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Atwoodville Cemetery
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

atwoodville cemetery
Atwoodville Cemetery

GPS: 41.787681, -72.178392

Route 89 (Warrenville Rd)
Mansfield, CT 06250

Published: July 13, 2016
Total records: 270 records

Atwoodville Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Atwoodville Cemetery Association.

Located on east side of Rte 89, just north of junction of Mulberry Rd

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016.

??, Edmund
, d. 10/3/1866
Abbott, Eliza A., d. 7/1/1864, Age 14
Abbott, Ethel May, d. 1/26/1886, D of Talbot S. & Anna M., Age 3 mos
Abbott, Ezra, d. 2/23/1897, Age 80
Abbott, Mary Lodicia Barrows, d. 8/19/1914, Wife of Ezra, Age 86
Abbott, Molly, d. 4/15/1857, Age 80
Abbott, Reuben, d. 1/1/1863, Age 89
Abbott, Talbot S., d. 5/21/1896, Age 29
Attoson, Laura
Atwood, Harriet M., d. 11/1/1910, W of William H., B-6/30/1823
Atwood, Irena, d. 9/30/1849, W of William, Age 53
Atwood, William, d. 3/14/1850, Age 53
Atwood, William H., d. 3/26/1878, Age 57
Avery, Edgar Orrin Hugh, d. 12/26/1909, S/William P & H H, B/Harriet M. Avery, B-9/14/1833
Balch, Elizabeth, d. 8/17/1836, Relict of Henry, Age 77
Balch, Elizabeth, d. 5/13/1850, Age 58
Balch, Elizabeth, d. 10/20/1856, Age 82
Balch, Eunice Hamilton, d. 12/16/1877, W of Thomas, Age 79 yr 3 mos
Balch, Fred Avery, d. 1/13/1883, S of Milo H. & Harriet M., B-9/23/1873
Balch, Harriet M., d. 1/26/1919, W of Milo H., B-12/15/1835
Balch, Henry, d. 9/8/1818, Age 65
Balch, Levi C., d. 11/1/1831, S of Thomas & Eunice, Age 5
Balch, Mary E., d. 9/3/1904
Balch, Milo Hamilton, d. 8/23/1907, B-6/17/1835
Balch, Rufus Conrad, d. 2/19/1894, S of S.H. & Mary E., Age 31 yr 2 mo
Balch, Samuel H., d. 3/1/1881, Age 58
Balch, Thomas, d. 7/1/1871, Flag, Age 77
Baldwin, Amasa, d. 10/23/1824, S of Thomas & Seriah, Age 4 mos
Baldwin, Ebenezer, d. 8/2/1832, B-11/4/1734, Age 97
Baldwin, Hezekiah, d. 4/1/1815, S of Thomas & Seriah, Age 6 mos
Baldwin, Monroe, d. 10/28/1824, S of Thomas & Seriah, Age 4
Baldwin, Ruth, d. 8/22/1826, W of Ebenezer, Age 81
Baldwin, Seriah, d. 10/23/1824, D of Thomas & Seriah, Age 2
Barber, Charles T., d. 10/5/1968, Hartford, CT
Barber, Ida Huntington, d. 10/6/1968, East Hartford, CT
Barrett, Emelina M., d. 12/17/1868, W of Frank W., Age 35 yr 6 mo
Barrows, Charles C., d. 1/1/1886, B-1824
Barrows, Eunice Mowry, d. 6/11/1892
Barrows, George P.
Bettis, Dyer M. C., d. 9/28/1894, Age 83
Bettis, Elizabeth Maria, d. 10/14/1837, D of Dyer & Jerusha, Age 17
Bettis, Eunice M. Howe, d. 12/15/1893, W of Dyer, Age 77
Bettis, Jerusha M., d. 3/27/1869, W of Dyer, Age 54
Bettis, Jerusha Minerva, d. 12/15/1893
Brewer, Arthur Dewey, d. 1/14/1899
Brewer, Lucy E. T., d. 4/21/1906
Brown, Susan E., d. 1/2/1921, Windham, CT
Buckingham, Annie Elizabeth, d. 4/1/1965, Willington, CT
Buckingham, Charles H.
Church, Emeline S., d. 4/18/1888, Age 77 yr 8 mo 14 da
Church, Henry, d. 7/17/1835, Age 63
Church, Henry, d. 1/9/1902, Indiana, Age 93
Church, Mason, d. 4/10/1849, Age 48
Church, Rachel, d. 9/28/1831, W of Henry, Age 51
Church, Zalmon A., d. 3/14/1893
Clark, Amanda S., d. 3/3/1910
Clark, Amasa, d. 8/2/1881, Age 83
Clark, Aura D., d. 10/18/1891, W of Amasa, Age 78
Clark, Leander A., d. 4/18/1917
Clark, Lela A., d. 12/22/1963, Windham, CT
Clercy, Annie L., d. 8/5/1930
Clercy, Edith May, d. 6/10/1885, D of Joseph & Annie L., Age 6 yr 9 mo
Clercy, Joseph A., d. 4/26/1921, Paterson, NJ
Conant, Minerva Balch, d. 2/6/1904, W of Rufus F., Age 75
Conant, Rufus F., d. 6/14/1865, Age 38
Crain, Charles B., d. 7/10/1838, S of Henry & Martha C., Age 3
Crain, Cornelia S., d. 6/10/1856, D of Henry & Martha C., Age 16
Crain, Isaac, d. 1/3/1839, Age 63
Crain, Sarah, d. 10/6/1847, W of Isaac, Age 77
Crain, Sarah S., d. 9/22/1838, D of Henry & Martha C., Age 10 mos
Crane, Amorett Clark, d. 4/19/1900
Crane, Annie, d. 1/1/1873, D of Charles T. & Viluria P., B-1872
Crane, Annie G., d. 9/8/1873, D of C.T. & V.F., Age 1 yr 5 mo 6 da
Crane, Aura Emerett Clark, d. 1/1/1900, W of William H., B-1850
Crane, Caroline A. Lilly, d. 4/2/1881, W of George M., Age 61
Crane, Charles T., d. 1/31/1920, B-1843
Crane, Charles T., d. 6/15/1924, S of I. T. & C. W. Crane, Age 60
Crane, Clarence Gordon, d. 4/2/1950
Crane, Clark H., d. 1/1/1925, B-1867
Crane, Crissie Walker, d. 9/28/1914, W of Isaac T., Age 72
Crane, Emma G. Ellis, d. 1/1/1926, W of Clark H.
Crane, Ernest, d. 1/6/1950
Crane, George M., d. 12/14/1912, B-5/7/1827
Crane, Gladys May, d. 8/20/1896, D of Henry & Emerett, B-11/24/1877
Crane, Harry, d. 10/13/1873, Age 73 yr 5 mo
Crane, Isaac T., d. 3/2/1898, B-3/24/1836, Age 62
Crane, Lewis Edward, d. 7/25/1896, S of Henry & Emerett, B-11/23/1874
Crane, Lucy Anne Pollard, W of George, B-9/9/1844
Crane, Lulu B., d. 3/31/1979, Skowhegan, ME
Crane, Martha C. Barrows, d. 1/15/1892, W of Harry, Age 87 yr 4 mo
Crane, Maurice Stanley, d. 2/28/1920
Crane, May MacFarlane, d. 11/4/1971, Windham, CT
Crane, Stanley, d. 1/1/1920, S of C.G. & L.A., B-1914
Crane, Truman
Crane, Vilura Frances Parker, d. 12/25/1900, W of Charles T., B-1843
Crane, William H., d. 11/15/1914, B-1841
Creapo, Ella Richter, d. 3/21/1971, Woodstock, CT
Creapo, Frances V.
Creapo, Henry Thomas, d. 12/30/1974, Putnam, CT
Crepo, d. 8/13/1923, Eastford, CT
Dean, Eliza A., d. 1/2/1911, Wife of George M., B-11/1/1836
Edgerton, John, d. 8/17/1855, Age 63
Edgerton, Olive, d. 8/14/1868, W of John, Age 74
Ellis, Charles
Ellis, Jessie
Erickson, Augusta Josephine, d. 9/22/1946, Wife of John P., B-1855
Erickson, John Peter, d. 10/27/1917, B-1854
Flynt, Lillian May, d. 5/7/1867, D of Edward L. & Malvina A., Age 4 yr 7 mo
Foshay, Eliza A., d. 12/14/1895, Wife of William A., Age 71
Foshay, George, d. 7/6/1881, Age 24
Foshay, William A., d. 2/16/1897, Age 77 yr 14 da
Fulton, Margaret W., Hampton, CT
Gardner, Abbie J., d. 6/22/1911
Gardner, John K., d. 1/1/1895, B-1810
Greenhill, Isabella Macfarlane, d. 4/16/1890, W of Campbell, Age 90 yr 7 mo 11 hr
Hall, Hannah R., W of Seth, Age 69
Hall, Seth, Age 60
Hanks, Raymond
Harishorn, Lydia, d. 5/16/1828, Relict of Andrew, Age 63
Hartshorn, John, d. 3/5/1816, Age 25
Hartson, Charles N.
Hartson, Elizabeth, Wife of Charles
Hartson, Nelson
Herring, James, d. 8/10/1878, US Ship Galatea, GAR Marker
Huntington, Herbert O., B-1854
Huntington, Isabelle Hughes, d. 1/3/1940, Wife of Herbert O., B-1858
Huntington, James P., d. 2/16/1868, Age 46
Huntington, Julia Philura, d. 9/22/1951, D of Herbert & Isabelle, B-1880
Huntington, Mary E. Morey, d. 4/23/1900, W of James P., Age 67
Jackson, Edward, d. 12/12/1946
Jackson, Edward Lawrence, d. 8/15/1935
Jackson, Elizabeth Schesler, d. 8/21/1952
Jackson, Frederick L., d. 1/18/1916
Jackson, Rachael Kenyon, d. 1/24/1966, Putnam, CT
Jackson, Roxanna Minerva, d. 2/4/1904
Jacobs, Calista E., W of Edwin H., B-1864
Jacobs, Edwin H., d. 1/1/1929, B-1861
Jacobs, Harry Alfred, d. 3/28/1894, S of Edwin H. & Calista E., Age 2 yr 2 mos
Jacobs, Susan Eileen, d. 5/27/1966, Vernon, CT
Jacobson, Anna Maria, d. 11/19/1911, Age 94
Jacobson, Charles John, d. 4/10/1893, Age 50
Jacobson, Jacob, d. 6/9/1896, Age 83
Jacobson, Margaret N. Smith, d. 9/14/1898, Wife of Charles J., Age 56
Kennison, Harold Elmer, d. 9/14/1980, Mansfield, CT
Kennison, Lloyd E., d. 12/7/1929, B-9/17/1918
Kennison, Mabel Taylor, d. 2/12/1962, Windham, CT
Kinney, Albert M., d. 2/15/1842, S of Allen S & Lois P, Age 6
Kinney, Allen S., d. 5/13/1881, Age 80
Kinney, Armina L., d. 12/7/1888, Age 60
Kinney, Austin A., d. 10/25/1848, S of Allen S & Lois F, Age 18
Kinney, Lois F., d. 3/13/1818, W of Allen S., Age 41
Kinney, Polly R., d. 4/15/1858, Age 25
Kinney, Samuel W., d. 4/13/1836, Age 9 mo
Kinney, William, S/Allen S/Lois F. (Lois F buried with him), 5 da
Knight, Amey, d. 2/1/1839, D of Benjamin, Age 3 mos 18 da
Larkham, Emily J., d. 3/26/1929, Wife of Henry W., B-11/16/1846
Larkham, Henry W., d. 1/23/1900, Sgt Co D 21st Regt CT Vols GAR Marker, Age 55
Larkham, William Henry, d. 1/24/1900
Lilly, Abigail, d. 7/1/1877, Age 83
Lilly, Julia H., d. 10/11/1884, Age 67
Macfarlane, Elizabeth, d. 12/14/1879, D of John & Stewart A., Age 52
Macfarlane, Harriet A. Davis, d. 7/12/1892, Wife of John G. C., Age 60 yr 6 mos
Macfarlane, Ida S., d. 8/8/1870, D of James S. & Mary A., Age 8 mos
Macfarlane, James Lloyd, d. 5/20/1921, Mansfield, CT
Macfarlane, James Stewart, d. 4/30/1917, B-10/15/1843
Macfarlane, Jean, d. 1/23/1920, D of Lloyd L. & Julia L., B-3/3/1911
Macfarlane, Jeannette, d. 3/27/1914
Macfarlane, John, d. 1/18/1882, Age 75 yr 9 mo
Macfarlane, John Gordon Campbell, d. 12/16/1916, Age 86 yr 11 mos
Macfarlane, John Thomas, d. 9/22/1870, S of J.G.C. & H.A., Age 10 yr 11 mos
Macfarlane, Julia L. Crane, d. 1/26/1883, W of Lloyd L.
Macfarlane, L. Edna, d. 12/21/1902, B-2/19/1870
Macfarlane, Lloyd J., d. 5/20/1921, B-2/9/1879
Macfarlane, Mary A., d. 2/7/1920, W of James S., B-8/17/1850
Macfarlane, Stewart A., d. 3/19/1895, W of John, Age 85 yr 2 mos
Macfarlane, Walter G. C., d. 10/4/1870, S of J.G.C. & H.A., Age 7 mos
Miller, Augustus, d. 11/26/1904, Age 83
Milliken, Bertha
Milliken, Elizabeth, d. 1/1/1900
Milliken, John M. (Corp.), d. 6/20/1913, Co H 7th Inf CT Vols, Flag, Age 75
Milliken, Sarah A.
Morey, Arthur G., d. 1/17/1886, Age 17
Morey, Charles L., d. 9/11/1852, Age 53
Morey, Charlie, d. 1/1/1865, S of S.L. & M.A. Morey, Age 3 yr 3 mo
Morey, Mary Ann Buckingham, d. 10/28/1908, Ashford, CT, W of Samuel L., Age 68
Morey, Mary Jane, d. 1/21/1832, D of Charles & Eunice, Age 5
Morey, Orin W.
Morey, Samuel L., d. 7/22/1892, Co B 21st Regt CT Vols GAR Marker, Age 54
Morra, Barbiera, d. 3/16/1915
Myles, James, d. 1/23/1903, Willimantic, CT, Age 94
Myles, Mary J., d. 1/11/1891, Wife of James, Age 62
Nichols, Elijah, d. 3/6/1835, Age 49
Nichols, Elizabeth, d. 7/15/1894
Nichols, Hannah, d. 10/4/1853, W of Elijah, Age 70
Nichols, Hannah Hall, d. 10/28/1904, W of Thomas B., Age 85
Nichols, Lizzie H., d. 7/15/1894, D of Thomas B & Hannah Hall, Age 47
Nichols, Thomas B., d. 1/25/1849, Age 35
Northrup, Betsey, d. 4/25/1898, Age 93
Olsen, (Baby)
Ottosen, Julius, d. 7/27/1954
Ottosen, Laura, d. 11/8/1934
Ottosen, Marie, d. 5/6/1961, Wallingford, CT
Parker, Harriet A., d. 3/27/1864, W of M. B. Parker, Age 36
Parker, Miner Brigham, d. 6/9/1905
Payne, Mary Elizabeth, d. 4/23/1900
Philips, Abel K., d. 7/10/1865, Age 64
Philips, Annie W., d. 3/22/1884, Wife of Abel K., Age 84
Philips, Edwin Arel, d. 7/26/1838, S of Abel K. & Ann, Age 1 yr 3 mo
Philips, Jennie M., d. 8/8/1871, Age 31
Phillips, Julia L.
Roberts, Martha Brown
Rood, Arcielius John
Royce, Julius, d. 3/28/1846, Age 40
Rust, Johanna, d. 10/14/1937
Smead, Adolphus, d. 4/19/1900, USS Calypso, GAR Marker, Age 67
Smead, Eliza Warren, d. 3/7/1912, Wife of Adolphus, Age 66
Smith, Christine Crofts, d. 9/13/1898, Hampton, CT, W of James, Age 75
Smith, James, d. 8/3/1896, Age 81
Smith, John, d. 8/8/1898, Born in Elgin Scotland May 1831
Snow, Dwight J., d. 6/24/1866, Age 28 yr 10 mo 23 da
Snow, Joseph, d. 8/16/1854, Age 47
Snow, Lucy J., d. 8/28/1896, Age 51
Snow, Nancy, d. 11/5/1879, W of Joseph, B-1/16/1808
Storrs, Alice, d. 7/8/1844, Age 73
Storrs, Alvah, d. 9/23/1842, Age 66
Storrs, Jemima, d. 4/28/1839, W of Alvah, Age 62
Storrs, Johnathan, d. 1/4/1864, Age 91
Swift, Cleona S. Dunham, d. 7/31/1927, W of Washington Irving, B-4/9/1855
Swift, Florence S., d. 1/29/1903, D of Washington Irving & Cleona S., B-9/18/1879
Swift, Freddie, d. 10/21/1876, S of Irving & Mary D., Age 2 yr 4 mos
Swift, Fremont D., d. 4/6/1885, S of Washington Irving & Cleona S., Age 1 mo 10 da
Swift, George W., d. 8/3/1872, S of Irving & Mary D., Age 4 wks
Swift, Mary Blanche, d. 10/23/1902, D of Washington Irving & Cleona S., B-5/22/1881
Swift, Mary D., d. 5/28/1877, W of Irving, Age 28
Swift, Polly, d. 12/10/1891, W of Washington Swift, Age 89 yr 3 mo 24 da
Swift, Theron D., d. 1/25/1930, B-12/17/1886
Swift, Washington Irving, d. 2/1/1918, B-10/23/1840
Swift, Winifred B. Church, W of Theron D., B-2/12/1887
Taylor, Elmer Leroy, d. 2/27/1903
Taylor, Jannette F.
Taylor, Louis
Taylor, Samuel S., d. 8/13/1902, Co. H. 65th Regt NY Vols, Flag, Age 64
Trudeau, Marie E. (Ashes), d. 7/2/1994, Windham, CT
Wheeler, Isadore M., d. 8/28/1914, W of Lewis E., Age 66
Wheeler, Lewis E., d. 8/24/1923, Cambridge, MA
White, Alice A. Bassett, Wife of Frank M., B-1869
White, Annie, d. 8/13/1878, Age 81
White, Annie M., d. 10/18/1920, B-9/4/1831
White, Annie M., d. 10/18/1920
White, Frank M., B-1854
White, Lester, d. 12/14/1872, Son of Roland & Susie
Whitehouse, Daniel K.
Whitehouse, David W., Hampton, CT
Whitehouse, Delia E., d. 6/18/1937
Whitehouse, Earl Avery, d. 10/29/1965, Windham, CT
Whitehouse, Edna Arnold, d. 1/9/1959
Whitehouse, Edwin K., d. 1/19/1929, Age 70
Whitehouse, Ernest James, d. 1/9/1970, Windham, CT
Whitehouse, Eunice Helen, d. 4/23/1922, Mansfield, CT, W of Edwin K., Age 57
Whitehouse, Frederich Oliver, d. 4/17/1969, Mansfield, CT
Whitehouse, Grant, d. 12/10/1935
Whitehouse, James R., d. 3/27/1939
Whitehouse, Jennie Eugenia, d. 10/6/1937
Whitehouse, Millard
Whitehouse, Phronsia M., d. 10/20/1893, D of Edwin K. & Eunice H., Age 6 mos
Whitehouse, Raymond Chester, d. 6/5/1972, Windham, CT
Whitehouse, Stowell Chester, d. 2/15/1938
Whitehouse, William H., d. 8/21/1932, B-1/24/1860
Wiercock, Leora
Wood, Samuel Dudley, d. 1/12/1846, Age 78

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