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McDonald - Chase Cemetery
Winterset, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 21' 35"N, Lon: 94° 05' 44"W
Douglas Township, Sec 20

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Dec 23, 1999, last updated Dec 31, 2004 [jlwight@northlink.com].  Total records = 219.

This cemetery is about 6 miles north of Winterset and 3/4 mile east of Heritage Lane at 1763 - 200th St. in Douglas Township.

The original burial ground was donated by Thomas McDonald in 1875. As need arose for more space, other members of the McDonald family donated more land. In 1920 Mrs. W. A. Chace donated another section and the cemetery was registered Oct 26, 1934 with the county as the McDonald - Chace Cemetery, and stipulated to be used by anyone regardless of color or creed. The cemetery is still in use and well maintained.

I compared my work with one recorded by Joseph C. Brittain in Oct of 1970 and Lewis E. Morris in 1977, as well as two burial indexes, marriage, death and cemetery records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security record for verification, where possible, in order to make this list as accurate as possible.

I have transcribed from tombstone readings and compared that with the above resources up to Dec 23, 1999. In 2003 I took digital photos of each of the headstones, which I will share. This is complete to Dec 31, 2004.

- Judy Wight Branson

Abrahams, Harry, b. 11-1907, d. 11-28-1907, s/o Wm. & Grace
Adams, Anna B. (Smith), b. 1865, d. 10-25-1941, w/o Buell C.
Adams, Buell Clinton, b. 1856, d. 5-29-1934, h/o 1st Fannie M. McLaughlin 2nd Anna B.
Adams, Clarence Sidney, b. 6-30-1890, d. 3-23-1950, s/o Buell C. & Anna B.
Armstrong, Ethel Lorraine (McNichols), b. 8-20-1921, d. 1-11-2002, w/o Mervyn R.
Armstrong, Mervyn Riley., b. 12-27-1917, d. 1-4-1985, h/o Ethel L.
Athey, Lillie Hazel (Chase), b. 6-30-1893, d. 6-26-1981
Beaman, Burla Elsie (Cox), b. 11-28-1918, d. 3-31-1985, w/o Ormie M.
Beaman, Ormie M., b. 1-24-1912, d. 8-30-1991, h/o Burla E.
Bean, John C. Jr., d. 1-28-31-1927
Brown, Jean L. (Clark), b. 8-2-1941, d. no date, w/o Wendell J.
Brown, Wendell J., b. 7-21-1936, d. 12-6-1997, h/o Jean L.
Bruce, Della Edith, b. 2-8-1884, d. 6-15-1964, d/o Francis M. & Harriet M.
Bruce, Francis Marion, b. 10-23-1843, d. 7-21-1918, h/o Harriett, Civil War Vet.
Bruce, Harriett Mariah (Templeman), d. 7-19-1895, 48y 10m 28d, w/o Francis M.
Bruns, Alberta, b. 4-19-1930, d. 1982, w/o Joseph W.
Bruns, Arleta M. (Cox), b. 9-23-1916, d. 8-4-2001, w/o Paul H.
Bruns, Jennie Marie (Hill), b. 11-7-1892, d. 2-1982, w/o Joseph E.
Bruns, John William, b. 2-25-1929, d. 8-16-1964, Korean War Vet.
Bruns, Joseph Eugene, b. 5-23-1894, d. 9-1976, h/o Jennie M.
Bruns, Joseph Wray, b. 3-21-1927, d. 2-17-1980, h/o Alberta
Bruns, Paul Henry, b. 2-7-1918, d. 9-23-1984, h/o Arleta M.
Bruns, Sandra Kay, d. 12-25-1940
Bush, Richard Dean, b. 9-3-1944, d. 4-13-1998, s/o F. Thomas & Dorothy
Casson, Richard (Dick), b. 8-4-1931, d. 9-23-2004, h/o Teressa M.
Chandler, Charlene (Bush), b. 8-4-1939, d. 3-7-2000, w/o 1st Melvin McDonald, 2nd Steve Chandler
Chase, Anna Rachel (Applegate), b. 8-15-1872, d. 1944, w/o Ed
Chase, Eunice V., b. 8-7-1905, d. 12-1983, w/o Verl A.
Chase, Franklin Lee, b. 12-8-1883, d. 6-1-1968, h/o Nota V.
Chase, Nota Vena (Stark), b. 12-15-1882, d. 10-10-1969, w/o Franklin
Chase, Verl A., b. 12-3-1904, d. 3-8-1962, h/o Eunice V.
Chase, Viola C. (Rutledge), b. 11-4-1856, d. 10-23-1933, w/o Wm. A.
Chase, William Asa, b. 2-13-1844, d. 5-8-1920, h/o Viola C.
Chase, Wilson Edmon, b. 5-14-1867, d. 11-11-1938, h/o Anna R.
Chew, John, b. 11-14-1917, d. 12-1-1984
Chew, Mabel G., b. 10-24-1915, d. 1-1989
Clark, Alice May (Vaughn), b. 12-18-1894, d. 6-15-1991, w/o W. Vern
Clark, Caro E., b. 8-14-1925, d. 2-13-1998, w/o Eugene W.
Clark, Catherine Mae, d. 12-15-1955, d/o Cecil V. & Helen I.
Clark, Cecil Vernon, b. 6-17-1914, d. 5-15-1998, h/o Helen I.
Clark, Clarence Gerald, b. 7-17-1913, d. 5-6-1952, h/o Sophia E.
Clark, Donald Ralph, b. 7-27-1932, d. 8-28-1974, s/o Clarence G. & Sophia E.
Clark, Edna Frances (Harvey), b. 10-18-1899, d. 1-29-1973, w/o Harvey S.
Clark, Eliza E., d. 1-1-1886, 6m 6d, d/o Hugh M. & Harriet
Clark, Ernest Victor, b. 1891, d. 4-30-1933, h/o Katie R.
Clark, Ervil, b. 4-4-1912, d. 9-26-1912, s/o Ersie & Kate
Clark, Eugene W., b. 4-3-1927, d. no date, h/o Carol E.
Clark, Florence E., b. 1889, d. 4-22-1955, d/o Hugh M. & Harriet
Clark, Florence I., b. 11-7-1910, d. 5-16-1932, d/o Wm. V. & Mary V.
Clark, Harriet (McDonald), b. 3-4-1861, d. 7-1-1917, w/o 1st Benj. Bowlsby, 2nd Hugh M. Clark, 3rd Alexander Ruth
Clark, Harvey S., b. 8-21-1895, d. 10-25-1972, h/o Edna F.
Clark, Helen Irene (Wray), b. 9-11-1917, d. 12-18-1983, w/o Cecil V.
Clark, Hubert V., b. 2-4-1916, d. 1-5-1932
Clark, Hugh M., d. 12-25-1890, 31y 3m 13d, h/o Harriet
Clark, Mary Viola (Smith), b. 10-3-1869, d. 1-24-1935, w/o Wm. V.
Clark, Sophia Eva (Pritchard), b. 11-10-1910, d. 3-16-2003, w/o Clarence G.
Clark, Walter Verne, b. 1-1-1893, d. 3-1970, h/o Alice M.
Clark, William Dale, b. 1904, d. 1926
Clark, William Victor, b. 2-13-1865, d. 7-16-1944, h/o Mary V.
Clarkson, Martha W., b. 12-13-1909, d. 8-19-1996, w/o Harold E.
Clarkson,Harold Eugene, b. 9-28-1919, d. no date, h/o Martha W.
Combs, John, b. 1828, d. 9-10-1868, h/o Mary L.
Combs, Mary Louisa (Oldham), b. 9-28-1833, d. 1-8-1929, w/o 1st John Combs, 2nd Peter Gideon
Corkrean, Barbara V., b. 9-12-1928, d. no date, w/o Phillip G.
Corkrean, Phillip G., b. 12-10-1925, d. 4-4-1992, h/o Barbara V.
Cox, Casper Alverdo, b. 8-2-1920, d. 7-26-1942, s/o Casper & Hannah
Cox, Casper, b. 4-30-1889, d. 4-4-1949, h/o M. Hannah,
Cox, Mary Hannah (Palmer), b. 6-1-1889, d. 1975, w/o Casper
Cummings, Georgia Elizabeth, d. 8-16-1989, 75y
Cummings, Howard William, b. 9-9-1901, d. 10-25-1934, h/o Florence (Leach), U.S.M.C.
Deden, Alta W. (Stark), b. 8-20-1888, d. 5-8-1978, w/o 1st Roscoe Kerr, 2nd Elmer C.
Deden, Elmer C., b. 9-14-1892, d. 1-25-1953, h/o Alta, WW Vet.
Eyerly, Herschel Vinson, b. 8-11-1903, d. 8-25- 1951, s/o Vinson A. & Mary E.
Eyerly, Mary Elizabeth (Bailey), b. 1-19-1870, d. 1956, w/o 1st Vinson A., 2nd Andrew Rogers
Eyerly, Myrtle, b. 8-17-1905, d. 12-29-1905, d/o Vincent & Mary E.
Eyerly, No Name, d. 9-7-1898
Eyerly, Vinson Arthur, b. 7-4-1868, d. 2-26-1905, h/o Mary E.
Gowin, Arthur G., b. 12-19-1894, d. 4-26-1971, h/o Marie R.
Gowin, Dean, b. 1898, d. 1973, s/o Wm. S. & Sarah E.
Gowin, Marie R. (Ruth), b. 10-3-1898, d. 7-1971, w/o Arthur G.
Griffith, Barbara Jean, d. 1-30-1940, 7y, d/o Robert & Theodora
Griffith, Edna Pearl (Chase), b. 11-6-1886, d. 4-10-1975, w/o W. Ersie
Griffith, Frank C., b. 7-1-1917, d. 1-14-1953, s/o W. Ersie & Edna P., WWII Vet.
Griffith, Robert Edward, d. 10-24-1936, s/o Robert & Theodosa
Griffith, Robert William, b. 6-20-1908, d. 9-11-1965, h/o Theodora
Griffith, Sarah Catherine (Norris), b. 9-20-1863, d. 11-15-1936, w/o Winfield
Griffith, Thelma, b. 6-12-1905, d. 7-23-1905, d/o W. Ersie & Edna P.
Griffith, Theodora, b. 12-7-1914, d. 3-22-2003, w/o Robert W.
Griffith, William Ersie, b. 8-9-1885, d. 1-31-1935, h/o Edna P.
Haight, Joel Dean, b. 9-1-1960, d. 9-2-1960, s/o Harry V. & Zola F.
Hawkins, Alpha O., b. 11-26-1890, d. 5-14-1977, h/o Eliza B.
Hawkins, Eliza B. (McDonald), b. 12-10-1889, d. 9-25-1956, w/o Alpha O.
Haymond, Katheryn Viola (Griffith), b. 1-26-1925, d. no date, w/o Merle L.
Haymond, Merle Lee, b. 12-8-1922, d. 12-28-1995, h/o Katheryn V.
Hendricks, Josie Viola, b. 6-21-1895, d. 9-21-1896
Henry, Rebecca JoAnn, b. 4-30-1964, d. 8-13-1994, w/o Scott R.
Hiatt, Logan Dale, d. 7-31-2001, s/o Michael & LeAnna
Hill, Doris A., b. 1929, d. no date, w/o George W.
Hill, George Wendell, b. 11-14-1922, d. 5-26-1985
Hill, May (Painter), b. 2-25-1862, d. 7-15-1957, w/o Thos. O.
Johns, John, d. 1-25-1908
Kerr, Dorothy Louise, d. 9-22-1908, d/o W. Ross & Alta W.
Kerr, Kenneth L., b. 10-4-1909, d. 6-23-1958, s/o W. Ross & Alta W.
Kinney, Donald E., b. 5-3-1911, d. 4-4-1971, h/o Georgia E.
Kinney, Georgia E., b. 7-3-1914, d. 8-18-1989, w/o Donald E.
Kitchell, Dale Lewis, b. 7-16-1907, d. 7-16-1907, s/o Hubert L. & Mary E.
Kitchell, Hubert L., b. 7-24-1883, d. 9-1978, h/o Mary E.
Kitchell, Infant, d. 11-11-1924, d/o Hubert L. & Mary E.
Kitchell, Mary Eliza (McDonald), b. 5-2-1883, d. 5-10-1970, w/o Hubert L.
Knight, Charles Francis, 2-28-1921
Laizure, Belle, b. 6-10-1881, d. 1963, w/o Hiram N.
Laizure, Harriet Ann (McDonald), b. 3-29-1872, d. 3-25-1918, w/o Wm. B.
Laizure, Hiram N. (Pete), b. 9-14-1871, d. 2-21-1951, h/o Belle
Laizure, Infant, b. 1-21-1880, d. 1-21-1880, s/o William H. & Nancy E.
Laizure, James T., d. 1906, s/o James T. & Rachel C. (Ruth)
Laizure, John B., b. 5-10-1878, d. 7-15-1878, s/o William H. & Nancy E.
Laizure, Melvin G., d. 1909, s/o James T. & Rachel C. (Ruth)
Laizure, Nancy E. (Lowe), b.1840, d. 1925, w/o William
Laizure, William B., b. 6-12-1869, d. 3-28-1939, h/o Harriet A.
Laizure, William Hamilton, b. 1829, d. 1893, h/o Nancy E.
Leach, Hiram, b. 11-6-1818, d. 11-9-1912, h/o Nancy
Leach, Ida Myrl (Tyer), b. 6-22-1894, d. 11-7-1980, w/o Wm. R.
Leach, Lurie Etta (McDonald), b. 8-1-1873, d. 12-14-1930, w/o Wm. F.
Leach, Nancy M. (Spencer), b. 3-31-1833, d. 6-8-1904, w/o Hiram
Leach, William Franklin, b. 8-8-1873, d. 5-9-1933, h/o Lurie E.
Leach, William Ray, b. 8-3-1896, d. 4-15-1984, h/o Ida M.
McDonald, Amanda Catherine (Clark), b. 10-16-1847, d. 10-19-1886, w/o Wm. C.
McDonald, Anna Fay (Stark), b. 2-8-1885, d. 10-3-1956, w/o Joseph A.
McDonald, Arbie Lee, d. 4-27-1891, d/o Francis M. & Ida M.
McDonald, Barbara Ellen (Combs), b. 1-26-1856, d. 3-28-1933
McDonald, Cyrus Burt, b. 12-29-1879, d. 11-8-1952, h/o Nancy G.
McDonald, Cyrus Burt, b. 3-29-1842, d. 2-11-1896, h/o Mary E.
McDonald, Dean S., b. 5-29-1912, d. 3-21-1959, h/o Waunetta J., WWII Vet.
McDonald, Doris Virginia, b. 7-17-1913, d. 7-22-1913, d/o Thos. R. & Clara I.
McDonald, Edward O., b.5-23-1882, d. 2-22-1949, s/o Joseph F. & Teresa J.
McDonald, Eliza (Burt), b. 2-22-1819, d. 2-15-1886, w/o Thomas
McDonald, Ella J., b. 1-16-1890, d. 1-4-1978, d/o Joseph F. & Teresa J.
McDonald, Francis Burt, d. 8-16-1875, 5m 15d, s/o Wm S. & Barbara E
McDonald, Francis Marion, b. 3-15-1851, d. 1-17-1889, h/o Ida May
McDonald, Francis S., b. 1-11-1878, d. 2-9-196, s/o Joseph F. & Teresa J.
McDonald, Gladys Mae (Clark), b. 8-20-1900, d. 1-1983, w/o W. Wallace
McDonald, Harold Wallace, b. 2-26-1922, d. 12-18-1990
McDonald, Harvey Lee, d. 4-27-1891, 11m 12d, s/o Francis M. & Ida M.
McDonald, Herman A., d. 2-2-1899, 3y 3m 13d, s/o Jos. F. & Teresa J.
McDonald, Hugh D., d. 3-30-1906, 22y 2m 23d, s/o Francis M. & Ida M.
McDonald, Ida May (Ruth), d.10-26-1891, 29y 8m 26d, w/o Francis M.
McDonald, Infant, b. 10-18-1909, d. 10-25-1909, child of Luther H. & Maude
McDonald, Infant, b. 7-17-1913, d. 7-22-1913, c/o Thomas R. & Clara I.
McDonald, Infant, d. 10-7-1897, 2m 2d, child of Wm. S. & Barbara E.
McDonald, Ira Gene, d. 12-8-13-1907, s/o Joseph A. & Anna F.
McDonald, Irvin L., b. 11-1-1897, d. 2-21-1899
McDonald, James Thomas, b. 4-14-1874, d. 12-29-1937, h/o Belle
McDonald, Joseph A., b. 5-15-1884, d. 2-10-1966, h/o Anna F.
McDonald, Joseph Fletcher, b. 1-13-1844, d. 8-14-1916, h/o Teresa J.
McDonald, Leah Catherine (Ruth), b. 9-7-1845, d. 10-3-1936, w/o Robert F.
McDonald, Leonard L., b. 11-1-1931, d. 3-15-1967, s/o W. Wallace & Gladys M., Korea War Vet.
McDonald, Lilly Belle, b. 10-27-1897, d. 12-28-1970, d/o Joseph F. & Teresa J.
McDonald, Maggie M., d. 1-28-1899, 14y 21d, d/o James F. & Teresa J.
McDonald, Malcom Earl, b. 8-8-1855, d. 3-24-1917, h/o Sarah A.
McDonald, Marie A., b. 7-27-1899, d. 8-5-1899
McDonald, Martha M., b. 5-28-1925, d. 6-9-1990
McDonald, Mary Ellen (McDonald), d. 2-23-1907, w/o Cyrus B.
McDonald, Mary M., b. 6-7-1822, d. 5-6-1906, w/o William
McDonald, Mary Mae, b. 9-1-1928, d. 3-28-1989, w/o Victor S.
McDonald, Melvin LeRoy, b. 11-22-1937, d. 2-16-1978, h/o V/ Charlene
McDonald, Nancy Geraldine (Clark), b. 7-31-1913, d. 12-19-1996, w/o Cyrus B.
McDonald, Robert Fletcher, b. 9-6-1845, d. 6-24-1906, h/o Leah C.
McDonald, Sarah A. (McDonald), b. 9-8-1859, d. 12-4-1932, w/o Malcom
McDonald, Teresa Jane (McAllister), b. 9-30-1856, d. 2-9-1937, w/o Joseph F.
McDonald, Thomas Ray, b. 12-15-1892, d. 2-20-1920, h/o Clara I.
McDonald, Thomas, b. 5-3-1817, d. 5-4-1901, h/o Eliza
McDonald, Victor Scott, b. 12-20-1926, d. no date, h/o Mary M.
McDonald, Viola, b. 3-28-1925, d. no date, w/o Wayne G.
McDonald, Vivian Charlene (Bush), b. 8-4-1939, d. 3-7-2000, w/o Melvin L.
McDonald, Waunetta J. (Rankin), b. 1917, d. no date, w/o Dean S.
McDonald, Wayne Gerald, b. 10-13-1920, d. 2-16-2003, h/o Viola M.
McDonald, William Crosby, b. 1-12-1845, d. 5-14-1912, h/o Amanda C.
McDonald, William M., d. 8-26-1882, 2y 6m 29d, s/o Malcom & Sarah A.
McDonald, William Scott, b. 5-23-1848, d. 11-27-1933, h/o Barbara E.
McDonald, William Wallace, b. 1886, d. 1954, h/o Gladys M., WW I Vet..
McDonald, William, b. 5-6-1806, d. 8-14-1890, h/o Mary M.
McDonald, Zoe Nelds, b. 10-9-1900, d, 1-21-1979
McNichols, Florence, b. 7-20-1926, d. no date, w/o Wilbur W.
McNichols, Iola Vivian, b. 9-18-1927, d. 1-29-1928, d/o W. Ross & Verna M.
McNichols, Irene May, b. 12-25-1915, d. 11-19-1916, d/o W. Ross &Verna M.
McNichols, Verna May (Leach), b. 4-9-1895, d. 12-1967, w/o W. Ross
McNichols, Wilbur W., b. 1-20-1920, d. no date, h/o Florence
McNichols, William Ross, b. 11-4-1888, d. 12-2-1937, h/o Verna M.
Mount, Carolyn Sue, b. 6-18-1943, d. 3-11-1984
Nelson, Addie May (McDonald), b. 1-28-1889, d. 1-4-1929, w/o Seth L.
Nelson, Doris E., b. 2-1-1925, d. 2-7-1925, d/o Seth L. & Addie M.
Nelson, Seth L., b. 12-1886, d. 8-12-1964, h/o Addie M.
Overdyk, Andrew, b. 1902, d. 1972
Overdyk, Clara L, b. 1922, d. no date
Penfield, Hazel, d. 9-11-1893, d/o H.& C.
Pennington, Alice (Oldham), b. 9-19-1878, d. 1-17-1942, d/o Thomas & Lida
Peterson, Betty Jo (Raymond), b. 2-10-1926, d. 11-14-2002, w/o Eugene L.
Peterson, Eugene Lloyd, b. 11-17-1920, d. 9-19-1992, h/o Betty Jo
Ruth, Elizabeth F., b. 7-25-1824, d. 3-24-1911, w/o Hugh
Ruth, Hugh, b. 4-1-1808, d. 1-21-1896, h/o Elizabeth F.
Ruth, JamesW., b. 1-2-1880, d. 11-2-1886, s/o John & Nancy J.
Ruth, John, b. 1847, d. 1938, h/o Nancy J.
Ruth, Leroy, b. 11-7-1906, d. 11-13-1906, s/o Chas. H. & Alice V.
Ruth, Nancy Jane (Francis), b. 8-10-1854, d. 2-11-1932, w/o John
Schwabe, Earl E., b. 11-6-1917, d, 1-25-1989
Smith, Annie (Roberson), b. 7-25-1839, Ire, d. 2-5-1901, w/o William M.
Smith, Carl Henry, b. 11-9-1906, d. 3-31-1979, h/o Thelma, WW II Vet.
Smith, Ernest Russell, b. 1878, d. 5-9-1932, s/o George H. & Joanna
Smith, George Henry, b. 7-6-1843, d. 1-20-1920, s/o Russell & Judah
Smith, Grace R., b. 8-17-1886, d. 10-1964
Smith, Sarah Robinson, b. 1833, d. 1912
Smith, Thelma M., b. 1920, d. no date, w/o Carl H.
Smith, William M., b. 11-29-1843, d. 3-9-1901, h/o Annie
Stephenson, Frank A., b. 1897, d.1967, h/o Marie M.
Stephenson, Inez M., b. 1909, d. no date
Stephenson, Marie M. (Wilson), b. 1896, d. 5-20-1928, w/o Frank A.
Stephenson, Virginia, b. 5-16-1928, d. 1928, d/o Frank A. & Marie M.
Stephenson, William David, b. 12-18-1918, d. 2-4-2000, s/o Frank A. & Marie M.
Wilson, Lavina J., d. 2-10-1895, 81y 10m 3d
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