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Mount Hope Cemetery
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

mount hope cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery

GPS: 41.818618, -72.172656

Route 89 (Warrenville Rd)
Mansfield Center, CT 06250

Published: July 13, 2016
Total records: 245 records

Mount Hope Cemetery is owned and managed by the town of Mansfield.

Located west side of Rte 89, just south of jct/crossing of Mt. Hope Rd (near traffic light & bridge)

Mount Hope Cemetery is currently inactive.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016.

Alba, Grace Manetta

Albee, George E., d. 4/7/1928, B-1867
Aspenwall, Achsah, d. 9/3/1853, W/Joseph Sollace, F W/Thomas Aspenwall, Age 65
Aspenwall, Hannah, d. 9/2/1812, W of Peter, Age 63
Aspenwall, Harriet S.
Aspenwall, John, d. 11/25/1811, Age 40
Aspenwall, John P., d. 10/20/1865, Age 51
Aspenwall, Mary, d. 8/26/1842, W of Zalmon, Age 55
Aspenwall, Maryan P., d. 4/13/1819, D of Thomas & Achsah, Age 7
Aspenwall, Peter, d. 2/9/1829, Age 92
Aspenwall, Thomas, d. 11/28/1828, Age 53
Aspenwall, Zalmon, d. 11/26/1844, Age 75
Aspinwall, George
Aspinwall, George D., d. 2/2/1930, Age 78
Aspinwall, George W., d. 7/25/1888, Age 67 yr 9 mo
Aspinwall, Harriet S., d. 9/9/1906, W of George W., Age 87
Aspinwall, Thomas, d. 11/18/1851, S of George W. & Harriet S., Age 4 yr 6 mo
Bacon, Harry H., d. 1/25/1883, S of Joseph H. & Jennie, Age 4 das
Bacon, Jennie L.
Bacon, Joseph H., d. 4/14/1915, Co E 34th Inf Mass Vols, Flag, Age 70
Bacon, Joseph P., d. 1/1/1950
Barnes, Mary S., d. 2/23/1923, Norwich, CT, B-1/25/1829
Bottum, Albert D., d. 9/10/1889, Age 41
Bottum, Joshua, d. 9/18/1855, Age 69
Bottum, Joshua C., d. 11/6/1897, Age 83
Bottum, Lucy Ann, d. 8/24/1851, D of Joshua & Phebe, Age 22
Bottum, Phebe, d. 11/3/1876, W of Joshua, Age 89
Bottum, Sarah Ann H. Macfarlane, d. 1/1/1905, W of Albert D., B-1853
Bottum, Sarah Byles Grant, d. 9/8/1896, W of Joshua, Age 81
Bottum, Storrs R., d. 12/5/1826, S of Joshua & Phebe, Age 5
Brown, Anna P.
Brown, George M., d. 11/30/1884, S of Martin & Lydia J., Age 5 wks
Brown, John A., d. 4/9/1908, Flag, B-7/13/1830
Brown, Sarah B., d. 2/14/1914, W of John A., B-12/23/1829
Burdick, J. E., Removal from New Britain
Burdick, Sarah A., d. 12/13/1900, B-7/14/1826
Busse, Francis L., Sr., d. 5/11/1977, Hartford, CT
Busse, Susan Hattin, d. 11/20/1979, Windham, CT
Cahoon, Edward Leo, d. 8/18/1925, Ashford, CT
Chaffee, Philo, d. 1/28/1880, Age 54
Church, Alden, d. 7/18/1894, B-6/10/1813
Church, Ancie, d. 1/5/1906, W of James, B-4/12/1840
Church, Andrew A., d. 4/16/1877, S of John & Lucretia, Flag, Age 29
Church, Angelina Amelia., d. 1/5/1906
Church, Anson A., d. 2/13/1845, S of John & Lucretia, Age 5 yr 3 mo
Church, Cordelia S., d. 6/9/1834, D of John & Lucretia, Age 3 yr 4 mo
Church, Cornelia J., d. 4/29/1866, D of John & Lucretia, Age 29 yr 11 mos
Church, Dora O., d. 12/16/1866, B-2/28/1865
Church, Elmer Abbott
Church, Emma Mary A.
Church, Hannah, d. 11/4/1932
Church, Henry E.
Church, James Monroe, d. 3/9/1912, B-7/9/1843
Church, John (Deacon), d. 4/2/1870, Age 61
Church, John W., d. 12/16/1910, B-12/7/1837
Church, John W., Removal from Putnam
Church, Laurence A.
Church, Louise Shippey Freeman, d. 12/2/1967, Washington, DC
Church, Lucretia, d. 5/1/1876, W of Deacon John, Age 69
Church, Mabel E., d. 9/9/1970, Wallingford, CT
Church, Marther, d. 4/2/1842, Age 33
Church, Nangy, d. 8/29/1883, W of Alden, B-2/21/1814
Church, Ralph L., d. 1/1/1923, B-1845
Church, Walter R.
Conant, John M., d. 4/6/1818, S of Chester & Sally, Age 1
Copeland, Emma A., d. 11/4/1882, D of Albert & Effie A., Age 2 das
Copeland, George
Copeland, Lucy Maria, d. 5/8/1968, Windham, CT
Copeland, Mary C., d. 12/12/1902
Copeland, Vera Adell
Darling, Charles, d. 7/1/1864, Age 32
Dunham, Marcia A.
Durdick, Lula Maud, d. 5/30/1888, D of Edgar & Ida, B-11/8/1884
Edmonds, Betsey, d. 9/15/1886, W of Daniel G., Age 81
Edmonds, Daniel G., d. 11/16/1860, Age 60
Fernie, Emma L., d. 7/12/1926, Mansfield, CT
Flechard, Richard, d. 4/16/1877
Fletcher, Artemas, d. 11/19/1859, Age 82 yr, 1 mo
Fletcher, Betsey, d. 4/22/1859, W of Artemas, Age 82 yr 4 mos
Fletcher, Lois, d. 3/14/1816, W of Capt. Richard, Age 77
Fletcher, Richard (Capt.), d. 6/23/1812, Rev War Marker, Age 76
Ford, Cornelia M., d. 7/2/1889, W of Origin Bennett/Former W/Charles Darling, 50
Gardner, George Albert, d. 7/3/1922, Providence, RI, Age 70
Gardner, Justina Maria Bottum, d. 3/21/1918, W of George A., Age 68
Gaulin, Madeline, d. 12/22/1994, Willington, CT
Grant, Denison, d. 4/15/1867, Flag, Age 73
Grant, Eliza, d. 3/9/1869, Age 48
Grant, Elizer A. Amelia, d. 9/14/1911, W of Miner, B-1830
Grant, Miner, d. 4/20/1911, B-1825
Grant, Sally, d. 3/29/1874, W of Denison, Age 80
Griggs, Susan Maria, d. 11/6/1908, W of Griggs, B-4/8/1835
Griggs, William H., d. 6/13/1909, Co D 18th Inf Conn Vols, Flag, Age 63
Hattin, (Infant), d. 9/4/1883, B-9/2/1883
Hattin, Caroline M. Gray, d. 9/30/1910, W of William M., B-8/1/1851
Hattin, Emma A. Cushman, d. 9/14/1917, W of Otto, B-8/13/1881
Hattin, Ernest Theodore, d. 12/5/1965, Hartford, CT
Hattin, H. A.
Hattin, Nina, d. 2/17/1972, Putnam, CT
Hattin, Otto, d. 10/17/1932, B-1/6/1878
Hattin, Walter, d. 4/25/1969, Rockingham, VT
Hattin, William M., d. 1/13/1894, B-4/12/1825
Hooker, Anna Adelia, d. 12/25/1861, D of Lothrop H. & Rachel L., Age 15 mos
Hooker, Lothrop H., d. 4/24/1888, Born in Peachman VT, Age 64
Hooker, Rachel L. Sholes, d. 10/19/1860, W of Lothrop H., B-1/24/1827, Age 34
Howlett, Albert Edgar
Howlett, Edward Alvin, d. 10/9/1998, Windham, CT
Howlett, Herman A., d. 9/1/1992, Willington, CT
Howlett, Mary Jane
Howlette, John A.
Ide, Achsah M., d. 9/26/1884, W of Francis P., Age 40
Ide, Francis P., d. 5/3/1912, Co D 43rd Inf Mass Vol, Flag, Age 82
Ide, Lewis F., d. 1/31/1888, S of F.P. & A.M., Age 18
Ide, Mary E., d. 9/26/1884, D of Francis P. & Achsah M., Age 16
Jacobs, George W.
Johnson, Emma C., d. 2/18/1889, B-3/9/1866
Jones, Jacob, d. 4/19/1814, Age 59
Jones, Lucretia, d. 8/2/1811, Age 51
Kelliher, Cornelius, d. 12/24/1852, Age 25
Knight, Charles M.
Knight, Malcolm, d. 3/18/1913, S of L.M. & G.G., B-11/6/1912
Lawton, Caroline Church, d. 6/28/1924, Norwalk, CT, W of Merrill E., b-1839
Lawton, Charles Merrill, d. 5/12/1978, Windham, CT
Lawton, Earl Eldridge
Lawton, Eva
Lawton, Evelyn May, d. 1/1/1881, D of Caroline & Merrill, B-1873
Lawton, Harold Merril
Lawton, Marshall J.
Lawton, Mary Elizabeth, Removal from New Haven
Lawton, Merrill Eldridge, B-1832
Lilly, Alfred, d. 3/5/1857, Age 70
Lilly, Jerusha, d. 1/1/1859, W of Alfred, Age 76
Lilly, Schuyler R., d. 8/1/1844, Age 22
Lowry, Frank A.
Moon, Lizzie M., Removal
Moore, Byron Otis, d. 9/4/1926, North Windham, CT, B-4/24/1859
Moore, Emma A. Atwood, d. 12/3/1897, W of Byron O., B-4/11/1856
Moore, Lizzie M. Carroll, d. 2/18/1891, W of Byron O., B-8/18/1868
Packer, Arthur Hooker, d. 8/23/1928, Flag, B-8/5/1886
Packer, Edward E., d. 3/9/1917, B-2/1/1859
Packer, Emma A. Hooker, W of Edward E.
Packer, Rachel Adele, d. 8/20/1965, North Canaan, CT
Parker, Caroline Martha Crane, d. 3/23/1895, W of John A., Age 62
Parker, Emma
Parker, John A., d. 9/23/1917, Age 90
Pedrick, Winifred, d. 4/3/1993, Windham, CT
Platt, Flossie E., d. 3/29/1906, D of F.E. & M.E., B-3/26/1906
Platt, Floyd E., d. 3/26/1906, S of F.E. & M.E., B-3/26/1906
Platt, John Cleveland, d. 10/14/1952, Rocky Hill, CT
Platt, Lina Champlin, d. 2/22/1965, Windham, CT
Pollock, Henderson W., d. 1/15/1887, Formerly of Burrillville, RI, Age 77
Potter, Elizabeth Ross, d. 8/11/1879, W of David Potter, Age 54
Rhoades, Amasa, d. 5/26/1874, Age 82
Rhoades, Lydia S., d. 4/8/1882, W of Amasa, Age 77
Ross, Ebenezer S., d. 10/26/1845, Age 47
Ross, Elizabeth, d. 1/18/1841, W of Ebenezer S., Age 36
Royce, Andrew J., d. 9/8/1833, S of Reuben & Ann, Age 5 wks
Royce, Anna, d. 6/23/1836, W of Reuben, Age 39
Royce, Lucy Ann, d. 1/21/1854, W of Reuben A./late consort of Arnold E. Swift, 34
Royce, Reuben, d. 3/15/1874, Age 84
Royce, Reuben A., d. 3/7/1848, Age 27
Royce, Robert M., d. 9/18/1833, S of Reuben & Ann, Age 2 yr 6 mo
Scott, Harlow F.
Scott, Julia E. Frnham, d. 12/29/1924, Ashford, CT, W of Harlow F., Age 69 yr 11 mo 20 da
Scott, Mary A., Moved to another spot in same yard
Scott, Mary A. Gallup, d. 12/8/1895, W of Harlow F., Age 42 yr 6 mo 24 da
Shumway, Albert, d. 10/11/1843, S of John P. & Jerusha, Age 6 mos 27 da
Shumway, Betsey, d. 1/27/1859, W of Elijah, Age 46
Shumway, Charles Leander, d. 6/27/1913
Shumway, Clarissa, d. 2/24/1872, W of David, Age 83
Shumway, David, d. 8/21/1821, Age 19
Shumway, David, d. 3/7/1858, Age 79
Shumway, Elijah R., d. 12/1/1889
Shumway, Elijah R., Removal
Shumway, Elizabeth, d. 2/19/1876, 2nd Wife of Elijah, Age 69
Shumway, Estella J. Abbott, d. 8/12/1928, W of Leander G., B-11/2/1853
Shumway, George H., d. 11/7/1847, S of Elijah & Betsey, Age 19
Shumway, George M., d. 10/20/1838, S of Elijah & Betsey, Age 6 yr 6 mo
Shumway, Hannah, d. 8/15/1827, W of David, Age 44
Shumway, Jerusha C., d. 4/4/1849, W of John P., Age 38
Shumway, Leander G., d. 6/27/1913, B-3/1/1847
Slade, Hannah Peckham Kenyon, d. 6/5/1897, W of Thomas S., B-7/4/1815
Slade, Thomas Sweet, d. 1/24/1890, B-11/6/1800
Smedes, Andrew J.
Stimpson, Mary Evelyn Wentworth, d. 11/13/1913, W of William H., B-1855
Stimpson, Ralph W.
Stimpson, William Henry, d. 1/1/1891, B-1850
Swift, Hannah, d. 11/26/1835, W of Washington, Age 56
Swift, Ira, d. 11/28/1857, Age 80
Swift, Madison, d. 1/29/1836, S of Washington & Hannah
Swift, Mary Ann, d. 5/7/1820, Age 2
Swift, Meheible, d. 9/3/1809, Consort of Thomas, Age 63
Swift, Temperance, d. 4/14/1848, W of Arnold E., Age 20
Swift, Temperance S., d. 8/4/1848, D of Arnold & Temperance, Age 4 mo
Swift, Thomas, d. 12/22/1815, Age 68
Swift, Washington H., d. 3/11/1871, Age 89 yr 6 mo
Vickers, Mary Ann, d. 1/20/1899, B-12/16/1825
Walker, George A., d. 11/24/1911, B-7/18/1856
Walker, Marriette E. White, d. 4/24/1939, W of George A., B-6/18/1859
Wentworth, Carrie, d. 9/23/1873, D of John & Sophronia M., Age 14
Wentworth, Clarissa, d. 7/18/1857, W of Jared, Age 55
Wentworth, Eliza, d. 6/21/1866, D of John & Sophronia M., Age 2
Wentworth, Frank J., d. 3/10/1891, S of John & Sophronia, Age 30 yr 5 mo
Wentworth, Jared, d. 8/23/1887, Age 84
Wentworth, Sophia C., d. 3/12/1906, W of Jared, Age 89
Wentworth, Sophronia M. Crane, d. 6/17/1903, W of John, Age 72
White, George H., d. 7/17/1862, S of H. & M.A., Age 6 mos
White, Henry, d. 5/1/1919, Flag, Age 88
White, Jennie E., d. 11/28/1911, W of Arthur Burdick, B-4/10/1879
White, Mariette Abba 4/4/1856, d. 4/4/1856, 1st Wife of Henry, Age 21
White, Mary A. Mason, d. 6/25/1912, 2nd Wife of Henry, Age 75
White, Olin A., d. 7/27/1868, S of H. & M.A., Age 4 wks
White, Truman E., d. 3/29/1884, S of Henry & Mary Ann, Age 19 yr 9 mo
White, Willie E., d. 8/2/1860, S of H. & M.A., Age 10 wks
Whitehouse, Jane E., d. 3/16/1895
Whitehouse, Storrs, d. 12/22/1897, Co D 21st Regt Conn Vols, Flag
Whitehouse, Theron
Whitman, Charles L., d. 12/23/1905, Age 82
Whitman, Lucinda H. Barrows, d. 3/9/1907, W of C.L. Whitman, Age 83
Wood, Dan, d. 9/15/1815, Age 19
Wood, Eleazar L., d. 10/5/1884, B-7/20/1814
Wood, Elijah, d. 7/28/1851, Age 63
Wood, Esther, d. 9/25/1849, W of Elijah, Age 58
Wood, Gideon, d. 4/6/1843, Age 83
Wood, Keziah, d. 3/30/1814, W of Gideon, Age 53
Wood, Mary, d. 11/13/1834, 2nd w of Gideon
Wood, Sophronia A., d. 2/9/1899, W of Eleazar, B-1/25/1820
Yeller, Zarra M.
Young, Alfred T., d. 1/21/1903, B-8/4/1835
Young, Caroline P. Russ, d. 1/1/1923, W of George W., B-1835
Young, Chloe M., d. 7/28/1893
Young, Clara W. (Ashes), d. 12/4/1963, N. Bergen, NJ
Young, David H., d. 9/29/1800, S of William & Mehetabel (yr of death unknown)
Young, Emma C., d. 1/1/1921, B-1867
Young, Erastus, d. 6/25/1872, Age 60
Young, Frank A., d. 11/6/1918, B-9/30/1865
Young, George W., d. 5/30/1870, Co H 1st Regt Wis Cav GAR Marker, B-1832
Young, Juliette Russ, d. 12/28/1904, W of Alfred T., B-10/31/1832
Young, Maria G., d. 7/28/1893, W of Erastus, Age 73
Young, Mehetabel Swift, d. 3/12/1881, W of William C., Age 74
Young, William, d. 1/26/1800, D of William & Mehetabel (yr of death unknown)
Young, William C., d. 1/4/1892, Age 88 yr 4 mo
Young, William Clark, d. 8/7/1929, B-8/25/1869
Zeller, Albert E.
Zeller, Edward Otto
Zeller, Lovella
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