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Storrs Cemetery (Old and New)
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

GPS (old cemetery): 41.812144, -72.251034
GPS (new cemetery): 41.811399, -72.255734

N. Eagleville Rd
Mansfield, CT 06268

Published: July 14, 2016
Total records: 2,540

Surnames K-R

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016. The City had combined records from both the old and new cemeteries into one, causing us to publish them as a single, combined transcription.

Kaplitz, Mae
, d. 1/19/1994, Windham, CT
Kaplitz, Paul Harry, d. 3/28/2004, Windham, CT, Sec B, Lot 61, Gr 4
Keesee, Bonnie, d. 7/21/1966, Mansfield, CT
Keesee, Gerald, d. 7/21/1966, Mansfield, CT
Keesee, Jarel, d. 7/21/1966, Mansfield, CT
Kelleher, William J., d. 11/10/2007, Hartford, CT, Sec 4, Lot 29, Gr 2-P
Keller, Esther Ruth, d. 10/13/1968, Mansfield, CT
Kelley, Dolores Hall, d. 7/21/1966, Mansfield, CT
Kelley, Edith Iris (Ashes), d. 7/29/1990, Atlantic City, NJ
Kelley, Edna R., d. 8/24/2011, Derry, NH, Sec 5-G, Lot 39, Gr 5
Kelley, Eliza Ann, d. 6/19/1901
Kelley, Michael Louis (Ashes), d. 9/11/1995, Manchester, CT, Tier G, Lot 39, #6
Kelly, Emily C., d. 5/20/2004, Windham, CT, Sec A, Lot 46, Gr 1
Kelly, Norman Clifford, d. 12/26/1973, Windham, CT
Kennard, Eleanor Lupton (Ashes), d. 10/6/1983, Mansfield, CT
Kennard, William Crawford (Ashes), d. 1/11/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 7-R
Kennedy, Eileen R., d. 6/2/2012, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7-F, Lot 55, Gr 3
Kennedy, Robert Emmett, d. 10/29/1986, Mansfield, CT
Kennedy, Thomas
Kerwin, Anna Chadwick, d. 4/6/1958
Kerwin, Florence V., d. 12/23/1918
Kerwin, James
Kerwin, Ruth Viola, d. 12/27/1918
Khairallah, Edward A., d. 9/26/1996, Hartford, CT, H/51/2
Khairallah, George Amin, d. 2/23/1994, Arlington, VA
Kidder, Harold Howe, d. 7/1/1967, Windham, CT
Kidder, Orson, d. 9/2/1817, S of Nathaniel & Spedy, Age 13
Kienholz, Aaron Raymond, d. 11/8/1967, Windham, CT
Kienholz, Joaquin B., d. 8/24/1994, Norwich, CT
Kienholz, Pearl Keating, d. 10/17/1973, Norwich, CT
Kilpatrick, Henry H.
Kind, Charles Albert (Ashes), d. 7/11/1992, Hartford, CT
King, Allan Victor, d. 3/19/1973, Windham, CT
King, Caroline, d. 6/5/1895, W of George F, Age 75
King, David, d. 7/4/1898
King, Denise, d. 1/8/2000, Branford, CT, P/33/7
King, Frederick Lincoln
King, George F., d. 12/23/1908, GAR Marker, Age 85
King, Joseph Benjamin, d. 4/28/1939
King, Lewis Henry, d. 9/21/1895, Age 55 da
King, Muriel Eastburn, d. 7/24/1945
King, Robert, d. 4/18/1979, Willington, CT
King, Sophia Annie Cleworth, d. 5/17/1927, Mansfield, CT, W of J B, B-1865
King, William Joseph (Ashes), d. 3/20/2001, Mansfield, CT, N/11/2
Kinsey, Anna Spencer, d. 9/10/1971, Mansfield, CT
Kinsey, Wendell Homer, d. 9/17/1951, Mansfield, CT
Kinsman, Donald M., d. 1/29/1998, Hartford, CT, B/58/4
Kirkpatrick, Grace Hovey, d. 3/18/1972, Putnam, CT
Kirkpatrick, William Franklin, d. 12/30/1956
Kitteredge, Marcia Doan, d. 1/1/1896, W of O. G., B-1811
Kitteredge, Oliver G., d. 11/10/1894, B-1815
Kline, Mary Louise (Ashes), d. 9/7/1981, Hendersonville, NC
Kline, Mary Louise, Sec 5, Lot 33, Gr 5-R
Klocker, Blanche Tranka, d. 3/13/1965, Windham, CT
Klocker, Christian Peter, d. 1/20/1978, Mansfield, CT
Klunz, Irene C., d. 10/10/2006, Bangor, ME, Sec 7, Lot 62, Gr 1-I
Klunz, Walter Louis, d. 7/25/1967, Wallingford, CT
Knap, Huldah (Mrs.), d. 7/23/1776, Consort of Peter Knap, Age 32
Kneeland, Douglas J. (Ashes), d. 4/6/2009, Deerfield, FL, Sec 5, Lot 34, Gr 3-P
Kneeland, Harold D. (Ashes), d. 10/29/1990, Windham, CT
Kneeland, Mary Alice Thompson, d. 8/28/1982, Windham, CT
Kneeland, Sherrell, d. 2/6/1983, Hartford, CT
Kneeland, Wayne T., Sr. (Ashes), d. 1/7/2004, Windham, CT, Sec P, Lot 34, Gr 3
Knight, Gertrude Grant, d. 3/23/1970, Glastonbury, CT
Knight, Lucius Milo, d. 7/3/1963, East Hartford, CT
Knop, Paul Brownell, d. 2/4/1988, Pomfret, CT
Knowlton, (Female), d. 2/22/1950
Knowlton, Alma Jean, d. 7/31/1952
Knowlton, Bertha Loretta, d. 3/27/1990, Grants, NM
Knowlton, Calvin C., d. 12/29/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 3, Lot 22, Gr 6-R
Kochenburger, Elinor, d. 11/9/1982, Mansfield, CT
Kochenburger, Ralph John, d. 2/6/1980, Windham, CT
Koehler, Ernest Otto, d. 11/21/1956
Koehler, Eva Austana, d. 5/28/1940
Kogan, Norman, d. 2/26/2011, Mansfield, CT, 5-33-3-P
Kohler, Jane K., d. 8/24/1979, Manhasset, NY
Kolega, John Joseph, d. 5/18/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 39, Gr 4-O
Kolomyjec, Arthur (Ashes), d. 1/19/1999, Mansfield, CT, P/31/4
Kolomyjec, Maria, d. 6/13/2001, Windham, CT, P/31/6
Koniar, Helen M. (Ashes), d. 3/25/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec N, Lot 36, Gr 7
Koons, Benjamin F., d. 12/17/1903, Co H 123rd Reg OH Vols 1862-1865, GAR, B-9/8/1844
Koons, Bertha E. Niles, d. 1/1/1920, W of Franklin S., B-1887
Koons, Beuford
Koons, Grace, d. 1/1/1918, B-1886
Koons, Hannah J.
Koons, Jennie, d. 7/29/1884, D of Benjamin F.
Koons, Mary, d. 3/11/2009, Nyack, NY, Sec 2, Lot 10, Gr 4-N
Koranda, Augusta, d. 9/24/1916
Koranda, John C., d. 12/3/1931, B-1864
Korner, Charles Clifford (Ashes), d. 5/3/1991, Windham, CT
Korner, Eva J. (Ashes), d. 1/2/2000, Simsbury, CT, L/36/1
Korner, Florence I., d. 11/28/1996, Coventry, CT, L/35/4
Korner, Frederick, d. 8/5/1987, Coventry, CT
Korner, Raymond K., d. 4/28/2010, Haddam, CT, Sec 5, Lot 38, Gr 5-M
Korner, Russell Benjamin, d. 10/3/2010, East Hartford, CT, Sec 5, Lot 35, Gr 2-L
Korner, Walter F.
Koths, Margaret Edwards, d. 5/12/1996, Abington, PA, Tier O, Lot 40, #1
Kottke, Elaine M., d. 10/24/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 51, Gr 3-G
Kottke, Marvin W., d. 12/26/2003, Windham, CT, Sec G, Lot 51, Gr 4
Kramer, Judith Louise, d. 7/22/2003, Carmichael, CA, Sec A, Lot 59, Gr 3
Krasinski, Charles A., d. 4/3/1978, Manchester, CT
Kuchle, Aldea, d. 4/5/1978, Windham, CT
Kuchle, Frank Xavier, d. 9/30/1972, Windham, CT
Kuklik, Agnes, d. 11/29/1931
Kuklik, John, d. 3/3/1948, Mansfield, CT
Kulp, Lula (Ashes), NY
LaBonte, Nellie Day (Ashes), d. 9/9/1976, Windham, CT
LaCasse, Sherry Lynn (Ashes), d. 12/9/1981, IL, R-35-6
Ladd, Everett Carl, Jr. (Ashes), d. 12/8/1999, Windham, CT, O/37/7
Ladr, Barbara
Ladr, Francis J. (Ashes), d. 7/26/1997, Willington, CT, I/39/7
Ladr, Frank, d. 12/7/1974, Windham, CT
Ladr, Frank
Ladr, Margaret Ursin, d. 6/16/1981, Windham, CT
Lamantia, Rosalie, d. 11/3/1987, Windham, CT
Lamb, Dana S., d. 1/6/1986, Beverly, MA
Lamb, Helen Tweedy (Ashes)
Lamb, Jack Hall (Ashes), d. 2/9/1987, Mansfield, CT
Lanator, Ludwig
Lanator, Mary
Langley, Mary Frances, d. 1/3/2011, Portsmouth, NH, 7/52/I
Langley, Robert Shelton, d. 3/22/2008, Portsmouth, NH, Sec 7, Lot 52, Gr 2-I
Lank, Katie Lynn, d. 11/12/1979, Windham, CT
Laplace, Robert F. (Ashes), d. 3/12/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 2, Lot 16, Gr 2-R
LaPoint, Francis
Lasky, Emma, d. 1/12/1985, Windham, CT
Latham, Albert C., d. 9/19/1924, Mansfield, CT, B-1866
Latham, Alberta Gertrude, d. 8/22/1978, Windham, CT
Latham, Alfred Alonzo, d. 3/15/1869, S of Jeremiah S & Nancy A, Age 11
Latham, Charles O., d. 2/20/1913, B-9/14/1851
Latham, Charles R., d. 10/31/1906, B-11/1/1884
Latham, Cynthia Richardson, d. 6/11/1918, W of Charles O, B-5/8/1854
Latham, Edward A., d. 9/9/1936
Latham, James Edward, d. 1/19/1881, S of Jeremiah S & Nancy A, Age 19
Latham, Jeremiah S., d. 1/1/1912, B-1822
Latham, Jeremiah W., d. 7/28/1903, B-2/19/1891
Latham, Minnie M. Allen, W of Albert C., B-1872
Latham, Nancy A. Morgan, d. 1/1/1907, Williington, CT, W of Jeremiah, B-1827
Latham, Violet Eugenia, d. 10/26/1995, West Long Branch, NJ, Tier D, Lot 10, Gr 2
Lax, Morris, d. 1/2/1967, Disinterred - UConn Health Ctr, Farmington, CT
Lay, Morris, d. 1/2/1967, Chester, CT
LeBlanc, James S., d. 10/14/1988, Manchester, CT
Lee, Florence Horton, d. 1/10/1962, Vernon, CT
Lee, Henry, d. 3/19/1960
Leffingwell, Lillian Varga, d. 1/31/1976, Mansfield, CT
Leffingwell, William (Ashes), d. 9/2/1991, Sprague, CT
Lefor, Bertha (Ashes), d. 7/11/1986, East Hartford, CT
Leighton, Shepherd, d. 1/27/1989, Mansfield, CT
Lenihan, Joseph, d. 12/24/1997, Windham, CT, R/18/7
Lennon, Rita Teresa, d. 11/4/1989, Mansfield, CT
Lennon, Thomas Patrick, d. 9/15/1985, Windham, CT
Lent, F. Louise Mead (Ashes), d. 3/20/2011, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 1A
Lent, Joseph Masopust, d. 5/10/1985, Windham, CT
Leonard, Elizabeth, d. 7/6/1857, W of George, Age 53
Levinson, Mary Gay
Lewis, Charles S., d. 8/13/1956, Windham, CT
Lewis, Clara Southwick, d. 7/25/1973, Vernon, CT
Lewis, Geraldine Brieff (Ashes), d. 5/11/2008, Richmond, VA, Sec 8, Lot 57, Gr 6-E
Lewis, Harold L., Jr., d. 4/25/1980
Lewis, Harold Lawton, d. 2/19/1998, Windham, CT, I/59/2
Lincoln, Betsey C., d. 5/18/1838, D of Jacob & Betsey, Age 29
Lincoln, Jacob, d. 10/4/1843
Lind, George L.
Lindgren, Barbara Truman (Ashes), d. 1/5/1993
Lindley, Judy Smith, d. 5/8/1995, Windham, CT
Linnevold, Agnes, d. 12/14/1995, Williamsburg, VA, Tier P, Lot 32, Gr 4
Linnevold, Bernhard Olaz Johan (Ashes), d. 4/30/2003, Mount Vernon, TX, P/32/3
Little, Kenneth Ronald, d. 9/1/1951
Livermore, Aaron R. (Rev)
Livermore, Catharine H., d. 8/7/1850, D of A R & M G, Age 5 yr 6 mo
Livermore, George Wolcott, d. 3/4/1849, S of A R & M G, Age 2 yr 3 mo
Livermore, Henry M., d. 3/31/1862, 8th Regt CT Vols, GAR, Age 21
Livermore, Mary G. Skinner, d. 1/1/1898, W of Russel A, B-1818
Livermore, Russel A. (Rev.), d. 1/25/1892, Pastor of Mansfield Church 1843-1858, Age 81
Livermore, William Russel, d. 2/20/1844, S of A E & M G, Age 4 mo 10 da
Lockshire, Robert (Ashes), d. 3/18/1978, Windham, CT, MTS
Lof, Ruth Addison, d. 10/20/1992, Windham, CT
London, Kathryn Jean, d. 7/15/1996, Windham, CT, P/40/4
Long, Lee
Loomis, Merl Harold, d. 9/7/1969, Windham, CT
Loomis, Mildred (Ashes), d. 7/7/1986, South Windsor, CT
Loomis, Robert Belmont, Jr., d. 9/25/2012, Windham, CT, Sec CRE, Lot A, Gr 20
Louden, Elizabeth (Ashes), d. 7/14/1971, Westerly, RI
Louden, Thomas
Lougee, John M., d. 12/3/1963, Boston, MA
Lucke, George, d. 1/25/1989, New Rochelle, NY
Luond, Frank Meinrad, d. 6/7/1965, Windham, CT
Luond, Stella Z., d. 5/27/1991, Windham, CT
Lyman, (Female), d. 7/14/1945
Lyman, Everett Payson, d. 3/11/1989, Wakefield, RI
Lyon, Harriet S.
Lyon, Harriet S.
Lyon, Leander Lewelly, d. 12/7/1909, B-8/12/1853
MacDonald, Helen, d. 10/21/1994, Windham, CT
MacDonald, Lester, d. 5/29/1989, Windham, CT
Maciolek, Ellen A., d. 12/23/2009, Hartford, CT, Sec 6, Lot 48, Gr 1-D
Maciuika, Paul Anthony, d. 3/21/1995, Glendo, WY
Mackay, Donald (Ashes)
Mackenzie, Elizabeth, d. 3/7/1967, Disinterred
Mackenzie, Elizabeth, d. 3/7/1967, Westport, CT, 3/26/70 Trans to Farmington, CT
Mackin, Helen Silverling, d. 2/2/1980, Mansfield, CT
MacKinnon, Elizabeth Davis (Ashes), d. 10/10/1999, Minneapolis, MN, H/29/4
Magura, Emma Julia, d. 9/27/1999, Mansfield, CT, G/56/3
Magura, George M., d. 7/30/2011, Kirkland, WA, Sec 7-D, Lot 51, Gr 6
Magura, George, Jr., d. 9/16/2000, Mansfield, CT, G/56/4
Magura, John Andrew, d. 5/23/2000, Mansfield, CT, G/56/6
Mahmoud, Andalib, d. 8/14/2003, Mansfield, CT, Sec H, Lot 42, Gr 8
Maine, Pheobe Esther, d. 12/10/1902, B-1/14/1826
Maines, Edmund, d. 5/6/1946
Maines, Russell Edmund, d. 8/23/1988, Mansfield, CT
Major, Randolph Thomas(Disinterme nt)
Major, Randolph Thomas, d. 11/1/1976, Windham, CT, Disintered 9/95 - Roadside Cem, Friendship, ME
Malecki, Evan, d. 11/27/2004, Hartford, CT, Sec H, Lot 41, St 4
Maloney, Edward Bayest, d. 8/17/1978, Windham, CT
Maloney, Francis, d. 8/25/2005, Windham, CT, Sec J, Lot 54, Gr 2
Manchester, Catherine Kerr, d. 10/14/1958
Manchester, Edward Wilbur (Ashes), d. 7/9/1994, Maine, Tier A, Lot 67, Gr 3
Manning, Margaret M., d. 4/27/1998, Windham, CT, Sec D, Plot 60-3
Manning, Stuart Hamilton (Ashes), d. 5/29/1982
Manter, Florence Goodwin, d. 9/28/1964, Windham, CT
Manter, Jerauld Armington, d. 8/21/1990, Windham, CT
Manter, Stanley Platts, d. 1/12/1986, Mansfield, CT
Marchand, Robert Joseph, d. 6/22/2010, Rockledge, FL, Sec 3, Lot 20, Gr 5-H
Marchand, Sandra Carter, d. 2/27/1979, Mansfield, CT
Marchegiano, Thomas, d. 10/8/1972, Preston, CT
Marcy, Edwin Wirt, d. 5/31/1908, Age 61
Marcy, Ida Mary
Marino, Anthony John, d. 7/17/1975, Hartford, CT
Markland, Antonio Peter, d. 5/9/1970, Norwich, CT
Markland, Blanche, d. 4/7/1994, Hartford, CT
Markland, Carlo, d. 11/3/1991, Hartford, CT
Markland, Fernande Durand, d. 10/15/1974, Windham, CT
Markland, George, d. 4/27/1981, Windham, CT
Markland, Maria Romagnoli (Marchegiano), d. 2/12/1973, Mansfield, CT
Markland, Victoria M., d. 9/30/1980, Windham, CT
Marsh, Ernest H. (Ashes), d. 6/19/2007, Coventry, CT, Sec 8, Lot 58, Gr 4-D
Marsh, George Lyman, d. 5/4/1918, B-1916
Marsh, Levi Eugene, d. 12/17/1918, Age 30
Marsh, Lyman Eugene, d. 8/31/1927, B-1851
Marsh, Mary N., d. 5/12/1890, B-1890
Marsh, Mary T. (Ashes), d. 12/13/2001, Norwich, CT, Lot D/58/1
Marsh, Ralph Eugene, Sr., d. 6/30/1977, East Lyme, CT
Marsh, Sarah Austania Isabella Warren, d. 12/9/1948, W of Lyman E., B-1856
Maseu, Harry
Mason, Amelia C. (Ashes), d. 7/13/1993, Ashford, CT
Mason, Christie Jennie, d. 9/8/1968, Windham, CT
Mason, Ernest Frederick, d. 1/31/1964, Mansfield, CT
Mason, Everett Chadwick, d. 2/26/1971, Willington, CT
Mason, Henry Ernest, d. 6/16/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 4, Lot 29, Gr 7-M
Mason, Jennie Allen Browning, d. 1/1/1919, W of John C., B-1848
Mason, Jennie Maria, d. 3/7/1959
Mason, John Chauncey, d. 1/27/1915, B-1820
Mason, Lawrence W., d. 12/19/2004, Killingly, CT, Sec L, Lot 27, Gr 4
Mason, Lillian Miller, d. 9/28/1974, Windham, CT
Mason, Richard Frederick, d. 5/31/1949
Mason, Willard E.
Mattern (Ashes), Harold Everett, d. 6/8/2012, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5-K, Lot 39, Gr 3
Mattern, August H.
Mattern, Mabel S.
Mattern, Wilfred A. (Ashes), d. 2/23/1987, NY
Matterson, Lloyd D. (Ashes), d. 8/2/1977, Westerly, RI
Mattson, Carl Arthur, d. 12/16/1973, Mansfield, CT
Mattson, Jennie Linea, d. 7/4/1947
Mattson, Judith Main, d. 12/16/1973, Mansfield, CT
Mattson, Nels Thure (Ashes), d. 12/29/1988, FL
Mattson, Peter
May, Edra K., d. 8/23/1995, Windham, CT
May, Kathryn Morris, d. 10/29/1972, Windham, CT
May, Richard Morris, Sr., d. 6/21/1959
McCabe, Esther M., d. 7/5/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8, Lot 61, Gr 3-E
McCabe, Thomas Vincent, d. 11/23/1969, Mansfield, CT
McCabe, Vincent B. (Ashes), d. 3/27/2007, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8, Lot 61, Gr 6-E
McClure, Robert G., d. 6/12/2002, Norwich, CT, O/34/7
McCollum, Alvarado, d. 7/23/1848, S of Henry F & Emily, Age 1 yr 9 mo
McCollum, Amanda H. Presbrey, d. 8/8/1910, W of Henry F., B-9/11/1830, Age 79 yr 11 mo
McCollum, Amanda, Removal from one lot to another
McCollum, Blanche E., d. 2/29/1992, Windham, CT
McCollum, Fay Converse, d. 2/23/1990, Windham, CT
McCollum, Fenelon, d. 12/11/1925, Mansfield, CT, 12/25/1925?, Age 84
McCollum, Fenelon, d. 4/2/1993, Mansfield, CT
McCollum, Flora May Johnson, W of Oleon Spenger, B-6/2/1871
McCollum, Hattie Gertrude, d. 6/7/1900, D of Fenelon & Mary E C, Age 16
McCollum, Henry F., d. 8/11/1890, B-11/11/1821, Age 68 yr 9 mo
McCollum, Herbert O., d. 4/12/1872, S of Fenelon & Mary E C, Age 6 mo
McCollum, Mary E.C., d. 3/28/1893, W of Fenelon, Age 44
McCollum, Minnie L., d. 5/12/1966, Englewood, NJ
McCollum, Odel F., d. 5/4/1876, Child of Fenelon & Mary E C, Age 2
McCollum, Oleon Spenger, d. 5/21/1913, Priv Co I 1st Reg CT V Inf Span Amn War B-6/3/1871
McCormack, Lillian Frances, d. 7/25/1968, Windham, CT
McDonald, John P. (Ashes), d. 11/19/1993, Mansfield, CT, Sec 3, Lot 4, Gr 2-CS
McDonald, Josephine H., d. 7/26/2010, Simsbury, CT, CS, Lot 5-2, AA
McDougal, John L. (Ashes), d. 3/22/2011, Willington, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 4-K
McDougal, Kyle N., d. 9/23/2006, Hartford, CT, Sec 5-K, Lot 36, Gr 4
McFarland, Clarissa C., d. 1/1/1897, Worcester, MA, B-1817
McFarland, Frances H., d. 1/1/1928, B-1854
McFarland, William D. (Rev., Ph.D), d. 1/1/1932, B-1851
McGennis, James Joseph (Ashes), d. 10/26/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 38, Gr 4-M
McGennis, Marilyn P., d. 3/29/2012, Norwich, CT, Sec 5-M, Lot 38, Gr 3
McHugh, Anna K., d. 8/13/1987, Windham, CT
McIntosh, Donald R., d. 3/6/1983, Manchester, CT
McIntosh, Grace Elizabeth, d. 1/30/1992, Hartford, CT
McLaughlin, Carrick A., d. 8/4/1991, New York, NY
McLaughlin, Maria N., d. 6/13/1986, Windham, CT
McPeek, James Andrew, d. 5/1/1992, Mansfield, CT
McPeek, Kathleen Mary, d. 1/25/1985, Hartford, CT
McReynolds, George Edgar, d. 3/28/1954, Windham, CT
Meacham, Georgette B., d. 10/16/1987, Manchester, CT
Meech, Arlene, d. 10/17/1982, Groton, CT
Mehlquist, Ellen Nielsen, d. 3/29/1969, Hartford, CT
Mehlquist, Gustav Arthur Leonard (Ashes), d. 8/28/1999, Mansfield, CT, G/60/1
Mercier, Joseph Raymond (MD), d. 10/31/1985, Windham, CT
Merrill, Alice Evelyn, d. 1/15/1993, Green Valley, AZ
Merrill, Arthur R.
Merrill, Howard Alden, d. 4/16/2012, Santa Barbara, CA, Sec 4-F, Lot 29, Gr 4
Merrill, Phoebe, d. 2/24/1969, Tulsa, OK
Merrow, Harriet Lathrop, d. 11/21/1941
Merrow, Harriet M. Willard, d. 8/12/1921, W of Joseph B., B-12/24/1821
Merrow, John G., d. 10/18/1959
Merrow, John G., d. 9/10/2002, Marion, MA, J/62/2B
Merrow, John
Merrow, Joseph Battell, d. 7/25/1897, B-6/12/1819
Merrow, Joseph Millard
Merrow, Margaret L. (Ashes), d. 10/9/2001, New London, CT, J/62/2A
Merrow, Mary W.
Merrow, Oliver Wolcott (Ashes), d. 9/8/1968, Boston, MA
Merrow, Sally McBee (Ashes), d. 7/6/2005, Chehalis, WA, Sec J, Lot 63, Gr 8
Merrow, Wolcott Woodbridge (Ashes), d. 7/25/2000, Centralia, WA, J/63/7
Messick, Agnes (Ashes), Preston, CT
Messick, Agnes, Preston, CT
Michall, Paul
Millard, (Male), d. 11/17/1905
Millard, Arthur M., d. 1/1/1865, B-1857
Millard, Lucy A. Chapman, d. 8/2/1919, W of Milo, B-1834
Millard, Milo, d. 1/25/1903, 1902?, B-1820
Millard, Sadie C.
Miller, Charles M., d. 11/13/1926, Willington, CT
Miller, Elizabeth L., d. 3/6/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 6, Lot 48, Gr 2-B
Miller, Elsie Garrigus (Ashes)
Miller, Fay Pauline, d. 12/28/1895, D of C.M. & Alice M., Age 5 yr 1 mo
Miller, Frank Pierpont (Ashes), d. 3/24/1978, Kent, CT
Miller, John Robert (Ashes), d. 6/26/1996, Mansfield, CT, Sec 6, Lot 48, Gr 2-B
Miller, Richard (Ashes), d. 8/9/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 3, Lot 18, Gr 8-D
Miller, Rudolph
Millette, Carl M., O/36/8
Millette, Elisabeth, Columbia, CT, Sec 5, Lot 38, Gr 3-N
Millette, Louis, Jr., d. 6/6/1960, N/38/4
Milton, Warren
Miner, Katie Gertrude
Mitterling, Cora, d. 11/2/1974, Hartford, CT
Mitterling, Lloyd A. (Ashes), d. 6/14/2003, Battle Creek, MI, Sec A, Lot 43, Gr 2
Moeller, Carl W. (Ashes), d. 7/21/2000, Boston, MA, O/36/8
Moller, Arthur William, Sr., d. 10/20/1974, Mansfield, CT
Montgomery, Clarence G., Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Montgomery, Clarence Graham, d. 5/27/1967, Hartland, CT
Moore, Earl Russell, d. 1/12/1960, Windham, CT
Moore, Lora Standish, d. 7/10/1982, Frederick, MD
Moore, Russell S., d. 5/5/1925
Moreland, Jessie Carew, d. 4/24/1978, Windham, CT
Moreland, Wallace Sheldon (Ashes), d. 1/9/1989, Mansfield, CT
Morgan, Christine Mason, d. 12/4/2011, Sequim, WA, Sec 4-K, Lot 28, Gr 6
Morgan, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 7/8/1891, W of Rev Charles, B-9/20/1837
Morrone, Elizabeth Ann, d. 11/30/2007, Hartford, CT, Sec 6, Lot 45, Gr 1-H
Morse, Marguerite Dunham, d. 11/1/1973, Norfolk, VA
Morse, Samuel Arnold, d. 10/22/1958
Morton, Murray Merle, d. 12/10/1961, Willington, CT
Moseley, Betty Lou, d. 2/23/2001, Windham, CT, O/33/5
Moulton, Daniel (Lieut.), d. 4/17/1767, Age 30
Moulton, Daniel, d. 5/14/1859, Age 36
Moulton, Hannah, d. 10/7/1840, W of Daniel, D of Aaron & Abigail Hovey, Age 62
Moulton, Hannah, d. 9/20/1778, Only D of Asa & Lydia, Age 6
Moulton, Harvey, d. 2/18/1857, Age 50
Moulton, Julia, d. 7/9/1911, D of Daniel & Hannah, B-1819
Moulton, Lydia, d. 1/13/1899, D of Daniel & Hannah, B-1808
Moulton, Mehetabel (Mrs.), d. 9/10/1789, Relict of James Moulton, Age 86
Moulton, Molly, d. 1/1/1870, D of Asa & Lydia, B-1783
Muller, Harry Dierks, d. 7/8/1979, Windham, CT
Muller, Katie W, W of Rudolph, B-1866
Muller, Rudolph, d. 1/1/1918, B-1853
Munsell, Rufus Isham, d. 10/23/1996, Mansfield, CT, A/38/4
Munsell, Ruth V. (Ashes), d. 9/20/2000, Brockton, MA, O/36/8
Murtha, Michael (Ashes), d. 12/26/1955, Preston, CT, Uconn
Murtha, Michael, d. 12/26/1955, Preston, CT
Nathan, Charles
Newberry, Elizabeth (Lizzie), d. 11/5/1919, Age 68
Newcomb, Henry Celan
Nickse, Doris E. (Ashes), d. 1/23/2006, Waterford, CT, Sec N, Lot 39, Gr 5
Nickse, Grace Elaine (Ashes), d. 5/1/2000, Windham, CT, N/39/5
Nickse, Karl R., d. 2/5/1981, Springfield, MA, Sec N, Lot 39, Gr 5
Noble, Ira, d. 12/30/1869, Age 37
Noistering, Joseph
Nolan, Maureen Edith, d. 8/30/2004, Los Angeles, CA, Sec B, Lot 50, St 8
Noonan, Catherine H., d. 11/20/1974, Windham, CT
Nord, Curt Helge, d. 11/16/1990, Windham, CT
Nord, Helen F. Yost, d. 1/1/1999, Mansfield, CT, 1/33/1
Nordling, Christopher Michael, d. 5/27/1989, Windham, CT
Norling, Alex E., Florida, K/36/7
Norling, Alex Eric
Norling, Axel, Jr., d. 9/23/1950
Norling, Keith A., d. 3/31/1997, Farmington, CT, K/36/1
Norling, Linnie Etta, d. 8/13/1941
Norling, Penelope L., d. 3/8/2012, East Windsor, CT, Sec 5K, Lot 36, Gr 2
Norling, Priscilla Stevens, d. 3/23/1978, Hartford, CT
Norris, Robert Bayless, d. 5/13/1989, Windham, CT
Northby, Arwood, South Kingstown, RI, 2/D/59
Northby, Mary P., d. 7/4/1998, South Kingstown, RI, Sec D, Plot 59-1
O'Connell, Charles J., d. 10/7/2005, Windham, CT, Sec A, Lot 29, Gr 1
O'Donovan, Robert John, Sr. (Ashes), d. 11/24/2005, North Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 1-N
Odoudt, Joseph, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Odouot, Joseph, d. 1/21/1967, Preston, CT
Ofeary, Peter
Offerman, Margaret, d. 2/24/1992, Windham, CT
Ofreary, Peter C., d. 1/22/1939
Ofreay, Mary Jane, d. 6/26/1938
Ofreay, Peter C., d. 2/10/1923, Priv Med Corps Base Hosp 51st AEF WW, Flag, B-1891
Oldershaw, John, d. 8/17/1889, B-8/24/1807
Oldershaw, Juan J., d. 1/1/1932, B-1855
Oldershaw, Mary W., d. 3/7/1863, W of Thomas, Age 23
Oldershaw, Maude
Oldershaw, Thomas, d. 8/9/1867, Age 29
Oldershaw, Wallace B., d. 1/10/1882, S of Thomas & Mary, B-1/15/1863
Oldershaw, Walter J.
Oldershaw, Watie G., d. 1/1/1932, W of Juan J., B-1857
Oldershay, Martha, d. 1/18/1872, W of John, B-10/4/1809
Olds, Rose W., d. 1/31/2005, Windham, CT, Sec J, Lot 40, Gr 8
Olds, Willard S., d. 6/7/1995, Windham, CT
Oliver, Charles William, d. 10/14/2004, Hartford, CT, Sec M, Lot 37, St 4
Olzinski, Edwin G., d. 8/11/2002, Bridgeport, CT, Sec. N, Lot 37, Gr 7
Opitz, Gertrude Ida Weichardt, d. 8/2/1963, Windham, CT
Opitz, Rudolph, d. 1/21/1968, Coventry, CT
Osborne, Ann Moran, d. 8/30/1959
Osborne, Mary Louise, d. 6/29/1965, Willington, CT
Otis, Abigail (Mrs.), d. 3/20/1774, Mansfield, CT, Consort/Nathaniel, D/Rev Jonathan Russel, 87
Packard, Sheila A., d. 4/23/1995, Vernon, CT
Page, William Douglas, d. 3/10/1984, Mansfield, CT
Palmer, Edward L., d. 11/28/1985, Windham, CT
Palmer, Francis J. (Ashes), d. 1/30/2002, Mansfield, CT, 0/35/3
Palmer, James Francis (Ashes), d. 5/11/2005, Riverdale, MA, Sec O, Lot 35, Gr 6
Palmerton, Ann Esther
Pantlen, Albert W., d. 1/27/1999, Mansfield, CT, P/31/2
Pantlen, Eleanor Mary, d. 6/13/1998, Mansfield, CT, Sec P, Lot 31-1
Papanos, Mary Francis, d. 7/21/1996, Coventry, CT, G/19/1
Papanos, Stanley (Ashes), d. 3/29/2007, Glastonbury, CT, Sec 3, Lot 19, Gr 2-G
Pappanikou, Agisilaos John, d. 11/6/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec E, Lot 57, Gr 7
Pappanikou, Lucette, d. 4/7/2006, Windham, CT, Sec E, Lot 57, Gr 8
Paquette, Mary Jane, d. 8/29/1984, Farmington, CT
Paquette, Matthew J., d. 9/12/1981, Hartford, CT
Paquette, Wilfred M. (Ashes), d. 10/15/1993, Inverness, FL
Parish, Archippus, d. 12/22/1780, Age 45
Parish, Archippus, d. 12/22/1780
Parizeau, Eli Joseph, d. 10/3/1965, Manchester, CT
Parker, Dorothy L., d. 10/5/1918, B-1905
Parker, Edna M.
Parker, Elizabeth B.
Parker, Elsie May, d. 2/7/1948
Parker, Evan P., d. 5/18/1984, Pittsfield, ME
Parker, Hazel M., d. 10/26/1997, Windham, CT, I/32/5
Parker, Martin Hibbard, d. 6/15/1939
Parker, Martin Howard, d. 5/24/1932, B-1913
Parker, Mason Hibbard, d. 7/18/1989, Windham, CT
Parker, Stanley C., d. 8/13/1976, Miami, FL
Parmalee, Hiram, d. 1/21/1967, Colchester, CT
Parmalle, Hiram, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Parrish, Catherine B., d. 5/10/2009, Bloomfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 8-N
Parrish, Lawrence L. (Ashes), d. 3/15/2007, Bloomfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 8-N
Passmore, George H., d. 2/21/1952
Passmore, Winifred Ida (Ashes), d. 1/1/1987, Windham, CCT
Patterson, Estella B. Wooster, d. 11/26/1934, W of Henry S, B-1861
Patterson, Henry S., d. 1/1/1930, B-1842
Paulson, Earl Willard, d. 12/24/1987, Windham, CT
Paulson, Eva Mary, d. 10/25/2002, Mansfield, CT, Sec F, Lot 18, Grave 1
Paulson, Reinis A., d. 11/8/1996, Crystal River, FL, J/66/6
Pearl, Eva Hobby, d. 8/21/1967, Mansfield, CT
Peck, Clara Alice, d. 10/20/1979, Windham, CT
Peck, Dorothy R., d. 3/8/1982, Pasadena, TX
Peck, Earl Warren, d. 4/30/1915, S of W.H. & Mabel G., B-7/12/1901
Peck, Earle E., d. 6/7/1994, Norwich, CT
Peck, Estell Harlow, d. 7/25/1978, Windham, CT
Peck, Harvey, d. 7/9/1974, Stafford, CT
Peck, Mabel Warren, d. 4/13/1949
Peck, Margaret E., d. 10/8/1897
Peck, Raymond Wallace, SR., d. 9/27/1978, Hartford, CT
Peck, Stanley G., d. 7/19/1980, Newington, CT
Peck, William Henry, d. 12/19/1961, Rocky Hill, CT
Peirce, Abigail, d. 3/18/1779, Consort of Samuel Peirce, Age 86
Peirce, Elisabeth, d. 5/17/1789, Wife of Seth, Age 68
Peirce, Exe, d. 1/4/1786, D of Enoch & Experience, Age 1
Peirce, Experience, d. 8/31/1789, Consort of Enoch, Age 37
Peirce, Samuel, d. 1/26/1774, Consort of Mrs. Abigail Peirce, Age 92
Peirce, Seth, d. 12/5/1797, Age 81
Peirce, d. 3/18/1761, Consort of Samuel Peirce, Age 7
Penner, (Male), d. 4/25/1958
Penner, Lawrence R., d. 6/28/1985, Mansfield, CT
Perkins, Craig Patrick, d. 12/21/1976, Windham, CT
Perkins, Harold Oliver, d. 2/22/1968, Windham, CT
Perkins, Mary Gwendolyn, d. 6/6/1992, Barnstable, MA
Perrault, Delphis Noel, d. 9/14/1967, Windham, CT
Perrault, Ethel, d. 10/29/1974, Windham, CT
Perrotti, Mary C., d. 1/22/2000, Hartford, CT, N/39/7
Pettingill, Jeannette Harding, d. 2/11/1973, Windham, CT
Pettingill, Lucius A., Sr., d. 3/23/1991, Manchester, CT
Phelps, Charles Francis
Phelps, Charles S.
Phelps, Katharine Dewitt, d. 5/17/1975, New York
Phelps, Lawrence Hibbard
Phelps, Lawrence, d. 1/1/1955
Phelps, Orra Parker
Phelps, Orra, d. 8/26/1986, Glen Falls, NY
Phillips, Gilbert W., d. 3/25/1996, Tier D, Lot 56, Lot 3
Phillips, Jonathan B., d. 1/1/1980
Phillips, Martha Brown, d. 12/27/1871, W of Nathaniel, B-12/29/1791
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth, d. 6/14/1985, Norwalk, CT
Phillips, Nathaniel, d. 7/3/1863, B-7/25/1787
Phillips, Russell S., d. 12/5/1982, Windham, CT
Picquett, Frank O.
Pirozek, Gladys Brown
Pirozok, Howard George, d. 1/21/1970, Windham, CT
Pirozok, Peter, d. 9/6/1956, Rocky Hill, CT
Place, Aretha
Platt, Edith Storrs (Ashes)
Platt, Emily D. Farrow, d. 10/22/1933, New London, CT, W of George
Platt, George, d. 3/7/1898, B-1825
Platt, Lilla Victoria, d. 7/24/1867, D of George & Nancy J., 1 yr 7 mo
Platt, Nancy J., d. 1/1/1879, W of George, B-1827
Platt, Sadie Frances Farrow, d. 10/29/1893, W of George T., Age 19 yr 6 mo
Pont, Vernon, d. 5/30/1991, Hartford, CT
Popple, Charles Alonzo, d. 4/9/1944
Popple, Fred A., d. 2/7/1957
Popple, Lydia Maine, d. 6/3/1898, 1899?, Age 81
Popple, Perry, d. 6/10/1898, 1899?, Age 79
Popple, Sarah Hunt
Porter, Jasper Ward, d. 11/24/1942
Porter, Nettie Angeline, d. 1/6/1992, Windham, CT
Possell, Mary Elaine (Ashes), d. 7/28/2011, Southington, CT, Sec 5-N, Lot 35, Gr 3
Posten, Catherine Ann, d. 3/8/2002, Windham, CT, H/49/2
Posten, Harry O. (Ashes), d. 3/23/2002, Hartford, CT, H/49/1
Posten, Thomas R., d. 11/23/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 49, Gr 7-H
Potter, Elisha B., d. 1/11/1883, B-11/5/1839
Potter, Sarah Storrs, d. 2/7/1872, W of Elisha B., B-3/26/1826
Powell, Lucille L.
Powell, Ross Carlton, Sr., d. 1/2/1963, Ashford, CT
Powers, Barbara Bendall, d. 12/13/1974, New Haven, CT
Powers, John E., d. 4/22/1990, Windham, CT
Powers, Marshall L.
Powers, Richard B.
Presbrey, Hannah Fenton, d. 3/20/1896, W of Wales, Age 88 yr 6 mo
Presbrey, Orson M., d. 7/29/1864, Co G 1st MA Vols Hvy Art, GAR Marker
Presbrey, Wales, d. 8/18/1886, Age 86 yr 6 mo
Preston, Charles D. (M.D.), d. 8/27/1849, B-1/25/1822
Preston, Eliza Ann, d. 12/30/1876, D of Nathan & Polly, Age 46 yr 6 mo 22 da
Preston, Elvira, d. 9/1/1853, D of Nathan & Polly, Age 18
Preston, Nathan, d. 6/9/1873, Age 86 yr 8 mo
Preston, Polly Crawford, d. 5/5/1862, W of Nathan, Age 67 yr 6 mo
Pritchard, Amy Cote, d. 8/6/1967, Windham, CT
Pritchard, Joseph Byran, d. 8/7/1967, Mansfield, CT
Prouty, Jackson Horace, d. 5/4/1985, Hartford, CT
Prue, Joseph William, d. 3/23/1968, Windham, CT
Prue, Ruth Costello, d. 1/29/1989, Vernon, CT
Pryor, Adrienne Leslie, d. 7/7/2001, Mansfield, CT, G/50/8
Pryor, John Albert, Sr., d. 1/24/2004, Windham, CT, Sec G, Lot 50, Gr 2
Putnam, Elizabeth Hamilton, d. 7/6/1944
Putnam, Mary Spencer, d. 7/6/1944
Putnam, Paul Lee, d. 11/8/1964, Boston, MA
Putnam, Ruth Marion, d. 2/12/1972, Brooklyn, CT
Rabschutz, Edward (Ashes), d. 4/21/1992, Mansfield, CT
Rabschutz, Lucille (Ashes), d. 8/4/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8, Lot 64, Gr 2B
Racicot, Alfred Albert, d. 4/24/1984, Windham, CT
Racicot, Clement A., d. 2/13/2004, Windham, CT, Sec G, Lot 38, Gr 4
Racicot, Frances D., d. 10/4/1992, Windham, CT
Racicot, Lee Bertha, d. 12/18/1992, Windham, CT
Randall, Albert, d. 6/14/1897
Randall, Dorothy Elizabeth
Ray, Isabel (Ashes), d. 11/3/1994, Plantation, FL
Ray, Margaret B.
Ray, William
Read, Annie L.
Reichel, Henry, Jr., d. 7/31/1990, Mansfield, CT
Reiter, Howard L., d. 1/10/2012, Coventry, CT, Sec 7-G, Lot 55, Gr 2
Rennell-Bowers, Rita L., d. 3/26/2001, Hartford, CT, L/29/1
Rettenmeyer, Carl W. (Ashes), d. 4/9/2009, Windham, CT, CS 7-1
Revet, Adele G., d. 9/20/1963, Willington, CT
Reynolds, Gardner W., Jr., d. 9/5/1848, Age 1
Reynolds, Gardner W., d. 8/14/1900, Removed from Gurley, Age 81
Reynolds, Julia Ann, d. 11/16/1882, Removed from Gurley, W of Gardner W, Age 66
Reynolds, Mary Ann, d. 12/22/1848, Age 5
Riccio, Helen Moriarty, d. 9/24/1996, Glastonbury, CT, I/64/3
Riccio, Leonard C.
Rice, Ethel Ann, d. 1/4/2004, Mansfield, CT, Sec M, Lot 39, Gr 2
Rice, Herbert Colin (Ashes), d. 5/25/1991, Windham, CT, Sec M, Lot 39, Gr 2
Rice, Mary E., d. 10/14/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 6-L
Rice, Vickie J., d. 8/12/2011, Hartford, CT, Sec 8-B, Lot 57, Gr 3
Richardson, Abigail Freeman, d. 12/22/1890, Mansfield, CT, Wife of William H., Age 75
Richardson, Janice P.
Richardson, Jennie F. Wardwell, d. 3/31/1908, W of William E., Age 31
Richardson, Levi, d. 8/19/1856, Age 79
Richardson, William H. (M.D.), d. 12/14/1878, Age 70
Richardson, William H., d. 5/1/1928, Age 70
Richrdson, Amelia Trumbull, d. 3/11/1880, W of Levi, Age 94 yr 7 mo
Richter, Linda, d. 8/29/1984, E Hartford, CT
Rising, Miriam (Ashes), d. 7/6/1993, Hartford, CT
Rivers, Jean Collette, d. 4/5/1979, Norwich, CT
Rivers, Lewis Joseph, d. 2/22/1996, Gainsville, FL, Tier 4, Lot 24, Gr 2
Ro---, David, d. 1/1/1734
Roach, Gladys, MA
Roach, Harold Augustus, d. 10/23/1959, Norwich, CT
Roberts, Christine Marie (Ashes), d. 2/7/1995, Hartford, CT
Robinson, Abigail L. Storrs, d. 5/29/1899, New York, W of Marcus, B-3/4/1823
Robinson, Betsey, d. 5/24/1844, 2nd W of Gurdon, Age 56
Robinson, Charabel B. B.
Robinson, Charles A., d. 8/16/1851, S of Gurdon & Betsey, Age 27
Robinson, Edwin R.
Robinson, Gurdon, d. 11/24/1848, Age 65
Robinson, Lois, d. 3/1/1818, W of Gurdon, Age 34
Robinson, Marcus Webb, d. 5/5/1892, B-5/12/1820
Robinson, Margaret W., d. 6/16/1851, D of Gurdon & Betsey, Age 21
Rogers, Alva C. (Ashes), d. 6/23/1987, Norwich, CT
Rogers, Georgeanna, d. 2/21/1931
Rogers, Malcolm (Ashes), d. 7/12/1996, Manchester, CT, F/59/1
Rogers, Sylvia Caldie, d. 1/13/1982, Windham, CT
Romano, Carl, d. 8/6/1991, Mansfield, CT
Rood, Betty, d. 4/11/2003, Windham, CT, Sec. L, Lot 31, Gr 7
Rood, James A., d. 4/2/2009, Windham, CT, Sec 4, Lot 31, Gr 6-L
Rood, James Robert, d. 12/25/1969, Windham, CT
Roper, Katie, d. 7/18/1910, B-7/18/1850
Roscoe, Elmer C., d. 12/9/1998, Windham, CT, I/60/4
Rose, Barbara Martin, d. 10/3/1976, Windham, CT
Rose, Earle Wilton, d. 12/14/1972, Windham, CT
Rose, Philip Bale, d. 10/4/1974, Rocky Hill, CT
Rose, Robert, d. 2/10/1974, Windham, CT
Rosebrooks, Abbie, d. 1/1/1911, New York, B-1879
Rosebrooks, Bessie, d. 4/10/1920, B-1880
Rosebrooks, Charles, d. 1/1/1930, B-1844
Rosebrooks, Julia C., d. 7/19/1905, B-1846
Rosebrooks, Louise J., d. 1/30/1923, Hartford, CT
Rother, Susana, d. 5/27/1968, Windham, CT
Rotter, Richard Allen, d. 8/30/1995, Mansfield, CT
Rourke, Jill J., d. 2/3/2004, Mashpee, MA, Sec G, Lot 52, Gr 6
Rowe, H. Gerard, Jr., d. 6/6/1998, Tolland, CT, Sec P, Lot 39-3
Rowe, James Alexander, d. 6/21/1975, Windham, CT
Roy, Thelma Manning, d. 4/30/1972, Norwich, CT
Royce, Adlina, d. 9/2/1809, D of Joseph C & Matilda, Age 2 yr 5 mo
Royce, David, d. 10/16/1759
Royce, Eunice, d. 12/5/1836, Relict of Capt James, Age 84
Royce, Hannah, d. 6/18/1834, W/Jeduthan, D/Asa & Lydia Moulton, Age 54
Royce, James, d. 7/14/1835, Age 88
Royce, Lydia, d. 7/18/1824, W of Solomon, Age 65
Royce, Mervyn Rutherford, d. 9/10/1982, Norwich, CT
Royce, Rose, d. 4/20/1998, Windham, CT, G/39/8
Royce, Sarah, d. 5/22/1807, Age 46
Royce, Solomon, d. 8/17/1823, Age 71
Royse, Hannah, d. 8/31/1775, W of David, Age 63
Royse, Rohamah, d. 3/11/1899, W of Asa, Age 58
Ruck, Jane E. W. (Ashes), d. 7/4/2009, Branford, CT, Sec 7, Lot 63, Gr 5-H
Russ, Rhoda, d. 9/7/1863, Widow of Stephen, Age 92 yr 7 mo
Russell, Catherine, d. 1/18/1985, Windham, CT
Russell, Charles W., d. 2/8/1985, Windham, CT
Ryan, Francis E., d. 2/23/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 8, Lot 64, Gr 4-F
Rybic, Antoinette Dvorak, d. 1/25/1960
Rybic, Antoinette Svacha, d. 10/8/1981, Manchester, CT
Rybic, John, d. 4/11/1966, Mansfield, CT
Rybic, Lawrence, d. 2/4/1944
Rylander, Gustave Albin, d. 3/18/1964, St. Petersburg, FL
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