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Espanola Cemetery
Bunnell, Flagler County, Florida

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 17.

Contributor's Index:

Akins, Anita Frances Davis, b. 02 Nov 1893, d. 17 Feb 1976, m. Charles W. Akins, d/o Mathew Davis & Frances E. Burnsed, [MS]
Akins, Charles W., b. 6 Sep 1878, d. 22 May 1944, m. Anita Frances Davis, [MS]
Akins, Charles Walker, b. 11 Jul 1953, d. 11 Jul 1953, s/o Virginia Louise Dun, s/o & George Winfield Akins, [MS]
Akins, George Winfield, b. 16 Dec 1916, d. 11 Nov 1986, m. Virginia Louise Dunson, s/o Charles W. Akins & Anita Frances Davis, [MS]
Brown, Frankie Josephine Akins, b. 02 Mar 1914, d. 03 Nov 1980, m. Charles Edward Brown, d/o Anita Frances Davis & Charles W. Akins, [MS]
Brown, John David, b. 8 Mar 1939, d. 8 Oct 1962, s/o Frankie Josephine Akins & Charles Edward Brown, [MS]
Brown, Vera Lucille Fowler, b. 30 Jul 1934, d. 23 Mar 1992, w/o Charles Brown, s/o Frankie Josephine Akins & Charles Edward Brown, [MS]
Buckles, Daisy Ann Davis, b. 02 Mar 1895, d. 17 Apr 1983, d/o Mathew Davis & Frances E. Burnsed, m. John Oliver Buckles, [MS]
Buckles, John Oliver, b. 25 Dec 1880, d. 23 Mar 1965, s/o Joseph Jack, s/o Buckles & Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson, [MS]
Choate, Shirley Denese, b. 16 Jun 1947, d. 26 Jun 1947, d/o Virginia Louise Dun & Z. I. Choate, [MS]
Dunson, Marcus Henry, b. 12 Sep 1922, d. 15 Oct 1981, m. Anna Irene Jarosz, s/o Walker Lee Dun, s/o & Margaret Elizabeth Brown, [MS]
Dunson, Margaret Elizabeth Brown, b. 15 Aug 1898, d. 24 Nov 1973, m. Walker Lee Dunson, d/o John Calvin Brown & Martha Ann Earnhardt, [MS]
Dunson, Walker Lee, b. 05 Dec 1899, d. 18 Jun 1974, m. Margaret Elizabeth Brown, s/o Walker Allen Dun, s/o & Nannie Texonia Jackson, [MS]
Dunson, William Sanford, b. 01 Mar 1924, d. 12 Sep 1975, m. Annie Mary Simpson, s/o Walker Lee Dun, s/o & Margaret Elizabeth Brown, [MS]
Flannigan, Martha Texonia Dunson, b. 24 Feb 1920, d. Nov 1962, m. James Flannigan, d/o Walker Lee Dun, s/o & Margaret Elizabeth Brown, [MS]
Stachurski, Edward, s/o Charles and Mary Stachurski, m. Rose, b. Apr 15, 1934, d. Sep 27, 1993, [CR]
Stachurski, Rose Mary, b. Nov 23, 1934, d. Mar 14, 1992, [CR]

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