o Zelma M.
Phillips, Elizabeth May, b.1869, d.1921, w/o Robert E.
Phillips, Infant, d.1954, s/o Lee
Phillips, Levi, d.1-13-1885, 58 y 10 m 25 d
Phillips, Loren Eugene, b.8-1-1925, d.10-30-1926
Phillips, Mansell L., b.9-1-1893, d.10-27-1918, WW I 13th Field Artillery
Phillips, Nelson P., b.1905, d.1923
Phillips, Robert E., b.1865, d.1942, h/o Elizabeth May
Phillips, Zelma M., b.1896, d.1960, w/o Edwin G.
Pickens, Alberta Zilpha (Crosbie), b.1902, d.2-8-1983, 80 y, w/o Samuel C.
Pickens, Lovisa Loraine, b. 5-30-1914, d.5-11-1981, 66 y
Pickens, Mildred D., b.12-31-1921, d.10-19-1964, w/o Robert T.
Pickens, Robert Thomas, b.4-26-1921 St. Charles, d.4-6-1976, h/o Mildred D. s/o Samuel C. & Zipha (Crosbie)
Pickens, Samuel C., b.1885, d.1976, h/o Alberta Zilpha
Porter, Alfred M., b.1885 Clinton Co., Mo., d.1964, h/o Martha J., (m) 5-8-1910 Madison Co., s/o James & Francis (Mottern)
Porter, Catherine (Borders), b.5-18-1835, d.1-29-1896, w/o John T.
Porter, Elsie P., b.1891, d.1965
Porter, Frances (Mottern), b.1866, d.1957, w/o James A.
Porter, Infant, d.1916, d/o Ola & W. W.
Porter, Iola Armenta (Simmons), b.4-5-1887 Peru, Ia., d.11-7-1883, 96 y, w/o Walter W., d/o Joshua & Beatrice (Mease)
Porter, Isaac, b.1841 Va., d.1908, h/o Louisa E., (m) 8-7-1861 Madison Co., f/o Charles A.
Porter, James A., b.1856, d.1919, h/o Frances M., f/o Clara; John F.; Alfred M.; Walter W.
Porter, John, d.9-12-1868, 67 y 8 m 18 d, h/o Susanah
Porter, John C., d.4-6-1868, 1 y 4 m 6 d, s/o Isaac & Louisa E.
Porter, John F., b.2-24-1888 Clinton Co., Mo., d.4-29-1963, h/o Sylvia J., (m) 12-28-1920 Madison Co., & Catherine, f/o Evaline
Porter, John W., b.1-21-1864, d.2-22-1922, 58 y
Porter, Lewis F., b.8-20-1870 Ia., d.9-15-1973, h/o Mary (Molly) E. & Nettie, s/o Isaac & Louisa E. (Hogg), f/o Effie Edna; Mabel L.
Porter, Louisa / Laura Ellen (Hogg), b.1836, d.1910, w/o Isaac
Porter, Lucinda, d.2 y, no dates, d/o Susanah & John
Porter, Lyle E., b.1901, d.1977
Porter, Maggie A., b.2-20-1891, d.2-4-1911
Porter, Martha Jane (Dotson), b.1873 Peru, Ia., d.1947, w/o Alfred M., d/o William T. & Lucy A. (Pumphrey)
Porter, Mary (Molly) E.. (White), b.1879, d.1957, w/o Lewis F.
Porter, Nettie May (Hann), b.1867 Ia., d.4-3-1897, 23 y 10 m 27 d, w/o Lewis F. (m) 11-7-1894 Madison Co., d/o Hugh & Sarah J. (Bowers)
Porter, Newtie, d.3 y 2 m 17 d, s/o Isaac & Louisa E.
Porter, Ola Armenta, b.4-5-1887, d.11-7-1983, 96 y, w/o Walter W.
Porter, Opal Marie, b.9-20-1903, d.5-24-1988, 84 y
Porter, Redman W., b.1879, d.1945, h/o Sarah F.
Porter, Samuel J., b.1862, d.1940
Porter, Sarah F., b.1884, d.----, w/o Redman W.
Porter, Sarah H., b.10-18-1869, d.4-8-1878, d/o Isaac & Louisa E.
Porter, Sarah M. (Decker), b.1861, d.1937, w/o William A.
Porter, Susannah, d.3-18-1869, 63 y 8 m 17 d, w/o John
Porter, Sylvia J. (Gifford), b.1903 Peru, Ia., d.----, w/o John F., d/o Isaac J. & Sarah C. (Stone)
Porter, Walter W., b.2-15-1890 Keystone, Mo., d.3-1972, h/o Iola A., (m) 12-25-1910 Winterset, s/o James A. & Francis (Mottern)
Porter, William A., b.1857, d.1927, h/o Sarah M., (m) 12-19-1878 Madison Co.
Powell, Iver A., b.12-13-1896, d.1-14-1913, s/o Samuel S. & Nettie R.
Powell, L. Zane, d.1-21-1891, 1 y 8 m 10 d, s/o J. H. & T. V.
Powell, Mary J. (Hunt), b.1844, d.1924, w/o Oran
Powell, Nettie R. (Osburn), b.1876 I., d.1951, w/o Samuel S., d/o Merritt & Nancy E. (Eldridge)
Powell, Oran, b.12-6-1839 N. Y., d.6-12-1909, inflam. of liver, h/o Mary J., f/o Samuel & William H. *
Powell, R. Ellen, d.11-20-1913, 82 y 2 m 20 d
Powell, Samuel, d.12-8-1893, 64 y 11 m 8 d
Powell, Samuel S., b.1873 Ill., d.1955, h/o Nettie R., (m) 12-18-1895 Madison Co., s/o Oran & Mary (Hunt), f/o Ruth
Rankin, Alverda F. (Likens), b.6-30-1855, d.8-11-1935, w/o Benona R.
Rankin, Benona Robert, b.7-19-1848 Rockwell, Belmont Co. Oh., d.3-31-1913, h/o Alverda F., (m) 1-5-1876 Brunswick, Mo., f/o Orville; Frank
Rankin, Orville, b.6-18-1877, d.3-8-1895, 17 y 8 m 20 d, s/o Benona R. & Alverda F.
Rankin, James K., b.9-26-1843, d.5-14-1912
Reager, Daniel O., no more information **
Reager, Dolly E., no more information **
Reager, Emma E., d.6-20-1896, 26 y 11 m 13 d
Reager, George Washington, b.Va., d.11-12-1898, old age *
Reager, Isaac, b.5-19-1826, d.12-16-1917, h/o Mary, f/o Daniel O. & Dolly E.
Reager, Mary (Sutherland), b.5-21-1828, d.5-25-1906, w/o Isaac
Reasoner, Emily (McMurray), no dates, w/o John
Reasoner, John, no dates, h/o Emily
Reed, Alice G., d.3-21-1880, 21 y 11 m 17 d, w/o Austin
Reed, Austin, b.9-23-1852, d.6-18-1918, h/o Alice G. & Altha May Beardsley
Reed, Benjamin, b.7-25-1801, d.10-21-1894, h/o Rachel E.
Reed, Rachel E. (Foster), b.1829, d.1926, w/o Benjamin
Reeves, Kristin Rea, b.5-19-1971, d.4-30-1972, d/o Douglas & Diane
Rhone, Clyde W., b.1892, d.1949, h/o Grace J.
Rhone, Grace Jane, b.1896, d.1938, w/o Clyde W.
Rhyno, Cora Alta, b.11-22-1890, d.3-1980, w/o Ivil L
Rhyno, Evaline (Hurt), b.1802 Shenandoah Co. Virginia, d. 5-11-1881
Rhyno, Ivil L., b.1894, d.1956, h/o Ivil L.
Rhyno, Millie L. (Beem), b.1-25-1861 I., d.11-17-1943, w/o Thomas J., d/o William & Amanda (Heacock)
Rhyno, Sarah (Draper), b.6-1-1831, d.12-12-1890, w/o Jeff
Rhyno, Thomas Jefferson, b.2-20-1822, d.10-21-1899, h/o Sarah, s/o Ivil L. & Evaline (Hurt)
Rhyno, Thomas Jefferson, b.8-26-1861 Va., d.6-12-1918, paralysis, h/o Millie L., (m) 3-15-1888 Madison Co., s/o Thomas J. & Sarah (Draper)
Rickets, Elium Fred, b.11-18-1903 Madison Co., d.1933, 28 y, h/o Hazel E., s/o Edwin G. & Nora I. (Gibbons) f/o Raymond Eugene
Rickets, Hazel G. (Kirsch), b.1908, d.1931, 23 y, w/o E. Fred
Robb, Blanche A., b.1888 Virginia, d.1954
Robinson, Charles Donald, b.6-23-1910 Madison Co., s/o Ray N. & Minnie E. (Sage)
Robinson, Charles J., b.1861, d.1941, h/o Ida J., (m) 4-19-1883 Madison Co., s/o David E. & Temperance (Barley), f/o Myra May
Robinson, Harry E., b.1909, d.1914, s/o Mack M. & M. Alice
Robinson, Ida J. (Foster), b.1865 Iowa, d.1954, w/o Charles J., d/o Nathaniel & Mary C. (Collier)
Robinson, Myra Alice (Foster), b.8-17-1874 Iowa, d.3-15-1971, w/o Mack M., d/o Nathaniel & Mary C. (Collier)
Robinson, Mack Michael, b.1866 Va. d.1930, h/o M. Alice, (m) 5-5-1892 Madison Co., s/o David E. & Temperence (Barley), f/o Elsie Gladys, Edith M.
Robinson, Minnie E., b.1891, d. 12-7-1984, w/o Ray N.
Robinson, Ray Nelson, b.6-10-1886 Madison Co., d.1970, h/o Minnie E., (m) 9-15-1909 Madison Co., s/o Charles J. & Ida J. (Foster)
Robinson, Ross E., b.1890, d.1940, h/o Grace Hartman, (m) 3-23-1910 Madison Co.
Robshaw, Ethel M., b.1888, d.1971, w/o Henry
Robshaw, George A., b.12-17-1925, d.9-9-1944, WW II Vet. PFC 358th Inf.
Robshaw, Henry, b.1881, d.1965, h/o Ethel M.
Rocky, Mary L. (Kale), b.1885, d.1943
Rollings, Caleb, b.3-29-1836, d.3-2-1911, h/o Nancy Jane, Civil War Vet.
Rollings, Nancy Jane, b.3-5-1850, d.9-4-1910, w/o Caleb
Rollstin, Clara b.(Simmons), b.1893, d.1975, w/o G. Arthur
Rollstin, G. Arthur, b.1893, d.1968, h/o Clara B., (m) 4-7-1915 Madison Co.
Rolston, Catherine M., d.3-29-1885, 26 y 5 m, w/o Robert
Rolston, Minnie M., d.9-20-1883, 6 m 26 d
Rolston, Robert, d.1-1-1884, 35 y 10 m 17 d, h/o Catherine
Ruth, Thomas Fred, b.12-17-1876, d.8-1964, h/o Venecia
Ruth, Venecia, b.1877, d.1964, w/o T. Fred
Sawhill, Albert E., b.5-6-1892, d.6-1974, h/o Anna R.
Sawhill, Alexander, d.4-26-1891, 68 y 2m 25 d, h/o Jennetta S., f/o Reed; Isabelle; John E.; L. H.
Sawhill, Anna, no dates
Sawhill, Anna J., d.3-25-1874, 10 y 10 m 28 d, d/o Alex & Jennetta S.
Sawhill, Anna R., b.1897, d.1961, w/o Albert E.
Sawhill, Isabella, d.1-17-1875, 23 y 7 m 7 d, d/o Alex & Jennetta S.
Sawhill, Jennetta S. (Jamison), d.12-20-1874, 44 y 3 m 15 d, w/o Alexander
Sawhill, Reed, no dates
Sawhill, Thomas R., d.8-29-1883, 25 y 3 m 6 d, s/o Alex & Jennetta S.
Sawhill, William Lincoln, b.1860, d.1920
Schoenenberger, Anthony, b.11-27-1852, d.6-3-1910, h/o Rhoda A. & Emma, s/o Nicholas & Louisa (Thimmes)
Schoenenberger, Emma (Greer), b.1858 Canada, d.5-27-1887, 28 y 5 m 12 d, w/o Anthony, (m) 4-19-1881 Madison Co., d/o Thomas & Sally (Cloughly), m/o Walker; Estella
Schoenenberger, Frank, d.7-5-1895, 32 y 3 m 14 d, s/o Anthony & Rhoda A.
Schoenenberger, Louisa (Thimmes), b.6-18-1830, d.5-2-1904, w/o Nicholas
Schoenenberger, Nicholas, b.5-5-1818 Germany, d. 10-8-1902, 84 y, old age, h/o Louisa, f/o Anthony; Edward; Henry *
Schoenenberger, Rhoda A. (Fenimore - Hiatt), b.3-27-1865, d.2-22-1950, w/o Anthony, (m) 9-25-1904 Madison Co., d/o William & Martha (Ogburn), m/o Frank; Merle
Schoenenberger, Estella, d.8-3-1887, 7 m 10 d, d/o Anthony & Emma
See, Burl E., b.1886, d.1954, w/o Cecil M.
See, Cecil M., b.4-18-1892, d.12-1975, h/o Burl E.
See, Denise Lynn, d.3-14-1971, d/o Alan & Vicky
See, Elsie M. (Landis), b.1883 Madison Co., d.1967, w/o Homer W., d/o Isaac N. & May A.
See, Florence Almira (Emerson), b.1858, d.1936, w/o William Henry
See, Harry William, d.8-22-1902 Ia., 20 m, cholera, s/o Homer W. & Elsie M. (Landis)
See, Homer W., b.1-19-1879, Madison Co., d.4-1972, h/o Elsie M., (m) 2-18-1900 Madison Co., s/o William H. & Florence (Emerson), f/o Freda Mabel
See, William Henry, b.1855, d.1939, h/o Florence A.
Seifred, James F., b.2-14-1872, d.6-15-1967, h/o Rose B.
Seifred, Rose B., b.1871, d.1958, w/o James F.
Seward, Earl J., b.11-4-1892, d.1-1963, WW I Vet., s/o Jackson G. & Sadie E.
Seward, Goldie Ellen, b.3-28-1905, d.9-24-1984, 77 y
Seward, Jackson G., b.1861 Ind.d.1-11-1912, h/o Sadie E., (m) 11-26-1885 Madison Co., s/o William & Martha Jane (Greer), f/o Earl Joel
Seward, Lyle W., b.1-15-1891, d.5-8-1943, WW I Vet. Iowa PFC 210th Eng., s/o Jackson & Sadie E. (Berry)
Seward, Sarah (Sadie) E. (Berry), b.1866 Ia., d.1939, w/o Jackson G., d/o Joel J. & May (Johnson)
Shade, George W., b.4-3-1896, d.4-1969, h/o Veva G., WW I Vet.
Shade, Veva G., b.1896, d.1970, w/o George W.
Shearer, Claude N., b.3-20-1891 Peru, Ia., d.5-1965, h/o Daisy B., (m) 4-17-1920 Madison Co., s/o Ira & Feyrtla (McKee)
Shearer, Clyde Jewell, b.1893 Peru, Ia., d.1949, h/o Zella K., (m) 7-30-1922 Winterset, Ia., s/o Ira & Rebecca F. (McKee), WW I Vet.
Shearer, Daisy Berdie (Emerson), b.1893 Peru, Ia., d.3-15-1985, 91 y, w/o Claude N., d/o James & Eliza (Miller)
Shearer, Gene Wm., b.9-23-1911 Madison Co., d. 10-10-1935, 24 y, s/o John W. & Maggie M.
Shearer, Gregory Dale, d.11-10-1955
Shearer, Ira S., b.7-20-1861 Montezuma, Ia., d.3-28-1902, blood poisoning, h/o Etta McKee, (m) 11-5-1886 Madison Co., s/o S. W. & Abbie (Morgan)
Shearer, John Walter, b.1887, d.1940, h/o Maggie M., f/o Gene W., John Jewel,
Shearer, Maggie May (Smith), b.1888, d.1967, w/o John Walter
Shearer, Rebecca F., b.5-5-1855, d.11-9-1911
Shearer, Zella Valine (Krell), b.1897 Winterset, Ia., d.----, w/o Clyde J., d/o John W. & Cora b.(Hart)
Shepherd, Maudie M., b.1890, d.1945, w/o Thomas H.
Shepherd, Thomas H., b.1889, d.1967, h/o Maudie M.
Sherbo, Bessie J., b.1-13-1905, d.12-5-1975
Shetterly, David, b.1917, d.1918, s/o Roy A. & Pearl E.
Shetterly, H.R., d.1-21-1961, 67 y
Shetterly, Pearl E. (Hoover), b.1889, d.1977, w/o Roy A.
Shetterly, Robert, b.1912, d.---, s/o Roy A. & Pearl E.
Shetterly, Roy Anderson, b.1890, d.1932, h/o Pearl E., f/o Richard W. H.,
Shipman, Dianna, d.1-8-1889, 80 y 3 m 9 d, w/o John
Showers, Chelce G., b.10-17-1890, d.4-1964, h/o Rosalene B.
Showers, Ella E., b.5-2-1922, d.5-1973, d/o Chelco G. & Rosalene B.
Showers, Rosalene B., b.1889, d.1954, w/o Chelco
Silliman, Arthur E., b.12-6-1884 Ia., d.1-6-1953, h/o Grace E., (m) 9-21-1905 Madison Co., s/o Charses d.& Mary/May C. (Moore), f/o Ella Marie; Clair Elsworth; & Fred Arthur
Silliman, Charles D., b.1850, d.1933, h/o Mary C., f/o Eleta Mary; Alonzo
Silliman, Gertie May, b.8-20-1882, Madison Co., d.10-20-1882, 2 m *
Silliman, Grace E. (Thomlinson), b.6-14-1885 Ia., d.8-1-1921, w/o Arthur E., d/o Peter E. & Sarah E. (Young)
Silliman, Harold Otto, d.6-7-1903, 10 m 27 d, s/o Bennie & Myra *
Silliman, Mary C. (Moore), b.1858, d.1945, w/o Charles D.
Silliman, Neola Blanche (Felton), b.4-12-1899 Warren Co., Ia., d.----, w/o Walter C., d/o Earl & Lucinda (Bryant)
Silliman, Walter Charles, b.10-4-1895 Madison Co., d.10-22-1945, h/o Neola B., (m) 6-11-1919 Madison Co., s/o Charles & Mary (Moore)
Simmons, Beatrice (Mease), b.6-23-1867 Ia., d.4-25-1950, w/o Joshua A., d/o Lewis & Margaret A. (Rocky)
Simmons, Carolyn Louise, no further information
Simmons, Charlotte, b.1881, d.1958
Simmons, Claude Earl, b.2-5-1918 Madison Co., d.1-1974, h/o Wanda M., WW II Vet., s/o George & Nellie F. (Emerson)
Simmons, Elsie Mariam, b.2-16-1893, d.9-13-1988, 95 y
Simmons, George R., b.1889, d.1951, h/o Nellie F., f/o Audrey Marie
Simmons, Gladys (Robinson), b.1893, d.-----, w/o Irvin
Simmons, John Irvin, b.4-27-1895, d.9-1974, h/o Gladys, (m) 11-5-1922 Madison Co., WW I Vet.
Simmons, Joshua A., b.5-6-1860 Oh., d.7-25-1933, h/o Beatrice, (m) 1-8-1885 Madison Co., s/o Alfred R. & Mary C. (Wales), f/o Iola A.
Simmons, Lawrence E., b.7-8-1899, d.7-24-1982, 83 y
Simmons, Lillie, b.1873, d.1950
Simmons, Mabel Anna,b.6-20-1905, d.10-10-1982, 77 y
Simmons, Nellie F. (Emerson), b.12-11-1891, d.10-1963, w/o George
Simmons, Ora, b.1873, d.1938, h/o Dollie E. Foster, (m) 2-6-1901 Madison Co., s/o Alfred & Mary (Wains ?), f/o Lenzel, Ora Dale,
Simmons, Wanda M., b.12-15-1919, d.8-1992, w/o Claude E.
Smith, James A., b.5-4-1895, d.10-8-1947, WW II Vet., P.F.C. 306th Tank Corps.
Smith, Thomas E., b.3-21-1915, d.2-22-1915
Spencer, Bradie b.(Stoneman), b.1885, d.1966, w/o Tommy
Spencer, Brian Henry, b.1-4-1952, d.1-5-1952, s/o Robert
Spencer, Forest David, b.9-10-1913, d.11-26-1998, h/o Pauline M., s/o Tommy & Bradie B. (Stoneman)
Spencer, Pauline M., b.1921, d.----, w/o Forest D.
Spencer, Tommy D., b.1886, d.1-17-1961, h/o Bradie
Sprung, Jesse L., b.1868, d.1949
Sprung, Lyda (Emerson), b.1860, d.1945
Spurgin, Edith, d.10-22-1881, 1 m 29 d, congestion of brain, d/o John J. & S. C. *
Spurgin, Ellenah Joseph, b.1853, d.1931, h/o Mary F., f/o Agnes A.
Spurgin, Infant, d.4-1-1897, s/o E. Joseph & Mary F.
Spurgin, Infants, twins, b.1892 Walnut Twp., d.6-18-1892, s's/o E. Joseph & Mary F.
Spurgin, Mary F. (Cox), b.1865, d.1927, w/o E. Joseph
Stephenson, Blanche Edna, b.1889, d.11-9-1988, 99 y
Stephenson, John E., b.1882, d.4-12-1987, 64 y, h/o Blanche E., WW I
Stirts, Doris Hildred, b.3-4-1899, d.9-17-1988, 89 y, w/o George W.
Stirts, George W., b.10-20-1896, d.12-13-1990, h/o Doris H.
Stoneman, Sarah E. (Moore), b.11-3-1859, d.9-12-1935, w/o Theodore H.
Street, Anna C., b.1857, d.1947, w/o William W.
Street, Infant, b.2-19-1926, d.2-19-1926, d/o James O. & Velcie C.
Street, James O., b.1-15-1898 Savannah, Mo., d.7-14-1983, 85 y, h/o Velcie C., (m) 2-29-1920 Madison Co., William W. & Anna E. (Oreson)
Street, Velcie Celia (Fenimore), b.9-2-1898 Peru, Ia., d.3-2-1989, 90 y, w/o James O., d/o Anderson & Martha A. (Sawhill)
Street, William W., b.1842, d.1924, h/o Anna C., Civil War Co. B 13th Ia. Inf.
Strobridge, C. A., d.12-24-1893, 42 y, h/o Hannah J.
Strobridge, Hannah J. b.1828, d.1900 - w/o C. A.
Sutton, Bertha, b.4-22-1875, d.8-5-1875
Sutton, Orra, b.1-9-1877, d.1-25-1878
Taylor, Abbie H. (Hyde), b.1851, d.1919, w/o Henry L.
Taylor, Henry L., b.1847 Preble, Co. Oh., d.7-23-1926, h/o Abbie H., s/o Wm. & Martha
Taylor, Mabel J., d.1-7-1896, 4 y 2 m 7 d, d/o Henry L & Abbie H.
Taylor, Sarah M., b.1864, d.1956
Thompson, Robert Duane, d.7-29-1985, 53 y
Tilp, Charles C., b.1876 Germany, d.1935, h/o Della, (m) 11-23-1902 Madison Co., s/o John & --- (Gillogly)
Tilp, Della (Lorenzen), b.12-29-1880 Ia., d.11-1976, w/o Charles, d/o Julius & Francis (Gillogly)
Tilp, Paul, b.2-24-1904 Madison Co., d.1934, s/o Charles & Della (Lorenzen)
Tomlinson, Charlie Ray, d.12-26-1886, 26 d, s/o Porter E. & Susan E.
Tomlinson, David M., b.9-28-1835, d.2-23-1906, h/o Susanah, Civil War Vet.
Tomlinson, Edna E., d.6-22-1892, 20 y 2 m 9 d, d/o David M. & Susanah
Tomlinson, Gale Elsworth, b.11-30-1889 Madison Co., d.1961, s/o Porter & Effie (Young)
Tomlinson, Porter E., b.1861 Oh., d.---, h/o Susan E., (m) 11-26-1884 Madison Co., s/o David M. & Susan (Hann)
Tomlinson, Robert W., b.1888, d.1954
Tomlinson, Susan Ella (Young), d.9-13-1901, 35 y 8 m 17 d, w/o Porter E., d/o Samuel & Sarah (Roberts)
Tomlinson, Susanah (Hann), b.3-12-1840, d.4-10-1902, 63 y, w/o David M. *
Torbet, Ernest A., b.3-6-1883, d.3-1971, h/o Mabel S.
Torbet, Mabel Sophia, b.7-16-1895, d.4-10-1987, 91 y, w/o Ernest A.
Travis, Albert R., b.11-8-1886, d.1-24-1887, 2 m 16 d, s/o Samuel C. & Josie
Travis, Cora M. (Benson), b.10-2-1887, d.11-10-1970, w/o Edmund Lisle, d/o Albert P. & Cynthia I. (Miller)
Travis, Delwin E., b.4-27-1886 Ia., d.6-27-1958, h/o Myrtle M., (m) 8-15-1906 Madison Co., s/o Thomas H. & Eliza A. (Bird), f/o Harold E., Madge Edith
Travis, Donald, b.3-25-1925, d.9-20-1928
Travis, Dorothy Valeria (Macumber), b.8-18-1909, d.10-21-1997, w/o Harold E., d/o Gile E. & Dora T. (Holt)
Travis, Elbert H., b.12-3-1874, d.10-12-1893, s/o Sylvester N. & Mary E.
Travis, Ella, b.1880, d.1919, w/o Fred
Travis, Ellis Hoover, b. 11-25-1904, d. 12-4-1904, s/o Martin B. & Nellie F. (Hoover)
Travis, Eliza A. (Bird), b.3-27-1867 Madison Co., d.12-2-1965, w/o Thomas H., d/o Anderson & (Rhodes)
Travis, Edmund Lyle, b.10-25-1886, d.7-10-1945, h/o Cora M., (m) 12-23-1906 Madison Co., s/o Sylvester & Mary ( Hillian), f/o Lorraine; Mary
Travis, Elwood Martin, b.3-26-1900, d.10-1977, h/o Lola Irene Berry (m) 1-17-1923 Madison Co., s/o Thomas & Eliza Alice (Bird)
Travis, Evert, b.3-12-1888, d.3-26-1889, 1 y 14 d, s/o Samuel C. & Josie
Travis, Fred, b.1880, d.1957, h/o Ella
Travis, Harold Emory, b.5-27-1908 Madison Co., d.9-1974, h/o Dorothy V. (m) 6-6-1930 Madison Co., s/o Delwin E. & Myrtle M. (Hann)
Travis, Homer, b.1875, d.1923
Travis, Infant, b.9-27-1909, d.9-27-1909, s/o Delwin E. & Myrtle M.
Travis, Infant, b.7-5-1907, d/o Delwin E. & Myrtle M.
Travis, John B., b.5-5-1854, d.1-4-1933, h/o Martha A., (m) 10-7-1874 Madison Co., d/o Martin b.& Lavina C. (Byer), f/o Ira H.; Derwin M.
Travis, Lavina C. (Byer), d.6-22-1903, 75 y 11 m 19 d, w/o Martin B.
Travis, Lena May, b.Madison Co., d.5-3-1898, 6 y 6 m 26 d, measles, d/o Samuel C. & Phoebe Josie *
Travis, Lilllie (Mennealy), b.1885, d.1937
Travis, Mabel Ruth, b.1894, d.3-23-1935, measles & thyroid problems
Travis, Marian Edna, b.4-24-1907, d.3-7-1980, 72 y
Travis, Martha Alice (Creger), b.9-30-1853 Madison Co., d.10-22-1929, w/o John B.,
Travis, Martin Beatty, d.4-1-1879, 62 y 5 m, h/o Lavina C.
Travis, Martin Beatty, b.1880 Ia., d.1958, h/o Nellie F., (m) 2-12-1902 Madison Co., s/o Sylvester N. & Mary (Hilliman), f/o Joseph Emory, Maud Eliz.; Wilma Elsie; Ellis H.; Madge Edith; Sylvester Earl; Leona Irene; Wendell Ivan; Winifred Ione
Travis, Martin Beatty, b.4-16-1914, d.4-19-1914, s/o E. Lisle & Cora M.
Travis, Mary Elizabeth (Hillman), b.11-10-1844 Des Moines, d.3-28-1927, w/o Sylvester N., d/o Edmond & Ann M. (Donnelly)
Travis, Myrtle May (Hann), b.6-14-1885 Madison Co., d.9-27-1909, compl. from childbirth, w/o Delwin E., d/o George W. & Mary A. (Gillispie)
Travis, Nellie, d.1887
Travis, Nellie Frances (Hoover), b.6-9-1882 Ia., d.1959, w/o M. Beatty, d/o Henry & Sarah (Ray)
Travis, Phoebe Josie (Marshall), b.1866, d.1946, w/o Samuel C.
Travis, Samuel Clark, b.1880, d.1922, h/o Phoebe Josie, (m) 1886 Madison Co., f/o Blanche; Albert R.; Everett M.
Travis, Sylvester Newton, b.10-31-1847 Indiana Co., Penn., d.1922, h/o Mary E., (m) 3-12-1871 Madison Co., f/o Lorena; Elbert H.; Cora Inez; Martin B.; Lena; Edmund Lyle
Travis, Thomas Hamblin, b. 2-2-1859, Madison Co, d. 6-3-1939, h/o Eliza A., s/o Martin B. & Lavina C.
Tripp, Larry Lee, b.4-23-1943, d.9-12-1986, 43 y
Turner, Almond C., b.9-2-1836, d.10-5-1913, PFC Co. 19th Reg. Ill. Calv. Civil War
Vanatta, Helen May (Frey), b.1900, d.1938, w/o Ray C., d/o Albert & Luella (Ulum)
Vanatta, John S., b.1872, d.1951, h/o Mattie D.
Vanatta, Mattie D., b.1874, d.1967, w/o John S.
Vanatta, Ray Earl, b.1896, d.------, h/o Helen M., (m) 8-28-1928 Madison Co., s/o John S. & Mattie (Fox), f/o Mary Lou; Dorthea L.;
Vasey, Diane Kay, b.4-2-1966, d.8-18-1989, 23 y
Vines, Albert B., b.1853, d.1919, h/o Alice L., f/o Jerome N.
Vines, Alice L. (Rummell), b.1858, d.1938, w/o Albert B.
Vowell, Dorothy Edna, b.8-19-1913, d.3-28-1989, 75 y, w/o Harrison S.
Vowell, Edna M., b.7-2-1894, d.7-4-1970, w/o Frank C.
Vowell, Frank C., b.4-4-1889, d.12-4-1972, h/o Edna M.
Vowell, Harrison S., b.5-13-1918, d.----, h/o Dorothy E.
Waechter, Catherine (Dewitt), d.12-4-1880, 43 y 7 m, w/o J. J.
Waechter, Henry O., b.3-29-1902, d.12-14-1932, WW I, s/o Ulrich Z. & Lillie E. (Fenimore)
Waechter, James D., d.10-14-1894, 30 y 5 m 28 d, s/o J. J. & Catherine
Waechter, John Jacob, b.Switzerland, d.10-11-1899, 66 y 6 m 11 d, h/o Catherine Dewitt & Mary Ann Emerson (m) 6-7-1881, Civil War Co. D 19th Ia Vol. Inf., s/o Jacob & Anna (Kaeser)
Waechter, Lilllie E. (Fenimore), b.3-3-1874 Ia., d.2-25-1956, w/o Ulrick Z., d/o William & Martha (Osborn)
Waechter, Loyd U., b.8-26-1895 France, d.7-31-1918, Iowa Inf. 168th Div. s/o Ulrick Z. & Lillie E. (Fenimore)
Waechter, Sarah C., b.Ohio, d.12-1-1880, 43 y 7 m *
Waechter, Ulrick Z, b.7-22-1866 Ia., d.10-14-1915, h/o Lillie E., (m) 5-7-1891 Madison Co., s/o John & Catherine (Dewitt), f/o H. O.
Ward, Charlie M., d.10-9-1875, 3 y 2 m 4 d, s/o R. F. & E.
Weaver, Albert Newton, b.1879, d.1956, h/o Rilla D.
Weaver, Caroline Frederika, b.1877, d.12-30-1936, 59 y, w/o James F.
Weaver, George W., b.3-20-1877, d.2-13-1899
Weaver, Hubert Raymond, b.4-29-1890, d.11-19-1910, s/o Wm. J. & Jane
Weaver, Harland, b.10-13-1913 Madison Co., d. 10-13-1913, s/o Orville E. & Myrtle C. (Hann)
Weaver, James F., b.1873, d.1953, h/o Caroline F.
Weaver, John, b.8-28-1869, d.4-22-1894
Weaver, Mary Ethel (Rhone), b.2-8-1888, d.3-1971, w/o Sheldon O.
Weaver, Myrtle Catherine (Hann), b.1884, d.1963, w/o Orville E.
Weaver, Orville Elsworth, b.1882, d.1963, h/o Myrtle C., f/o Francis Christina;
Weaver, Paul, d.1917
Weaver, Raymond, b.1911, d.1911, 3 m
Weaver, Rilla Diane, b.1885, d.1961, w/o Albert N.
Weaver, Sheldon O., b.1883 Madison Co., d.1971, h/o Mary E., (m) 11-28-1908 Madison Co., s/o William J. & Jnae (Porter)
Weaver, Tom P., b.1882, d.1942
Weaver, Wayne Wesley, d.10-29-1980, 68 y
Weaver, William J., no dates, h/o Jane, Co. H 23rd Iowa Inf. Civil War
Welch, Samuel I., d.2-15-1894, 76 y 9 m 28 d, h/o Susan
Welch, Susan, d.1-21-1901, 74 y 8 m, w/o Samuel I.
White, Anna Isabell (Hayden), b.1-27-1862 Ill., d.3-17-1941, w/o Joel M., d/o Nathaniel & Nicola (Bradley)
White, Joel M., b.3-29-1861 Ia., d.8-26-1843, h/o Anna I., (m) 2-2-1886 Madison Co., s/o John d.& Fanny (Garretson)
Wilkinson, Clyde, b.1889, d.1959, h/o Ruth
Wilkinson, Ruth, b.1892, d.1942, w/o Clyde
Willoughby, Carole Rae, b.12-6-1938, d.1-28-1985, 46 y
Wilson, Alta G., b.11-6-1886, d.2-14-1887, d/o A. H. & S. E.
Winchester, Edith, d.11-6-1895, 12 y 29 d, d/o S. b. & R. C.
Winterhalter, Connie R. (Allsup), b.1952, d.1973
Woodman, Phyllis M., b.1923, d.----
Woodman, Stephan B., b.10-19-1951, d.12-9-1976, U. S. Coast Guard, Vietnam
Woodman, William E., b.1911, d.----
Worm, Fred Davis, b.1897, d.1-26-1989, 91 y, h/o Zelma A.
Worm, Zelma A., b.1903, d.1972, w/o Fred D.
Wren, Gerald Allen, b.1955, d.1965
Wright, Hiram C., b.9-24-1830 Canada, d.5-25-1898, 68 y 4 m, heart trouble, h/o N. J. *
Wright, Maggie C., d.2-25-1873, 1 y 8 m 9 d, d/o H. C. & N. J.
Wright, N. J. (McClelland), b.8-4-1834, d.2-3-1907, w/o H. C.
Wymore, Jesse E., b.1897, d.1956, h/o Velma M.
Wymore, Velma Mae, b.1898, d.2-27-1984, w/o Jesse E.
Youmans, Annie M. (Delong), d.1-29-1883, 29 y 2 m 19 d, w/o Russell D., m/o Daisy Mabel
Youmans Belle (Deardorff), b.1863 Ia., d.1935, w/o George W., d/o Jacob & Sarah (Kerr)
Youmans, Beulah L., b.11-19-1895, d.11-9-1898, scarlet fever, d/o G. W. & R. b.*
Youmans, Clyde William, b.3-14-1892, d.11-1974, h/o Floy M., s/o Russell d.& Julia (Deardoff)
Youmans, Daisy Mabel, b.1-9-1883, d.7-20-1883, 6 m 11 d, d/o Russell d.& Annie M. (Delong) *
Youmans, Edith Gertrude (Frank), b.7-15-1892, Clark Co., Ia., d.3-2-1985, 92 y, w/o Ernie C., d/o Henry & Lill (Neidt)
Youmans, Ernest C., d.1-9-1890, 22 d, s/o Russell d.& Julia E.
Youmans, Ernie C., b.11-20-1890, d.3-1973, h/o Edith G.
Youmans, Florence (Floy) Mae (Fenimore), b.5-6-1889, d.12-2-1981, 92 y, w/o Clyde W., d/o Anderson & Mattie (Sawhill)
Youmans, George W., b.1857 Ill., d.1950, h/o Belle, (m) 3-17-1886 Madison Co., s/o Jason & Sarah (Rivenborgh ?)
Youmans, Jason, b.1816, d.1893, h/o Sarah
Youmans, Julia E. (Deardoff), b.1859 Ia., d.1947, 2nd w/o Russell D., d/o Jacob & Sarah (Kerr)
Youmans, Russell David, b.1849 N. Y., d.1917, h/o 1st Anna M. Delong, 2nd Julia E., (m) 24-1885 Madison Co., s/o Jason & Sarah (Rivenborgh ?), f/o Gladys Verdie
Youmans, Sarah (Rivenborgh ?), b.1826, d.1905, w/o Jason
Youmans, William J., b.1862, d.1951
Young, Jennie E., d.1-16-1881, 9 m 18 d, d/o A. S. & P., lung congestion *
Young, H. Charles, d.1902, no further info
Young, Sarah (Roberts), d.9-15-1908, 81 y 8 m 29 d, w/o Samuel R.
Young, Samuel R., d.8-25-1896, 75 y 4 m 1 d, h/o Sarah
Zimmerman, Elmer Clay, b.1866, d.1925, h/o Mary G.
Zimmerman, Mary Gertrude, b.1875, d.1922, w/o Elmer Clay

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