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Storrs Cemetery (Old and New)
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

GPS (old cemetery): 41.812144, -72.251034
GPS (new cemetery): 41.811399, -72.255734

N. Eagleville Rd
Mansfield, CT 06268

Published: July 14, 2016
Total records: 2,540

Surnames S-Z

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016. The City had combined records from both the old and new cemeteries into one, causing us to publish them as a single, combined transcription.

Sadler, Christine B.
, d. 1/5/1990, Windham, CT
Sadler, Frederick William, d. 11/28/1985, Windham, CT
Samson, Eugene, d. 6/20/2012, Ashford, CT, Sec 7-D, Lot 49, Gr 4
Sands, Eleanor, d. 9/24/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8, Lot 63, Gr 3-G
Satari, Bahrawer, d. 5/19/2010, Vernon, CT, Sec 7, Lot 50, Gr 1&2E
Saul, Eileen Sarah, d. 11/11/1990, Atlanta, GA
Saul, George Brandon, d. 8/1/1986, Hartford, CT
Savage, Clara Snow
Savage, Pauline, d. 6/6/1923, Hartford, CT
Savos, Ann-Marie, d. 2/23/2002, Mansfield, CT, P/37/6
Savos, Milton George, d. 3/29/1993, Mansfield, CT
Schenker, Dora B. (Ashes), d. 10/15/1978, Mansfield, CT
Schienker, Andre (Ashes), d. 4/20/1973, Kona, HI
Schlehofer, Bertha, d. 12/12/1918
Schlehofer, Edward S., d. 4/27/1990, Windham, CT
Schlehofer, Frank, d. 11/3/1923, B-6/9/1864
Schlehofer, Frank, d. 7/16/1951
Schlehofer, Theresa, d. 5/10/1932
Schlehofer, Wilhemina, d. 12/2/1956
Schlehofer, William C., d. 10/23/1930
Schmidt, Edmond L.
Schmidt, Stella M., d. 5/11/1968, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Schmidt, Stella, d. 5/11/1968, Cheshire, CT
Schroeder, Peter B., d. 9/2/1991, Windham, CT
Schroeder, Violet Taylor, d. 11/22/1990, Hartford, CT
Schultz, Clarence W., d. 9/9/2001, Mansfield, CT, J/57/4
Schultz, Elizabeth Rosetta, d. 10/30/1988, Hartford, CT
Schutte, Walter Richard, d. 4/19/1923, Mansfield, CT
Schwenk, Harold Spencer, d. 5/5/1986, Windham, CT
Schwenk, Janet Louise, d. 5/26/1939
Schwenk, Lois Ann, d. 5/4/1957
Schwenk, Lydia Ann, d. 1/2/2002, Wayland, MA, J/48/3
Schwenk, Mary Estelle, d. 5/26/1939
Scott, Eileen Agnes, d. 8/6/2009, Windham, CT, Sec 8, Lot 57, Gr 3-G
Scott, Joseph Lybrand, d. 8/7/2000, Windham, CT, G/57/1
Seckerson, Howard Arnold, d. 3/1/1970, Mansfield, CT
Seckerson, Unade Barnes, d. 8/26/1978, South Windsor, CT
Seeber, Leonard Arthur (Ashes), d. 12/15/2007, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 53, Gr 3-B
Senn, Alfred, d. 2/10/1978, Windham, CT
Senn, Mary Vedluga, d. 3/15/1984, Plainfield, CT
Sergent, George Leroy, d. 9/12/2001, Greece, R/34/7
Sergent, Olive Ellis, d. 9/3/1981, Windham, CT
Seymour, Daniel, d. 7/11/1987, Suffield, CT
Seymour, Mildred B., d. 10/23/1997, Wallingford, CT, G/20/3
Seymour, Ralph Beebe, d. 4/18/2006, Waterford, CT, Sec F, Lot 20, Gr 4
Seymour, Rudolph Morris, d. 11/20/1980, Danbury, CT
Shafer, Esther Mae, d. 2/12/1999, Windham, CT, G/33/3
Shafer, Marsha Leah, d. 8/29/1956
Shafer, Nelson C. (Ashes), d. 4/13/1992, Hartford, CT
Shafer, Nelson C., III, d. 11/2/1958
Shafter, Esther
Shepherd, Gloria Joan, d. 6/5/1996, Windham, CT, A/32/1
Shepherd, Leighton R., d. 1/27/1989, Mansfield, CT
Sherman, Asa, d. 9/20/1887, Age 76
Sherman, Caroline H., d. 4/6/1893, W of Asa, Age 83
Shore, Michael, d. 5/1/2004, Hartford, CT, Plot O, Lot 32, Gr 2
Siemers, Fred, d. 1/7/1974, Mansfield, CT
Sikand, Neil Gregory, d. 3/12/2003, Windham, CT, Sec G, Lot 53, Gr 2
Singer, Morris, d. 5/22/2005, Longwood, FL, Sec P, Lot 35, Gr 1
Singleton, Richard, d. 8/7/1987, Coventry, CT
Singsen, Edwin Pierce, d. 3/20/1976
Skauen, Donald M. (Ashes), d. 4/13/2006, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 55, Gr 4-E
Skauen, Rachel M. (Ashes), d. 10/28/2005, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 55, Gr 3-E
Skeels, Dorr Covell (Ashes), d. 3/25/1999, Mansfield, CT, R/33/8
Skeels, Lydia L. (Ashes), d. 3/30/1995, Windham, CT
Skinner, Anna Mary, d. 2/5/1936
Slafter, Achsa, d. 8/17/1802, D of Nathaniel & D of Nathaniel & Martha, Age 4
Slafter, Alvin, d. 8/9/1797, S of Nathaniel & Martha, Age 15 das
Slafter, Artemas, d. 8/14/1880, Age 84
Slafter, Dorothy, d. 9/9/1783, W of Samuel, Age 83
Slafter, Esther Eldredge, d. 3/18/1895, W of Artemas, B-5/9/1809
Slafter, Hannah Baker, d. 9/20/1864, W of Artemas, B-10/5/1797
Slafter, Samuel, d. 7/31/1770, Age 74
Slater, Beatrice J., d. 12/25/1929
Slater, Elisabeth, d. 6/6/1775, D of Samuel & Dorothy, Age 47
Slater, George Noel, d. 7/15/1918, B-5/22/1917
Slederman, Electa G.
Slehafer, Blanche, d. 10/21/1927, Stafford, CT
Smith, Altaverd W., d. 7/8/1881, Age 28
Smith, Donald R., d. 9/18/2009, Windham, CT, Sec 8, Lot 17, Gr 1-R
Smith, Edward L., B-1864
Smith, Emory B., d. 9/24/1891, Age 81 & 5 mos
Smith, Etta Marie Swift, d. 1/1/1894, Wife of Frank C., Age 29 & 9 mos
Smith, Frank Clifton, B-1862
Smith, Hannah D., d. 11/3/1824, D of William & Huldah, Age 3
Smith, Hugh Fairfield, d. 10/18/1974
Smith, Ida E. Hale, d. 5/8/1930, W of Merritt, B-1850
Smith, Ida E., d. 1/1/1873, B-1872
Smith, Julia E. Royce, d. 11/29/1909, W of Emory B., Age 81
Smith, Lucy A. LeValley, B-1858
Smith, Mary J. Wrane, d. 1/1/1889, W of Frank C.
Smith, Mary Johanna
Smith, Maud B., d. 12/19/1891, B-1878
Smith, Merritt, d. 1/9/1927, Mansfield, CT, B-1841
Smith, Orvilla T. Royce, d. 2/15/1851, W of Emory B., Age 35 yr 9 mo
Smith, Samuel C., d. 9/20/1856, Age 44
Smith, Sophia Willis, d. 3/23/1894, Wife of Samuel C., Age 77
Snodgrass, Matthew L. (Ashes), d. 8/14/1988, Parma, OH
Snodgrass, Rosalie Marie, d. 4/13/1959
Snow, Agnes E., d. 1/1/1872, B-1872
Snow, Carl, d. 11/8/2009, Altamonte Springs, FL, Sec 5, Lot 35, Gr 7-K
Snow, David H., d. 4/8/1921, B-1843
Snow, Emma A., d. 6/24/2000, Eustis, FL, K/33/8
Snow, Flora Huntington, d. 8/30/1956
Snow, Lucy Ann, d. 8/10/1850, D of George & Minerva, Age 8
Snow, Mary Ellen Collins, d. 11/29/1917, W of David H., B-1845
Snow, Nellie M., d. 1/1/1908, W of Monroe H., B-1865
Snow, Walter Garfield, d. 10/21/1960
Soloff, Eugene V., d. 5/24/1998, Windham, CT, Sec 5-M, Lot 37, Gr 1
Soloff, Florence (Cohen), d. 5/28/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 5-M, Lot 37, Gr 1
Soltys, Elizabeth A., d. 9/29/2003, Hartford, CT, Sec H, Lot 50, Gr 3
Soltys, Joseph J., d. 11/11/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 50, Gr 4-H
Sonstroem, Anne McKinnon, d. 2/7/1984, Mansfield, CT
Soronsky, Stanislaw, d. 4/15/1967, Preston, CT
Soronsky, Stanislaw, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Southwick, Albert, d. 6/28/1916
Southwick, Clarissa, d. 4/19/1900
Southwick, Fannie, d. 11/12/1900
Southwick, George, d. 12/26/1874, Age 73
Southwick, Gilbert O., d. 8/30/1905
Southwick, Gladys May, d. 3/28/1918, B-1894
Southwick, Mary, d. 3/14/1900
Southwick, Nathan Harkness, d. 5/23/1894, Age 45
Southwick, Orton E., d. 5/1/1899, Age 40 yr 11 mo
Southwick, Selinoa, d. 12/8/1875, W of George, Age 74
Spackman, Laurice M., d. 7/17/1992, Mansfield, CT
Spalding, Thomas
Spaulding, Dorothy Wheeler (Ashes), d. 4/9/2001, Plymouth Meeting, PA, D/59/3
Spaulding, Earle H. (Ashes), d. 2/2/1995, Philadelphia, PA
Spence, Mary Wartinbee, d. 8/28/1967, Willington, CT
Spence, William, d. 1/24/1966, Manchester, CT
Spinks, Edward J., d. 10/12/1918
Spinks, Sarah Louise, d. 1/20/1941
Spruell, Willie L., d. 6/29/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 4, Lot 30, Gr 2-O
Squires, Arthur Edmund, d. 3/27/1962, Rocky Hill, CT
Squires, Etta Gergler, d. 10/14/1965, Windham, CT
Squires, John Y., d. 7/25/2006, Miami, FL, Sec 7, Lot 54, Gr 3-G
Squires, Mary H., d. 7/10/1994, Mansfield, CT
Squires, Nancy Flinchbaugh, d. 12/5/1973, Windham, CT
St. Lawrence, Dorothy S. (Ashes), d. 12/17/1994
St. Lawrence, Richard V., d. 8/13/1980, Mayfield, PEI
Stallman, Robert W., d. 10/13/1982, Mansfield, CT
Stanley, Janet Moss (Ashes), d. 2/9/2001, Mansfield, CT, N/37/8
Stanley, Janet, Sec 4-N, Lot 32, Gr 3 (Moved within cemetery)
Staples, Sarah E., d. 5/17/1909, W of William, Age 64
Starks, Amos A., d. 5/17/1875, Age 81
Starks, Experience, d. 8/27/1871, W of Amos A., Age 78
Starkweather, Benjamin
Starkweather, Eliza A. Gallup, d. 1/1/1871, W of Henry, B-1825
Starkweather, Eliza, d. 1/1/1873, D of Eliza A Gallup & Henry Starkweather, B-1860
Starkweather, Emma Ford, W of Jabez, B-1872
Starkweather, Esther, d. 5/27/1869, W of Jabez, Age 89
Starkweather, Esther, d. 9/22/1840, D of Jabez & Esther, Age 37
Starkweather, Grace L., d. 1/1/1922, D of Nettie Ellis & Jabez H Starkweather, B-1877
Starkweather, Henry J., d. 1/1/1874, S of Nettie Ellis & Jabez H Starkweather, B-1873
Starkweather, Henry, d. 1/1/1846, S of Eliza A Gallup & Henry Starkweather, B-1846
Starkweather, Henry, Manchester, CT, B-1822
Starkweather, Huldah (Miss), d. 2/13/1826, Age 57
Starkweather, Jabez H., d. 1/1/1923, B-1849
Starkweather, Jabez, d. 11/9/1849, Age 79
Starkweather, Jabez, d. 2/8/1923, Manchester, CT
Starkweather, Jabez, d. 8/14/1862, Age 57
Starkweather, Lyman, d. 1/1/1878, S of Eliza A Gallup & Henry Starkweather, B-1863
Starkweather, Martha L. Allen, d. 1/1/1920, W of Henry, B-1843
Starkweather, Nathan G.
Starkweather, Nettie Ellis, d. 1/1/1888, Wife of Jabez, B-1849
Starkweather, Sarah A.
Starkweather, William J., d. 1/1/1884, S of Nettie Ellis & Jabez H Starkweather, B-1881
Stearns, Ellen Almira, d. 9/22/1859, D of T O & O M, Age 3 yr 4 mo 20 da
Stearns, Olive N., d. 11/27/1859, W of T O, D of A Slafter, Age 36
Stedman, Electa G., d. 5/3/1906, W of William, Age 98
Stedman, Ella J., d. 3/4/1866, D of George W. & Maria J., Age 6 yr, 5 mo, 12 da
Stedman, George W., d. 4/13/1910, B-8/6/1833
Stedman, Maria J., d. 3/26/1880, W of George W., Age 45
Stedman, Mary Elizabeth, d. 7/27/1937
Stedman, Sarah Jane Hall, d. 5/9/1921, W of George W., B-12/14/1843
Stedman, William H., d. 4/6/1936
Stedman, William, d. 5/25/1891, Age 87
Steffano, Alice Leveris, d. 3/26/1984, Windham, CT
Steffano, Andrew, d. 6/14/1967, Hartford, CT
Steinberger, Clarence H. (Ashes), d. 2/7/2002, Windham, CT, A/31/4
Steinberger, Doris Hayes, d. 2/22/1996, Windham, CT, Lot 31, Gr 3
Steinmeyer, Henry R. (Ashes), d. 12/10/2007, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 53, Gr 4-H
Steinmeyer, Teresa V., d. 6/6/1997, Vernon, CT, H/53/3
Stemmons, Lora D. (Ashes), d. 8/17/1977, Warren, MI
Stemmons, Ralph Davis, d. 6/24/1974, Windham, CT
Stemmons, Walter Campbell, d. 6/25/1965, Mansfield, CT
Stephan, Erich R. (Ashes), d. 8/26/2004, Griswold, CT, Sec 1, Lot 56, St 7
Stephan, Mina Rothfuss, d. 10/10/1971, Vernon, CT
Stephens, Jack E., d. 8/6/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 53, Gr 4-E
Stephens, Virginia (Ashes), d. 9/7/2010, Manchester, CT, Sec 7, Lot 53, Gr 3-E
Stetler, Henry G., d. 2/18/1998, Windham, CT, O/34/4
Stetler, Margaret F., d. 5/9/1998, Mansfield, CT, Sec O, Lot 34-3
Stickney, Kenneth Arthur, d. 5/9/1966, Ashford, CT
Stickney, Kenneth, d. 6/1/1990
Stone, Virginia, d. 12/23/2006, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 33, Gr 2-L
Stone, William Burton, d. 8/4/1999, Putnam, CT, L/33/1
Storrs, Antoinette Abbe, d. 3/24/1888, W of Augustus, B-11/11/1816
Storrs, Augustus, d. 3/3/1892, B-6/4/1817
Storrs, Charles Otis, d. 12/23/1886, S of Royal Otis & Lora Lee, B-12/7/1841
Storrs, Charles, d. 9/1/1884, Brooklyn, NY, B in Mansfield, CT 1/24/1822
Storrs, Clarissa, d. 10/5/1868, 2nd W of Royal, Age 88
Storrs, Clarissa, d. 12/16/1837, Age 18
Storrs, Cordial, d. 10/1/1782, B-10/11/1692, 1st Dea of Cong Church 10/1715
Storrs, Cordial, d. 11/13/1754, Son of Dea Cordial, Age 26
Storrs, Cordial, Son of Cordial Storrs
Storrs, Eunice Freeman, d. 11/19/1859, W of Royal, B-6/23/1794
Storrs, Experience, d. 6/9/1767, Consort of Joseph, Age 42
Storrs, Harriet Fitch, d. 7/31/1867, D of Augustus & Antoinette B., B-10/10/1844
Storrs, Jabez, Son of Cordial Storrs, Under age of 2
Storrs, John
Storrs, Joseph, d. 10/5/1785, Age 73
Storrs, Lora Lee, d. 11/1/1896, Brooklyn, CT, W of Royal Otis, B-10/29/1816
Storrs, Lucinda, d. 4/2/1848, Age 59
Storrs, Maryett M. Cook, d. 12/22/1889, W of Charles, B-5/25/1824
Storrs, Olive, d. 6/4/1879, B-11/13/1800
Storrs, Orpha
Storrs, Royal Otis, d. 5/25/1888, B-9/7/1815
Storrs, Royal, d. 3/25/1861, B-4/7/1793
Storrs, Royal, d. 6/22/1840, Age 75
Storrs, Sarah, d. 4/27/1815, W of Royal, Age 47
Stranger, Frederick W., d. 12/10/1947
Stranger, Joseph, d. 10/7/1918
Stranger, Levi Moses, d. 1/5/1948
Stranger, Milo Thompson, d. 7/12/1899, Co D 1st Regt Cav CT Vols, Age 69
Suda, Anton, d. 8/29/1909
Suib, Alexander Jay, d. 8/22/1991, New York, NY
Sullivan, John, d. 12/15/1966, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Sullivan, John, d. 12/15/1966, Preston, CT
Swanson, Gilbert A. (Ashes), d. 1/25/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 7-P
Swanson, Jeanne Frances (Ashes), d. 10/26/1996, Windham, CT, Sec P, Lot 36, Gr 8
Sweet, George G., d. 1/1/1913, B-1828
Sweet, Jeffrey C., d. 1/7/1837, Age 35
Sweet, Serepta, d. 1/17/1850, W of Jeffrey C., Age 45
Swift, George
Talmadge, Daniel W., d. 7/25/2010, Hartford, CT, Sec 8, Lot 58, Gr 4-H
Talmadge, Eleanor Conway, d. 6/13/1975, Willington, CT
Tanaka, John A., d. 4/14/2012, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7-H, Lot 50, Gr 2
Tappan, Frances Marie (Ashes), d. 8/19/1999, Vernon, CT, N/40/7
Tarckini, Johanna I., d. 2/23/1992, Windham, CT
Taylor, Abigail, d. 12/13/1816, Relict of Josiah, Age 80
Taylor, Alton George, d. 9/18/1988, Manchester, CT
Taylor, Helen M.
Taylor, Jonathan, d. 12/3/1816, Age 46
Taylor, Josiah, d. 11/10/1807, Age 75
Taylor, Ruth, d. 10/12/1860, W of Jonathan, Age 85
Taylor, Sarah, d. 11/17/1774, Consort of Elisha, Age 77
Taylor, Warren T., d. 4/10/1987, Greenville, SC
Tedford, Robert I., d. 7/1/2003, Windham, CT, Sec G, Lot 38, Gr 8
Tellinghast, Charles Orlando, d. 2/19/1855, S of Joseph B & Cornelia P, Age 3 yr 9 mo
Tellinghast, Cornelia M. Preston, d. 12/18/1899, W/Joseph/late W of Andrew H Fuller, Age 74 y 6 mo
Tellinghast, Joseph B., d. 2/10/1856, B-8/2/1825, Age 30 yr 6 mo
Tellinghast, Mary Eliza, d. 5/26/1857, D of Joseph B & Cornelia P, Age 1 yr 5 mo 20 da
Tenney, Louis Benton
Tenney, May Gould
Terenzio, Anthony, d. 7/6/2000, Windham, CT, P/33/2
Terenzio, Stephanie, d. 9/13/1999, Windham, CT, P/33/1
Terlalis, Theodore, d. 10/7/2000, Chaplin, CT, R/42/2
Ternyey, Stephen, d. 4/15/1988, Mansfield, CT
Thatcher, Max B., d. 8/29/1999, Mansfield, CT, N/39/4
Thayer, John, d. 12/3/1963, Boston, MA
Thom, Beatrice, d. 1/1/1931, B-1909
Thom, Charles R., d. 11/27/1995, Port Jefferson, NY, Tier H, Lot 17, Gr 7
Thom, Charles
Thom, Dorothy L., d. 9/12/2000, New York, H/17/6
Thom, Ethel W.
Thom, Winifred, d. 10/8/1907, B-1907
Thomas, Asa, d. 3/9/1893, Age 87
Thomas, Lamar Eugene (Ashes), d. 3/11/1998, Mansfield, CT, O/37/4
Thomas, Laura
Thompson, Abigail, d. 4/17/1786, W of Samuel, Age 50
Thompson, Argus Harland, d. 5/27/1957, Sutton, MA
Thompson, Elizabeth Laird, d. 3/1/1963, Windham, CT
Thompson, Elizer Burnham, d. 1/26/1958
Thompson, Emilie Greene, d. 10/3/1944
Thompson, George Merritt, d. 9/17/1977, Windham, CT
Thompson, J., d. 1/6/1913
Thompson, Lottie Smith, d. 3/7/1971, Mansfield, CT
Thompson, Ruth, d. 10/6/1909
Thompson, Samuel, d. 1/5/1793, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 60
Thompson, William G.
Thomson, Eunice, d. 8/16/1815, Relict of Samuel, Age 59
Thomson, Jonathan, d. 11/28/1813, S of Jonathan & Elisabeth, Age 24
Thomson, Samuel, d. 11/29/1813, Age 58
Thorp, Viola A., d. 12/14/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 51, Gr 2A
Thorp, Walter L., d. 10/6/2006, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 51, Gr 1A
Thresher, Charles, d. 5/4/1924, Mansfield, CT
Thresher, Mary E.
Thut, Isaac N., d. 8/19/1970, Boston, CT
Thut, J. Marguerite, d. 8/10/1994, Hanover, PA
Tierney, Robert W. (Ashes), d. 10/24/2008, Tolland, CT, CS, Lot 44, Gr 1
Tilden, Fred Howard, d. 8/8/1966, Windham, CT
Tilley, Bettina R. (Ashes), d. 1/6/1993, NY
Tilley, Emily Merrill, d. 8/25/1974, Rutland, VT
Tilley, Peter M.
Tilley, Winthrop S. (Ashes), d. 1/6/1993, NY
Toberman, Marie, d. 4/18/2000, Mansfield, CT, E/17/6
Toberman, Romaine Emil, d. 8/5/1996, Mansfield, CT, E/17/5
Tomecko, Dorothy Barbara, d. 12/7/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 8, Lot 58, Gr 8- I (Disinterred 6/15/11)
Tong, Lee (Ashes), d. 1/10/1956, Preston, CT
Topich, Barbara Betty, d. 10/9/1954
Topich, Barbara Kuklik, d. 7/4/1966, Mansfield, CT
Topich, Herman J., d. 5/19/1999
Topich, James, d. 12/20/1980, Windham, CT
Topich, Kenneth John, d. 3/23/2003, Mansfield, CT, Sec E, Lot 17, Gr 4
Topliff, Calvin, d. 12/23/1809, Age 80
Topliff, Deborough, d. 9/2/1777, D of Calvin & Jerusha, Age 15
Topliff, George A.
Topliff, Jerusha, d. 5/19/1791, Consort of Calvin Topliff, Age 47
Topliff, Sadie Nina, d. 12/12/1937
Topliff, Samuel, d. 9/5/1778, S of Samuel & Ruth, Age 25
Topping, Ann G., d. 10/15/1990, Windham, CT
Topping, Paul Barnes, Sr., d. 6/12/1974, Windham, CT
Topping, Paul, d. 8/6/1984, Manhattan, NY
Torrence, Lois E., d. 11/6/1995, Windham, CT, Tier P, Lot 29, Gr 1
Torrey, Elizabeth W. (Ashes), d. 8/19/1992, Townshend, VT
Torrey, Mary (Ashes), d. 11/4/2002, Townshend, VT, E/56/4
Toth, Edward (Ashes), d. 1/5/2010, Togus, ME, Sec 8, Lot 62, Gr 5-H
Toth, John, Jr., d. 2/21/1994, Windham, CT
Toth, John, Sr., d. 4/14/1984, Manchester, CT
Toth, Josephine Stockford, d. 4/20/1966, Windham, CT
Toth, Mark Joel, d. 7/4/1982, Ashford, CT
Toth, Robert Bruce, d. 1/7/2006, Ashford, CT, Sec F, Lot 40, Gr 8
Tourville, Marjorie Louise, d. 2/3/1994, Windham, CT
Tourville, Robert Elihu, d. 12/21/1984, Windham, CT
Trail, Alex
Trail, Eloise Aileen (Jensen) (Ashes), d. 3/30/2009, Linden, NJ, Sec 9, Lot 66, Gr 3-H
Trail, Elsie J., d. 4/10/1962, Norwich, CT
Tranka, Anton Theodore, d. 9/21/2006, Windham, CT, Sec 3-D, Lot 17, Gr 5
Tranka, Antonia, d. 2/12/1949
Tranka, Camilla F., d. 4/28/2004, Windham, CT, Sec D, Lot 17, Gr 3
Tranka, Charles Alois, d. 4/19/1975, Windham, CT
Tranka, Charles, d. 9/9/1951
Tranka, Ida Alice, d. 2/20/2000, Windham, CT, D/17/1
Trueman, John Thompson, d. 1/6/1913, S of John M. & clara L., B-2/19/1899
Tryon, George F., d. 9/4/1900, Age 52
Tryon, Mary S., d. 2/28/1840, Age 34
Tucker, Donna M., d. 3/10/1987, Mansfield, CT
Tucker, Norma Jean, d. 7/27/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 25, Gr 2-P
Tuite, Patricia G., d. 10/29/1992, Mansfield, CT
Tulin, Irving
Turley, Hans (Ashes), d. 6/13/2008, Windham, CT, C/S 2, Lot 2, Gr 2-A
Turner, Anna, d. 1/31/1861, W of Dea. Elijah, Age 71
Turner, Anna, d. 1/31/1861, W of Dea. Elijah, Age 80
Turner, Dorothy
Turner, Elijah (Dea.), d. 9/8/1843, Age 59
Turner, Elijah (Dea.), d. 9/8/1843, Age 59
Turner, Elijah W., d. 12/9/1824, S of Elijah & Anna, Age 17
Turner, Elijah, d. 3/8/1826, Age 71
Turner, Hannah (Mrs.), d. 9/15/1831, Relict of Elijah, Age 75
Turner, Hannah M., d. 9/8/1824, D of Anna & Elijah, Age 8
Turner, Huldah M., d. 9/23/1824, D of Elijah & Anna, Age 11
Turner, Huldah M., d. 9/23/1824, D of Elijah & Anna, Age 11
Turner, Rufus F., d. 9/26/1824, S of Elijah & Anna, Age 10
Usher, Adelaide Elizabeth, d. 8/12/2003, Hartford, CT, CS 9-2A
Usher, Dorothea B.
Usher, John W., d. 11/8/1996, Windham, CT, CS 9-1A
Vahlteich, Ella Louise, d. 11/28/1984, Cleveland Heights, OH
Vahlteich, Hans Walter, d. 8/31/1989, VT
Valentine, Benjamin Eyre, d. 8/15/1920, B-3/5/1847
Valentine, Hattie Storrs, d. 10/19/1894, D of Marie A.S. & Benjamin E., B-6/23/1874
Valentine, Maria Antoinette Storrs, d. 8/18/1899, Brooklyn, NY, W of Benjamin Eyre, B-10/3/1848
Van Dusen, Albert E., d. 11/26/1999, Tolland, CT, N/39/2
Van Dusen, Wilda, d. 3/14/2005, Frmington, Ct, Sec N, Lot 39, Gr 1
Vanderlip, Arthur Nelson, d. 2/19/1980, Mansfield, CT
Vannais, Kevin, d. 4/23/2003, Vernon, CT, Sec 0, Lot 36, Gr 7
Varga, Alexander, Sr., d. 6/8/1974, Mansfield, CT
Varga, Barbara Kovacs, d. 1/10/1982, Mansfield, CT
Varga, Paul Julius, d. 6/9/1939
Varnaitis, Jacob (Ashes), d. 3/19/1953, New Haven, CT
Vaughan, Hope B. (Ashes), d. 6/29/1998, Mansfield, CT, F/53/2
Vaughan, Wyman Ristine (Ashes), d. 6/5/1990, Vernon, CT
Vegiard, Norman E., d. 3/14/1995, Windham, CT
Velasquez, Benjamin Michael, d. 8/8/1986, Albuquerque, NM
Velasquez, Jason Allen, d. 8/6/1986, Albuquerque, NM
Vidich, Virginia W., d. 1/1/1995, Mansfield, CT
Vinton, Annie Rogers, d. 12/12/1961, Plainfield, CT
Vinton, Fred O., d. 7/5/1944
Vinton, Lucretia Maria Coggshall, d. 4/20/1908, W of Simeon O, B-5/7/1825
Vinton, Simeon Oscar, d. 11/19/1905, B-11/1/1824
Voorhees, Peter D. (Ashes)
Waggaman, Donald E., d. 8/19/1991, Vero Beach, FL
Waggaman, Mary L., d. 5/20/1994, Weston, CT
Waggoner, (Female), d. 12/29/1931
Waggoner, John Garland, III, d. 5/23/1981, Venice, FL
Waggoner, John Garland, d. 1/8/1964, Hartford, CT
Waggoner, Neva R., d. 6/5/1990, Sun City, AZ
Waldo, Clarissa J., d. 3/28/1880, W of Roger, Age 81
Waldo, Jerusha, d. 12/17/1815, W of Doct. Roger, Age 48
Waldo, Norton A., d. 11/29/1897, B-1830
Waldo, Roger (Doct.), d. 6/28/1818, Age 52
Waldo, Roger, d. 4/6/1878, Age 82
Waldo, Sarah E., d. 1/1/1906, B-1837
Waldow, Hannah, d. 12/26/1844, Wife of Jesse, Age 92
Walker, (Female), d. 4/8/1961, Windham, CT
Walker, Joanne H., d. 10/25/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 32, Gr 6-0
Ward, Rebecca, d. 12/9/1834, Widow of Joel Esq, Age 59
Wardwell, Walter Irving, d. 3/14/2005, Mansfield, CT, Sec I, Lot 51, Gr 2
Wardwell, William T., d. 6/5/1997, TWP, PA, I/51/2
Waring, Charles E., d. 2/16/1981, Windham, CT
Waring, Geraldine H., d. 6/3/2002, Windham, CT, I/58/3
Warner, David E. W.
Warren, Albert, d. 1/1/1917, B-1886
Warren, Amanda G., d. 5/2/1942
Warren, Anna Eliza, d. 3/9/1914, W of Joseph, Age 62
Warren, Dora Peck, d. 2/22/1968, Mansfield, CT
Warren, Dorothy B., d. 4/30/1990, Mansfield, CT
Warren, Dudley Raymond (Ashes), d. 10/26/2005, Lancaster, PA, Sec N, Lot 14, Gr 8
Warren, Edward
Warren, Ellen Mae, d. 1/4/1954
Warren, Ellen, d. 3/21/1891, W of Joel, Age 34
Warren, Elsie M., d. 10/29/1986, Windham, CT
Warren, Frank E., d. 1/1/1931, B-1881
Warren, Harold Arnold, Sr., d. 1/30/1969, Mansfield, CT
Warren, Joel Alfred, d. 4/7/1968, Mansfield, CT
Warren, Joel, d. 2/22/1926, Mansfield, CT, B-1854
Warren, John, d. 5/17/1916, B-1838
Warren, Joseph Albert
Warren, Joseph, d. 11/24/1923, Coventry, CT, Age 75
Warren, Leila D. Johnson, d. 12/16/1912, W of J. Alfred, Age 25
Warren, Margaret, d. 4/29/1948
Warren, Mary E., d. 1/18/1900
Warren, Merton E., d. 1/1/1911, B-1904
Warren, Pheobe K. Balch, d. 1/18/1900, W of Zeba, B-1817
Warren, Ralph Albert
Warren, Raymond Goodman, d. 5/3/1959
Warren, Sage Tuulari, d. 5/28/1998, Farmington, CT, Sec M, Lot 14-1
Warren, Vivian, d. 1/24/1998, Mansfield, CT, M/14/8
Warren, Walter A., d. 1/1/1907, From New York, B-1874
Warren, Walter, d. 5/17/1883
Warren, Wayne Carl, d. 5/21/1944
Warren, William, d. 5/17/1883, Co F 18th Regt CT Vols, GAR Marker, Age 39
Warren, William, d. 7/12/1899
Warren, Ziba, d. 12/21/1888, Age 77
Warzocha, Esther W., d. 7/27/2006, Windham, CT, Sec H, Lot 53, Gr 1
Warzocha, Philemon A., d. 10/9/1994, New London, CT
Washburn, Herbert Hamilton, d. 7/29/1989, Westerly, RI
Washinsky, Joseph (aka Wtescinski) (Ashes), d. 3/19/1989, Windham, CT
Watts, Leclaire Barnett, d. 12/25/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 6, Lot 48, Gr 6-E
Waugh, Albert Edmund, d. 3/6/1985, Boston, CT
Waugh, Dan, d. 6/17/1979
Waugh, Edith S., d. 8/3/1998, Hartford, CT, F/66/1
Weaver, Grace Evangeline, d. 4/27/1950
Weaver, Merton P., d. 12/14/1909, S of William N & Grace E, Age 2 yr 11 mo
Weaver, Mildred Ione, d. 1/21/1975, Killingly, CT
Weaver, William Norman, d. 7/7/1956
Webb, Arthur Leonard, Sr., d. 7/7/1952, Mansfield, CT
Webb, George Millard
Weber, Clarence (Ashes), d. 2/18/1998, Wallingford, CT, H/63/6
Weber, Mary Elizabeth Beay (Ashes), d. 8/18/1987, Hamden, CT
Weber, Scott Russell, d. 3/20/1966, Mansfield, CT
Webster, Noah, d. 1/10/1770, S of Noah & Elisabeth, drowned, Age 13
Webster, Noah, d. 9/20/1762, Age 56
Weed, Maria, d. 1/1/1883, B-1804
Welch, Abigail (Miss), d. 12/24/1815, Age 42
Welch, Bela, d. 12/4/1826, Woodville, MS, S of Rev M C & C Welch, Age 39
Welch, Chloe, d. 9/11/1786, W of Rev Moses C Welch, Age 26
Welch, Clarrissa, d. 6/2/1806, W of Rev Moses C. Welch, Age 49
Welch, Daniel (Doct.), d. 9/3/1785, Age 27
Welch, Daniel (Rev.), d. 4/29/1782, Age 56
Welch, Daniel, d. 3/18/1756, Son of Rev Daniel & Martha, Age 6 wks
Welch, Daniel, d. 8/29/1803, Buried @ Conway, MA, S/Rev Moses C/C Welch, Age 19
Welch, Martha, d. 12/11/1775, Consort/Rev Daniel Welch, D/Moses/Deborah Cook, 40
Welch, Mary, d. 8/28/1830, Relict of Rev Moses C. Welch, Age 56
Welch, Moses C. (D.D.), d. 4/21/1824, Age 70
Welch, Sarah, d. 3/6/1815, W of Rev Moses C Welch, Age 52
Whaples, Beatrice Haley (Ashes), d. 4/3/2002, Norwich, CT, I/59/3
Whaples, Randolph Wilbur, d. 3/28/1974, Windham, CT
Wheeler, Beatrice M., d. 11/14/2009, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 1-L
Wheeler, Charles Augustus, d. 12/28/1957
Wheeler, Charlotte, d. 4/14/1914
Wheeler, Marjorie M., d. 11/11/1985, Rural Wilmington - Windybush, DE
Wheeler, Maude Knapp, d. 6/4/1947
Wheeler, Ruth (Matthews), d. 2/10/1978, Massachusetts
Wheeler, Thomas R., d. 11/30/1989, Newington, CT
Wheeler, William Henry, d. 10/5/1993, MA
White, Anna Evelyn Hall, d. 1/1/1929, B-1879
White, Helen D., d. 7/22/2000, Vernon, CT, F/54/3
White, Robert Crawford, d. 8/2/2002, Vernon, CT, Sec F, Lot 54, Gr 4
Whitehouse, Alice M.
Whitehouse, Daniel K.
Whitehouse, Ida May, d. 3/7/1946
Whitehouse, Lucy A., d. 12/1/1929, B-9/3/1866
Whitehouse, Robert
Whitehouse, Russell Palmer, d. 9/14/1964, Vernon, CT
Whitehouse, Sela Alberta, d. 11/10/1973, Windham, CT
Whitehouse, Theodore O.
Whitehouse, William Henry
Whitehouse, Winfield Scott, d. 4/1/1923, Mansfield, CT
Whitham, Dolly H. R., d. 4/21/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 8, Lot 57, Gr 1-E
Whitham, George E., d. 1/25/2002, Mansfield, CT, E/57/2
Whitney, Edwin, d. 8/26/1867, B-3/8/1829
Whitney, Edwina, d. 9/3/1970, Mansfield, CT
Whitney, Frank Barrows, d. 11/3/1865, S of e & M B, Age 8 mo 23 da
Whitney, Mary, d. 8/26/1867, D of E & M B, Age 11 mo 23 da
Whitney, Minerva Barrows, d. 1/17/1927, Mansfield, CT, W of Edwin, B-9/10/1830
Whiton, Alan E.
Whiton, Albert E., Trans From Springfield
Whiton, Albert F., d. 8/10/1885, Age 35 yr 8 mo
Whiton, Arabella J.
Whiton, Chester
Whiton, Harriett A., d. 9/26/1932, B-10/1/1839
Whiton, Jennette A. Latham, d. 11/12/1908, W of Albert, Age 61 yr 5 mo
Whiton, Philura B., d. 2/8/1900
Whiton, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 5/20/1941
Wicks, Katherine Brabrook, d. 6/1/1943
Widmer, Carolyn Ladd, d. 1/10/1991, Windham, CT
Widmer, Louisa Marie, d. 10/19/1980, Windham, CT
Widmer, Pearl Adell, d. 5/15/2012, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8-B, Lot 62, Gr 2
Widmer, Wilbur J., d. 4/2/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec B, Lot 62, Gr 1
Wieser, Asta (Ashes), d. 2/17/1993, RI
Wilding, John, d. 12/31/1971, I/56/4
Wilkins, Ellen Woodard
Wilkinson, Albert Edmund, d. 5/23/1947
Wilkinson, Maude, d. 10/25/1968, Worcester, MA
Williams, Eunice, d. 2/6/1816, Age 37
Williams, Experience, d. 4/28/1782, D of Jesse, Age 5
Williams, Hilda Mary, d. 3/1/1972, Hartford, CT
Williams, Jesse (Esq.), d. 12/1/1815, Rev War Marker, Flag, Age 78
Williams, Jesse, d. 9/2/1798, S of Jesse, Age 17
Williams, Leander F., d. 11/5/1998, Mansfield, CT, O/39/1
Williams, Mary, d. 3/2/1827, W of Jesse, Age 80
Williams, William, d. 9/17/1795, S of Jesse, Age 8
Willis, Iva M. Latham, d. 4/7/1911, W of Oscar, B-2/1/1882
Wilson, Amos B.
Wilson, Clara Fidelia, d. 1/27/1864, D of Levi T & Clarissa, Age 4 yr 3 mo
Wilson, Clarisa, d. 2/5/1896
Wilson, Dwight Clinton, d. 11/14/1875, S of Levi T & Clarissa, Age 19
Wilson, Francis Richard, d. 10/26/1948
Wilson, Freda Margaret, d. 11/20/1997, Windham, CT, I/36/7
Wilson, Gertrude Netherwood, d. 4/26/1959
Wilson, Levi, Nashua, NH
Winkel, Patricia L., d. 11/23/1997, Hartford, CT, O/38/1
Winslow, Ingrid Glock (Ashes), d. 5/5/1981, Windsor, CT
Wisloh, Gordon E., d. 3/25/1967, Mansfield, CT
Wollman, Barry Lee, d. 2/18/2001, Mansfield, CT, H/55/3
Wollman, Mark E., d. 2/19/1991, Willington, CT
Wollman, Selma, d. 6/1/1994, Windham, CT
Wollman, Solomon Eliot, d. 3/16/1990, Miami, FL
Wood, Laura Rosebrooks, d. 6/10/1966, Willington, CT
Woodward, Abirah J.
Woodward, Clara E.
Woodward, Edmond Freeman, d. 5/11/2004, Windham, CT, Sec M, Lot 38, Gr 8
Woodward, Eliza Freeman, d. 12/12/1883, W of Otis, B-9/16/1811
Woodward, Elizabeth P., d. 10/15/1917, B-4/21/1848
Woodward, Henry R., Ashford, CT
Woodward, Henry R.
Woodward, Joseph, d. 1/1/1851
Woodward, Laura D., d. 1/1/1851, D of J W & S T D
Woodward, Laura Davis, d. 1/1/1827, W of Joseph
Woodward, Otis, d. 5/26/1894, B-8/10/1807
Woodward, Royal O., d. 3/9/1985, Windham, CT
Woodward, Sarah Louisa, Ashford, CT
Woodward, Submit T. Dunham, d. 1/1/1847, W of Joseph
Woodward, William A., d. 5/27/1895, B-2/10/1840
Wooster, Elvah Owen, d. 6/22/1957
Wraight, Doris Edith, d. 8/19/1994, Windham, CT
Wraight, Ernest Walter, d. 5/9/1950
Wrana, Elsie M., d. 12/21/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 1-I
Wrana, Joan
Wrana, John A., Sr., d. 2/4/2002, Windham, CT, I/40/2
Wrana, John Anthony, Jr. (Ashes), d. 12/28/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 5-I
Wrana, Patricia
Wtescinski, Joseph (aka Washinsky) (Ashes), d. 3/19/1989, Windham, CT
Wu, Hsien (Ashes), d. 4/7/1998, Mansfield, CT, O/37/5
Wyand, Corrine K. (Ashes), d. 6/27/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 29, Gr 3P
Yang, Josephine Mon-Hwa, d. 9/22/1962, Mansfield, CT, Disinterred 11/16/1992
Yang, Xiangzhong, d. 2/5/2009, Boston, MA, Sec 6, Lot 48, Gr 8-E
Yates, James William, d. 9/1/1911, 3rd S/J Williams Jr/Marguerite Storrs, B-9/26/1910
Yates, Lucienne A., d. 4/11/1977, Tucson, AZ
Yates, Marguerite Storrs, d. 9/27/1910, W of J. Williams Jr., B-6/23/1878
Yeagle, Grace, d. 8/30/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4-O, Lot 36, Gr 5
Yeagle, Marion L., d. 11/24/2010, Putnam, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 6-O
Youg, Alice D., d. 7/29/1996, Honolulu, HI, R-28-6
Young, Eleanor Anne, d. 12/10/1966, Bronx, NY
Young, John (Ashes)
Young, Margaret Miller, d. 3/27/1975, Mansfield, CT
Young, Sam Hsi (Ashes), d. 12/9/1988, Honolulu, HI
Young, Wilfred P., d. 6/29/1978, Mansfield, CT, B-1898
Zayachkiwsky, Jane (Ashes), d. 4/4/2011, Stafford, CT, CS, 52-4, BB
Zeitung, Harriet, d. 10/31/2006, Branford, CT, Sec 7, Lot 56, Gr H-S-7
Zeitung, William Illingworth, d. 3/2/1997, Norwalk, CT, H/56/7
Zeni, Frank Joseph, d. 4/19/1979, Newington, CT
Ziegler, John Henry, Jr. (Ashes), d. 12/14/1975, Hartford, CT
Zorba, Xenophon, d. 9/17/2012, Willington, CT, Sec CRA, Lot A, Gr 26
Zuk, Andrew
Zurmuhlen, Milton Bluth, d. 5/17/1974, Hartford, CT
Zurmuhlen, Sarah Anne, d. 6/20/1987, Bridgeport, CT
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