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Peru Cemetery
Walnut Township, Madison County, Iowa

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson [jlwight@northlink.com] January 15, 2000. Total records = 1124.


* Indicates that part or all of the information came from death records for Madison County, Iowa and / or could indicate an unmarked grave.

Credits: This cemetery was originally walked and recorded by Wilma Johnson and others.

Research and Comparisons: This information was taken from two burial indexes, birth, marriage and death records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records for verification, where possible, in order to make this list accurate as possible.

Hager, Bobby Eugene, 1948
Hager, Eddie Frank, 1946
Hager, Larry Lyle, b.10-4-11961, d.9-13-1980, 18 y
Hager, Melvin Frank, b.9-25-1900, d.7-23-1989, 88 y
Ham, Frank H., b.1884, d.1966
Ham, Glen Dale, d.5-21-1933
Ham, Hugh, b.Md., d.1-2-1899, 76 y 3 m, congestion of kidneys *
Ham, Sybil Fay, b.1886, d.1921
Hamand, Frieda L., b.12-27-1912, d.8-29-1985, 72 y, w/o Leo C.
Hamand, Leo C., b.8-21-1910, d.2-1-1971, h/o Frieda K.
Hamand, Leonard A., b.1885 Ill., d.1957, h/o Versa R., (m) 12-25-1906 Madison Co.
Hamand, Myrtle M., b.4-8-1862, d.6-25-1939, w/o Sebastian B.
Hamand, Sebastian B., b.2-28-1858, d.2-6-1942, h/o Myrtle M.
Hamand, Versa Rella (Hiatt), b.4-12-1883 Ia., d.4-1974, w/o Leonard A., d/o Noah Webster & Mary A. (Dunlop)
Hann, Andrew Johnson, b.6-13-1865 Ia., d.4-28-1939, h/o Mary, (m) 2-17-1895 Madison Co., s/o Hugh & Sarah Jane (Bower), f/o Gladys Marie
Hann, George W., b.1858, d.9-3-1932, h/o Mary P. & Myrtle E., (m) Mary 11-9-1882 Madison Co., s/o Hugh & Sarah Jane (Bowers)
Hann, Hugh, d.1-2-1899, 76 y 3 m, congestion of kidneys, h/o Sarah J. *
Hann, Mary J. (Gillsespie), b.1862 Canada, d.1899, w/o George W., d/o Joseph & Mary (Church), m/o Clyde F.
Hann, Mary J. (Mollie) (Hogg), b.4-15-1866 Ia., d.2-16-1847, w/o Andrew J., d/o William & Elizabeth (Umphery)
Hann, Myrtle Elizabeth (Lane), b.1873, d.1917, w/o George W., m/o Norma E.
Hann, Sarah J., b.1831, d.1927, w/o Hugh
Hann, Sybil Fay, b.1886, d.1921
Harper, Edna A., b.8-13-1878, d.9-19-1903, w/o T. A.
Harper, Maynard L., b.12-13-1899 Madison Co. d.7-1973, h/o S. Phyllis, s/o Wheatly M. & Pearl (Powell)
Harper, Oran, b.12-16-1899, d.12-7-1903, s/o T. A. & Edna A.
Harper, Pearl (Powell), b.1881 Ia., d.1927, w/o Wheatly, d/o Oran & Mary (Hunt)
Harper, Sarah Phyllis, b.8-10-1905, d.4-1982, w/o Maynard L. Sr.
Harper, Tony A., no dates
Harper, Wheatly Michael, b.1872 Madison Co., d.8-24-1936, h/o Pearl, (m) 10-5-1898 Madison Co., s/o Wheatley & Mary (Bowers)
Hart, Harlan A., b.1-28-1899, d.8-1972, h/o Helen P.
Hart, Helen P., b.7-3-1907, d.11-20-1995, w/o Harlan A.
Harwood, Charlotte May (Gifford), b.7-27-1890, d.3-1963, 2nd w/o Joseph L., m/o Bessie Lavina & Mabel Almy, d/o Isaac John & Sarah (Porter)
Harwood, George A., b.1852, d.1934
Harwood, Joseph Leland, b.5-1-1864 Clinton Co., Ia., d.1943, h/o 1st Marilla Stanfield-Davis (m) 12-23-1890; 2nd Charlotte M. Gifford, (m) 10-29-1908, both in Madison Co., s/o Joseph & Mary (King), f/o Grace; Edward; Isaac; Walcott
Harwood, John W., b.1854, d.1936, h/o Julia E.
Harwood, Joseph, b.12-12-1821, Warsaw, Ky., d.9-9-1908, h/o Mary, (m) 12-4-1856 Ill., f/o Joseph L.; W. A.
Harwood, Joseph Woodrow, b.4-23-1917, d.1920, s/o Joseph Lester & Lottie (Gifford)
Harwood, Julia E., b.1857, d.1946, w/o John W.
Harwood, Mary (King), b.6-24-1826, d.3-26-1909, w/o Joseph
Harwood, Otis L., d.1-8-1881, 5 m 18 d, s/o John W. & Julia E.
Harwood, W. A., b.1-13-1860 Franklin Co., Ill., d.12-21-1941, s/o Joseph & Mary (King)
Haskell, Chad Thomas, b.10-13-1970, d.7-31-1976, s/o Judy A. & Tom
Haskell, Emma J., b.3-9-1913, d.7-31-1976, w/o William F.
Haskell, Judy A., b.8-16-1944, d.7-31-1976, d/o Emma J. & William F.
Haskell, William F., b.3-31-1906, d.7-31-1976, h/o Emma J.
Haskell, William T., b.8-25-1943, d.7-31-1976, s/o Emma J. & William F., All of the Haskell's listed above were victims of the Big Thompson Canyon flood in Colorado
Hayden, Annabelle, b.11-30-1876, d.9-1978, w/o Charles J.
Hayden, Carrol Nathenial, b.2-25-1912, d.1921, s/o Charley J. & Belle (Fields)
Hayden, Charles J., b.1869, d.1951, h/o Annabelle
Hayden, Dennis Gale, b.11-8-1890 Madison Co., d.2-1970, h/o Mary G., s/o Elijah &
Martha Anne, no dates (Hogg)
Hayden, Elijah, b.1859 Ill., d.1939, h/o Martha Anne, (m) 1-12-1882 Madison Co., s/o M. & Mally (Riley)
Hayden, Hays M., b.1836, d.1897, Civil War Co. B 29th Illinois Infantry
Hayden, June Denzel, b.1894 Ia., d.12-19-1934, 40 y, h/o Georgia May Hench, (m) 3-12-1919 Madison Co., s/o Elijah & Martha A. (Hogg)
Hayden, Lula E., b.1879, d.1898, w/o Thomas W.
Hayden, Mahala (Bradley), b.12-29-1839, d.8-26-1943, w/o Nathaniel A.
Hayden, Martha Anne (Hogg), b.1860, d.1931, w/o Elijah, d/o William & Elizabeth (Humphery)
Hayden, Mary G., b.1899, d.1974, w/o Dennis G.
Hayden, Nancy M., b.1873, d.1936, w/o P. W.
Hayden, Nathaniel A., b.5-5-1834 Fleming Co., Ky., d.11-21-1910, h/o Mahala Bradley & Nora Eliza Walker
Hayden, Niota, d.11-7-1871, 10 m 27 d, d/o M. M. & M. E.
Hayden, Pearl Catherine, b.1900, d.1917
Hayden, P. W., b.1872, d.1952, h/o Nancy M.
Hayden, Thomas W., b.1857, d.1919, h/o Lula E.
Haynes, Kathryn D., d.1-4-1923, 5 m 4 d, d/o G. M. & G. M.
Henthorn, Berta (Bennett), b.1870, d.1941, w/o William A.
Henthorn, Marion / Madison, b.2-2-1903 Madison Co., d.5-22-1904, s/o William & Berta *
Henthorn, William A., b.1872, d.1945, h/o Berta
Hiatt, Aaron, b.2-16-1815, d.10-12-1903, h/o Sarah
Hiatt, Arthur W., b.1854, d.1942, h/o Hattie J., f/o Della M.
Hiatt, Arvilla May (Foster), b.1863, d.1924, w/o William L., d/o Lewis & Mary Ann (Powell)
Hiatt, Beatrice, b.1894, d.1910, d/o William L. & Arvilla M.
Hiatt, Beulah, b.5-18-1893, d.8-21-1922
Hiatt, Beulah May, b.1888 Madison Co., d.1922, d/o Joseph N. & Rhoda A. (Fenimore)
Hiatt, Clell, b.1898, d.1918, WW I Co. A 168th Ia., Inf., s/o Arvilla M. & Wm. L.
Hiatt, Clifford M., b.12-21-1878, d.1-1966, s/o Arthur W. & Mattie J.
Hiatt, Elverna M., b.8-4-1882, d.1886, d/o Wm. L. & Arvilla M.
Hiatt, Esther, d.4-11-1880, 77 y 1 m 27 d
Hiatt, Everett William, b.11-16-1896 Madison Co., d.8-5-1898, cholera, s/o Joseph N. & Rhoda A. (Fenimore)
Hiatt, Martha (Hattie) J. (McKee), b.1857, d.1937, w/o Arthur W.
Hiatt, Infant, no dates, s/o Elvernie
Hiatt, Jesse, d.1-17-1898, 71 y 10 m 28 d, h/o Rebecca
Hiatt, Joseph Nelson, b.11-24-1852 Mills Twp., Grant Co., Ind., d.1927, h/o Rhoda Ann Fenimore, (m) 1887 Ind., f/o Merle H., Beulah May, Eulah Z. Velma M. & Everett William
Hiatt, Lura M., b.1-12-1888, d.12-9-1888
Hiatt, Mattie J., no further information
Hiatt, Maude M. (Dowler), b.2-24-1890 Madison Co., d.8-15-1967, w/o W. Earl, d/o Stewart & Sarah J. (Hogg)
Hiatt, Nancy Ellis (Douglas), b.1858 Ia., d.12-28-1901, paralysis, w/o Noah W., d/o James & Percillia (Holmes) *
Hiatt, Noah W., b.1857, d.1939, h/o Nancy A., (m) 3-16-1881 Madison Co., s/o Jesse & Rebecca (Pearson), f/o Versa Rella
Hiatt, Odell, b.1893, d. 1918, WW I
Hiatt, Rebecca A. (Pearson), d.8-31-1911, 83 y 1 m 7 d, w/o Jesse
Hiatt, Sarah, b.7-1-1818, d.6-20-1880, w/o Aaron
Hiatt, Serena J., b.5-21-1866, d.6-25-1904, d/o Jesse & Rebecca A.
Hiatt, Sylvanus J., b.2-20-1873, d.4-24-1944
Hiatt, W. E., d.8-5-1898, 1 y 7 m 20 d, cholera *
Hiatt, Warren Earl, b.1885 Madison Co., d.1940, h/o Maude M., (m) 3-8-1915 Madison Co., s/o William L. & Arvilla (Foster)
Hiatt, William Lewis, b.1860 Ia., d.1910, h/o Arvilla M., (m) 6-4-1882 Madison Co., s/o Jesse & Rebecca (Pearson), f/o Melvin Edward
Hillman, Anna May, d.11-14-1897, 82 y 10 m 20 d, w/o E.
Hillman, E., d.3-17-1880, 61 y 9 m 13 d, h/o Anna M. Hilton, Willard, d.9-4-1985
Hogg, Andrew J., b.1830, d.9-23-1877, 47 y, h/o Rebecca, (m) Madison Co, no dates
Hogg, Bessie, b.10-18-1896, d.1-20-1897, d/o John & I. J.
Hogg, Edith, b.1902, d.3-24-1904, measles *
Hogg, Elizabeth, b.3-8-1828, d.5-1-1910 / 1918, w/o William
Hogg, Eva D., 1905, d.1915
Hogg, Freddie, b.1892, d.1893, s/o Andrew J. & Rebecca H.
Hogg, Infant, b.1908, d.1909, d/o Mary
Hogg, Iva Jane (Ellis), d.2-1873, 67 y 5 m, w/o John
Hogg, John, d.5-31-1886, 83 y 2 m 16 d, h/o Iva Jane, f/o William E.
Hogg, John, b.11-2-1870, d.7-1-1901, 30 y, T.b.*
Hogg, Mary V., b.1897, d.1907
Hogg, Nettie V., b.1893 Truro, d.4-27-1896, 4 y, diphtheria *
Hogg, Nettie d.(Draper), b.1884, d.1968, w/o Wilbert E., d/o Simeon & Mary (Gearhardt)
Hogg, Rachel E. (Moore), b.1868 Ia., d.1918, w/o Thomas J., d/o Jehu & Mgt. (Brown)
Hogg, Rebecca (Humphrey), b.1834, d.11-4-1898, w/o Andrew J.
Hogg, Thomas J., b.1868 Ia., d.1934, h/o Rachel, (m) 4-21-1891 Madison Co., s/o William & Elizabeth (Humphry)
Hogg, Wilbert /William E., b.1881, d.1963, h/o Nellie D., (m) 5-17-1902 Madison Co., s/o G.W. & Mary G. (Garst), f/o Thelma Lorena & Olive E.
Hogg, William, b.2-25-1825, d.7-27-1905, h/o Elizabeth
Hogg, William Everett, b.2-7-1899 Madison Co., d. 7-31-1900, s/o John & Iva Jane (Ellis)
Hogue, Clyde, b.1894 Neb., d.1973, h/o Susie (m) 11-16-1915 Madison Co., s/o Wesley & Francis (Garst)
Hogue, Gerald W., b.10-8-1916, d.8-11-1943
Hogue, Harold C., b.8-17-1918, d.3-29-1919
Hogue, Ota Opal, b.2-22-1903 Madison Co, d.10-2-1905, d/o George & Martha M. (Crum)
Hogue, Reva A., b.2-24-1915, d.6-4-1915, d/o Wilbert E. & Nellie D.
Hogue, Susannah (Susie) Lois (Miller), b.12-25-1894 Ia., d.11-13-1983, 88 y, w/o Clyde, d/o Elias & Joanna (Wagner)
Hole, James F., b.Peru, Madison Co., d.11-17-1884, 8 m 7 d *
Hole, unmarked grave, (could be grave of Marie Hole, g-dau. of Grant & Suzie)
Hole, Suzie, b.1860, d.1933, w/o Grant
Hole, Grant, b.1866, d.1932, h/o Suzie
Hollingsworth, Agnes (Lorimor), b.1872, d.1957, w/o Darius
Hollingsworth, Bessie J. (Lorimor), b.1880, d.1945, w/o Dennis E., d/o Benjamin
Hollingsworth, Betty, d.6-1-1921, 9 m, d/o M. E. & Rena
Hollingsworth, Calvin S., b.Madison Co., d.12-5-1865, s/o Nimrod b.& Evaline
Hollingsworth, Darius, no more information, f/o Eugene
Hollingsworth, Dennis E., b.12-19-1874, d.1963, h/o Bessie J., s/o Nimrod & Evaline, f/o Evaline; Helen; Mary; Nimrod Bernard
Hollingsworth, Evaline (Hiatt), b.11-5-1840 Ind., d.9-14-1935, w/o Nimrod B., d/o Aaron
Hollingsworth, James, b.8-1-1801, d.12-1-1883, h/o Mary
Hollingsworth, Mary, d.1-13-1872, 62 y 25 d, w/o James
Hollingsworth, Mary, b.12-5-1806, d.1-4-1870, w/o James
Hollingsworth, Mira, d.10-12-1871, 4 y 3 m 11 d, d/o Nimrod b.& Evaline
Hollingsworth, Nellie D., no more information
Hollingsworth, Nimrod B., b.3-9-1841 Grant Co., Ind., d.7-22-1914, h/o Evaline (m) 12-25-1862 Madison Co., s/o James & Mary (Brooks)
Hollingsworth, Rena b.(Draper), b.1891 Masonville, Ia., d.1930, w/o Martin E., (m) 9-1-1916 Madison Co., d/o Lyman A. & Ellen (Kerns)
Hollingsworth, Wilbert A., no further information
Holloway, Elda (Emerson-Mattern), b.3-3-1870, d.3-23-1950, w/o Frank, (m) 1-4-1902 Madison Co., d/o James & Mary Ann (Conway)
Hoover, Edward Ames, b.7-19-1867, d.7-1969, h/o Lavina J., f/o Bessie E.; Emory Neal
Hoover, Joseph Henry, b.1859, d.3-3-1961, 103 y, h/o Sarah Jane, (m) 3-23-1879 Madison Co., f/o Nelle Frances
Hoover, Lavina Jane (Ryan), b.4-15-1867, d.4-5-1918, w/o Edward A.
Hoover, Lewis B., b.9-15-1864, d.1-12-1932, h/o Minnie F., f/o Everett; Iris; Willma Fay
Hoover, Minnie F. (Fenimore/Simmons), b.1-30-1875, d.3-30-1954, w/o Lewis
Hoover, Nellie May, d.3-7-1870, 7 d, d/o I. & M.
Hoover, Sarah Jane (Ray), b.1861, d.1937, w/o Joseph Henry
Hoover, Vera, b.9-15-1906, Scott Twp., Madison Co., d.9-13-1958, d/o Lewis & Minnie F.
Hope, Laura, b.1903, d.1936, w/o Ray
Hope, Ray, no further information
Hope, Samuel Raymond, b.1900, d.11-10-1981, 81 y, h/o Laura
Hopkins, Mildred (Crawford), b.1919, d.----, w/o Robert G.
Hopkins, Robert G., b.1923, d.---, h/o Mildred
Howard, Albert, d.2-25-1893, 62 y 2 m 5 d, h/o Jane, f/o Fred & George
Howard, Jane (Matten / Maden), d.4-5-1893, 52 y 9 m 12 d, w/o Albert
Hubbard, George W., d.4-20-1905, 5 y 9 m 8 d, s/o J. d.& E.
Hulbert, Coral L., b.6-5-1896, d.12-3-1973
Hull, Clara L., b.1864, d.1923, w/o Lawrence M.
Hull, Ezra E, b.6-8-1885, d.1-1976, h/o Nellile M.
Hull, Jennie Leona, b.6-5-1898, d.3-3-1969, w/o Lawrence W.
Hull, Lawrence M., b.1854, d.1932, h/o Clara L.
Hull, Lawrence W., b.8-18-1889, d. 3-2-1955, h/o Jennie L., WW I Vet. U.S. Navy
Hull, Nellie M., b.1884, d.1966, w/o Ezra E.
Hurt, Evaline, b.Va., d.3-11-1881, 79 y 7 d, *
Husted, Alonzo Frank, b.3-23-1897, d.7-24-1975, h/o Lenore I.
Husted, Everett Eldon, b.1-11-1895 Madison Co., d.----, h/o Venia A., s/o Thomas E. & Olive A. (Gilliam)
Husted, Forrest Glenn, b.8-21-1906 Madison Co., d.1-22-1908, s/o Thomas E. & Lucinda C. (Foster)
Husted, Lenora I. (Myers), b.6-15-1903, d.---, w/o A. Frank
Husted, Lucinda (Foster - Childers), b.1866 Iowa, d.1960, w/o Thomas E., 2nd marriage, m/o Lesley Alamer, d/o Thomas & Nancy J. (Gilliam)
Husted, Nellie R., b.11-27-1897 Madison Co., d.3-2-1902, d/o Charles E. & Minnie M. (Allen)
Husted, Ollie Albertina (Gilliam), b.1871 Iowa, d.2-12-1898, 27 y, blood poisoning, 1st w/o Thomas E., m/o Eldon & A. Frank, (m) 8-19-1894 Madison Co., d/o Robert T. & Cathrine (Draper) *
Husted, Phillip Dale, b.1-21-1918 Madison Co. d.1925, s/o A. Frank & Lenore I. (Birth records shows s/o Eldon & Ola V. (Ballard)
Husted, Thomas Elvin, b.1873 Iowa, d.1954, h/o Ollie A. & Lucinda C., (m) 2nd 12-21 1898 Madison Co., s/o Thomas & Mary S. (Means), f/o Eugene
Husted, Verna O., b.1895, d.----, w/o Eldon E.
Huston, Leota B., b.1916, d.----, w/o Roy M.
Huston, Mary A., d.8-15-1910, 83 y 6 m 26 d
Huston, Roy M., b.1916, d.1977, h/o Leota B.
Hylton, Dale E., b.1891, d.1960
Hylton, Ila, b.1889, d.1963
Hylton, R. Lowell, b.1914, d.1929
Jackson, Earl, b.3-11-1891, d.12-31-1956, WW I Vet.
Jackson, Johnie, no dates
James, F. M., b.10-7-1871, d.8-10-1908
James, G. J., b.1-12-1863, d.10-4-1940, h/o Ida E.
James, Ida E., b.12-14-1875, d.3-10-1905, w/o G. J.
James, James W., b.12-18-1865, d.9-1-1948
James, Lloyd Sloan, b.4-3-1898, d.6-24-1953, WW I Vet.
Jeffs, Everett Luther, d.8-16-1988, 91 y
Johnson, Mary Ellsworth (Wright), b.1862 Des Moines, Ia., d.5-11-1884, 22 y 2 m 3 d, w/o Robert H., (m) 2-21-1883 Madison Co., d/o Hyram C. & Nancy J. (McClelland)
Jones, Clara, b.1896, d.1968, w/o Harry N.
Jones, Cordie S., d.10-13-1886, 1 m 5 d, d/o A. J. & A. C.
Jones, Emma Fannie, b.1879, d.1963, w/o John F.
Jones, Gene Laverne, b.1930, d.1931
Jones, Harriet M. (Berry), b.11-6-1827, d.10-19-1902, w/o John T.
Jones, Harry N., b.1895, d.1963, h/o Clara
Jones, John Franklin, b.1879, d.1948, h/o Emma F.
Jones, John T., b.2-25-1813, d.7-4-1886, h/o Harriet M., f/o b.T.
Jorgenson, Ed M., b.1888, d.---, h/o Nora B.
Jorgenson, Golda A., b.6-6-1898, d.11-1969, w/o Leonard C.
Jorgenson, Infant, d.4-29-1902, d/o F. C. & E. E.
Jorgenson, Infant, d.5-31-1901, s/o F. C. & E. E.
Jorgenson, Leonard C., b.11-11-1894, d.3-1967, h/o Golda A.
Jorgenson, Nora B., b.1889, d.1965, w/o Ed M.
Kale, John R., b.9-26-1863, d.9-25-1890, 48 y 14 d
Kale, Mary Ann, d.1862, 77 y, w/o G.
Kale, Reuben A., d.4-29-1879, 88 y 11 m, h/o Susanna Reed, (m) 2-24-1858 Madison Co.
Kale, Virgil J., b.Center Twp., d.9-25-1901, 7 y, diabetes *
Kelly, Esther Jean, d.5-30-1932
Kephart, Alvin Martin, b.1-5-1905, d.12-3-1979, 74 y
Kephart, Marva E. (Smith), b.1883, d.1948, w/o Thomas J.
Kephart, Thomas J., b.1875, d.1942, h/o Marva E., f/o Mabel A., Thomas J.
Kilgore, Daisy J., b.1-11-1902, d.7-1974, w/o Glenn C.
Kilgore, Glenn C., b.7-28-1902, d.4-1972, h/o Daisy J.
Killion, Asa A., b.12-29-1882 Ia., d.5-21-1933, h/o Zoa E., (m) 12-23-1905 Madison Co., s/o Will & Elizabeth (Hayden)
Killion, Zoa Effie (Weeks), b.8-24-1885 Ia., d.2-26-1936, 50 y, w/o Asa A., d/o James F. & L.J. (Higgins)
Kinkennon, Aleta Ruth, b.1926, d.1976
Kinkennon, Earl Lenley, b.10-25-1917, d.11-24-1947, lost at sea WW II
Kinkennon, Fay A. (Seward), b.1887 Iowa, d.1947, d/o Jackson T. & Sadie Evelyn (Berry)
Kinkennon, Nathan William H., b.8-17-1884, d.7-8-1966, h/o Fay A., (m) 3-1-1908 Madison Co., s/o Nathan W. & Aleda (Halverson), WW I Vet. PFC Co. K 1st Inf.
Kirk, Ann Jane (Stevens), b.1844, d.1928, w/o Thomas J.
Kirk, Anna, b.1832, d.6-14-1910 - w/o John W.
Kirk, Anna (Dorrell), b.12-15-1840 - d.6-10-1910 - w/o Joseph H.
Kirk, Clyde C., d.2-13-1902, 17 y 6 m 11 d
Kirk, Dora J., b.1879, d.1959, w/o Fred E.
Kirk, Emory Dale, b.1-26-1905, d.10-20-1905, 8 m 26 d, s/o Fred E. & Dora J.
Kirk, Fred E., b.1877, d.1946, h/o Dora J.
Kirk, Joseph H., b.5-20-1847, d.3-12-1934, h/o Anna, (m) 2-21-1869 Madison Co., f/o James
Kirk, Mary E., b.1-5-1846, d.5-1-1910
Kirk, Nellie A., b.1883, d.d 1901
Kirk, Thomas J., b.1849 Ind., d.7-22-1926, h/o Ann, (m) 4-11-1869 Madison Co., s/o John b. & Lucy
Kirk, Walter A., b.1872, d.1890
Kirsch, Beulah I., b.12-3-1919, d.8-20-1991, w/o John W.
Kirsch, Jack, b.4-25-1906, d.------
Kirsch, Jacob Joseph, d.3-3-1982, 99 y, h/o E. F. Griffith
Kirsch, John Woodrow, b.11-2-1913 Madison Co., d.1976, h/o Beulah I., s/o Jacob J. & E. F. (Griffith)
Kirsch, Rosa Ellen, b.9-28-1885, d.2-12-1980, 94 y
Kirsch, Wayne, b.1924, d.1929
Kirsch, William, b.1883, d.1949
Kreeland, Frank Lyman, b.Mass., d.9-12-1891, 20 y 4 m, struck by train, died of injuries *
Landis, Anna N. (James), b.1871 Madison Co., d.1944, w/o William B., d/o Benjamin & Mary (Bilderback)
Landis, Billie Dean, b.4-14-1932, d.10-9-1983, 51 y
Landis, Bird W., b.1891, d.1918
Landis, Dora Lucille (Draper), b.7-11-1903 Peru, Ia., d.3-1994, w/o Frank J., d/o Lyman A. & Ellen (Kerns)
Landis, Frank, b.10-2-1896, d.10-1982
Landis, Frank Jennings, b.1904 Madison Co., d.10-7-1982, 86 y, h/o Dora Lucille, (m) 4-10-1924 Madison Co., s/o William b.& Anna (James)
Landis, Isaac N., b.1844, d.1916, h/o Mary A., Civil War Vet.
Landis, Joseph L., b.1878, d.1959, (poss, child of Isaac & Mary)
Landis, Laura, dates unreadable, 1 y 2 m 9 d, d/o Isaac N. & Mary A.
Landis, Mary A. (Kale), b.1846, d.1923, w/o Isaac N.
Landis, Minney J., dates unreadable, d/o Isaac N. & Mary A.
Landis, William B., b.1868, d.1949, h/o Anna N., (m) 1-7-1890 Madison Co., s/o Isaac & Mary (Kale), f/o Nellie June; Frank J.
Leak, John M., b.1858 Ind., d.1920, h/o Viola, (m) 11-2-1897 Madison Co., s/o S. G. & Catherine (Camplin)
Leak, Viola (Grimes), b.3-23-1873 Iowa, d.4-17-1928, w/o John E., d/o G. W. & Penelope (Imes)
Lehmer, Eula Wyletta, d.10-5-1986, 70 y
Lehmer, Kassie G., b.1976, d.1976, child of Roy & Tala
Lehmer, Louis Alosius, b. 8-14-1913, d.8-8-1989, 75 y
Lemon, Kelly Greg, b.8-29-1963, d.7-31-1976, died in flood at Big Thompson Canyon, Co.
Lents, John William, b.4-20-1914, d.9-23-1982, 68 y
Lilley, Arie (Simmons), b.1878 Iowa, d.1913, w/o J. Harvey, d/o Jacob & Nancy (Osborn)
Lilley, Eliza E. (Dewitt), b.1838, d.1916, w/o P. R.
Lilley, James Harvey, b.1875 Ia., d.1913, h/o Arie, (m) 11-18-1899 Madison Co., s/o P. R. & Eliza (Dewitt), f/o G. L.
Lilley, P. R., no dates, h/o Eliza E., Co. d.19th Iowa Infantry
Lilley, W. L., b.5-7-1865 Ia., d.10-30-1912, h/o Rosavelle Weaver, (m) 1-12-1890 Madison Co., s/o P. R. & Eliza (Dewitt)
Lloyd, Edgar M., d.9-1-1895, 2 y 11 m 26 d, s/o J. J. & M. A.
Lorentz, George W., b.1873, d.1929, h/o Hattie P.
Lorentz, Hattie P. (Williams), b.1878, d.1968, w/o George W., f/o Mildred E.
Lorimor, Bernie, no dates
Lorimor, Eliza B., d.4-11-1893, 36 y 6 m 6 d, h/o Sarah Orpha Marchell, (m) 2-17-1879 Madison Co.
Lorimor, Elizabeth E., b.9-3-1863, d.5-3-1895
Lorimor, George A., b.1908, d.1910, s/o Lee & Jennie
Lorimor, Howard R., b.1869, d.1943, h/o Nora E.
Lorimor, Jennie (Jorgenson), b.1882, d.1971, w/o Lee
Lorimor, Lee, b.1877, d.1954, h/o Jennie
Lorimor, Mary J., b.3-5-1915 Madison Co., d.1915, d/o Lee & Jennie (Jorgenson)
Lorimor, Nora E., b.1877, d.1963, w/o Howard R.
Lorimor, Willie, no dates
Lutter, Frank E., b.12-25-1876, d.6-1963, h/o Mary E. & Nancy Jane
Lutter, Mary E., b.1874, d.1943, w/o Frank E.
Lutter, Nancy Jane, b.1885, d.1967, w/o Frank E.
Lytle, William L., b.9-9-1827, d.12-29-1862, 35 y 3 m 20 d, Civil War Vet.
McBride, Lillian Ann (Hann), b.7-23-1893, d.5-30-1988, 94 y
McCauley, Jim S., b.3-26-1896 Madison Co., d.11-27-1958, h/o Olive, s/o Eli & Rebecca (Montgomery), WW I PFC Co. A 129th
McCauley, Olive, b.1903, d.1944, w/o Jim S.
McClelland, John L., b.11-15-1842, d.10-1-1923, h/o Ruth B.
McClelland, Ruth b.(Johnson), b.6-24-1849, d.2-3-1916, w/o John L.
McClelland, William, b.5-5-1837, d.8-23-1887
McClintic, Benjamin E., d.2-11-1885, 11 y 4 m 24 d, s/o John E. & Eliza A.
McClintic, Eliza Ann (Hiatt), b.1840, d.1912, w/o John E.
McClintic, Infant, d.7-10-1868, d/o John E. & Eliza A.
McClintic, John E., b.1837, d.1913, h/o Eliza A., (m) 4-8-1859 Madison Co.
McClintic, J. Walter, no further information
McClintic, Mary E., no further information
McClintic, Minnie M., b.8-23-1878, d.----
McClintic, Nathan E., d.6-23-1874, 4 y 9 m 8 d, s/o John E. & Eliza A.
McClintic, R. Bailey, b.1866, d.1925
McClintic, Riley F., b.8-13-1893, d.6-7-1914
McGinnis, Martha A., d.3-9-1896, 33 y 9 m 6 d
McGlothlen, Elizabeth, b.4-1-1865, d.1-23-1945
McKee, Beverly, b.4-9-1921, d.8-9-1928
McKee, Hilda (Maxwell), b.10-2-1891, d.6-28-1926
McKee, John Floyd, b.5-7-1894, d.9-9-1908, s/o John R. & Mary E.
McKee, John R., b.1862 W. V., d.1932, h/o Mary E., (m) 12-8-1888 Madison Co., s/o John R. & A. (Edmonson)
McKee, Mary E. (Creger), b.1866 Iowa, d.1931, w/o John R., d/o John & Margaret (Dally), m/o Drury E., Margaret Ann
McKee, Walter J., d.12-20-1879, 26 y 11 m 11 d, s/o E. A. & J. R.
McKeever, Oliver Wallace, b.9-28-1917, d.4-8-1985, 67 y
McKeever, Ron W., b.12-11-1957, d.12-17-1971, s/o Bill & Velma
McKeever, William Frederick, b.1-31-1922 Madison Co., d.7-7-1988, 66 y, s/o Oliver Franklin & Nellie (Young)
McKibban, Dale, b.7-13-1901, d.2-3-1905, s/o Frank M. & Harriet L
McKibban, Francis (Frank) M., b.1869 Iowa, d.1915, h/o Harriet Lovina Osborn, (m) 3-1892 Madison Co., s/o Josiah & Lucinda (Shearer), f/o Glenn S.
Malone, Buna, no dates
Malone, Frank, no dates
Malone, John William, b.1-11-1926, d.2-16-1926, s/o William L.
Malone, Vera, no dates
Marchel, Catherine M., d.12-23-1874, 49 y 4 m 8 d, w/o John
Marchel, Frans Siegel, b.1862, d.1935
Meader, Clarence H., b.1867 Illinois, d.1952, h/o Mamie E. Powell, (m) 12-27-1893 Madison Co., s/o Wm. H. & Louisa J. (Steele), f/o Ruby Gladys, Mary L.
Meader, Dessie L. (Decker), b.5-16-1898, d.11-6-1997, w/o Harry L.
Meader, Harry L., b.1896, d.1971, h/o Dessie L., (m) 2-21-1917 Madison Co.
Meader, Louisa J. (Steele), b.9-1-1831, d.2-2-1903, w/o William H.
Meader, Mary E., b.11-2-1875, d.1-11-1910
Meader, Mary L., b.1-27-1904, d.7-3-1906
Meader, William H., b.-4-1826, d.10-2-1897, h/o Louisa J.
Mease, Grover C., b.1888 Madison Co., d.1953, h/o Ethel, (m) 10-27-1907 Madison Co., s/o J. C. & Laura (Howell)
Mease, Nora Ethel (Emerson), b.1888 Madison Co., d.4-19-1979, 90 y, w/o Grover C., d/o J. S. & Sarah (Lilley)
Mease, Paul M., b.3-14-1910, d.9-21-1910, s/o Ethel & Grover
Miller, Delores Ilene, d.11-29-1980, 50 y
Millsap, Dustin Jay, d.5-3-1977, s/o Keith & Patty
Molloy, Inez L., b. 8-7-1926, d.4-10-1987, 60 y
Moore, Delila M. (Hoyt), b.1880, d.1919, w/o W. H.
Moore, Herbert, b.1881, d.1950
Moore, J. C., no more information
Moore, James, b.1906, d.1906, s/o Herbert
Moore, James Franklin, b.3-4-1844 Kendell Co. Ill., d.11-18-1915, h/o Martha M., s/o Richard & Rebecca
Moore, John, b.1833 Belmont Co. Oh., d.7-20-1890, 58 y 7 m 20 d, h/o Owen Brown
Moore, Johnson, b.6-5-1830, d.3-16-1911, h/o Mary J.
Moore, Martha M. (Shearer), b.4-12-1847, d.----, w/o James C.
Moore, Mary Jane (Williams), b.10-6-1834 Penn,, d.5-23-1909, apoplexy, w/o Johnson, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Budd)
Moore, Mary L., b.4-28-1869, d.9-14-1929
Moore, Melish, d.2-12-1942, 96 y 8 d
Moore, Nancy Alsettie, b.2-11-1871, d.6-27-1897, 26 y 4 m 16 d, d/o J. & M. J.
Moore, William H., b.1871 Madison Co., d.10-13-1935, h/o Delila M., s/o James C. & Martha M. (Shearer)
Moore, Willie, d.3-4-1907, s/o W. H. & Delila M.
Morgan, Mary C., b.1885, d.----, w/o Samuel L.
Morgan, Samuel L., b.1885, d.1941, h/o Mary C.
Mothorn, S. E., d.8-14-1894, 20 y 9 m
Myer, Lydia Ann, b.5-18-1846 Vermont, d.7-25-1893, 48 y, w/o C. J., Dropsy *
Myers, Earl Ray, b.9-26-1930, d.5-9-1985, 54 y
Neidt, Edith E. (Spurgin), b.1893, d.1969, w/o Frank E.
Neidt, Frank Eldon, b.11-20-1892, d.12-26-1980, 88 y, h/o Edith E.
Neidt, Pauline M., b.2-26-1919, d.3-23-1919, 1 m, d/o Frank E. & Edith E.
Nelson, David Wayne, b.1951, d.1951
Nelson, Eliza E., b.1860, d.1941, w/o Willaim A.
Nelson, Gladys Marie, b.12-3-1903, d.3-8-1988, 84 y, w/o Ray
Nelson, Ray, b.5-11-1903, d.7-22-1986, 83 y, h/o Gladys M.
Nelson, William A., b.1860, d.1931, h/o Eliza E.
Nichols, Alvin L., b.1892, d.1953, h/o Madge O.
Nichols, Bessie O., b.1896, d.1918
Nichols, Bettie Colleen, b.1934, d.1948
Nichols, Carrie E., b.1902, d.1962
Nichols, Elijah, b.1896, d.1952, h/o Grace, WW I Vet.
Nichols, Ernest R., b.5-18-1894, d.7-1960, h/o Sadie M.
Nichols, Eva P., b.1919, d.----, w/o Harris W.
Nichols, George F., b.1906, d.1972
Nichols, Grace, b.1903, d.----, w/o Elijah
Nichols, Harriet E. (Hogg), b.1862, d.1952, w/o John K., d/o Wm. & Eliz. (Humphrey)
Nichols, Harris W., b.1920, d.1968, h/o Eva P.
Nichols, John K., b.1861 Ill., d.1945, h/o Harriet, (m) 4-9-1882 Madison Co., s/o Elijah & Malvina (McManaway)
Nichols, Larry Dean, b.7-28-1936, d.11-22-1958, Vet. Iowa SP 4 Co. A 725th
Nichols, Madge O., b.6-3-1897, d.3-1981, w/o Alvin L.
Nichols, Robert C., b.1885, d.1962
Nichols, Sadie May, b.3-25-1890, d.1-25-1980, 89 y, w/o Ernest R.
Norman, Minnie D., d.2-6-1877, 1 y 1 d, d/o W. b.& C.
O'Brien, Minnie, b.1885, d.1921
Ogburn, Merritt, b.1843, d.1925, h/o Ellen, (m) 10-28-1875 Madison Co.
Ogburn, Nancy Ellen (Eldridge), b.1849, d.1925, w/o Merritt
Oglesbee, Albestes, b.1869, d.1928, h/o Sallie B., f/o Cecil; Lelah Marie;
Oglesbee, Edna L., b.12-20-1904, d.7-23-1992, w/o Elza L.
Oglesbee, Elizabeth Jane (Kale), b.1848, d.1916, w/o John
Oglesbee, Elza L., b.1-1-1903, d.3-25-1988, 85 y, h/o Edna L., (m) 3-4-1930, s/o Vernie & Nettie (Simmons)
Oglesbee, Flavy Bessie, b.3-11-1907, d.1938, d/o Vernie & Nettie
Oglesbee, Idora Nettie (Simmons), b.1875, d.1925, w/o Vernie, d/o Alfred R. & M. C. (Waln)
Oglesbee, John, b.9-7-1843, d.5-21-1910, h/o Elizabeth J., f/o Lauretta & Louella
Oglesbee, Levi, b.1851, d.1918, h/o Mary S.
Oglesbee, Mary S., b.1846, d.1916, w/o Levi
Oglesbee, Norma Pauline, b.1932, d.1933
Oglesbee, Sallie b.(Twining), b.1873, d.1957, w/o A. Bert
Oglesbee, Vernie, b.1874 Iowa, d.1932, h/o Nettie, (m) 4-16-1902 Madison Co., s/o John & J. (Kale), f/o Flavy Bessie; Elza L.
Orr, Tootsie, d.11-8-1907, 1 y 7 m 13 d, d/o Harry d.& Blanche G. (Murray)
Osborn, Charles (Charlie) N., b.1858 Albenning, Ill., d.8-9-1927, h/o Mary C., (m) 2-2-1888 Madison Co., s/o Jed & Harriet (Stewart), f/o Velma Marie
Osborn, Cleo M., no dates, d/o Earl & Sallie A.
Osborn, Earl, b.1885, d.1963, h/o Sallie A., (m) 1-28-1909 Madison Co.
Osborn, G. M. D., b.1844 Vt., d.1916, h/o Catherine Lovelace, (m) 3-21-1881 Madison Co., s/o Jed & Harriet (Stewart)
Osborn, Harriet P. (Stewart), b.N. H., d. 9-7-1899, 82 y 7 d, w/o Jed *
Osborn, Homer Eugene, b.12-9-1909 Madison Co., d.6-16-1984, 74 y, s/o Earl & Sallie (Palmer)
Osborn, James M., b. 5-2-1842 Johnstown, N. Y., d.1-19-1911, h/o Permelia, (m) 1870, s/o Jed & Harriet (Stewart), f/o Lorena; Kenton; Frank; Mina; Jed; Samuel; Jesse; Darwin; Earl; Lawrence; Ethel
Osborn, Jed, b.Maine, d.9-20-1876, 65 y 2 m 11 d, h/o Harriet P.
Osborn, Kittie M. (Guthrie), d.1-27-1904, 30 y 3 m 8 d, w/o Kennie N., (m) 2-12-1898 Madison Co., d/o C. R. & C. A. (McNeil)
Osborn, Laura B., no dates, d/o Earl & Sallie A.
Osborn, Mary C. (Evans), b.1869 Iowa, d.1942, w/o Charlie N., d/o Henry & Mary Atkinson)
Osborn, Millie O., no dates, d/o Charlie N. & Mary K.
Osborn, Permelia (Young), b.5-17-1853, d.5-17-1934, w/o James M.
Osborn, Sallie A. (Palmer), b.9-15-1888, d.11-15-1969, w/o Earl

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