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Gaylord Cemetery
Green Township, Fremont County, Iowa

Lat: 40° 50' 41"N, Lon: 95° 40' 12"W
Green Twp, Sec 22

Submitted by Anne Braun, Nov 08, 2002, last edited Oct 23, 2005 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 42.

From Tabor, go 2.75 miles south on US Highway 275. The cemetery is on the east side of the road on top of a little hill.

This is a pioneer cemetery in very poor condition. Many of the headstones are hidden in 3-4 feet tall grass, which I waded through, but was unable to find all which Fremont County records say are there. Two of the graves are beginning to sink in. It needs a good clean up which the county is aware of.

I first visited it in Oct of 2002, made my final visit Oct 19, 2005. This includes all existing and legible headstones.

- Anne Braun

* = found no headstone

Brand, Edmund G., b. Feb 26 1822, d. Oct 12 1890, [AB]
Chadwick, Marie S., d. Jun 16, 1872, age 33 years, w/o George
Dikeson, Mary Anne, d. Jul 16 1879, age 55yr 1mo 24da, [AB]
Dundson, Susan, b. 1873, d. 1940*
Dundson, Virtue A., b. 1880, d. 1966*
Dunsdon, Esther M., d. Sep 26 1887, age 2yr 9mo 20da, d/o J.and M. Dunsdon, [AB]
Dunsdon, James, b. Nov 5 1838, d. Apr 5 1909, [AB]
Dunsdon, John W., b. Apr 6 1877, d. Sep 29 1894, [AB]
Dunsdon, Marion, b. 1852, d. 1920, [AB]
Frederickson, Nicholas, d. Feb 18, 1870, age 23 years
Fredrickson, Elmira, d. Sep 3 1885, age 77yr 2mo 29da, [AB]
Fredrickson, Porter, d. Mar 19 1887, age 74 years, [AB]
Gaylord, Bertha, b. Jan 18 1857, d. Aug 4, 1857
Gaylord, Dock E., d. Jan 7, 1894, age 24 years
Gaylord, Eliza J., d. Jan 26, 1869, age 20 years (Headstone Broken in half)
Gaylord, Elizabeth, d. Dec 27, 1883, age 75yr 7mn and 23da
Gaylord, Hannah, b. Nov 12, 1838, d. Mar 6, 1863
Gaylord, Harry A., b. Mar 6, 1863, d. Sep 20, 1863
Gaylord, Lemuel, d. Sep 27, 1865, age 4 months, s/w Dock and Little Ruby
Gaylord, Little Ruby, d. Nov 10, 1886, age 1 years
Gaylord, William Sr., b. Sep 30, 1837, d. Dec 2, 1903, s/w Bertha, Hannah, and Harry
Gladburn, Mervin, d. Mar 1901, Infant s/o J.E. and Jessie Gladburn, [AB]
Greene, Annie A., d. Sep 22, 1859, d/o Noah and Sarah
Greene, Freddie, d. Jun 10, 1878, age 16yr and 8mn
Greene, Hannah A., d. Aug 16, 1854, d/o Noah and Sarah, s/w Annie
Greene, Leslie, b. Mar 6, 1931, d. Mar 10, 1931
Greene, Noah, b. 1819, d. Nov 12, 1871, age 52 yr and 8mn
Greene, Sarah A., b. 1828, d. 1916, w/o Noah
Hardy, Ella S., d. May 10 1885, age 13yr 4mo 29da, d/o I.A. and A.J. Hardy, [AB]
Hardy, Leah, d. Aug 24, 1865, age 1 year, d/o I.A. and J.A. Hardy
Hardy, William R., d. Mar 16, 1886, age 24 yr and 6da, s/w Ella and Leah
Kemp, Mary Anne, d. Aug 3 1878, age 44 years, w/o G. Kemp, [AB]
Roberts, Eleanor, b. Jan 20 1830, d. Oct 9 1920, [AB]
Roberts, James V., b. Feb 6 1832, d. Aug 28 1881, [AB]
Ross, Alice M., d. Apr 2, 1877, age 20 years, d/o Marshall and Clarissa
Ross, Clarissa, b. Apr 2, 1837, d. Jan 31, 1908
Ross, Folia, no dates*
Ross, Ida Rose, b. Oct 5, 1867, d. Jun 30, 1892, s/w Clarissa Headstone has fallen to the ground)
Ross, Marshall, b. Mar 27, 1832, d. Apr 28, 1885*
Russell, Lou Penney, b. Oct 20 1840, d. Jan 18 1895, w/o J.C. Penney, [AB]
Thorton, John, d. Sep 8 1871, age 40yr 7mo 20da, [AB]
Thorton, Susan, d. Aug 15 1886, age 59yr 2mo 3da, [AB]
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