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Riverside Burying Ground
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

riverside cemetery
Riverside Cemetery

GPS: 41.814953, -72.224668

Gurleyville Rd
Gurleyville, Mansfield, CT 06268

Published: July 13, 2016
Total records: 286

Riverside Burying Ground is owned and managed by Riverside Burying Ground Assn..

Located north side of Gurleyville Rd where it crosses the Fenton River, just west of Gurleyville Village

It's also known as, "Gurleyville Cemetery". Bodies from Holley Cemetery were moved to here. It is now an inactive cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016.

Atwood, Harold Thurlow
, d. 6/8/1960
Atwood, Harriet E. Cross, d. 3/26/1919, B-1862
Atwood, Isabelle K. (Ashes), d. 8/29/2012, Mansfield, CT, Lot 22
Atwood, Martha Halvorsen, d. 12/29/1968, Windham, CT
Atwood, Thurlow J., d. 5/17/1935, B-1854
Barrows, George T. (M.D.), d. 4/15/1855, S of Thomas & Armina, Age 23
Barrows, Marcus, d. 2/3/1895, Age 89
Barrows, Maria, d. 5/24/1887, W of Marcus, Age 80
Bentley, Susan, d. 5/11/1856, Age 27
Bergel, Alfred Julius, d. 2/9/1897, 1898?, S of Ernest & Pauline, B-1897
Bergel, Elizabeth, d. 3/23/1904, 1903?, D of Ernest & Pauline, B-1887
Bergel, Ernest, d. 12/24/1920, B-1858
Bergel, Pauline Hauschild, d. 1/1/1928, B-1853
Blackmer, Edward L., d. 8/8/1849, S of Rev John & Susan, Age 12 yr 8 mo
Bundy, Mary, Windham, CT
Cantor, Alice, d. 12/14/1923, Windham, CT
Cantor, Gertrude
Carpenter, Minerva, d. 10/8/1873, Age 47
Carpenter, Rufus B.
Carr, Robert, d. 8/12/1863, Age 83
Cazel, Annarie P., d. 3/14/1983, Windham, CT, Lot 64
Cazel, Fred A., Jr. (Ashes), d. 7/26/2011, Mansfield, CT, Lot 64
Chaffee, Catherine, d. 10/21/1875, W of Frederick, Age 79
Chaffee, Frederick, d. 4/3/1862, Age 73
Chaffee, Lucina A. Conant, d. 2/27/1879, W of Orwell S., Age 65
Chaffee, Maria A., d. 4/3/1851, D of Orwell S & Lucina A, Age 15
Chaffee, Olon S., d. 8/1/1915, Olin?, Age 60
Chaffee, Orwell s., d. 4/2/1887, Age 72
Chaffee, Sophia P. Simonds, d. 1/16/1902, W of William F., Age 68
Chaffee, William F., d. 3/21/1888, Flag, Age 67
Clark, Abbie S. French, d. 4/27/1904, W of Rowland, B-1833
Clark, Eva Anna
Clark, Henry F., d. 1/1/1867, S of Rowland & Abbie S., B-1866
Clark, Lucretia, d. 1/1/1917
Clark, Reuben B., d. 5/8/1915
Clark, Rowland, d. 1/1/1888, B-1823
Conant, Abby P., d. 1/1/1854, D of John W. & Julia Hanks, B-1832
Conant, Adelaide E. Snow, d. 1/1/1931, W of Delos W.
Conant, Betsey, d. 4/24/1871, W of James, Age 87
Conant, Carlos Dwight, d. 5/21/1844, S of Theodore D. & Louisa A., Age 21 da
Conant, Chester, d. 8/7/1865, Age 75
Conant, Delos W., d. 10/25/1923, Windham, CT, B-1843
Conant, Edwin L., d. 10/31/1857, Age 22 yr 8 mo
Conant, Ella A., d. 12/31/1868, Only D of A A & A M, Age 19
Conant, Ellen M., d. 11/28/1856, D of Theodore D. & Harriet E., Age 9 yr 10 mo
Conant, Eunice, d. 10/7/1854, W of George E., Age 20
Conant, Evelyn E. Bicknell, d. 1/1/1890, W of Delos W., B-1841
Conant, George E., d. 2/10/1856, Age 35
Conant, Harriet E., d. 5/9/1892, W of Theodore D., Age 80 yr 2 mo 17 da
Conant, James, d. 7/18/1862, Age 78
Conant, John W., d. 1/1/1854, B-1804
Conant, Julia Hanks, d. 9/27/1900, W of John W., B-1813
Conant, Louisa A., d. 12/23/1841, W of Theodore D., Age 22
Conant, Lucius, d. 11/26/1869, Age 70
Conant, Lydia Richardson, d. 2/17/1899, W of Otis H., Age 43 yr 6 mo
Conant, Maria, d. 2/8/1889, Age 75
Conant, Marietta, d. 11/16/1859, W of Lucius, Age 58
Conant, Mary E., d. 2/21/1871, Age 21
Conant, Otis H., d. 1/19/1920, Age 68
Conant, Sally, d. 7/12/1857, W of Chester, Age 63
Conant, Theodore D., d. 5/11/1893, Age 74 yr 3 mo
Cross, Adelaide A., d. 1/5/1867, D of Samuel & Harriet, Age 17
Cross, Delia S., d. 4/12/1896, Age 55
Cross, Harriet Gurley, d. 8/19/1898, W of Samuel, B-3/4/1828, Age 70
Cross, Harriet S., d. 4/27/1882, W of Lucius, Age 62
Cross, Jesse W., d. 12/12/1883, Age 72
Cross, Lucius, d. 1/5/1868, Age 55
Cross, Mary Swift, d. 7/8/1901, Portland, W of Jesse W., Age 86
Cross, Mary W., d. 3/21/1922, Age 75
Cross, Minnie E., d. 1/7/1919, W of William R., Age 55
Cross, Samuel, d. 11/16/1876, Age 53
Cross, William R., d. 11/11/1897, Age 30
Dimmick, Shubael, d. 6/26/1778
Dimock, Agnes M. Cross, d. 3/11/1934, W of George R., B-5/5/1864
Dimock, Effie Alice, d. 12/15/1877, D of Edwin E. & Eliza J., B-8/28/1861, Age 16
Dimock, George R., d. 2/25/1934, B-9/28/1855
Dodge, Charles E., d. 2/25/1925, Mansfield, CT, B-7/11/1852
Dodge, Harriett Lee, d. 4/29/1936, W of Charles E., B-11/25/1854
Dodge, Origen S., d. 8/25/1896
Doyle, Ida M.
Doyle, Thomas J.
Dunham, Clarissa, d. 8/5/1866, W of Jesse, Age 76
Dunham, Ella F. Martin, d. 9/4/1901, W of Fremont C., Age 39
Dunham, Franklin, d. 10/14/1904, 10/10/1904?, Age 76
Dunham, Fremont C., d. 10/14/1920, Age 59
Dunham, Jacob, d. 1/19/1846, Age 81
Dunham, Jefferson, d. 7/26/1893, Age 71
Dunham, Jerusha, d. 3/1/1845, W of Jacob, Age 77
Dunham, Jesse, d. 9/9/1863, Age 74
Dunham, Mary B., d. 6/26/1901, W of Franklin, Age 75
Dunham, Mary E. S., d. 3/18/1912, Willimantic, CT, Age 71
Dunham, Sophia W. Cady, d. 2/26/1875, W of Jefferson, Age 50
Ensell, Alison Dorothy, d. 6/11/1966, Mansfield, CT
Farnham, Henry F., d. 12/8/1918
Farnham, Hermon O., d. 11/21/1880, S of Henry T. & Mary E., Age 18 mos
Farnham, Lewynn O., d. 6/3/1902, S of Henry T. & Mary E., B-9/12/1872
Farnham, Mary E., d. 2/20/1880, W of Henry T., Age 26
Fenner, Amos G., d. 11/10/1882, Age 75
Fenner, D. Anstice Holley, d. 11/13/1907, W of William E., Age 72
Fenner, Hannah Burlingame, d. 4/28/1879, W of Amos G., Age 74
Fenner, William E., d. 2/18/1918, Age 81
Gellert, Marjorie S. (Ashes), d. 2/12/1994, Windham, CT
Gellert, Theodore Lawrence (Ashes), d. 9/17/1976, Farmington, CT
Gross, Eleanor, d. 11/9/1860, Age 74
Gurley, Abigail, d. 4/1/1871, W of Lucius, Age 70
Gurley, Hannah, d. 2/19/1866, Age 81
Gurley, Lucius, d. 6/15/1872, Age 75
Haase, Caroline, d. 3/16/1935
Hanks, Achsah L. Turner, d. 5/8/1887, W of Edmond, B-8/21/1809
Hanks, Edmond, d. 6/30/1861, B-12/7/1806
Hanks, Edward M., d. 3/14/1896, 3/19/1896?, S/Mancely/Martha A Royce, B-10/12/1872
Hanks, Eliza M. Parker, d. 1/1/1908, W of Frederick F., B-1831
Hanks, Elizabeth Ward, d. 2/28/1901, W of George R., B-8/21/1809
Hanks, Frederick F., d. 4/13/1875, B-1/27/1805, Age 70 yr 2 mo 16 da
Hanks, George Philo, d. 12/18/1908, B-1833
Hanks, George R., d. 3/21/1889, B-5/16/1808, Age 81
Hanks, John S., d. 12/9/1894, Age 60
Hanks, Martha A. Royce, d. 9/25/1909, W of Mencely, B-8/5/1841
Hanks, Mary Elizabeth, d. 7/26/1851, D of George R. & Elizabeth, Age 13 yr 8 mo
Hanks, Mencely, d. 4/8/1882, B-5/12/1842
Hanks, Nelson, d. 8/8/1856, Age 57
Hanks, Olive, d. 1/7/1871, W of Rodney, Age 90
Hanks, Orsina M., d. 5/4/1899, W of George P.
Hanks, Phebe M. Simmons, d. 6/29/1928, W of John S., Age 89
Hanks, Rodney, d. 11/6/1846, Age 64
Hanks, Samuel R., d. 1/17/1873, S of Edmond & Achsah L. Turner, B-7/11/1837
Hauschild, Frederick William, d. 4/15/1902
Hauschild, Vicentia, d. 8/23/1912
Heinige, Frances, d. 7/29/1969, Mansfield, CT
Heinige, Leopald, d. 9/3/1944
Heywood, Judith Ann (Ashes), d. 8/5/2010, Blacksburg, VA, J-19
Holan, Antonette H., d. 5/2/1998, Mansfield, CT
Holan, Max Oscar, d. 9/7/1986, Vernon, CT
Holley, Celia Ann, d. 3/29/1842, D of Perry & Lois Fenton Holley, Age 8 yr 7 mo
Holley, Harriet Lurinda, d. 9/22/1838, D of Perry & Lois Fenton Holley, Age 16 mo
Holley, Lois Fenton, d. 4/18/1892, W of Perry, Age 84 yr 4 mo
Holley, Perry, d. 3/23/1885, Age 75 yr 9 mo
Holley, Sarah Jane, d. 1/30/1860, D of Perry & Lois Fenton Holley, Age 14 yr 4 mo
Hopkins, Harriet
Hovey, Cordial s., d. 4/10/1860, Age 39
Hovey, Julius, d. 5/30/1852, Age 47
Hovey, Mary C., d. 7/23/1868, W of Julius, Age 62
Hovey, Olive, d. 10/5/1858, W of Cordial S., Age 85
Jacobsen, Julius George, Sr., d. 8/15/1974, Mansfield, CT
Jacobsen, Julius George, d. 12/6/1991, Putnam, CT
Knowlton, David P., d. 7/17/1869, Age 35
Knowlton, Elmira J., d. 3/18/1867, W of David P., Age 32
Kuhnert, Joseph A., d. 1/17/1903, B-10/19/1839
Kuhnert, Pauline Beitz, d. 11/26/1900, W of Joseph, B-5/9/1841
Langer, August (Infant), d. 11/27/1914
Langer, Bertha Christina, d. 3/26/1917
Langer, Herbert J.
Langer, Louise A., d. 5/27/1900, W of Paul, B-3/10/1868 in Germany
Langer, Maria Anna
Langer, Oswald Herman
Langer, Paul Joseph
Marshall, Alex
Marshall, Martha L. (Ashes), d. 7/2/1991, Old Saybrook, CT
Mason, Edna, d. 3/17/1901, D of Henry A. & Martha A., b-6/1/1879
Mason, Frank R., d. 4/9/1928, B-6/30/1853
Mason, Grover Robert, d. 7/25/1886, S of Frank R. & Mary A., B-7/3/1886
Mason, Henry A.
Mason, Mary A. Browning, d. 10/9/1891, W of Frank R., B-7/13/1850
Mason, Victor Herbert, d. 10/27/1891, S of Frank R. & Mary A., B-7/4/1891
Metcalf, Amelia B., d. 12/22/1926, Mansfield, CT
Morrison, Daisie Mason, d. 9/8/1970, Mansfield, CT
Moulton, Anna M., d. 7/23/1873, Age 63
Moulton, Charles H., d. 6/6/1867, Age 32
Moulton, Dwight A., d. 12/28/1860, Age 23
Munyan, David Porter, d. 6/13/1926, Mansfield, CT
Munyan, John D.
Munyan, Mary, d. 9/28/1940
Nason, Edna Mabel, d. 3/17/1901
Nason, Martha Anne, d. 2/14/1920
Newell, Charles S., d. 8/22/1848, S of Olive A. & Hiram, Age 5 wks
Newell, Olive A., d. 9/17/1848, W of Hiram, Age 32
Newmyer, Clarissa
Nichols, Susan Rosetta, d. 10/9/1893, W of Eugene G., D of John & Anne Wood, Age 20
Olsen, Sylvia Alice, d. 5/3/1937
Ostrander, (Infant)
Parker, Anna Utley, d. 12/12/1878, W of Charles, Age 73
Parker, Charles, d. 10/8/1871, Age 69
Parker, Fred Clinton
Parker, Galon W., B-1867
Parker, George W., d. 1/1/1894, B-1832
Parker, Henry L., d. 2/18/1865, Age 29
Parker, Ida Spaulding, d. 4/19/1954
Parker, John A., d. 12/17/1864, Age 23
Parker, Mary E., d. 10/22/1855, D of Charles & Anna, Age 19 yr 7 da
Parker, Olive F. Conant, d. 6/22/1916, W of George W., B-1840
Picard, Doris Arlene, d. 6/24/1963, Windham, CT
Read, Arminda, d. 2/14/1886, Age 81
Read, Daniel B., d. 6/8/1882, Flag, Age 81
Read, Darwin S.
Read, Herbert, d. 3/8/1871, Age 25 yr 11 mo
Robbins, Sarah Miller, d. 10/31/1872, W of Sylvester, Age 69
Robbins, Sylvester, d. 7/24/1856, Age 66 yr 6 mo
Roberts, Eliza A., d. 6/5/1897, Norwich, CT, W of George Ashbell, Age 69
Roberts, George Ashbell, d. 12/21/1891, Age 77 yr 8 mo
Roberts, Martha E., d. 5/1/1903, W of Albert L. White, B-7/28/1851
Roberts, Mary E., d. 2/24/1906, Age 58
Royce, Anson, d. 7/2/1861, S of Obadiah & Clarissa, Age 43
Royce, Charles Allen, d. 5/1/1895, Age 56 yr 6 mo
Royce, Clarissa, d. 11/16/1860, W of James, Age 72
Royce, Clarissa, d. 3/2/1858, D of Obadiah & Clarissa, Age 52
Royce, Clarissa, d. 4/28/1861, W of Obadiah, Age 76
Royce, Cornelius, d. 1/5/1850, Age 39
Royce, Edward H.
Royce, James, d. 4/6/1874, Age 86
Royce, Mary B. Arrows, d. 12/16/1911, Windham, CT, W of Charles Allen, Age 71
Royce, Obadiah, d. 2/10/1854, Age 76
Royce, Patience W., d. 5/16/1898
Simmonds, Edward E.
Simonds, Asa, d. 2/21/1872, Age 100 yr 5 mo
Simonds, Elijah, GAR Marker, B-12/1/1821
Simonds, Eunice E., d. 4/21/1872, B-7/31/1830
Simonds, Herbert William
Simonds, Isabella H., d. 5/10/1893, B-7/17/1833
Simonds, Julia, d. 10/9/1881, W of Luther, Age 57
Simonds, Keziah, d. 3/6/1875, W of Asa, Age 87
Simonds, Luther, d. 9/30/1879, Age 63
Simonds, Margaret, d. 12/8/1924, New York, NY
Simonds, Mary E.
Simonds, Theodore F.
Simonds, William A.
Simons, (Infant Male), d. 5/14/1852, S of Daniel R. & Eliza, Age 2 da
Simons, Daniel R., d. 2/24/1877, Age 69 yr 7 mo
Simons, Edmond S., d. 8/15/1874, Age 55
Simons, Eliza Perry, d. 3/1/1894, W of Daniel, Age 86
Simons, John Q. A., d. 9/22/1878, S of Daniel R & Eliza, Age 31 yr 8 mo
Simons, Mary E., d. 3/24/1871, Youngest D of Daniel R & Eliza, Age 26
Simons, Sarah Ellen, d. 4/30/1851, D of Daniel R & Eliza, Age 2
Simons, Theodore F., d. 9/3/1916, Age 65
Simons, Vilura T., d. 2/19/1865, W of Alvah, Age 57
Smith, Florence A., d. 10/5/1869, D of E B & Julia E, Age 2 mo
Snide, Helen H., d. 1/30/1936
Squires, Mary J., d. 3/24/1860, W of Asa P., Age 32 yr 11 mo
Story, Caroline S., d. 8/10/1865, D of Orsamuss & Harriet, Age 27
Story, Harriet N., d. 8/29/1866, D of Orsamus & Harriet, Age 25 yr 10 mo
Story, Harriett, d. 10/31/1887, W of Orsamus, Age 82
Story, Orsamus, d. 5/10/1887, Age 84
Stoughton, Sarah C. Hanks, d. 5/20/1921, W of Frank E., B-3/2/1833
Swift-Cross, Delia
Tifft, (Infant Male), d. 1/24/1850, S of Sanford & Elizabeth A., Age 1 mo
Tifft, Elizabeth A. Smith, d. 12/26/1903, Hartford, CT, W of Sanford, B-3/4/1814
Tifft, Emma J., d. 9/16/1866, D of Sanford & Elizabeth A., Age 12
Tifft, Jane E., d. 3/16/1845, D of Sanford & Elizabeth A., Age 3 yr 2 mo
Tifft, Sanford, d. 10/1/1869, B-11/1/1808
Turner, Barlow P., d. 12/15/1878, Age 75
Turner, Charlotte M., d. 3/19/1919, D of Harlow P & Marcia Utley, B-4/23/1842
Turner, Emily M., d. 10/16/1877, D of H P & M, Age 41
Turner, Fielder U., d. 10/19/1871, S of H P & M, Age 26
Turner, Jesse, d. 3/28/1843, Age 56
Turner, Julia M., d. 4/13/1835, D of Harlow P & Marcia Utley, Age 21 mo
Turner, Louisa, d. 11/23/1867, 2nd W of Shelden, Age 68 yr 6 mo
Turner, Lucinda, d. 2/8/1862, 1st W of Shelden, Age 53
Turner, Margia Utley, d. 5/23/1895, W of Harlow P., Age 87
Turner, Sally, d. 10/11/1869, W of Jesse, Age 85
Turner, Shelden D., d. 8/3/1871, Age 66
Turner, Velura A., d. 9/22/1842, C of Harlow P & Marcia Utley, Age 2 yr 7 mo
Westergren, Francis C.
White, Henry, d. 3/1/1919
White, Martha E., Manchester, CT
Wilhelm, T. Haase
Williams, Mary, d. 10/1/1861, Age 87
Wood, Ann Reid, d. 4/28/1915, W of John, Age 70
Wood, Arthur L.
Wood, Arthur, d. 6/26/1949
Wood, Edith Sophia
Wood, Flora Isabel
Wood, James
Wood, John Earl, d. 11/12/1954
Wood, John Willie, d. 9/24/1878, S of John & Ann Wood, Age 5 yr 2 mo 10 da
Wood, John, d. 2/5/1911, Age 77
Wood, Mildred E., d. 8/7/1907
Wrana, Barbara Julis, d. 5/6/1911, W of Frank, Age 65
Wrana, Frank, d. 10/17/1930, B-7/1/1847
Wrana, John A., d. 11/16/1916, B-6/25/1886
Yeomans, John W.
Yeomans, Martha Wing Conant, d. 9/27/1927, W of Samuel D., B-1838
Yeomans, Samuel D., d. 11/13/1919, B-1835
Young, Henry, d. 12/22/1877, Age 64
Young, Sarepta, d. 4/13/1885, W of Henry, Age 73
Zeigler, Joseph (Ashes), d. 2/1/2010, Mansfield, CT
Zeiguer, Margaret
Ziegler, Agnes
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