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Westport Township Cemetery
Lake Park, Dickinson County, Iowa

westport township cemetery
Westport Township Cemetery

GPS: 43.312760, -95.329290

130th Ave & 230th St.
Lake Park, IA 51347

Published: October 30, 2016
Total records: 72


Westport Township Cemetery was established in 1891.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the Spirit Lake Public Library on October 27, 2016. Dates of death range from 1885 to 2015.

Although lots had been sold over the years, actual burials in Westport Township Cemetery were not recorded until 1973. That spring, Charlotte Brett of Spencer, a member of the NW Iowa Genealogical Society, met with Trustee and caretaker Ed Vetter to inquire about the location of gravesites there. Vetter, along with his niece Betty Baish, the township clerk, proceeded to research courthouse records to find the names of people buried at Westport. Charlotte then drew a map and listed burials by location in the cemetery. Ironically, Ed Vetter lost his life in June of 1973 when his tractor overturned as he was mowing the ditch in front of the cemetery. Charlotte Brett is buried with her family in the Westport Township Cemetery.

Westport Township Cemetery Map

Adkins, Henry
, b. 4/5/1867, d. 7/9/1959, Lot T05/05-2
Adkins, Joseph, b. 10/18/1865, d. 10/12/1950, Lot T05/05-1
Adkins, Joseph John, b. 6/21/1836, d. 1915, Lot T05/06-2
Adkins, Sarah, b. 6/10/1864, d. 6/10/1921, Lot T05/06-1
Adkins, Sarah Ann (Gates), b. 2/26/1835, d. 5/15/1899, Lot T05/06-3
Adkins, William Gates, b. 4/25/1862, d. 1/19/1950, Lot T05/05-4
Allen, Anna P. (Loch), b. 2/1/1896, d. 12/10/1951, Lot T07/12-3
Allen, Dale Fenton, b. 5/13/1930, d. 7/14/1934, Lot T07/12-1
Allen, George Leroy, b. 3/22/1937, d. 3/5/1938, Lot T07/12-2
Allen, Milo G., b. 7/13/1895, d. 4/18/1980, Lot T07/12-4
Belken, Infant son Gilbert, Lot T01/04-3, no date
Belken, John Henry, b. 7/2/1850, d. 4/8/1913, Lot T01/04-2
Belken, Selene Esther (Morris), b. 8/17/1860, d. 1/31/1918, Lot T01/04-1
Brett, Charlotte Mae, b. 11/30/1904, d. 3/15/1984, Lot T08/02-4, DAR
Brett, George Wendell, b. 5/30/1912, d. 1/14/2005, Lot T08/03-4, Veteran
Brett, Jessie Clara (Cummings), b. 7/28/1872, d. 11/15/1956, Lot T08/03-1
Brett, John Franklin Jr., b. 1/28/1897, d. 9/17/1899, Lot T08/03-3
Brett, JohnFranklin Sr., b. 8/24/1859, d. 11/26/1930, Lot T08/03-2
Brett, Martha Elizabeth, b. 12/26/1901, d. 4/13/1994, Lot T08/02-3
Brewer, Sherman Dudley, b. 7/22/1901, d. 8/9/1901, Lot T06/02-1
Bruns, Bessie Victoria, b. 10/16/1902, d. 1/20/1904, Lot T05/04-2
Bruns, Ferdinand Zoiner, b. 3/8/1877, d. 10/30/1895, Lot T05/04-3
Bruns, Muriel, b. 8/13/1908, d. 9/16/1921, Lot T05/04-1
Cummings, Perry A., b. 3/3/1870, d. 3/8/1951, Lot T09/03-1
Dilley, Alice (Sproessig), b. 12/27/1917, d. 9/29/1980, Lot T04/12-1
Flint, Lola Belle, b. 2/11/1919, d. 2/3/2014, Lot T04/09-2
Flint, Marion, b. 10/22/1/1, d. 8/31/2013, Lot T04/09-1
Goyett, Roy, b. 10/12/1907, d. 9/10/1910, Lot T10/17-1, no stone
Hagerty, Agnes, b. 5/30/1881, d. 6/29/1885, Lot T01/18-1
Hagerty, Annie, b. 2/7/1880, d. 6/16/1885, Lot T01/18-2
Hagerty, Cornelius, b. 1/16/1888, d. 1/16/1888, Lot T01/18-4
Hagerty, William J., b. 8/15/1883, d. 6/22/1885, Lot T01/18-3
Higley, Infant son, b. 9/30/1908, d. 10/8/1908, Lot T06/12-1
Hughes, Chancy A., b. 10/25/1895, d. 9/7/1897, Lot T04/10-3
Hughes, Griffith W., b. 5/12/1855, d. 2/3/1926, Lot T04/10-2
Hughes, Ola Annetta, b. 9/20/1871, d. 5/25/1939, Lot T04/10-1
Hutchens, Allen Andrew, b. 11/3/1873, d. 5/28/1952, Lot T07/04-1
Hutchens, Harold, b. 4/27/1913, d. 8/23/1914, Lot T07/04-2, no stone
Janssen, Geradina E., b. 10/26/1906, d. 11/19/1906, Lot T06/11-1, no stone
Kuehl, Baby, d. 2/14/1924, Lot T06/13-3, no stone
Kuehl, Curt Wayne, b. 6/23/1934, d. 9/12/2013, Lot T05/08-1, Veteran
Kuehl, Hugo Amel, b. 11/3/1925, d. 12/5/1925, Lot T06/13-4, no stone
Kuehl, infant, d. 1923, Lot T07/18-1, no marker
Larson, George Jr., b. 10/14/1941, d. 10/14/1941, Lot T04/10-4
Lenhardt, Ila, b. 2/4/1890, d. 10/8/1892, Lot T01/02-4, no stone
Lenz, Adam, b. 10/18/1859, d. 9/28/1942, Lot T05/12-1
Lenz, Luvia, b. 2/27/1905, d. 3/15/1905, Lot T05/12-3
Lenz, Mary, b. 2/25/1867, d. 3/8/1905, Lot T05/12-2
Lenz, son, d. 1896, Lot T05/10-1, no stone
Matthiesen, Anna M., b. 5/15/1895, d. 10/7/1897, Lot T05/11-4
Meyerdirk, Edward Lee, b. 8/17/1923, d. 7/21/1985, Lot T08/11-1, Veteran
Meyerdirk, Jesse Raymond, b. 6/29/1902, d. 4/27/1982, Lot T07/11-1
Meyerdirk, Lenard, d. 1924, Lot T07/11-3, infant
Meyerdirk, Marie (Lange), b. 1902, d. 1953, Lot T07/11-2
Munson, Muns, b. 12/6/1889, d. 1917, Lot T08/18-1, no marker
Ploss, Howard Orville, b. 11/13/1917, d. 4/19/1918, Lot T10/02-1
Ploss, Lorena Maria, b. 9/26/1889, d. 3/4/1893, Lot T10/02-2
Pratt, Floyd, b. 6/11/1893, d. 9/12/1893, Lot T05/07-3
Raffensperger, Elmer C., b. 5/27/1862, d. 6/11/1940, Lot T06/17-1, no stone
Range, infant, d. 12/21/1912, Lot T06/06-1, no stone
Rausch, Emma M., b. 3/26/1895, d. 8/2/1895, Lot T02/02-1
Shaffer, Clyde Sherman, b. 3/12/1919, d. 3/21/1919, Lot T05/14-1, no marker
Spangler, Bertha (twin), b. 11/29/1909, d. 12/10/1909, Lot T10/17-3, no stone
Spangler, George (twin), b. 11/29/1909, d. 12/15/1909, Lot T10/17-4, no stone
Sproessig, Anna (Lenz), b. 1/5/1887, d. 10/16/1924, Lot T04/12-3
Sproessig, Joseph, b. 7/27/1881, d. 7/6/1964, Lot T04/12-2
Sproessig, Margert, b. 1886, d. 1926, Lot T03/12-2
Sproessig, Robert Oliver, b. 6/30/1886, d. 6/21/1958, Lot T03/12-1
Stolte, Henry J., b. 9/16/1862, d. 3/28/1901, Lot T08/04-4
Wiese, Infant son, d. 1906, Lot T05/13-3
Wilmont, S.B., Lot T02/04-4, no stone
Wright, Esther, b. 1/15/1914, d. 4/11/1919, Lot T02/03-4, no stone

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