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St. Alban's Episcopal Church Columbarium
Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, Iowa

st albans episcopal church columbarium
St. Alban's Episcopal Church Columbarium

GPS: 43.417829, -95.121674

2011 23rd St.
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Published: October 29, 2016
Total records: 24


Located on the grounds of St. Alban's Episcopal Church, the columbariums hold the cherished cremains of members of the St. Alban's church family.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the Spirit Lake Public Library on October 27, 2016. Dates of death range from 1998 to 2015.

St. Alban's Episcopal Church Columbarium Map

Barnard, Robert Kunath "Bob", b. 11/7/1920, d. 10/19/2005, Lot A-08, Veteran
Bowers, James R., b. 4/16/1922, d. 4/29/2004, Lot A-11, Veteran
Bowers, Julie (Harvey), b. 4/14/1925, d. 3/20/2014, Lot A-11A
Chrischilles, Patricia Ann (Seeley), b. 6/20/1928, d. 7/18/2014, Lot C-05
Christie, Lt. Col. William, b. 12/10/1916, d. 6/9/2005, Lot A-19, Veteran
Erickson, Mel, b. 8/4/1942, d. 7/13/2012, Lot C-02, Veteran
Giddings, Judith Ann (Nelson), d. 10/27/2007, Lot A-13
Hammond, Robert L., b. 10/23/1926, d. 11/5/2013, Lot A-22, Veteran
Holzhauer, Ethel Rae (Jarman), b. 10/20/1902, d. 1/6/1998, Lot A-18
Hoselton, Gerald J., b. 11/22/1920, d. 11/23/2006, Lot A-21, Veteran
Jackson, Robins Hollister "Rob", b. 3/23/1924, d. 9/8/2009, Lot A-05, Veteran
Jackson, William L. Jr. M.D., b. 1/1/1940, d. 5/22/2004, Lot A-03, Veteran
Jackson, William L. Sr "Bill", b. 8/30/1917, d. 4/15/2001, Lot A-02, Veteran
Jenkins, Harold W. "Bud", b. 11/16/1939, d. 9/15/2009, Lot A-09
Metcalfe, John, b. 11/21/1928, d. 9/10/2013, Lot A-15, Veteran
Parriott, Sharon E. (Folkerts), b. 12/22/1938, d. 9/18/2014, Lot C-01
Robinson, Charles William, b. 8/5/1919, d. 5/19/2002, Lot A-04, Veteran
Robinson, Mary Catherine (McTavish, b. 2/10/1919, d. 4/14/2008, Lot A-04A
Semmens, Sadie R. (Glendenning), b. 2/7/1904, d. 7/13/2005, Lot A-14, "Sally"
Spory, Stephen Michael, b. 9/16/1983, d. 12/8/2012, Lot B-01
Stroud, Helen, b. 7/19/1929, d. 1/11/2012, Lot A-25
Swanson, Elizabeth L. (Beischner), b. 11/25/1946, d. 4/15/2004, Lot A-07, "Betty Lou"
Wasson, Jeffrey L., b. 9/4/1945, d. 9/5/2015, Lot C-04
Wolfe, Richard H., b. 9/9/1928, d. 6/26/2014, Lot C-03

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