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Payton Cemetery
Jefferson Township, Madison County, Iowa

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Sep 05, 2000 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 56.

This cemetery was originally walked and recorded by Lewis E. Morris in April of 1975.

Research & Comparisons From: The two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death and cemetery records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records when possible, for verification, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

Baldwin, Rachel, b. 9-21-1795, d. 12-5-1867, 72y 3m 24d, Consort of J. B. Baldwin
Balsm, Julie, b. 1868, d. 1869, (Borm)
Campbell, Jennie (Copley), b. 1-13-1866, d. 10-21-1867
Campbell, Lillie, d. 8-8-1870, 2y 21m 8d
Fisher, Alice N., b. 1866, d. 1867
Fisher, Elmer L., d. 9-21-1862, 1y 1m 18d, s/o H.W. & H. M.
Fisher, George, b. 1807 Brown Co.,Oh., d. 7-15-1882, 74y, h/o Sarah (m) 1827 Oh., f/o David
Fisher, George, b. 1837, d. 12-11-1924, h/o Phoebe R., f/o Franklin Lewis
Fisher, Infant, d. 8-27-1882, 1m 6d, d/o Edward S. & Mary E. (Noe)
Fisher, Isaac, d. 1878, no further info
Fisher, Lewis W., d. 11-12-1862 Camp Patterson, Mo., 20y
Fisher, Phoebe R. (Hester), b. 1847, d. 1879, w/o George
Fisher, Sarah (Mears), b. 1808 Oh., d. 1899, w/o George
Fisher, William M./N., d. 1-13-1865/1875 Davis Island, N.Y, 32y
Gilkey, Clara E., d. 3-13-1861, 2m 15d, d/o W. T. & S. B.
Gilkey, Frank Elbert, d. 5-11-1861, 11d, s/o W. T. & S. B.
Golden, Abram, b. 12-21-1831, d. 3-27-1913/1916, h/o Rachel J.
Golden, Rachel J., b. 3-14-1835, d. 9-28-1910, 76y 6m 14d, w/o Abram
Hester, Infant, d. 4-16-1873, d/o C. & G. A.
Hester, Orion B., b. 2-10-1871, d. 5-19-1894, 23y, s/o Isaac & Eleanor
Hester, Alice J., d. 3-13-1863, 2y 8m, d/o C. & G. A.
Hester, Child, b. 11-3-1884, d. 11-23-1886, child of J. F. & E. C.
Hester, Clyde, d. 5-8-1875, 7m, s/o William & Sabina
Hester, David E., d. 3-26-1872, 3y 9m 4d, s/o C. & G. A.
Hester, Dwight, b. 6-21-1884, d. 2-16-1896, s/o William & Sabina
Hester, Eleanor H., d. 4-21-1881, 78y, w/o Isaac
Hester, Infant, d. 12-5-1877, d/o C. & G. A.
Hester, Infant, d. 8-21-1867, s/o C. & G. A.
Hester, Isaac, d. 6-26-1871, 61y 8m 18d, h/o Eleanor H.
Hester, Levi R., d. 1862, 27y, s/o Isaac & Eleanor
Hughes, George T., d. 8-5-1872, 30y 3m 25d, h/o Harriet R. (m) 12-25-1868 Madison Co.
Jennings, Merial, b. 5-27-1890, d. 5-30-1891, d/o E. & M. A.
Jennings, Robert Warren, b. 1918, d. 1918, s/o Roy & Alma
Lavocia, Edward S., No dates
Lavocia, Elizabeth, no dates
Lavocia, George, no dates
Lavocia, Mary Jane, no dates
Lee, Achsam, d. 6-20-1913, 82y 1m 23d
Lee, Mary E., d. 2-8-1902, 69y 6m 22d
Leonard, George W., b. 9-20-1838, d. 9-5-1908
Leonard, Julie E., d. 3-17-1869, 1y 6m 4d, d/o George W. & S. A.
Leonare, Rachel, d. 3-20-1869, 2y 6m, d/o George W. & S. A.
Mitchell, Caroline, b. 7-25-1814, d. 8-30-1891, w/o John N.
Mitchell, E. Carrie, d. 10-9-18??, 3y 9m 9d - d/o W. D. & Samantha
Mitchell, John H., b. 2-11-1812, d. 12-11-1898, h/o Caroline
Mitchell, William D., b. 3-20-1850, d. 11-1-1896, h/o Martha A. (Mattie) (Richards), f/o George M.
Payton, Olive M., d. 3-22-1868, 9m 8d, d/o B. W. & A.
Rose, Charles W., b. 5-8-1858, d. 1866, s/o David H. & Matilda
Rose, Matilda (Payton), d. 12-28-1887, 60y 3m 1d, w/o David H., m/o Perry E.
Rose, Oriele, b. 3-24-1871, d. 11-8-1885, d/o John A. & Joanne R.
Rose, Rufus M., b. 8-28-1851, d. 11-20-1865, s/o David H. & Matilda
Shebal, Phebe, d. 2-11-1872, 33y 19d, w/o G.
Shepard, Credinet, d. 11-6-1862, d/o B. L. & H.
Violet, Jemima (Downing), d. 10-1-1879, 58y 7m 19d, w/o James E./O.
Violet, L. M., d. 11-21-1881, d/o James E./O. & Jemima E.
Wade, Infant, b. 1919, d. 1919
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