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Seneca Township Cemetery
Armstrong, Kossuth County, Iowa

385th St
Armstrong, Iowa

Lat: 43°19'11"N, Lon: 94°25'06"W
SW 1/4 Section 8 Twip 98/30

Contributed by Letty Hurlburt, May 09, 2002 [lettyhurlburt@hotmail.com].
Total records = 83.

Began in about 1871. Lucy and Charles Fish donated the land to be used as a Cemetery. The cemetery, for the most part, is in Poor Condition. Unkept. Some graves have been exhumed and moved to neighboring towns.

Contacts: John and/or Connie Hattle 515-272-4397 or Letty Hurlburt, Genealogist at 515 925 3542.

- Letty Hurlburt

Alcorn, Edith M., d. 10/1897, scarlet fever, d/o W.W. & Ida Alcorn
Alcorn, Lydia A., d. 11/13/1879, age: 32Y 6M 10D, (Ida was W.W. second wife), w/o Wilber W. Alcorn
Alcorn, Ralph E., d. 10/1897, all 3 in the same week, s/o W.W. & Ida Alcorn
Alcorn, Wilber L., d. 10/1/1897, age: 2Y 3M 26D, the 3 children died of, s/o W.W. & Ida Alcorn
Anderson, Carrie, no dates, Mother, w/o Hans Anderson
Anderson, Hans, b. 1846, d. 1903, Father, h/o Carrie Anderson
Barfoot, Attaleucille, d. 9/29/1897, age: 6Y 3M 1D, d/o J. & M.A. Barfoot
Barfoot, Vern, d. 8/16/1896, age: 1Y 6M 18D, Little Vernie, s/o John & Mary A. Barfoot
Batterson, Abijah, b. 1822, d. 1884, Mail Carrier / Pony Express
Batterson, Blanche, b. 11/201875, d. 8/21/1880, d/o A. & N. Batterson
Batterson, Hazel Lillian, d. 7/29/1900, age: 19M 9D, 'At Rest Our Darling'
Batterson, Nancy, b. 1834, d. 1922
Brayton, Colfax, d. 4/1/1876, age: 14Y 2M 8D, s/o R.I. & A. Brayton
Brayton, Infant, d. 3/8/1871, age: 1M 12D, d/o R.I. & A. Brayton
Brayton, Luke, d. 3/31/1876, age: 1Y 7M, s/o R.I. & A. Brayton
Brayton, Ralph W., d. 3/31/1876, age: 3Y 11M 20D, s/o R.I. & A. Brayton
Bunt, Reuben E., b. 1/21/1814, d. 9/11/1887, Born in Otsago Co. NY ??
Byers, James, b. 1868, d. 1918, h/o Sadie Byers
Byers, Sadie, b. 1869, d. 1959, Second most recent burial, w/o James Byers
Campbell, Robert, no dates, s/o R. & Alma Campbell
Canon, Ira H., d. 6/14/1883, age: 2M 16D, s/o I.H. & A.H. Canon
Carr, 3 children, no dates, Stones broken and gone
Carroll, Alexander, d. 11/11/1878, age: 7Y 4D, s/0 John & Mary Ann Carroll
Carroll, Annie, d. 12/10/1881, age: 21Y 7M 19D, d/o John & Mary Ann Carroll
Carroll, Fredrick, d. 10/7/1872, age: 3Y 11M 19D, s/o John & Mary Ann Carroll
Carroll, John, d. 2/14/1879, age: 48 years, Father, h/o Marry Ann
Carroll, Mary A., d. 3/25/1898, age: 64Y 22D, Mother, w/o John
Coffen, Caroline, d. 12/16/1879, age: 1Y 2M 16D, d/o William Coffen
Coffen, Delila, d. 8/12/1871, d/o J.H. & C. Coffen, First grave in 1871
Coffen, Warren D., d. 12/16/1887, age: 54Y 9M 26D, Co B 7th Ills Cavalry, Civil War Veteran
Conrad, P., (unmarked)
Cunningham, Joshua, b. 1792, d. 6/29/1887, age: 95Y 25D, No pain, no grief, no , George Washington was still living…
Dotson, Frank E., d. 10/7/1897, age: 6Y 7M 21D, s/o G.W. & M. Dotson
Dourte, Zella Irene, b. 11/25/1901, d. 5/30/1908, d/o C.G. & M. Dourte
Drinan, Jerry J., b. 1871, d. 1937, h/o Cora Kessel Drinan
Dundas, Mina May, d. 6/5/1891, age: 8Y 11M 15D, d/o John & ??? Dundas
Dundas, Walter H., d. 6/5/1876, s/o D. & H. Dundas
Dundas, William J., b. 11/25/1874, d. 9/13/1875, s/o J.& J.R. Dundas
Eckholm, Conrad-Exhumed, no dates, s/o Victor Eckholm
Eckholm, Phillip-Exhumed, no dates, s/o Victor Eckholm
Fish, Charles O., b. 11/16/1840, d. 12/22/1909, Father, w/o Lucy Fish
Fish, Charles Walter, b. 1881, d. 1930
Fish, Lucy M., b. 1844, d. 1935, Mother, w/o Charles O. Fish
Foulston, Cecil Clyde, d. 1/8/1895, age: 2M 3D, s/o R.H. & M.E. Foulston
Gibbs, Edith, d. 8/1888, age: 1Y, We part to meet again, d/o W.H. & Nettie Gibbs
Goodspeed, Zaida E., d. 4/27/1890, age: 7M 10D, d/o S.N. & N.F. Goodspeed
Gray, Charles H., d. 7/24/1908, age: 77Y 1M 24D, h/o F.A. Gray
Gray, F. A., b. 7/3/1831, d. 5/3/1888, age: 56Y, w/o C.H. Gray
Gray, Lily V., d. 3/8/1871, age: 21D, d/o C.H. & F.A. Gray
Heckart, Eleanor, no dates
Jordan, Gettie A., d. 10/30/1873, age: 3Y 4M 28D, d/o Wm K. & H. Jordan
Kerr, Eliza J., b. 1853, d. 1918, w/o William Kerr
Kerr, Joseph A., d. 9/16/1903, age: 24Y 2M 12D, s/o William & Eliza Kerr
Kerr, William, b. 1844, d. 1919, lived where Tom Bergum lives, h/o Eliza Kerr
Kessell, Floyd, b. 1/16/1898, d. 1/19/1898, s/o Nelsen & Cora Kessell
Kessell, Hazel, b. 11/15/1894, d. 2/12/1895, d/o Nelsen & Cora Kessell
Kessell, Ida, b. 8/18/1890, d. 8/20/1890, d/o Nelsen & Cora Kessell
Kessell, Nelsen, b. 3/26/1859, d. 11/15/1898, Father, Nelsen Born in LaPorte IND??
Kessell-Drinan, Cora, no dates, w/o Nelson Kessel and Jerry Drinan
Kruse, Fred , b. 1874, d. 1890, h/o Johann Kruse
Kruse, Johann, no dates, w/o Fred Kruse
Littlefield, Rev.O.A., d. 1884, exhumed
Murray, Alex, d. 5/4/1885, age: 87Y 4M, from 'Scotland'
Ormiston, Hannah J. (Merrill), d. 12/25/1885, age: 43Y 8M 16D, w/o William
Ormiston, William, d. 4/21/1892, age: 55Y 6M 11D
Paulson, Edwin B., b. 1874, d. 1932, WWI Veteran
Paulson, Florence, b. 4/8/1876, d. 3/8/1919
Paulson, Mother, b. 1849, d. 1923, Mother
Paulson, P. W., b. 1849, d. 5/11/1890, age: 41Y 6M 22D, Father
Petersen, Sophie Lee, d. 9/4/1939, d/o Alfred & Florence Petersen
Ranney, Edith E., b. 1873, d. 1920
Robertson, Harvey Leon, d. 6/29/1902, age: 4M 14D
Saxton, Infant, b. 3/31/1906, d. 4/2/1906, d/o C.B. & L.M. Saxton
Searle, Charlotte A., d. 8/3/1876, age: 20Y 4M 11D, Born in Ugonquin, Ontario??, w/o O.A. Searle
Swan, Annie E., b. 9/16/1863, d. 12/1/1942
Swan, Robert, b. 12/1/1866, d. 2/27/1911
Swan, William, no dates, (infant)
Tibbetts, C. Irving, b. 1894, d. 1926
Tibbetts, Jack C., b. 7/6/1917, d. 4/4/1994, Most Recent Burial, S. SGT US Army WWII Purple Heart
Van Dorston, Merla, d. 1/4/1897, age: 6M 7D, d/o E.W. & Elizabeth VanDorston
White, Electa, (unmarked)
Zahllar, Lewis P., d. 12/21/1902, age: 73Y 1M 18D, Father, h/o Susan Zahllar
Zahller, Susan Maria, d. 7/15/1901, age: 68Y 1M 25D, 'Our Mother', w/o Lewis Zahller


?? , William, d. 3/5/1884, age: 85Y
Albright, unmarked (2)
Bunt, Unmarked
Carroll, Exhumed
Dotson, Unmarked (4),no dates, in 1792 when Joshua was born!!!
Eckholm, Unmarked
Ferdinanson, Unmarked
Higley, Unmarked
Osborns, unmarked (2)
Petersons, Unmarked (3)
Ranney, Unmarked
Stroud, Unmarked
Zahllars, Unmarked (2)
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