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Bennett Cemetery
Madison Township, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 26' 19"N, Lon: 94° 02' 55"W
Madison Twp, R28W, Sec 26

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson, Sep 13, 1999, last updated Dec 23, 2004 [jlwight@northlink.com].  Total records = 76.

This cemetery is located at 2015 - 145th Street, just east of Hogback Bridge Avenue, in Madison County IA.

This cemetery was walked and recorded by Lewis E. Morris in 1975, which I compared my work with, after I read the cemetery.

I have also done research and comparisons from: two burial indexes, marriage, funeral home, obituaries and death records for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification where possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

Family additions and corrections on the Bennett's and Gideon's contributed by Susan Martin-Rott. As in many of the older cemeteries, there are still many unmarked graves.

I walked, recorded and photographed all of the available and legible headstones in 2003. If you wish to see any of these photos, feel free to contact me.

- Judy Wight Branson

Adair, Harrison T., d. 2-17-1857, 2y 22d
Adair, Harrison, d. 10-27-1851, 24y 8m 24d
Allen, Andrew, b. 1854, d. 1941
Allen, Arzella, b. 1862, d. 1938
Bennett, Andrew, b. 10-22-1835, d. 12-14-1905
Bennett, Anna Catherine, d. 6-19-1878, 10y 5m 20d
Bennett, Armanda M., d. 8-22-1863, 2y 3m 8d
Bennett, David, d. 2-6-1854, 32y 8m 15d
Bennett, George Nelson, b. 10-28-1920, d. 11-4-1920
Bennett, Jacob, b. 2-1-1794, d. 2-1-1882
Bennett, Joshua, d. 10-1-1906, 74y 5m 14d
Bennett, Leroy, b. 9-8-1912, d. 9-8-1912
Bennett, Loyd Joshua, d. 2-3-1881, 1y 3m 28d
Bennett, Lydia Susannah (Shafer), d. 5-29-1877, 73y 7m 25d
Bennett, Marquis Alvin, b. 9-29-1866, d. 9-29-1922
Bennett, Mary Elizabeth (Gideon), b. 4-21-1841, d. 6-18-1935
Bennett, Nancy (McCarty), b. 8-5-1844, d. 4-12-1913
Bennett, Sarah, d. 12-12-1891, 67y 4m 8d
Bennett, Septa, d. 8-20-1857, 8y 11m 22d
Bennett, Virginia Joan, d. 7-14-1944
Bennett, William Bradford, d. 3-19-1868, 2y 10m 27d
Bennett, Zeta Mildred, b. 4-3-1861, d. 9-12-1863
Bond, Mary, b. 4-30-1913, d. 4-30-1913
Bowlsby, Wilson P. S., d. 7-29-1862
Bradbury, Ada, d. 2-23-1869, 1y 2m 30d
Evans, Anni G., d. 3-8-1879, 1y 1m 8d
Evans, Myrtle G., d. 7-23-1882, 8m 2d
Foglesong, Charles, d. 9-17-1867, 64 y 8m 6d
Foglesong, Polly M. (Aldridge), b. 2-17-1805, d. 11-12-1861
Foglesong, Susan, d. 6-21-1866, 54y 6m 3d
Gideon, Byneria, b. 12-24-1875, 7-4-1876
Gideon, David M., d. 10-31-1861, 22y 6m 15d
Gideon, Emory P., b. 3-18-1873, d. 7-4-1876
Gideon, Henry, d. 11-22-1882, 84y 1m 20d
Gideon, Infant, d. 9-16-1860, 2d
Gideon, Mary Etta (Kerrick), d. 7-4-1876
Gideon, Nancy Anna (Miller), d. 7-5-1869, 62y 9m 7d
Gideon, Peter Marion, b. 12-12-1832, d. 1-19-1916
Gideon, Sarah Catherine (Kerrick), d. 2-3-1873, 27y 11m 8d
Groseclose, Henry, d. 11-23-1853, 53y 1m 6d
Groseclose, Mariah (Harreld), b. 5-21-1805, d. 12-26-1868
Hildebrand, Alven Earl, b. 5-5-1919, d. 8-5-1914
Kirkland, A. Gertrude Charity (Debaun), d. 9-17-1869, 74y 8m 22d
Kirkland, Andrew J., d. 9-10-1861, 25y 4m 15d
Leach, Eva, d. 11-22-1871, 1y 9d,
Leach, Henry A., d. 8-28-1867
Leach, Infant, d. 11-12-1865, 2d
Leach, Jennie, d. 8-21-1871, 1y 7m 3d
Leach, Juanita, d. 3-4-1880, 12y 7m 3d
McFee, Infant, d. 8-1-1861, 2m
McMulin, Jackson, b. 2-21-1820, d. 7-2-1855
Nicholson, Sarah Sadala, d. 3-27-1869, 6y 21d
Norris, Alfred, d. 6-15-1894, 64y 4m 13d,
Norris, Jasper P., d. 8-31-1871, 17y 9m 17d
Norris, Mary Jane (Rush), b. 1-1-1833, In., d. 6-22-1906
Norris, Oscar N., b. 11-25-1859, d. 4-12-1928
Norris, Sarah A. (Bowlby), d. 10-16-1858, 26y
Norris, William Milton, b. 5-25-1856, d. 3-19-1922
Roberts, Agnes, b. 9-1914, d. 11-1-1914
Rollstin, Araminta L., d. 5-26-1861, 11y 14d
Rouse, John, b. 7-15-1800, d. 5-7-1859, 58y
Shafer, Elizabeth (Myers), d. 9-25-1868, 54y
Shafer, Henry, d. 2-12-1891, 90y 11m 12d
Shepherd, Sierra Nevada (Bennett), b. 8-23-1864, d. 12-9-1907
Shields, David, d. 8-6-1858, 81y
Sites, Christian, d. 5-11-1867, 67y 25d
Smith, Eddie, no dates, child
Smith, Emily, d. 4-1-1871, 17y
Smith, Harvey, b. 1829, d. 2-22-1915
Smith, Margaret Elizabeth, b. 12-19-1850, d. 10-26-1937
Smith, Sinthy Ann (Cochran), b. 1829, d. 1858
Smith, Willie, child, no dates
Stover, Matilda, d. 3-5-1869, 56y 2 m 12d
Stover, Samuel, d. 11-28-1858, 46y 11m 28d
Terry, Elmore, d. 3-11-1872, 68y 11m 4d
Wurster, Daniel George, d. 5-22-1869, 1y 1m 5d

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