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Ancient Cemetery
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

South Coventry Rd. (Rt. 32)
Mansfield CT

Lat: 41°43'47"N, Lon: 72°14'52"W

Ancient Cemetery is very small but easily visible with a nice, low stone wall front. Facing the cemetery, is a small, privately owned, nursery.

Taking Hwy 32 north, from Willimatic, Windham County after crossing the, town/county line, the cemetery is on the left in about 2 miles, in Mansfield, Tolland County.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 52.

Contributor's Index:

Barrows, Austaniae, d. Feb 21, 1830, Age 6 Yrs, child of Jabez & Emeline Barrows, [LD]
Barrows, Infant, d. Mar 12 1826, Age 10 Yrs, daughter of Jabez & Emeline Barrows, [LD]
Barrows, Infant, d. Oct 18 1826, Age 8 Yrs, s/o Jabez & Emeline Barrows, [LD]
Barrows, Mr. William, d. Feb 5 1814, Age 49y, [LD]
Brown, Dwight, d. Jun 2 1842, Age 24y, [LD]
Brown, Eliphalet, d. Oct 5 1834, Age 33, [LD]
Brown, Elizabeth, d. Dec 9 1838, Age 62, w/o John Brown, [LD]
Brown, G?, no dates, [LD]
Brown, Henry, d. Sep 25 1815, Age 72y, Gone But Not Lost, [LD]
Brown, Henry, no dates, [LD]
Brown, John, d. Apr 27 1841, Age 71y, [LD]
Brown, Mr. John, d. Dec 9 1824, Age 81, s/w Sybil, [LD]
Brown, Mrs. Olive, d. Apr 30 1804, Age 33y, w/o Mr. John Brown, [LD]
Brown, Mrs. Sybil, d. Jan 13 1837?, Age 91, Relict of Mr. John Brown, [LD]
Brown, Nancy, d. Sep 9 1847y,w/o John Brown, [LD]
Brown, Roswell, no dates, [LD]
Brown, Silas, d. Feb 23 1856, Age 60y, [LD]
Brown, Silas, no dates, [LD]
Bump, Mr. Dan, d. Feb 24 1819, Age 37y, [LD]
Cummings, Lucinda, d. Nov 11 1820, Age 35y, w/o Jabez S. Cummings, [LD]
Cummings, Rhoda, d. Dec 8 1847, Age 84, w/o William Cummings, [LD]
Davenport, Hannah, d. Dec 4, 1784, Widow of Capt. (maybe (?Ral?)ph) Davenport, [LD]
Fitch, Alice R., no dates, (mother), [LD]
Fitch, Edwin S., no dates, (father), [LD]
Fitch, Huldah, d. Feb 14 1797, Age 37y, w/o Jesse Fitch, [LD]
Fitch, Jabez A., b. Sep 15 1846, d. Feb 7 1848, son of Edwin S. and Alice R. Fitch, [LD]
Fitch, Mrs. Elner, d. Jun 13 1796, Age 83y, [LD]
Fitch, Sarah A., b. May 19 1837, d. Jul 23 1838, daughter of Edwin S. & Alice R. Fitch, [LD]
Fitch, Sarah, Aug 1? 1823, Age 69, "Behold my friends As you pass by As you are now, So once was I. As I am now So you must be. Prepare for Death and Follow Me", w/o Mr. Stephen Fitch, [LD]
Fitch, Stephen, d. Jan 10 1814, Age 64, "From deaths arrest no age is free. Prepare my frinds to follow me", [LD]
Fitch, Stephen, d. Jan 10 1814, Age 64, VFW Bronze & Aluminum Marker, [LD]
Jacobs, Elizabeth, d. Apr 1 1791?, Age 45, w/o Capt. Samuel Jacobs, [LD]
Perkins, Ella May, no dates, d/o N. P. & J. A., [LD]
Perkins, John A., d. Aug 2 1854, Aged 31y, [LD]
Perkins, Joseph, d. Jan 3 1851, Age 68y, [LD]
Perkins, Lucia B., b. 1802 - d. 1885, s/w Nathaniel P, [LD]
Perkins, Mary E., d. Oct 31 1841, Age 25y, (VFW Marker on Perkins stone for Joseph, Mary E. & Polly)., Daughter of Joseph & Polly Perkins, [LD]
Perkins, Mary Ella, d. Apr 12 1865?, Aged 3mo, d/o N. P. & J. A. Perkins, [LD]
Perkins, Nathaniel P., d. Feb 6 1856, s/w Lucia B, [LD]
Perkins, Rhoda, d. Jan 22 1861, Age 90y, w/o William Perkins, [LD]
Rockwell, Sarah, no dates, [LD]
Sessions, Daniel C., d. Feb ? 1851, Age 64y, "Sacred To The Memory Of", [LD]
Sessions, Daniel C., d. Jul 11, 1846, Age 26y, [LD]
Sessions, Sarah Clark, b. Jan 15 1789?, d. Feb 14 1869, w/o Daniel C. Sessions, [LD]
Snow, John L., d. Apr 26 1840, Age 33., [LD]
Snow, John, no dates, [LD]
Stockwell, Sarah, d. Jul 31 1852?, Age 84., [LD]
Taylor, Martha, d. Jun? 1 1848, Age 45, also 7 infant children of Joseph & Martha Turner, w/o Stephen Taylor, d/o Joseph & Martha Turner, [LD]
Turner, Diantha, d. Dec 1 1869, Age 55y, [LD]
Turner, Joseph, d. Nov 11 1840, Age 79y, [LD]
Turner, Martha, d. Aug 9 1848, Age 73y, w/o Joseph Turner, [LD]
Williams, Infant, d. Oc 10 1826, Age 1yr 6mo, Son? of Ralph & Elizabeth Williams, [LD]
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