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Gillis Cemetery
Treutlen County, Georgia

Lat:34° 21' 40"N, Lon: 84° 02' 58"W

Contributed by Tracy H. Smith, Jan 05, 2003 [keyacct@bellsouth.net].
Total records = 106.

From Soperton, GA, take 221 toward Swainsboro. Left on 86. Take 2nd right (dirt road). Take 2nd right, again (another dirt road). Cemetary is immediately on right.

Brick hip-wall with short ironwork gates, surrounding a well-kept, small cemetary. Many large marble headstones. Family plots separated by stone pavers except for back (older) section.

This is a complete listing of all existing tombstones, which I read when I walked the cemetery on Dec 28, 2002.

- Tracy H. Smith

Coplin, Elizabeth Dowd, b. 1835, d. 1889, s/w Elizabeth Brayol Thompson, small memorial marker
Coplin, Jefferson M., b. 10/3/1820, d. 2/22/1883, Pvt, Co I 28 GA Inf CSA
Courson, Dave, b. 10/15/1856, d. 3/8/1920
Courson, Sewell, Jr, b. 8/25/1927, d. 6/15/1960
Courson, Malcom B., b. 11/8/1843, d. 6/13/1903, s/w Emily Farmer Courson
Courson, Queen, b. 8/13/1865, d. 6/17/1924
Courson, Sewell, b. 11/21/1885, d. 5/28/1952, s/w Mary Gillis Courson
Davis, Lottie Mae, b. 8/28/1896, d. 12/17/1941, 'Mother', s/w Lonzo R Gillis
Edenfield, Alva, b. 4/20/1890, d. 12/14/1969, s/w Christine Gillis Edenfield
Courson, Emily Farmer, b. 11/15/1843, d. 3/19/1915, s/w Malcom B Courson
Gilles, Katie, d. 7/3/1887, age: 74y
Gilles, Sallie, d. 5/2/1888, age: 77y
Courson, Mary Gillis, b. 7/28/1895, d. 12/28/1986, s/w Sewell Courson
Edenfield, Christine Gillis, b. 6/23/1888, d. 9/23/1972, s/w Alva Edenfield
Sumner, Flossie Gillis, b. 7/16/1890, d. 4/16/1980, s/w Dodge Sumner
Gillis, Angus A., b. 11/27/1855, d. 9/4/1920
Gillis, Angus, d. 10/22/1867, age: 58y
Gillis, Annie Lois, b. 11/4/1925, d. 6/6/1927, Dau. of Mr & Mrs Jim L Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Annie Mae, b. 5/12/1901, d. 11/9/1988, Dau. Of Neil Lee Gillis & Lougenia Youmans Gillis
Gillis, Arch, Jr, b. 9/8/1850, d. 5/31/1926
Gillis, Archibald, Sr, b. 5/20/1822, d. 9/30/1892
Gillis, Bob Lee, b. 11/16/1885, d. 7/18/1985, Son of David D Gillis & Susan Eliz. Parrish Gillis, s/w Pearl Gillis
Gillis, Bud, b. 3/13/1872, d. 7/28/1896, Son of Archibald & Mary Gillis
Gillis, Catharine, d. 4/17/1834, age: 80y
Gillis, Catharine, d. 9/17/1840, age: 63y
Gillis, Christian, d. 9/13/1840, age: 21y
Gillis, Flora, b. 10/15/1852, d. 6/19/1914, Wife of Arch Gillis, (Arch Gillis, Jr)
Gillis, Helen Reed, b. 6/28/1919, d., Mother of Margaret Susan, Marvin Reed, Kenneth Robert
Gillis, Homer B., b. 4/26/1883, d. 7/1/1898, Son of Arch & Flora Gillis
Gillis, Hugh Marion, b. 9/6/1918, d., (on back) Treutlen Co Rep 12 years, State Senator 36 years, s/w Laura Jean Gillis
Gillis, Infant, b. 6/26/1892, d. 6/26/1892, Daughter of JW & MJ Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Infant, b. 7/12/1893, d. 7/12/1893, Son of JW & SE Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Irma, b. 12/6/1904, d. 1/21/1906, Dau. Of N.L. Gillis & E.L. Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, J. W., b. 6/18/1906, d. 1/13/1927, Son of Mr & Mrs John W Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, James Lester III, b. 2/16/1948, d., s/w Justine Lawton Gillis
Gillis, James Lester, Jr, b. 10/2/1916, d., Son of Lois Walker & James Lester Gillis
Gillis, James Lester, b. 1/6/1892, d. 3/31/1975, s/w Lois Walker
Gillis, John Marvin, b. 9/17/1890, d. 10/6/1893, Son of Neil Lee & Lougenia Youmans Gillis, 'Son of' info repeated on slab, except 'E.L.' substituted for Lougenia, shares common surname marker
Gillis, John W., b. 10/23/1857, d. 4/15/1906, Married 9/28/1898
Gillis, John, b. 11/22/1880, d. 11/22/1880, Son of A.A. & Mary J. Gillis, child's marker, shares common surname marker
Gillis, John, d. 3/30/1890, age: 85y
Gillis, John, no dates, Son of Murdoch Gillis, child's marker
Gillis, Roderick L., Jr, b. 4/16/1915, d. 12/24/1955
Gillis, Justine Lawton, b. 3/28/1949, d., Mother of Margaret Hopson Gillis, James Lester Gillis, IV, s/w James Lester Gillis, III
Gillis, Katherine Hudmon, b. 12/31/1915, d. 3/7/1997, Mother of Marianne Gillis Persons, Kate Gillis Felton, Lois Gillis Clardy, James Lester Gillis, III, wife to James Lester Gillis, Jr.
Gillis, Laura Jean, b. 9/2/1924, d. 9/14/1990, (on back) Mother of Hugh, Jr, Donald W., Jeanmarie, s/w Hugh Marion Gillis
Gillis, Lester Washington, b. 5/1/1921, d. 9/6/1991, s/w Louise Mildred Wilson Gillis
Gillis, Lester, b. 10/22/1942, d. 1/10/1998
Gillis, Lonzo R., b. 12/20/1896, d. 2/2/1958, 'Father', Mason symbol, s/w Lottie Mae Davis
Gillis, Lougenia Youmans, b. 7/11/1867, d. 2/15/1922, s/w Neil Lee Gillis
Gillis, Lyda Annie, b. 9/25/1894, d. 12/31/1971, Wife of Hardy Walter Warnock, (on back) Dau. Of Mary Jane Barwick Gillis & Angus A. Gillis
Gillis, Maggie J., b. 9/28/1871, d. 12/21/1897, Wife of John W. Gillis
Gillis, Marian, b. 11/1/1868, d. 12/5/1946, s/w Murdoc B. Gillis
Gillis, Martha Loise, b. 6/11/1928, d. 5/31/1931, Dau. of Mr & Mrs Jim L Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Marvin Bob, b. 4/5/1920, d., Son of Bob Lee & Pearl Gillis, WWII US Army Air Forces
Gillis, Marvin Marion, b. 2/3/1895, d. 10/9/1918, ** See add'l inscriptions below
Gillis, Mary Ann, d. 4/7/1897, age: 70y
Gillis, Mary Ann, d., Daughter of Murdoch Gillis, child's marker, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Mary J., b. 12/25/1856, d. 6/4/1922, maiden name Barwick, wife to Angus A Gillis, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Mary, d. 2/15/1904, Wife of Archie Gillis, (Archie Gillis, Sr)
Gillis, Mary, d. 5/13/1894, age: 73y
Gillis, Murdoc B., b. 9/20/1861, d. 8/26/1939, s/w Marian Gillis
Gillis, Murdoch, d. 3/20/1829, age: 60y
Gillis, Nancy, d. 7/26/1867, age: 52y
Gillis, Neil Lee III, b. 5/7/1925, d. 8/20/1953, Son of Jennie Belle Perry & Neil Lee Gillis, Jr
Gillis, Neil Lee, Jr, b. 12/24/1894, d. 11/5/1934, Son of Lougenia Youmans & Neil Lee Gillis, s/w Jennie Belle Perry
Gillis, Neil Lee, b. 3/12/1864, d. 10/27/1933, s/w Lougenia Youmans Gillis
Gillis, Neill, d. 9/14/1840, age: 40y
Gillis, Obed Lester, b. 5/21/1901, d. 11/1/1976, 'Father', s/w Shellie Bell Peebles Gillis
Gillis, Pearl, b. 10/25/1885, d. 7/18/1965, Daughter of Angus A Gillis & Mary Jane Barwick Gillis, s/w Bob Lee Gillis
Gillis, Rebecca, b. 1854, d. 1939
Gillis, Rhodus H., b. 12/25/1888, d. 9/25/1900, Son of Arch & Flora Gillis
Gillis, Roderick L., b. 8/22/1867, d. 10/16/1926, s/w Elizabeth Thompson Gillis
Gillis, Sara Lou, b. 7/21/1900, d. 5/11/1997, Wife of Onzie Lewis Shepherd
Gillis, Sarah E., b. 7/8/1869, d. 5/27/1949
Gillis, Thomas Eugena, b. 10/19/1932, d. 1/30/1933, Son of Mr & Mrs John M Gillis, child's marker, shares common surname marker
Gillis, Tony Washington, b. 6/7/1945, d. 2/10/1997
Gillis, Wesley, b. 5/12/1866, d. 5/27/1866, Son of Jon Gillis, child's marker, shares common surname marker
Harper, Odessa Gillis, b. 5/9/1906, d. 9/17/1934, Wife of Alva Harper
Jones, George O., b. 10/18/1911, d. 5/8/1944
Mackins,? J. T., 8/3/1932, Small stone handwritten in script, one date
Mann, Margaret Catherine, b. 9/5/1859, d. 10/2/1896, Daughter of John & Mary Ann Gillis, (on back) M.C. Mann, Nee Gillis.
Gillis, Shellie Bell Peebles, b. 6/20/1897, d. 1/12/1982, 'Mother', s/w Obed Lester Gillis
Perry, Jennie Belle, b. 3/11/1895, d. 10/22/1987, Dau of Lula Hines Kennon & Benjamin Leonidas Perry, Union Springs, AL, s/w Neil Lee Gillis, Jr.
Phillips, Laura, b. 11/14/1861, d. 12/9/1963, Title of 'Miss' before first name
Rogers, Lloyd Julius, b. 4/15/1928, d. 10/24/1984, 'Daddy', s/w Mary Ann Sumner Rogers
Rogers, Mary Ann Sumner, b. 12/3/1928, d. 9/29/1988, 'Mother', s/w Lloyd Julius Rogers
Sumner, D. F. III, d. 9/10/1970, child's marker
Wilkes, Cuba Sumner, b. 3/12/1912, d. 12/8/1989, Granddau. of Angus Alexander Gillis & Mary Jane Barwick, G-Granddau. Of Burrell Kea & Eliz Tapley
Sumner, Dodge, b. 1/15/1884, d. 1/15/1959, s/w Flossie Gillis Sumner
Sumner, Dodge F., Jr, b. 11/22/1919, d. 9/8/1980
Tapley, Roderick Brent, b. 8/27/1974, d. 4/3/1999, 'Rod'
Gillis, Elizabeth Thompson, b. 3/19/1882, d. 10/8/1977, s/w Roderick L. Gillis
Thompson, Elizabeth Brayol, b. 1824, d. 1896, s/w Elizabeth Dowd Coplin, small memorial marker
Thompson, G. W., b. 7/28/1877, d. 10/11/1911
Thompson, Joseph P., b. 1/29/1824, d. 4/26/1896, Pvt, Co H 63 GA Inf CSA
Thompson, Lewis Henry, b. 10/30/1889, d. 5/26/1891
Thompson, Mary A., b. 4/7/1850, d. 6/26/1903, Wife of W.J. Thompson, shares common surname marker
Thompson, Minnie, b. 8/16/1887, d. 9/6/1887, apparent twin to Winnie Thompson
Thompson, William Joseph, b. 11/1/1849, d. 4/4/1927
Thompson, Winnie, b. 8/16/1887, d. 9/8/1887, apparent twin to Minnie Thompson
Ulmer, John Wilbur, b. 1/26/1910, d. 10/16/1978, s/w Nancy Kittie Gillis Ulmer
Ulmer, Nancy Elizabeth, b. 3/21/1940, d. 3/24/1940, child's marker
Ulmer, Nancy Kittie Gillis, b. 11/26/1904, d. 7/16/1998, s/w John Wilbur Ulmer
Walker, Lois, b. 4/9/1892, d. 10/22/1962, s/w James Lester Gillis
Gillis, Louise Mildred Wilson, b. 6/16/1925, d. 4/23/1976, s/w Lester Washington Gillis


??, Small stone, about 18' high, too crumbled to read, hidden by small bush.

** Additional Markings for Marvin Marion Gillis (2/3/1895-10/9/1918): Headstone also said: "Lost in Battle / Meuse Argonne / 11 M.G. Bn" Slab said: "Aisne-Marne / St. Mihiel / Meuse-Argonne / Defensive Sector", then showed picture of an Angel with Sword & underneath that, picture of a type of gun with a base to sit on ground (machine gun?). Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, & Meuse-Argonne were all battles in France in WWI. I believe the gun is a machine gun commonly used in WWI, possibly a Browning). (Also, Marvin was a son of Mary J Barwick & Angus A Gillis).

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