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Hamblin Cemetery (Kilgore Cemetery)
Macksburg, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 13' 17"N, Lon: 94° 05' 45"W
Monroe Township, Section 8

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Mar 2000, updated Jan 12, 2005 [jlwight@northlink.com].  Total records = 217.

This cemetery is located in Macksburg IA on the corner of Homestead Ave. & 295th St.

The land for this cemetery was donated to the community by Simeon and Eleanor Hamblin in about 1861. Their daughter Huldah Hamblin was the first burial in the cemetery. 

The land the cemetery is on was sold to Martin C. Blohm at a later date. This cemetery is a community cemetery, but I am not sure who owns and maintains it now. It is still being used for burials.

For a short time it was renamed Kilgore Cemetery. At some time later it was renamed Hamblin Cemetery which it is called at the present time.

Research and Comparisons from: A recording by Mrs. Stanley Busch in 1975. Two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death and funeral home records and obituaries for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification when possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

I walked and read this cemetery again in 2003 and have pictures of all existing headstones. I have compared with the above mentioned resources.

- Judy Wight Branson

Aikin, Edith, d. 6-25-1881,14m 7d, d/o Otha Aikin
Badley, Elizabeth (Sumption), b. 12-23-1823, d. 2-17-1865, w/o Rev. Henry Hurst
Baker, Etta M., d. 8-19-1890, 1y 8m 10d, d/o John S. & Mary E.
Baker, Gail E., d. 4-10-1893, 22d, s/o John S. & Mary E.
Baker, John S., b. 2-1862, d. 12-10-1936, h/o Mary E.
Barlien, Dora May, d. 11-5-1876, 5y16d, d/o Joseph & Polly A. H.
Barlien, Joseph, b. 1820, d. 1905, h/o Polly A. H.
Barlien, Polly A. H., b. 1833, d. 1917, w/o Joseph
Beeler, Infant, b. 2-20-1907, d. 2-21-1907, child of Wm. & Nora I.
Behrend, Mary E. (Rex), b. 11-9-1861, d. 5-25-1907, w/o Henry
Bell, Infant, d. 5-27-1905, d/o Frank E. & B. Ellen
Bell, William Stanley, b. 1-19-1910, d. 1-1979, h/o Catherine
Berry, Arthelia (Kingery), b. 4-18-1869, d. 6-5-1934, w/o Lewis J.
Berry, Charles A., b. 11-14-1868, d. 1-7-1944, w/o Clara B.
Berry, Clara Bell (Shackelford), b. 10-1868, d. 10-22-1902, w/o Charles A.
Berry, Dora I., d. 3-20-1869, 1y 11m 16d, d/o John B. & Lucy J.
Berry, Elizabeth, d. 1-29-1896, 65y 5m 27d
Berry, Elma, d. 2-11-1897, 20y 5m 28d, w/o Wm. Edward
Berry, Emily F. (Smith), b. 6-28-1863, d. 9-27-1928, w/o James H.
Berry, Floyd E., b. 1880, d. 1948
Berry, George Benjamin, b. 3-22-1854, d. 10-20-1919, h/o Martha K.
Berry, Guy W., b. 2-10-1902, d. 12-23-1966, s/o Lewis J. & Arthelia
Berry, Infant, d. 8-14-1868, 1y 6m 10d, d/o Joel & Ellen
Berry, James H., b. 1856, d. 1941, h/o Emily F.
Berry, John Boyd, b. 2-25-1825, d. 2-26-1895, h/o Lucy J.
Berry, Lewis J., b. 1858, d. 1-20-1922, h/o Arthelia
Berry, Lucy J., b. 2-11-1828, d. 6-19-1902, w/o John B.
Berry, Lula Mae (Stark), b. 5-31-1885, d. 10-2-1946, w/o Charles A.
Berry, Lyle, b. 2-25-1890, d. 12-3-1957, s/o George, WWI Vet.
Berry, Margaret, d. 4-14-186-, d/o J. & E. ?, stone broken
Berry, Martha K. (Kingery), b. 4-6-1866, d. 1-21-1959, w/o George B.
Berry, Marticia (Greer), d. 1-31-1889, 78y 6m 16d, w/o W. H.
Berry, Melissa Melvina, d. 10-15-1898, 46y 10m 18d, d/o Wm. H. & Marticia
Berry, Nancy A., d. 4-23-1866, 7m 20d, d/o John B. & Lucy J.
Berry, Roy, b. 4-14-1881, d. 1-10-1908, s/o J. H. & Martha
Berry, Sarah Jane, d. 8-25-1933
Berry, Walter I., b. 1887, d, 1940
Berry, William Edward, b. 1859, d. 10-28-1909, s/o John B. & Lucy J.
Berry, William T. H., d. 5-4-1889, 74y, h/o Marticia
Bertholf, Charles G., d. 2-15-1915, h/o Lucy
Bertholf, Lee A., d. 1-18-1892, 4y 7m 16d, s/o Charles G. & Lucy
Bertholf, Lucy (Wilson), b. 1-22-1854, d. 8-23-1908, w/o Charles G.
Bertholf, T. Franklin, d. 1-15-1892, 7y 3m 20d, s/o Charles G. & Lucy
Binns, Stella G., b. 1894, d. 1928
Blessing, Ethel Evelyn (Means), b.5-18-1880, d. 7-18-1948, d/o Lewis F. & Rebecca A.
Blohm, Anna A. (Clausen), b. 10-19-1828, d. 2-22-1883, w/o Martin C.
Blohm, Johannes D., d. 11-22-1872, s/o Martin C. & Anna A.
Blohm, Martin C., b. 2-26-1824, d. 9-25-1883, h/o Anna A.
Blythe, Benjamin C., d. 2-16-1879, 79y 9m 9d, h/o Nancy
Brady, Andrew Jackson, b. 5-10-1866, d. 7-19-1834, s/o Robert & Elizabeth
Brady, Lee, d. 6-15-1897, 8m 5d, s/o Moses O. & Emma B.
Brooks, Sarah E., b. 8-9-1860, d. 5-2-1944
Coakley, Bethena A. (Moore), d. 3-14-1881, 28y 5m 25d, w/o James A.
Coan, Thomas, d. 4-17-1895, 63y 4m 28d
Cousins, Bert, b. 8-19-1893, d. 7-1973, h/o Betty A.
Cousins, Betty A., b. 1900, d. 1978, w/o Bert
Crawford, Dorothy M., d. 1-1-1886, 19y, w/o C. H.
Daye, Shirley Ann, b. 5-29-1935, d. 6-25-1987, 52y
Denney, Lilly J., d. 12-7-1875, 4y 9m 6d, d/o G. H. & C.
Edwards, Lizzie (Klingensmith), d. 1-1-1886, 19y 5m 1d, w/o George M.
Grabeel, Minnie Elma (Weeks), b. 7-7-1883, d. 2-14-1949, w/o Thomas
Hamblin, B., b. 1-18-1889, d. 5-21-1996, child of Josephus & Rachel
Hamblin, Elinor (Thomson), d. 5-27-1898, 80y 10m 22d, w/o Simeon
Hamblin, Huldah, d. 11-3-1861, 1m 14d, d/o Simeon & Elinor
Hamblin, J. O., infant, no dates, child of Josephus & Rachel
Hamblin, Josephus (Joseph), b. 8-13-1843, d. 6-18-1913, h/o Rachel E.
Hamblin, Mahala E., infant, no dates, child of Josephus & Rachel
Hamblin, Rachel E. (Moore), b. 1-1-1851, d. 5-21-1896, w/o Josephus
Hamblin, Simeon, d. 1-10-1874, 58y 7m 10d, h/o Elinor
Harris, Herbert, d. 1-2-1873, 76y 2m 2d
Harris, Lewis J., b. 9-14-1830, d. 4-1-1903, h/o Sarah E.
Harris, Manville Elsworth, b. 9-19-1861, d. 4-16-1933, h/o Catherine E.
Harris, Sarah Elizabeth (Berry), b. 3-6-1833, d. 1925, w/o Lewis J.
Harris, William I., b. 3-1-1859, d. 1924, s/o Lewis J. & Sarah E.
Harris, William Irvin, b. 5-16-1833, d. 1-3-1900
Hartsook, Adam, b. 10-8-1827, d. 3-15-1911, h/o Martha
Hartsook, Anna (Woten), b. 11-17-1804, d. 4-28-1895, w/o Peter
Hartsook, Benjamin Elmer, b. 8-29-1873, d. 4-25-1948, s/o Benjamin F. & Jane D.
Hartsook, Benjamin F., b. 1841, d. 3-22-1874, h/o Jane D.
Hartsook, David Allen, b. 7-28-1843, d. 10-5-1866, s/o Peter & Ann
Hartsook, Elida A., b. 9-23-1863, d. 6-11-1883, d/o Wm. & Catherine R.
Hartsook, George B., d. 12-18-1897, 26y 3m 5d, s/o Wm. & Catherine R.
Hartsook, Ira Franklin, b. 2-18-1869, d. 7-29-1945, s/o Benjamin F. & Jane D.
Hartsook, Jane D. (Blythe), b. 10-1-1846, d. 12-22-1932, w/o Benjamin F.
Hartsook, Lillie J., no dates, no further info
Hartsook, Martha (Fugitt), b. 8-12-1835, d. 12-13-1909, w/o Adam
Hartsook, Mary E., no dates, no further info
Hartsook, Peter, d. 2-2-1864, 71y 3m 3d, h/o Anna, Vet. War 1812
Hartsook, Salem, d. 10-5-1864, 26y 4d, s/o Peter & Anna, Civil War
Hartsook, Willie B., no further info
Hewitt, Elizabeth, d. 1-28-1880, 45y 7m 20d, h/o Robert
Hewitt, Robert, d. 5-2-1878, 64y 2m 9d, h/o Elizabeth
Johnson, Benjamin, b. 1833, d. 11-8-1867, 34y 9m 3d
Kilgore, Benjamin Franklin, b. 9-16-1823, d. 12-31-1887, h/o Mary
Kilgore, Burtis (Bert), b. 9-22-1860, d. 1-27-1930, s/o Benjamin & Mary
Kilgore, Mary (Hill), b. 4-27-1825, d. 2-2-1905, w/o Benjamin
Kilgore, Mary Elizabeth (Shearer), b. 3-31-1875, d. 6-9-1944, w/o Willis B.
Kilgore, Mary Frances, b. 11-22-1849, d. 3-29-1911, d/o Benjamin & Mary
Kilgore, Willis B., b. 11-19-1869, d. 9-26-1912, h/o Mary E.
Kingery, Allie, d. 7-21-1883, 4y 9m 6d, d/o Elias & E.
Kingery, Ellias Elbert, b. 2-7-1815, d. 4-12-1896, h/o Sarah A.
Kirk, James Vaughn, b. 8-8-1843, d. 6-26-1917, h/o Martha M.
Kirk, Martha M. (Hamblin), b. 11-19-1849, d. 12-31-1937, w/o James
Klingensmith, Martha A., d. 4-16-1861, 6y, d/o Samuel & Mary E.
Klingensmith, Mary Elizabeth (Berry), b. 12-14-1829, d. 3-23-1913, w/o Samuel
Klingensmith, Samuel, b. 7-16-1830, d. 6-11-1917, h/o Mary E.
Klingensmith, Victoria, b. 2-14-1868, d. 7-26-1933, d/o Samuel & Mary E.
Klingensmith, William, d. 4-8-1864, 3y 8m 8d, s/o Samuel & Mary E.
Klingman, Eva, no dates, no further info
Lake, Ammon, b. 8-7-1842, d. 2-6-1932, h/o Martha A.
Lake, Martha A. (Wilson), d. 4-13-1883, 39y 1m 9d, w/o Ammon
Leak, Helen V., b. 6-18-1905, d. 8-12-1914, d/o Weaver J. & Mollie
Leak, Infant, b. 1-2-1904, d. 1-2-1904, d/o Weaver & Mollie
Leak, J. Gyle, b. 2-3-1908, d. 11-21-1967, s/o Weaver J. & Mollie
Leak, Mary (Mollie) (Berry), b. 1884, d. 1950, w/o Weaver J.
Leak, Weaver J., b. 1-18-1882, d. 6-1979, h/o Mollie
Likens, Jessie P., d. 2-23-1898, 17y 1m 17d
McLarnard, E. Frances, d. 1-28-1878, 10y 1m 1d, d/o Hugh & Mary J.
McLarnard, Hugh, b. 10-30-1824, d. 2-17-1912, h/o Mary J.
McLarnard, Libbie, b. 1864, d. 1924, d/o Hugh & Mary J.
McLarnard, Mary Jane (Robinson), b. 9-14-1833, d. 10-16-1915, w/o Hugh
McLarnard, Nellie S., d. 12-21-1882, 2y, d/o Hugh & Mary J.
Means, Rebecca Anna (Weeks), b. 8-1-1844, d. 11-8-1901, w/o Lewis F.
Means, Willie C., b. 3-8-1874, d. 5-16-1874, s/o Lewis F. & Anna B.
Miles, Alta Ellen (Berry), b. 4-21-1895, d. 6-10-2000, w/o Ray
Miles, Ray, b. 11-1889, d. 1963, h/o Alta E., s/o John H. & Rosalie H.
Miller, Martha (Harris), b. 1863, d. 1902, w/o Byron H.
Moore, Mahalia Ann (Smith), b. 12-7-1827, d. 5-22-1909, w/o Peter
Moore, Peter, b. 11-24-1825, d. 1-6-1916, h/o Mahalia A.
Nickel, Isaac, d. 12-28-1867, 64y 7m 16d
Parish, Margaret F. (Murphy), d. 8-23-1879, 36y 1m 7d, w/o Thomas L.
Powers, John Hilton Harry, b. 6-1-1893, d. 6-14-1948, h/o Jessie
Powers, Jessie Blanche, b. 11-11-1881, d. 11-29-1986, w/o J. Hilton
Reynolds, John W., b. 1839, d. 1910, h/o Mary A.
Reynolds, Mary A. (Blohm), b. 12-1851, d. 3-28-1922, w/o John W.
Rippey, Dale, d. 2-27-1899, 19d, s/o Joseph W. & Zoe E.
Rogers, Freddie L., d. 2-10-1895, 6m 23d, s/o James H. & Mary E.
Rogers, James H., b. 1-6-1856, d. 6-15-1941, h/o Mary E., Ruth (Smith)
Rogers, Mary Emma (Thomson), b.2-1856, d. 1-10-1936, w/o James
Schoonover, Cassius Clay, b. 10-20-1861, d. 3-10-1941, h/o Florence B.
Schoonover, Florence Bell (Hamblin), b. 8- 1861, d. 1943, w/o Cassius C.
Schoonover, James W., b. 1-12-1906, d. 2-7-1916, s/o Cassius C. & Florence B.
Sheldon, Charles Gilbert, b. 1-13-1840, d. 9-8-1918, h/o Sarah M., h/o Sarah B.
Sheldon, George A., d. 7-16-1888, 3m 6d, s/o Harry A. & Lucy
Sheldon, Harry Augustus, b. 2-28-1866, d. 5-5-1913, h/o Lucy
Sheldon, James Alvin, b. 5-9-1877, d. 4-26-1961, h/o Sarah B.
Sheldon, James William, b. 1905, d. 1-24-1926, s/o James A. & Sarah B.
Sheldon, Sarah B. (Sally), d. 5-4-1889, 49y, 2nd w/o Charles G.
Sheldon, Sarah Blossom (Brooks), b. 4-16-1888, d. 2-18-1935, w/o James A.
Sheldon, Sarah Margaret (Davidson), d. 3-29-1881, 34y 7d, w/o Charles G.
Shipley, Melinda, b. 12-23-1818, d. 2-26-1907
Smith, Charles M., b. 1885, d. 1925, h/o Viva G.
Smith, Elijah Joshua, b. 3-25-1859, d. 2-25-1923, h/o Melvina
Smith, Melvina (Kingery), b. 11-29-1866, d. 2-14-1916, w/o Elijah
Smith, Olive Fern, b. 8-13-1909, d. 11-13-1913, d/o Charles M. & V. Gertrude
Smith, Olive Luzell, b. 7-31-1902, d. 11-3-1906, d/o O. H. & Myrtle
Smith, Viva Gertrude (Neeley), b. 5-21-1886, d. 9-2-1972, w/o Charles M.
Spence, James, d. 4-4-1877, 30y 11m 20d, s/o John & Ann
Spence, John, d. 10-8-1911, 67y 11m 25d, s/o John & Ann
St. John, Bartholomew Royal, b. 1809, d. 3-6-1884, h/o Emily
Steele, Cecil C., d. 7-31-1897, 1y 8m 21d, d/o P. T. & E. F.
Steele, Ella E., no further information
Steele, William H., d. 2-14-1886, 45y 10m 13d, h/o Ella E.
Suiter, Hannah (Wright), d. 2-5-1886, 78y 3m 2d, w/o E. E. Stubb, Chs. P. Weeks, Phillip J. Suiter
Thomson, Edmond B., d. 2-14-1905, 86y 3m 7d, h/o Lydia C.
Thomson, Harry E., b. 1872, d 1949
Thomson, Lydia Charlotte (Morse), d. 10-6-1901, 81y 11m 29d, w/o Edmond B.
Weeks, Altha M., d. 3-29-1869, 1y 2m 6d, d/o Charles P. & Martha A.
Weeks, Charles Powers, b. 2-3-1831, d. 9-12-1908, h/o Martha A., Mary E., Masen, Hannah
Weeks, David Alfred, d. 8-8-1871, 9m 8d, s/o George F. & Rachel A.
Weeks, Edgar D., d. 11-19-1939, Sgt. 322nd Aux.
Weeks, Eliza Jane, b. Il., d. 9-6-1898, 39y 6m 6d
Weeks, Elizabeth Ellen (Steele), b. 1844, d. 1-3-1933
Weeks, Esther E., d. 7-30-1875, 6y 2m 27d, d/o Charles P. & Martha A.
Weeks, George E., d. 2-20-1882, 72y 5m 11d, h/o Lucy L.
Weeks, George Finley, b. 3-9-1842, d. 5-4-1924, h/o Rachel A., Harriet M., Margaret, Serepta
Weeks, George Spencer, b. 7-4-1869, d. 12-14-1921, h/o Mary E.
Weeks, George Washington, d. 2-20-1882, 72y 5m 11d, h/o Lavina E.
Weeks, James E., b. 4-25-1839, d. 9-19-1918, h/o Mary A., Lyda J.
Weeks, Lavina Ellen (Powers), d. 6-28-1883, 73y 8m 26d, w/o George W.
Weeks, Lelia Fay, d. 11-29-1888, 2y 4m 1d, d/o George F & Margaret
Weeks, Lillie, d. 12-20-1870, 19d, d/o James F. & May A.
Weeks, Lizzie, d. 4-3-1870, 3y, d/o William H. & Mary A.
Weeks, Lucy L., d. 5-8-1879, 22y 2m 7d, w/o George E.
Weeks, Lyda Jane (Riggins), b. 4-1-1859, d. 9-6-1898, w/o 2nd James E.
Weeks, Margaret (Richmond), b. 7-12-1845, d. 1-24-1901, w/o Jonas E., George F.
Weeks, Marion, d. 1-16-1877, 5m, s/o George F. & Rachel A.
Weeks, Martha A. (Goare), b. 3-20-1836, d. 4-25-1884, w/o Charles P.
Weeks, Mary C. / E., d. 6-7-1864, 22y 6m 6d, w/o Charles P.
Weeks, Mary A., b. 9-13-1842, d. 5-9-1927, w/o William H.
Weeks, Mary Amy (Johnson), b. 1839, d. 6-29-1923, w/o James E
Weeks, Mary Etta (James), b. 11-14-1864, d. 4-1-1899, d/o Wm. H & Mary A.
Weeks, Mary F., b. 1904, d. 1997
Weeks, Miles, d. 8-26-1876, 10d, s/o George F. & Rachel A.
Weeks, Myrtle, d. 12-22-1884, 2y 6m 2d, d/o James F. & Lyda J.
Weeks, Nina Margaret, d. 9-23-1883, 2m 16d, d/o George F. & Rachel A.
Weeks, Nina, b. 11-30-1870, d. 6-14-1916
Weeks, Rachel Almyra (Jeffers), d. 7-13-1883, 38y 8m 17d, w/o George F.
Weeks, Thursa May, d. 2-14-1877, 9m 8d, d/o James E. & Mary A.
Weeks, William H., b. 3-25-1837, d. 3-24-1915, h/o Mary A.
Weeks, Maud, d. 2-22-1888, 50y 10m 12d
Weir, Emma (Slate), b. 12-30-1856, d. 1-5-1911, w/o Henry
Weir, Henry, b. 10-15-1854, d. 8-15-1936, h/o Emma
Wilson, Alexander H., b. 6-12-1857, d. 1-25-1914, h/o Sarah E.
Wilson, Harmon G., d. 5-14-1876, 84y 6m 10d
Wilson, J. Ettie, d. 10-31-1872, 7y 28d, d/o Wesley & Mary E.
Wilson, Marian G., b. 1850, d. 10-26-1886
Wilson, Sarah Ellen (Porter), b. 3-13-1867, d. 8-24-1934, w/o Alex. H.
Wilson, Wesley, d. 4-13-1896, 74y 8m 8d, h/o Mary E.
Wilson, Hurschel W., d. 8-23-1890, 1y 10m 6d, s/o W. E. & M.
Wilson, James William, b. 1905, d. 1926
Wilson, Mary E. (Harris), d. 4-7-1889, 64y 8m 1d, w/o Wesley
Wilson, Walter, b.5-1891, d. 10-15-1918, s/o Alex. H. & Sarah E., WWI Vet.
Younkins, Effie, b. 6-22-1868, d. 12-23-1939
Younkins, Frank Sylvester, b. 1-16-1867, d. 7-4-1955, h/o Henrietta
Younkins, Henrietta Wilhemina (Scott), b. 7-29-1869, d. 12-23-1903, w/o Frank S.
Younkins, Homer Cal, b. 1891, d. 1939

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