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McGinnis Cemetery
Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 21' 08"N, Lon: 93° 53' 34"W
Crawford Twp, R26W, Sec 30

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Nov 01, 2000 [jlwight@northlink.com].
Total records = 196.

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McGinnis Cemetery, Section 30, Patterson, Crawford Township, Madison County, Iowa Research and Comparisons: From two burial indexes, birth, marriage and death records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records for verification where possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

* Indicates that all or part of the information on that individual came from the death records for Madison County, Iowa.

- Judy Wight Branson

Anderson, DeWitt B., b. 2-12-1890, d. 2-4-1963
Anderson, Elvin, d. 7-4-1889, 4y 7m, s/o J. T.
Anderson, J. T., d. 5-1-1905, 55y 6m
Anderson, Jessie M., b. 9-23-1900, d. 3-4-1971
Anderson, Rachel (Bridges), b. 3-22-1854, d. 1-14-1914, d/o Edith (Walters)
Anderson, William C., b. 1876, d. 1946
Arnold, Child, d. 10-4-1871, 12y 2d, s/o Samuel & Maria
Arnold, Emma A. (Stout-Reed), b. 3-29-1859, d. 3-9-1901, blood poisoning, w/o George W., d/o Elvis & Abigail (Brassfield) *
Arnold, George Elvis, b. 1857 Ind., d. 2-25-1898, lung fever, s/o George & Emma
Arnold, George W., b. 3-28-1857, d. 5-26-1927, h/o Emma (m) 2-4-1892 Patterson, Madison Co., s/o Samuel & Maria (Bennett)
Arnold, Lottie, d. 7-22-1895, 1y 9m 10d, d/o S. J. & L. E.
Arnold, Maria (Bennett), b. 10-30-1825, d. 12-18-1914, w/o Samuel B.
Arnold, Rosella (Debord, b. 1882, d. 3-16-1917
Arnold, Samuel B., b. 1822, d. 4-7-1874, h/o Maria, f/o S. J.; James M. & George W.
Beal, Elizabeth, b. 1777, d. 4-22-1858, 66y 6m
Bird, Butler B., b. 9-5-1894, M/C, d. 5-22-1953, Ca., s/o J. Graham & Mary
Bird, Butler, b. 11-29-1838 Millersburg, Holms Co., Ohio, d. 4-25-1897, 58y 5m 4d, h/o Mary S. (m) 11-24-1859 Madison Co., s/o Wm. & Sarah (Daniels-Davis), f/o Eva (Farris); Jessie (Miles); Clyde (Patterson); May (Howell) & John Graham
Bird, Grace (Blosser), b. 1874, d. 1959, w/o Graham, d/o Samuel & Ann (Gillogly)
Bird, John Graham, b. 1870, d. 5-26-1941, h/o Grace (m) 9-5-1893 Madison Co., s/o Butler & Mary S. (Graham), (born in Scotland)
Bird, Mary Scott (Graham), b. 5-16-1838, d. 9-28-1899, cancer, w/o Butler (m) 11-24-1859 Madison Co., d/o John & Mary (Small), (born in Scotland) *
Black, Mary Ann, d. 7-19-1908, 80y 8m, w/o William H.
Black, William H., d. 8-9-1892, 84y, h/o Mary Ann
Booth, Charles Edwin, b. 3-20-1859, Oh, d. 5-6-1921, h/o Elvina
Booth, Charles, b. 1912, d. 1913, s/o Roy & Malissa
Booth, Clarence Wm., b. 9-28-1906, d. 9-1972, s/o Chs. E. & Elvina
Booth, Elvina (McClain), b.2-22-1864, Ia, d. 12-27-1906, w/o Chs. E.
Bowman, Leamonds S. (Lee), b. 1859, d. 3-4-1947, h/o Sophia E.
Bowman, Sophia Ellen (Weaver), b. 5-19-1868, M/C, d. 4-18-1947, w/o Lee
Brassfield, Child, d. 5-2-1871, 2y
Brassfield, Sarah, b. 1806, d. 1879
Breman, Dewitt T., d. 4-18-1980, 82y
Breman, Florris Nadine, b. 1930, d. 1931
Breman, J. E., b. 1852, d. 1928, h/o Mary E.
Breman, Mary E., d. 6-16-1887, 32y, w/o J. E.
Breman, Sarah E., b. 1864, d. 1946
Bright, Abbie A., d. 1-26-1899, 36y, w/o L. A.
Brown, Harvey, b. 1842, d. 10-3-1919, h/o Martha,Civil War Vet.
Brown, Martha (Miles), b. 1850, d. 7-28-1925, w/o Harvey
Carson, Willis, d. 8-13-1908, 2nd s/o Wm. W. & Addie G. (Penfield)
Cason, M. A, d. 2-26-1876, 42y 9m
Cason, P. C., d. 2-16-1878, 19y 7m
Catterlin, Clarissa, d. 9-17-1865, 25y, w/o S. B.
Catterlin, Infant, d. 1865, child of S. B. & Clarissa
Childers, Cora, b. Iowa, d. 2-25-1881, 1y 4m 28d *
Collins, Harry, b. 12-29-1884, d. 4-28-1904, s/o J. E. & L. L.
Cooper, Alice May (Weber), b. 5-27-1906, Redfield, Ia, d. 1-1-1940, w/o Roy
Cooper, Floyd, b. 1924, d. 1924
Cooper, George Gilbert, b. 12-12-1901, d. 9-1972, h/o Mabel D.
Cooper, Mabel Dorothy (Faux), b. 12-15-1905, d. 12-1972, w/o George G.
Cooper, Mildred L. (Glenn), b. 5-9-1924, M/C, d. 6-28-1998, w/o 1st John Armstrong, 2nd Byron Cooper, d/o Dean & Lulu (Cummins)
Cooper, Norma, b. 5-19-1928, d. 5-19-1928, d/o Roy L. & Alice (Weber)
Cooper, Raymond Gene, b. 7-23-1926, d. 7-23-1926, s/o Roy L. & Alice (Weber)
Cooper, Robert Fredrick, Jr., b. 7-11-1955, Ia, d. 8-10-2001, s/o Robt. & Norma J.
Cooper, Roy L., d. 12-27-1985, h/o Alice M.
Cooper, Velma Jean, b. 8-28-1930, d. 9-11-1930, d/o Geo. G. & Mabel
Cooper, Virgil Eugene, b. 12-14-1924, d. 12-14-1924, s/o Roy L. & Alice
Curtis, Lee Cramlett, b. Schuyler Co. ?, d. 9-2-1880, 2y 1m 10d, cholera *
Debord, Allie, b. 1-22-1888, d. 1-26-1888
Debord, Bessie May, b. 2-24-1883, d. 10-21-1895, d/o D. & R.
Debord, Claude, b. 1893, d. 1951, h/o Elva R.
Debord, Douglas, b. 2-7-1858, d. 4-21-1900, h/o Rosella (m) 4-27-1880 Madison Co.
Debord, Elva Ruth, b. 7-18-1900, d. 2-24-1974, w/o Claude
Debord, Helen, b. 7-22-1918, d. 10-01-1919, d/o Claude & Elva R.
Debord, Rosella (Arnold), b. 1862, d. 3-16-1916, w/o Douglas
Diegnan, Elane, b. 3-26-1902 Madison Twp., d. 3-11-1903, 11m, lung tro, d/o C.J. & Ora B. (Fort) *
Duff, Gail Alfred Sr., d. 4-4-1979, 64y
Etchison, Elizabeth (Hoisington), b. 12-15-1862, d. 1-15-1903, w/o James N.
Etchison, James N., b. 3-7-1854, d. 6-15-1922, h/o Elizabeth (m) 12-11-1879 Madison Co.
Etchison, Nile, d. 1889, d/o James N. & Elizabeth
Faber, Marie A. (Dr.), d. 4-18-1986, 76y
Farris, Albert M., b. 1863, d. 4-26-1938, h/o Eva, s/o Chs. & Mary Jane (Keener)
Farris, Charles, b. 11-23-1822, Ky. d. 12-11-1899, h/o Mary Jane
Farris, Eva (Bird), b. 10-21-1860, d. 3-24-1911, w/o Albert M., d/o Butler & Mary (Graham)
Farris, Mary Jane (Keener), b. 10-22-1826, d. 9-21-1914, w/o Charles
Faux, Alice H., b. 1898, d. 1928, w/o Arthur
Faux, Amy, b. 1913, d. 1930
Faux, Arthur, b. 10-31-1897 Union Twp., d. 1-1973, h/o Alice H., s/o Ths. J. & Fanny (Bishop)
Faux, Beverly, b. 6-24-1934, d. 1-20-1980, 45y
Faux, Byron, d. 8-18-1981, s/o Thos. & Fanny (Bishop)
Faux, Darrel, b. 12-6-1933, d. 8-1965
Faux, David, b. 7-15-1912, M/C, d. 12-25-1961, s/o Thos. & Fanny
Faux, Elmer James, b. 6-18-1896, d. 7-23-1989, 93y
Faux, Fanny Susan (Bishop), b. 3-13-1875, M/C, d. 6-15-1960, w/o Thos. J., d/o Noah & Melissa (Hamner)
Faux, Floyd, b. 3-6-1917, M/C, d. 1930, s/o Thos. & Fanny
Faux, Hazel May, b. 6-30-1901, d. 12-7-1987, 86y
Faux, Helen Beatrice, b. 10-31-1908, d. 11-5-1985, 77y
Faux, Lisa Deanne, b. 11-8-1971, d. 6-4-1972, d/o Dale & Sheryl
Faux, Rose May, b. 1-2-1910, d. 1920, 10y 6m, d/o Thos. & Fanny
Faux, Thomas John, b. 1872, Ire, d. 7-17-1938, h/o Fanny
Ferrell, John, d. 7-25-1858
Fielder, Fred, b. 1875, d. 1957
Fielder, Mary (Gordon), b. 1873, d. 1921
Foidley, Russell, b. 10-11-1901, d. 11-25-1905
Fort, Emma Jane (Purdum), b. 1850, d. 11-27-1932, w/o Wm. R.
Fort, Hazel M., b. 1889, d. 1955
Fort, William R., b. 8-5-1849, In, d. 3-21-1922, h/o Emma J., s/o Jas. & Nancy
Gordon, Almira, b. Kentucky, d. 4-10-1904, paralysis, 71y 8d, w/o J. D. *
Gordon, Infant, d. 3-5-1871, 4y 15d, child of J. D. & Almira
Gordon, Thomas, d. 3-11-1871, 9y 10m 18d
Hamilton, John, d. 9-9-1898, 10y 11m
Harris, Winifred, b. 1907, d. 1972
Haskett, Avis F., b. 1905, d. 1974
Haskett, Eva Jean, b. 1927, d. 1928
Haskett, Samuel Frank, d. 3-27-1979, 72y
Hill, Henry Erle, b. 8-22-1915, M/C, d. 6-14-1933, Mo, s/o Wilbur C. & Sadie L.
Hill, Johnnie, b. 10-21-1924, d. 10-23-1924
Hill, Sadie L., d. 9-30-1987, 92y
Hill, Wilbur C., b. 1894, d. 1957, h/o Sadie L.
Huffman, Laurel, b. 7-16-1946, d. 1-17-1969
Huffman, Levi (Lee) Elmond, b. 2-14-1917, Ne, d. 2-20-2001, h/o Pauline
Jackson, Mary E., d. 1870, 17d, d/o J. B. & S. I.
Kay, Charles, b. 1891, d. 1950
Kay, Mabel, b. 9-8-1893, d. 5-27-1964
Kaye, Ernest, b. 7-18-1889, Ia, d. 2-15-1960, h/o Toy M., s/o Reuben & Mary
Kaye, Kenneth Chs., b. 6-29-1926, d. 6-28-1982, s/o Chs. & Jessie (Hope)
Kaye, Mary Elizabeth (Childers), b. 7-24-1866, Swan, Ia, d. 12-19-1944, w/o Reuben
Kaye, Toy Minnie (Streeter), d. 3-20-1886, 92y, w/o Ernest
Kelley, John, d. 3-21-1867, 58y
Lehman, Eliza J. (Zellers), d. 4-20-1901, 80y, w/o John I.
Lehman, John I., d. 7-11-1895, 79y 7m 29d, h/o Eliza, f/o W. S.
Lehman, Nettie, b. 7-12-1866, In, d. 4-28-1900, w/o Scott *
Letz, Lillian May (Fort), b. 5-1-1877, Ia, d. 10-31-1957, Ca, w/o Ralph C., d/o Wm. & Emily (Fort)
Letz, Ralph Charles, b. 12-26-1875, d. 7-27-1927, h/o Lillian M.
McCarty, E. B. S., d. 5-23-1868, 51y
McCarty, Rhoda, d. 7-8-1898, 85y
McClain, John, d. 10-16-1897, 67y 11m 15d
McGinnis, Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Stiles), b. 1872, d. 1959, w/o Theodore J.
McGinnis, Infant, d. 9-3-1864, s/o Joseph & Minerva
McGinnis, Joseph S., b. 11-24-1843 Ind., d. 9-9-1904, h/o 1st Minerva Tisdale (m) 11-12-1863 Madison Co.; 2nd Mary E. Corwin, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, f/o Thomas J.
McGinnis, Joseph, b. 1792 Maryland, d. 6-22-1858, 66y, h/o Sophia (m) 1815, f/o Christian T.; G. W. Joseph
McGinnis, Mary E. (Corwin), no dates listed, 2nd w/o Joseph S.
McGinnis, Minerva (Tisdale), b. 2-2-1844 Ind., d. 7-16-1889, 1st w/o Joseph S., m/o Mary E., Theodore, Bertie B.
McGinnis, Sophia (Beal), b. 1798, Md, d. 3-17-1878, w/o Joseph
McGinnis, Theodore Judson, b. 1871, M/C, d. 11-11-1933, h/o Elizabeth, s/o Jos. & Minerva
Medic, Florence I., b. 1870 Iowa, d. 12-3-1903, tumor *
Missildine, Amanda (Lull), b. 1856, d. 1939, w/o Joseph E. (m) 12-30-1875 Madison Co.
Missildine, Amanda E., d. 1883, d/o Joseph & Susan
Missildine, Frances M., d. 4-10-1935, w/o Rev. R., m/o Joseph
Missildine, Joseph E., b. 1845, d. 9-3-1885, 40y, h/o Susan
Missildine, Joseph G., b. 1823 Charlston S. C., d. 8-8-1901, 78y 6m 3d, s/o R. & Frances M.
Missildine, Lena D., b. 1877, d. 1933, w/o Alfred T.
Missildine, Susan, d. 4-17-1901, 79y 5m 7d, w/o Joseph
Pace, Infant, d. 1-9-1906, 3m 6d, s/o G. N. & K.
Patterson, Infant, d. 10-10-1895, 1y 1m 18d, s/o W. D.
Peacock, William Fredrick, b. 1884 Iowa, d. 3-4-1904, died from gunshot wound *
Porter, Mary, b. 3-31-1838, d. 5-21-1883, w/o S. M.
Prewitt, Francis Lehman, b. 9-10-1846, d. 9-30-1906
Pursce, Laura Ann, b. 1965, d. 1965
Purscell, James Michael, b. 9-25-1960, d. 6-11-1985, 24y
Purscell, Mary E., d. 10-3-1988, 58y
Ray, Joseph, b. 1840 Green Co., Ill., d. 2-10-1900, h/o Missouri, f/o T.
Ray, Missouri (Scott), b. 1847, d. 1931, w/o Joseph
Ray, William, b. 1883, d. 1949
Rogers, Matilda E., b. 1878, d. 10-30-1878
Rolston, Bertha, no dates, d. 6m 25d, d/o Loren A.& Martha E.
Rolston, Grace, no dates, d. 2m 14d, d/o Loren A. & Martha E.
Rolston, Loren A., b. 1854, d. 1903, h/o Martha E.
Rolston, Martha E. (Arnold), b. 1853, d. 1943, w/o Loren A.
Schimmel, F. Lehman, b. 1896, d. 1919
Shea, Marvin Alan, b. 1-19-1955, d. 3-31-1981, 26y
Skellenger, Luther, d. 10-24-1891, 3y 8m, s/o C. H. & E.
Smith, Ann Cordelia (McCarty), d. 7-2-1878, 23y, w/o Elijah (m) 8-30-1875 Madison Co.
Stauffer, Catherine (Guthrie), b. 1837 Ireland, d. 7-31-1930, w/o Joseph
Stauffer, James P., b. 1877, Warren Co. Ia, d. 3-7-1898 *
Stauffer, John, no further information
Stauffer, Joseph, b. 1827, In, d. 12-22-1922, h/o Catherine, f/o Jessie V. (Smith)
Stout, Abigail (Brassfield), b. 11-6-1833, d. 4-20-1887, w/o Elza
Stout, Charles, b. 2-10-1850, d. 8-18-1889, s/o Elza & Abigail
Stout, Elvis F., b. 10-11-1896, M/C, d. 1954, s/o Elvis F. & Margaret (Seymour)
Stout, Elvis, b. 2-15-1824 Bartholomew Co., Ind., d. 9-4-1908, h/o 1st Elizabeth Doan; 2nd Abigail Brassfield; 3rd Margaret Symore
Stout, Eva, b. 1834 Ind., d. 4-20-1887, epilepsy *
Stout, John W., b. 4-2-1847, d. 5-3-1919, h/o Sarah J., (m) 4-21-1872 Madison Co.
Stout, Margaret A. (Symore), b. 1856, d. 11-23-1926
Stout, Sarah Jane (Mills), b. 1838, d. 4-3-1919 Patterson, w/o John W. *
Straws, Abby A., b. 5-17-1862, d. 1-26-1899
Straws, Frank, b. 5-12-1866, d. 9-2-1872
Straws, Samuel, b. 4-7-1830, d. 10-19-1900
Tisdale, Robert D. (Rev.), b. 9-27-1804 Richmond, Va., d. 3-22-1904, h/o 1st Matilda (m) 1828; 2nd Zerilda (m) 11-11-1863
Tisdale, Zerilda (Debord), b. 1825, d. 1913, 2nd w/o Robert D.
Triebach, Julia (Judy) Mae (Hill), b. 4-9-1919 Winterset, d. 10-4-1970, d/o Wilbur C. & Sadie (Brock)
Tripp, Amanda, d. 11-2-1876, 56y, w/o J. T.
Tripp, Wilbur S., d. 11-28-1877, 23y 8m
Trowbridge, Harold, b. 7-15-1895, d. 5-25-1896, s/o A. T.
Trumbauer, Blanche, b. 1891, d. 1968, w/o Frank
Trumbauer, Frank, b. 1884, d. 2-29-1936, h/o Blanche
Warbington, Elizabeth R., d. 2-9-1856, 1y 9m 3d, d/o G. G. & M. J.
Warbington, Infant, d. 2-10-1862, s/o G. G & M. J.
Warbington, Mary E., d. 10-18-1857, 1y 1m 7d
Weaver, Henry K., b. 1837, d. 3-14-1915
Weaver, Juanita L., d. 9-2-1984, 52y
Weaver, Mary A., b. 1845, d. 1876
Weaver, Ollie (Miles), b. 3-5-1897, d. 4-1-1986, 89y
Weir, Thomas, d. 4-10-1878, 57y
Wiggins, Hannah, b. 12-19-1828, d. 11-20-1876
Wiggins, Nina, no further info
Wilder, ??, d. 1882, 11y, No name listed
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