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Hooten Cemetery
Lincoln Township, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 18' 12"N, Lon: 94° 06' 04"W
T75N R28W Sec 8

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Nov 30, 2000, last updated Jan 04, 2005 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 210.

From Winterset take Hwy 92 south to the intersection with Hwy 169, turn right or west then left onto Hwy 162 continuing southwest for about 4 miles to Pammel State Park. Drive through the park onto the county road and continue for about 2 miles. Hooten cemetery will be on the west or left side of the road as it turns north.

Research and Comparisons are from two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death, cemetery, funeral home records and obituaries for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification where possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

This cemetery was walked and recorded by Jon & Marianne Frons in 1976. Updated by Judy Branson 2000 and 2004. My thanks to Ida V. Morse for walking, recording and taking pictures of all of the available headstones.

- Judy Wight Branson

Abbey, Frances, b. 4-11-1905, d. 4-13-1905, d/o F. H. & Harriet J.
Acheson, Infant, b. 10-7-1893, d. 10-7-1893, s/o Wm. & Lillie M.
Acheson, James A., d. 9-20-1889, 7m 7d, s/o Wm. & Lillie M.
Alexander, Effie May (Tracy), b. 9-25-1880, d. 12-1-1909, w/o Dean W.
Baugh, Emily Jane (Hooten), d. 6-29-1878, 50y 6m 10d, w/o John H.
Baugh, John H., d. 12-12-1896, 73y, h/o 1st Nancy C. Kale, 2nd Emily J.
Beard, Bertha B., d. 7-17-1905, 21y 6m 10d, d/o William & Eliza A.
Beard, Martha Ann, d. 6-7-1904, 15y 12d, d/o William & Eliza A.
Beard, Matilda T. (Lancaster), d. 11-23-1878, 52y, 2nd w/o William
Bertholf, Andrew Hopper, b. 3-3-1804, d. 6-15-1878, h/o Electa
Bertholf, Alexander Macumber, b. 4-2-1833, d. 1-23-1902, h/o 1st Lucinda A., 2nd Mary A.
Bertholf, Asa B., b. 8-2-1858, d. 8-2-1858, s/o Alexander & Lucinda A.
Bertholf, Benjamin Franklin, b. 9-7-1858, d. 8-7-1860, s/o Andrew & Electa
Bertholf, Electa (Macumber), b. 1-5-1816, d. 6-15-1883, w/o Andrew H.
Bertholf, Eli, b. 4-11-1962, d. 4-11-1862, s/o Alexander & Lucinda A.
Bertholf, Elias, b. 4-11-1862, d. 4-11-1862, s/o Alexander & Lucinda A.
Bertholf, Emma A., b. 3-17-1864, d. 4-11-1864, d/o Alexander & Lucinda A.
Bertholf, George T., b. 6-19-1834, d. 2-19-1870, s/o Andrew H. & Electa
Bertholf, Joel, b. 6-12-1862, d. 6-12-1862, s/o Alexander & Lucinda A.
Bertholf, Laura Myrtle, b. 9-2-1872, d. 10-6-1882, d/o Zachariah & Melissa H.
Bertholf, Lovica, b. 9-26-1850, d. 11-14-1855, d/o Andrew & Electa
Bertholf, Lucinda A. (Niles), b. 6-1835, d. 5-2-1864, w/o Alexander M.
Bertholf, Thomas, b. 1-27-1853, d. 3-8-1876, s/o Andrew H. & Electa
Bertholf, Wilbur, d. 1-10-1877, 3y 19d, s/o John M. & Sarah E.
Bertholf, William Henry, d. 10-14-1914, h/o Lucinda B.
Bush, Albert F., b. 1938, d. 1938, s/o Leslie E. & Ruth P.
Bush, Dora M., d. 4-26-1892, 9m 19d, d/o Robert F. & Margaret A.
Bush, Dorothy L., b. 9-10-1905, d. 12-25-1906, d/o Robert F. & Margaret A.
Bush, Isaac Melroy, b. 6-15-1913, d. 6-16-1913, s/o Robert F. & Nora M.
Bush, Margaret Adeline (Bowman), b. 5-14-1868, d. 10-17-1905, w/o Robert F.
Bush, Martha A. (Graham), b. 4-26-1878, d. 12-25-1896, w/o John W.
Casteel, Infant, d. 8-25-1878, s/o Martin & Alice O.
Chastain, Eleanor, b. 1-1-1811, d. 7-25-1853, w/o W. L.
Cooter, John Spillman, b. 1867, d. 3-20-1904, 1ST h/o Candice L. (Harrell)
Craig, George, d. 7-27-1877, 27y 2m 27d
Craig, William Ancil Preston, d. 9-1-1891, 14y 9m 4d, s/o George H. & Clara S.
Crom, Edna Catherine (Roy), b. 7-24-1907, d. 6-20-1987, w/o Henry
Darnall, Charley N.,d. 10-20-1878, 8y 5m 14d, s/o E. E. & E. A.
Darnall, Emazetta L., b. 5-24-1858, d. 8-24-1874, d/o John S. & Harriet
Darnall, Gideon H., d. 1-6-1895, 79y 8d, h/o Amanda H.
Darnall, Harriett (Funkhouser), d. 12-2-1879, 65y 11m 23d, w/o John S.
Darnall, John S., d. 11-11-1897, 67y, h/o Harriet
Darnall, Samuel, d. 1-27-1940, County Farm, s/o George & Margaret
Darnall, Ulysses Seldon, b. 10-6-1865, d. 10-14-1880, s/o John S. & Harriet
Darnall, William L., d. 6-20-1877, 1y 6m 6d, s/o E. E. & E. A.
Davis, Dorothy M., b. 1927, d. no date, w/o Myles C.
Davis, Myles C., b. 1926, d. no date, h/o Dorothy M.
Demarr, Cora C., no dates, d/o Lewis H. & Ester J.
Demarr, Ester Jane (Bertholf), d. 2-26-1876, 32y 1m 23d, w/o 1st Wm. R. Hooten. 2nd Lewis H.
Demarr, Mary A., d. 9-2-1869, 1m 11d, d/o Lewis H. & Ester J.
Demarr, Samuel, no dates, s/o Lewis H. & Ester J.
Demarr, Warner S., d. 8-10-1875, 11m, s/o Lewis H. & Ester J.
Estel, Ed, b. 9-26-1885, d. 11-3-1955, h/o Lula F., s/o Jerome & Eva
Estel, Harold, b. 6-25-1914, d. 6-1978, s/o Ed & Lula F. (Beem)
Estel, Lula Frances (Beem), b. 8-31-1885, d. 11-15-1969, w/o Ed
Evans, Catherine Jane (Vancil), d. 8-5-1873, 32y 10m 22d, w/o James W.
Evans, James Wiley, d. 3-31-1874, 35y 6m 25d, h/o Catherine J.
Fosher, Albert Raymond, b. 8-13-1909, d. 1973, h/o Mary K.
Fosher, Mary Katherine (Travis), b. 6-17-1909, d. 4-1973, w/o Albert R.
Gaunt, John Thomas, b. 5-24-1834, d. 10-3-1909, s/o Thomas & Mary
Gaunt, Permelia Helen (Tate), d. 9-16-1896, 55y 4m 22d, w/o John T.
Gentry, Bailey, b. 12-28-1826, d. 1-13-1863, h/o Salina
Gentry, Eliza Jane (Porter), b. 8-29-1861, d. 6-18-1911, w/o James W.
Gentry, Elizabeth J. (Foley), b. 8-10-1824, d. 8-10-1881, w/o Joshua S.
Gentry, Infant, b. 1-28-1916, d. 1-28-1916, child of Earl & Ona
Gentry, James W., b. 3-31-1852, d. 6-8-1943, h/o Eliza J.
Gentry, John Martin, b. 1-1852, d. 1-8-1905, h/o Mary E.
Gentry, Joshua, d. 2-13-1866, 5y 11m 17d, s/o Joshua & Elizabeth J.
Gentry, Joshua S., b. 2-29-1825, d. 11-15-1913, h/o Elizabeth J.
Gentry, Mary J., d. 11-11-1862, 13y 1m 10d, d/o Joshua & Elizabeth J.
Gentry, Ona May (Busch), b. 5-16-1891, d. 1-29-1916, w/o Earl
Gentry, Ralph, d. 12-13-1887, 3y 4d, s/o David M. & Henrietta D.
Gentry, Rebecca Ann (Gustine), b. 4-23-1837, d. 2-4-1910, 2nd w/o Joshua
Gentry, Susan Elizabeth, b. 6-26-1862, d. 8-30-1863
Gentry, William E., b. 1888, d. 1961, s/o John M. & Mary E.
Gentry, William Franklin, b. 12-6-1854, d. 8-13-1863, s/o Bailey & Salina
Gorrell, Charles, b. 9-15-1869, d. 10-6-1881
Graham, Harriet (Twiford), d. 10-4-1889, 68y, w/o James
Graham, Ida Bell, d. 11-26-1878, 10y 1m 10d, d/o H. C. & Nancy J.
Graham, James, d. 2-12-1896, 78y 7m 17d, h/o Harriet
Graham, Nancy J., d. 12-5-1878, 27y 9m 27d, w/o H. C.
Greenfield, James R., d. 2-5-1895, 2m 26d, s/o George E. & Effie L.
Grenard, Julia R., d. 2-9-1879, 3m 7d, d/o James B. & Mary A.
Harmon, Infant, b. 10-15-1851, d. 10-15-1851, d/o William & Sarah
Hawn, David, d. 1-26-1882, 78y 7m 8d, h/o Margaret
Hawn, Luther W., d. 11-2-1896, 21y 9m 29d, s/o Calvin & Amanda N.
Hawn, Margaret (Watson), d. 9-4-1880, 71y 1m 26d, w/o David
Headlund, Dean Ellis, b. 1926, d. 3-21-1938, s/o Herman A. & Iva V.
Headlund, Donna Delano, b. 12-1-1932, d. 1933, d/o Herman A. & Iva V.
Headlund, Iva V. (Appendolel), b. 1902, d. 1953, w/o Herman A.
Headlund, Herman A., b. 6-5-1884, d. 5-1965, h/o Iva V.
Hooten, William J., d. 12-24-1865, 4y 5d, s/o William R. & Ester J.
Hooten, John A., d. 12-5-1860, 5d, s/o William R. & Ester J.
Hooton, B. F., d. 3-13-1861, 1m, s/o Levi F. & Nancy J.
Hooton, Infant, d. 9-7-1869, s/o Levi F. & Nancy J.
Hooton, John, d. 7-5-1878, 73y 2d, h/o Susanna
Hooton, Johnie A., d. 12-30-1872, 2y 1m 1d, s/o Martin C. & E. J.
Hooton, Martin A., d. 4-14-1873, 7m 12d, s/o Levi F. & Nancy J.
Hooton, Sarah S., d. 4-6-1861, 1y 7m 20d, d/o Levi F. & Nancy J.
Hooton, Thomas Jefferson, d. 10-28-1853, 1y 2d, s/o Thomas & Lucinda
Hooton, Thomas Jefferson, d. 6-25-1852, 21y 4m 4d, h/o Lucinda
Hooton, William E., d. 12-14-1861, 2y 11m 7d, s/o John W. & Rachel R.
Howard, Philinda, b. 6-17-1802, d. 10-22-1871, w/o Thomas
Howard, Thomas, b. 3-4-1788, d. 12-25-1852, h/o Philinda
Hudspeth, Newel C., b. 12-23-1880, d. 3-30-1882
Hulberry, Phoebe, d. 6-20-1901, 89y
Hulbert, Flora A. (White), b. 1864, d. 2-12-1904, w/o James
Huss, Frank A., d. 9-2-1891, 28y 11m 17d, h/o Chrilla
Huss, Gracie S., b. 2-8-1872, d. 7-16-1882, d/o James G. & Mary A.
Huss, James Guinall, b. 4-19-1835, d. 6-14-1906, h/o Mary A.
Huss, Margaret May, b. 9-1-1864, d. 1-4-1929, d/o James G. & Mary A.
Huss, Mary A. (McArthur), b. 10-19-1838, d. 12-12-1908, w/o James G.
Keith, James T., d. 5-12-1875, 53y 10m 19d
Kiggins, Mary E., b. 1-6-1880, d. 1-13-1880, d/o Samuel J. & Rebecca
Kiggins, Mattie A., b. 4-3-1867, d. 8-20-1870, d/o Samuel J. & Rebecca
Kiggins, Wilbur, b. 6-2-1992, d. 6-17-1882, s/o Samuel J. & Rebecca
Kiggins, Wilda, b. 6-2-1882, d. 7-5-1882, d/o Samuel J. & Rebecca
Lancaster, Harry F., d. 8-10-1882,1y 1m 7d, s/o Charles H. & Jane
Large, Patrick, b. 1825, d. 11-19-1862, h/o Mary, Civil War Vet..
Leidy, George A., d. 3-9-1868, 10m 11d, s/o J. G. & A.
Little, Alberta, b. 6-15-1932, d. no date, w/o Russell
Little, Russell Junior, b. 9-21-1926, d. 8-24-2003, h/o Alberta
Longinaker, Samuel H., d. 4-1-1866, 6y 9m 22d, s/o David W. & Mariah
McArthur, Martha, d. 3-31-1874, 64y
Marley, Alexander, b. 1831, d. 7-20-1894, h/o Mary A.
Marley, Ellen, b. 1873, d. 1877, d/o Alexander & Mary A.
Marley, George, b. 1875, d. 1902, s/o Alexander & Mary A.
Marley, Mary Ann (Murphy), b. 5-12-1836, d. 1-1-1913, w/o Alexander
Marley, Sidney Dale, b. 5-5-1903, d. 8-27-1903, s/o John & Cora C.
Martin, David Graves, d. 10-30-1885, 75y 2m 21d
Martino, Manda (Moore), b. 1889, d. 5-2-1955, w/o Ernest L.
Mastin, John H., d. 2-28-1873, 1y 2m 3d, s/o W. H. & H. S.
Miller, Louise (Roby), b. 1-15-1831, d. 4-10-1903, w/o Wm. Miller, C. H. Townsend
Moore, Emmanuel C., b. 6-11-1861, d. 1-4-1909, s/o Peter & Mahala
Moore, Ephraim, b. 5-16-1846, d. 6-10-1924, s/o Thomas L. & Sarah
Moore, Martha Ann (Crow), b. 1839, d. 1873, 1st w/o John H.
Moore, Melissa A. (White), b. 1839, d. 10-24-1922, w/o 2nd John H.
Moore, Sarah (Robinson), d. 2-15-1890, 66y 5m 18d, w/o Thomas L.
Moore, Sarah Jane (Rippey), b. 5-10-1850, d. 3-6-1892, w/o Sylvanus
Moore, Sylvanus, b. 4-21-1848 d. 3-6-1914, s/o Thomas L. & Sarah
Moore, Thomas L., d. 7-25-1899, h/o Sarah, Civil War Vet.
Moore, William Thomas, b. 7-25-1851, d. 1-27-1934, s/o Thomas L.& Sarah
Morris, Infant, no dates, s/o D. J. & M. J.
Morris, Margaret (Tullis), d. 4-19-1879, 52y 9m 19d, 1st w/o Thomas
Morris, Thomas, b. 1826, d. 9-14-1909, 1st/w Margaret, 2nd/w Malinda Craig
Muehlberger, Grace, d. 9-14-1899, 2m 21d, d/o George & J. N.
Pace, Chesela A., b. 3-28-1896, d. 11-22-1953, d/o George C. & Trasha E.
Pace, George C., b. 1846, d. 8-12-1941, h/o Trasha E.
Pace, Nancy A., d. 1-20-1886, 80y 19d
Pace, Naomi Ilene, b. 9-7-1915, d. 9-22-1915, d/o Byron & Ruth
Pace, Ralph W., b. 7-30-1885, d. 10-28-1915, s/o George & Emily
Pace, Robert B., b. 2-18-1888, d. 3-1970, h/o Zelma L.
Pace, Trasha Emily (Moore), b. 1-20-1856, d. 4-14-1934, w/o George C.
Pace, William T., d. 11-5-1876, 2y 4m 3d, s/o George C. & Trisha E.
Pace, Zelma L. (Peacock), b. 1887, d. 1970, w/o Robert B.
Ragan, Loren James, d. 1-9-1912, 12d, s/o Charles F. & Florence M.
Ragan, Willie H., b. 4-30-1872, d. 9-13-1873, s/o Benjamin F. & Zilla F.
Rehard, John Wilbur, b. 10-20-1825, d. 1-5-1912, h/o 1st Jennie Wallace, 2nd Mary A.
Rehard, Mary Ann (Rogers), b. 10-26-1833, d. 5-1-1902, 2nd w/o John
Rehard, Regan Baker, b. 10-11-1857, d. 2-12-1910, s/o John & Mary A. (Rogers)
Richardson, Verna, d. 3-3-1902, 1y 10m 20d, d/o Nathan & Adeline
Richey, Paris (Corporal), b. 1-6-1837, d. 1-7-1919, Civil War Vet.
Richey, Samuel, d. 4-2-1883. 66y 11m 22d, Civil War Vet.
Rippey, Benjamin E., d. 4-15-1890, 46y 8m 16d, s/o Matthew & Sarah A.
Rippey, Matthew, d. 5-6-1865, 61y 8m 15d, h/o Sarah A.
Rippey, Sarah Ann (Cole), b. 9-10-1812, d. 5-19-1899, w/o Matthew
Rogers, Laura L., b. 9-9-1879, d. 7-18-1880, d/o Elihue H. & Martha O.
Rogers, Robert E., b. 2-26-1920, d. 2-28-1920, s/o James R.& Mary
Roy, Charles Willard, d. 9-27-1892, 2y 11m 23d, s/o Douglas I. & Frances E.
Roy, Cleo Dale, b. 10-15-1899, d. 4-1-1989, s/o David P. & Della M.
Roy, David Pinckney, d. 9-11-1908, 51y 5m 7d, 2nd h/o Della
Roy, Dennie, d. 2-25-1878, 1m 20d, s/o John L. & Pauline
Roy, Edward D., b. 4-5-1878, d. 1-10-1917, h/o Minnie
Roy, Infant, d. 8-21-1905, 7d, s/o David P. & Della M.
Roy, Iva L., d. 11-10-1896, 15y 3m 4d, d/o John L. & Pauline
Roy, Jessie Lucille, b. 8-19-1903, d. 11-30-1993, d/o David P. & Della M.
Roy, John Lewis, b. 11-20-1853, d. 4-13-1912, h/o 1st Pauline, 2nd Sarah
Roy, Pauline (Bishop), b. 8-3-1854, d. 6-1-1898, w/o John L.
Roy, Priscilla (Free), d. 8-4-1903, 78y 2m 16d, w/o Thomas
Roy, Priscilla Jane, d. 3-12-1865, 2y 2m 15d, d/o Thomas & Priscilla
Roy, Thomas Meadows, d. 3-8-1905, 84y 8m, h/o Priscilla
Roy, Verellis W., d. 2-9-1880, 2y 4m 4d, s/o Wm. T. & Lucinda M.
Roy, Winfield Burton, b. 6-12-1886, d. 11-15-1905, s/o John L. & Pauline
Ruth, Candice Lucia (Harrell), b.1-31-1867, d. 2-2-1952, w/o 1st John S. Cooter, 2nd George S.
Rutter, Catherine, d. 4-12-1875, 71y 8m 2d, w/o Benjamin
Silvers, Jennie, d. 7-23-1881, 7m 9d, d/o David M. & Leota S.
Silvers, Rebecca (Yewing), d. 4-6-1883, 70y 11m 1d, w/o James M.
Smith, Effie Virginia, d. 4-23-1875, 3y 3m 29d, d/o James & Martha
Smith, Myrtle Olive, d. 1-5-1873, 1y 3m 12d, d/o Ezra F. & Susan R.
Smith, Susan R. (Gentry), d. 9-24-1873, 18y 8m 18d, w/o Ezra F.
Stephenson, Francis P., b. 7-1-1923, d. 8-4-1994, h/o Helen L.
Stephenson, Helen Loraine (Peters), b. 6-10-1929, d. no date, w/o Francis
Tate, Sarah A., d. 5-11-1879, 49y 5m 8d
Tracy, Delila May (Wright), b. 1883, d. 1972, w/o Hallett S. Curl, David P. Roy, Oliver E.
Tracy, George W., b. 2-14-1840, d. 1-9-1918, h/o Sarah E.
Tracy, Edward L., b. 3-4-1883, d. 3-4-1883, s/o George W. & Sarah E.
Tracy, Nancy (Grenard), d. 2-21-1898, 96y 4m 14d, w/o Vezy
Tracy, Oliver Ellsworth, b. 4-26-1867, d. 4-28-1958, h/o Della M.
Tracy, Sarah E. (Gilkey), b. 1839, d. 1918, w/o George W.
Tracy, William Francis, b. 2-10-1862, d. 3-18-1920, s/o Frank & Amy
Vancil, Mary (Corgen), d. 12-3-1853, 41y 1m 10d, w/o John
Walters, Laura Alice, b. 10-21-1895, d. 8-25-1913, d/o Sherman & Phoebe
Walters, Louisa E. (Hart), b. 5-22-1827, d. 12-22-1909, d/o John
Walters, Phoebe (Longnaker), b. 11-6-1873, d. 10-8-1903, w/o Sherman
Walters, Roy V., d. 3-28-1902, 3y, s/o Sherman & Phoebe
Walters, Sherman, b. 9-2-1865, d. 2-6-1948, h/o Phoebe, s/o John and Louisa E.
Wares, William F., no further info
White, Edward, d. 8-1897
Wright, Eva (Huss), b. 2-13-1866, d. 3-30-1912, w/o Joseph H.
Wright, Joseph H., b. 12-22-1863, d. 8-28-1943, h/o Eva
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