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Minburn Cemetery (Kimrey Cemetery)
Dallas County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 43' 38"N, Lon: 94° 02' 49"W
Sugar Grove Twp, Sec 19

Contributed by Frank Stanley, Jul 28, 2001, last edited Jul 18, 2006 [stanley9099@yahoo.com]. Total records = 94.

From Minburn Iowa, go south on Hwy 169 to 210th St (approx 1.5 miles) Turn right (west) onto 210th and follow this road to it's end. Turn left (south), onto Midland Trail. About a 1/4 mile south on the west side of the road, look for a path which goes back into the cemetery.

Milburn cemetery is located on a beautiful knoll two miles southwest of Minburn, Iowa and it overlooks the Raccoon River.

This cemetery is also known as the Kimrey Cemetery, probably because of the the following: The story goes that a family was traveling westward in search of a place to call home. They were forced to stop because of illness with their children, who eventually died of typhoid. John Kimrey donated about two acres of land from his homestead so this family could bury their children. This being the location of this cemetery. These graves have become lost, since there were no stones available for headstones at the time.

Cemetery was surveyed on the 13th of Aug 2000. There were at least 7 stones with unreadable names. Headstones in this cemetery date back to about 1850.

- Frank Stanley

Allen, James, no dates, Co. C 33rd Ind Inf
Beagle, Lulu, d. 02 May 1882, age 4m 19d
Beall, Basell, d. 09 Mar 1871 a. 31y 8m 21d
Beall, Martha, d. 12 Sep 1876, age: 23y w/o B.A.
Beall, Omer, d. 29 May 1869, age: 12d s/o B.A. & M.E.
Beall, Thomas B, d. 22 Mar 1883, age: 48y 3m 15d
Beall, William S., d. 26 Jan 1871, age: 67y 1m 11d
Benefield, Julia A, d. 29 Oct 1864, age: 21y 10m 10d w/o B.F.
Boyd, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1850, age: 54y 2m 18d w/o William P.
Boyd, William P., b. 1805, d. 1888
Bryant, Josiah, d. 16 Sep 1859, age: 68y 9m
CLark, James B, d. 21 Feb 1903, age: 60y 10m 3d
Cartwright, Sarah, b. 29 Nov 1817 d. 26 Jun 1909
Cartwright, William, d. 20 Jun 1888 age 83y 9m 28d
Clark, Hannah A, d. Oct 1854, age: 1y 2m d/o M & M.A.
Clark, Marilda A, d. 26 Feb 1894, age: 70y 10m 1d w/o M
Clark, Milton, d. 13 Dec 1874, age: 55y
Clark, Nancy J, b. 27 Sep 1851 d. 20 Dec 1928
Clark, Nathan O, d. ?? Aug 1867, age: 4y s/o M & MA
Clark, Winnie, d. in the autumn of 1861, age: 12y d/o MA
Coates, Althoe G, d. 22 Aug 1879, age: 16y 5m 3d s/o W.A & A.F.
Darling, Flossie, can't read dates
Edmundson, Charles W, b. 28 Feb 1877, d. 06 Jun 1900
Edmundson, John W, d. 31 july 1857, age: 10y 16d, s/o S & M
Edmundson, Mary E., d. 28 May 1865, age: 15y 6m 19d, dau of S & M
Edmundson, Mary J., d. 12 Jun 1889, age: 40y 4m 10d, wife of S.E.
Edmundson, Matilda, d. 16 Mar 1874, age: 53y 11m 26d wife of S
Edmundson, Rosanna, d. 24 Sep 1870, age: 3m 4d, dau of S & M
Edmundson, Samuel, d. 08 May 1889, age: 69y 7m 6d h/o Jane
Elder, Sarah E, d. 05 Oct 1863, age: 2y 15d, dau of RH & N
Elwood, Moletes, d. 20 Apr 1862, age: 1y 23d, dau of T & HJ
Harper, Permill AM, b. 19 Feb 1872, d. 06 Dec 1896, wife of J.P.
Howard, Thomas J, d. 29 Aug 1854, age: 22y 7m 24d
Keely, Charles, d. 08 Mar 1865 no, age:, son of J & C
Keely, Nora Netta, d. 26 Mar 1865, age: 1y 16d, dau of H & M
Keely, Schuyler, d. 14 Feb 1867, age: 5m 6d, son of J & C
Kilgore, A.J., d. 18 Jan 1880, age: 61y 8m 11d
Kimrey, Flaury, d. 04 Aug 1873, age 4m 19d, twin dau of GW & ME
Kimrey, George, d. 07 Jul 1865, age: 64y 11m 22d
Kimrey, John, b. 06 Nov 1831 b. 17 May 1902
Kimrey, John, d. 06 May 1863, age: 1y 11m 3d, son of SS & E
Kimrey, Laury, d. 04 Aug 1873, age 4m 19d, twin dau of GW & ME
Kimrey, Lulle May, d. 31 May 1880, age: 4m dau of S & E
Kimrey, Rachel Elzina, b. 1857, d. 1931
Kimrey, Samuel, b. 24 Dec 1855, d. 02 May 1915
Kimrey, Solomon, d. 08 Oct 1881, age: 33y
Kimrey, William, d. 11 Jul 1877, age: 29y 3m 26d, h/o Susan
Leggitt, Bertha, d. 15 july 1875, age: 7y 9m, dau of M & L.J.
Mary M., b. 16 Jul 1855, d. 12 Jan 1889, wife of A.A.
Massey, Lillian, d. 19 May 1877, dau of Z.T. & J
Merritt, Rebecca M, d. 08 Feb 1878, age: 78y 6m 2d, wife of Thomas
Miller, Arminta, d. 10 June 1890, age: 31y 9m, wife GW
Minnis, Frances L, b. 13 Apr 1836, d. 14 Sep 1890
Minnis, Henry I., b. 27 Dec 1861, d. 25 Jan 1896
Minnis, Jessie Mae, b. 11 Aug 1875, d. 21 Aug 1954
Minnis, Williams J., b. 13 Jul 1864, d. 08 Jun 1885
Minnis, Williams, b. 07 Feb 1832, d. 25 Jul 1888
Mitchell, Alley Ann, d. 02 Apr 1864, age: 25y 2m 11d, wife of Jocob D.
Mitchell, James, d. 26 Dec 186?, age: 2y 8m 23d s/o J.A.
Mitchell, Jennie, d. 31 Jul 1875, age: 5y 24d
Mitchell, Jennie, d. 19 Feb 1872, age: 11m6d, dau of J & L
Mitchell, John, b. 13 Jul 1801, d. 08 Aug 1880, s/s Mary
Mitchell, Margaret, d. 07 May 1865, age: 26y 3m 21d, dau of John & Mary
Mitchell, Mary, b. 12 Jun 1806, d. 10 Jan 1892
Mitchell, Merril, d. 09 Feb 1873, age: 27y, son of J & L
Mitchell, Tlossie, d. 19 Sep 1887, age 31y 3m, dau of Fred & Mary
Moss, Lovie, b. 22 Sep 1892, d. 01 Mar 1897
Porterfield, J. M., no dates, Co. C 104th IL Inf
Rector, Helen Hale, b. 24 Feb 1915, d. 12 Mar 1915
Reece, Thomas K, b. 1959 d. 1993
Robertson, Edward A, d. 22 Jan 1877, age: 2m 1d, son of W & E
Robertson, Nancy, d. 25 Jul 1855, age: 64y 6m 12d, dau of Z & AB
Roush, Forest Merrel, d. 29 Jan 1888, age: 1m 14d, son of FP & M
Shirley, Elirna E., b. 09 Nov 1858, d. 11 Jul 1891, wife of George
Strader, Margaret, d. 11 Nov 1874, age: 66y 1m 10d, wife of John Slaughter,
Taylor, Floyd E, b. 17 Jan 1892, d. 08 Jan 1894, son of SD & C
Taylor, George W., d. 05 June 1874, age: 22y 23d
Taylor, James B, d. 21 Oct 1857, age: 3m 9d, son of SC & P
Taylor, Malissa C, d. 05 Sep 1850, age: 4y 11m 24d, dau of SC & P
Taylor, Mary A, d. 07 Mar 1851, age: 1y 27d, dau of SC & P
Taylor, Phoebe, b. 30 Jan 1822, d. 26 Sep 1863, wife of SC
Taylor, Robert, d. 13 Jul 1901 no age
Taylor, Slemmons C, b. 29 Feb 1816, d. 16 Sep 1891, H/o Phoebe
Temple, Eliza A, b. 01 Apr 1815, d. 09 Apr 1864, wife of J, "born in Lincolnshire, England
Temple, Frances A., d. 22 Feb 1882, age: 6m 6d, dau of G & SE
Temple, George, b. 1853, d. 1934
Temple, John, no dates, age: 18yr 8mo 4da *
Temple, Mary Ann., b. 31 Mar 1844, d. 28 Nov 1937, wife William
Temple, Sarah E., d. 16 Feb 1886, age: 31y 5m 20d, wife of George
Temple, William, b. 30 Apr 1849, d. 18 Nov 1884
Warford, Clarissa, unreadable, age: 11yr 2da, d/o S & D
West, Charles D., d. 31 Dec 1875, age: 27y 2m 21d, son of D & S
West, Mary Jane, d. 09 May 1864, age: 26y 21d, wife of T.J.
West, Sarah, d. 04 Nov 1879, age: 64y 10m 29d, wife of D

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