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Whitneyville Cemetery
Hamden, New Haven County, Connecticut

Contributed by Pam Hillman [pahillman@aol.com].

Ackley, Charles H., d. Feb 5, 1870, age: 41yr, moved here Oct 28 1902, Ave A, Lot-45, Plot #6
Ackley, Elmer C., d. Nov 19, 1888, age: 28yr, moved here Oct 28 1902, Ave A, Lot-45, Plot #4
Adams, Anna Shia, d. Jul 4, 1984, age: 75yr, Ave I, Lot-20, Plot #51/2
Adams, Flora, d. Jan 3, 1953, age: 66yr, wid. Of H. F, Ave E, Lot-09
Adams, Harold F., d. Mar 10, age: 45yr, year of death 1953 crossed out on sheet, Ave E, Lot-09
Adams, Jane Maria, d. Nov 4, 1903, age: 72yr, Ave C, Lot-08
Adams, John, d. Aug 10, 1891, age: 66yr, Ave C, Lot-08
Adams, Julia Ann, d. Jan 9, 1856, age: 29yr, wife of John Adams, Ave C, Lot-08
Addison, Cecial C. Red Deer, d. Mar 17, 1979, age: 74yr, Ave I, Lot-34, Plot #1
Addison, Clara, Peckham" Princess Kathitha, d. Apr 11, 1985, age: 70yr, Ave I, Lot-34, Plot #2
Ahlberg, Ferdinand (?) Bergor (?), d. Dec 23, 1942, age: 39yr, Ave D, Lot-66
Alford, Lucy Davis, d. Feb 1, 1917, age: 61yr, Ave C, Lot-13
Allen, Ellsa Kniffen, d. Dec 28, 1971, age: 86yr, Ave C, Lot-22
Allen, Ida Shephard, d. Jul 17, 1969, age: 82yr, Ave F, Lot-02, Plot #4
Allen, Lucy M., d. Jun 29, 1919, age: 83yr, wid of William P., Ave D, Lot-31
Allen, William P., d. Jan 23, 1915, age: 80yr, Ave D, Lot-31
Alling, Charles E., d. Feb 3, 1896, age: 65yr, Ave E, Lot-09, Plot #2
Alling, Selina M, d. Sept 23, 1914, age: 62yr, Ave E, Lot-07
Alling, Susan E., d. May 16, 1903, age: 74yr, Ave E, Lot-09, Plot #3
Alling, William H, d. Dec 16, 1887, age: 25yr, Ave E, Lot-07
Alton, John Harold, d. Apr 1, 1976, husband of Ruth, Ave D, Lot-41, Plot #6
Alton, Ruth Ford, d. Jun 25, 1990, age: 86yr, wife of John, Ave D, Lot-41, Plot #5
Amdrus, May, d. Mar 29, 1978, age: 90yr, sister of Sylvia Garner, Ave H, Lot-32, Plot #4
Anderson, Anna M., d. Oct 28, 1964, age: 79yr, Ave H, Lot-12
Anderson, Anna, d. May 5 (?), 1923, age: 40yr
Anderson, Carl Oscar, d. Jul 14, 1968, age: 86yr, Husband of Ann, Ave H, Lot-12
Anderson, Charles H., d. Feb 9, 1915, age: 3yr
Anderson, Hans M., d. Oct 21, 1925, age: 64yr, Ave D, Lot-76
Anderson, Herbert Theodore, d. Feb 20, 1957, age: 44yr, Ave H, Lot-12
Anderson, Lorriane Bergstron, d. Dec 5, 1986, age: 70yr, wife of Herbert T., Ave H, Lot-12
Anderson, Malilda, d. Mar 23, 1906, age: 46yr
Anderson, Mary, d. Oct 29, 1947, age: 80yr, Widow of Hans, Ave D, Lot-76
Anderson, Stanley, d. Jul 10, 1996, creamains with Anna, Ave H, Lot-12
Archer, Bessie Scales, d. Aug 7, 1965, age: 65yr, Ave D, Lot-64 W1/2, Plot #3
Archer, George E., d. May 16, 1926, age: 54yr, Ave D, Lot-64 W1/2
Archer, John, d. May 27, 1939, age: 78yr, Ave D, Lot-64 W1/2
Archer, Minnie Evans, d. Jun 15, 1934, age: 59yr, Ave D, Lot-64 W1/2
Arcon, George, d. Jul 23, 1894, age: 42yr, Ave W, Lot-2 No1/2
Arcon, Maria, d. Oct 31, 1892, age: 20yr, Ave W, Lot-2 No1/2
Aremts, Kenneth Clark Pfc., d. Apr 12, 1945, Ave H, Lot-20, Plot #2
Aremts, Kenneth Marvin, d. Jul 5, 1953, age: 57yr, Ave H, Lot-20, Plot #1
Aremts, Mabel E. Clark, d. May 15, 1981, age: 76yr, wife of KMA, Ave H, Lot-20, Plot #3
Arion, William R., d. Nov 14, 1928, age: 73yr, Ave B, Lot-21, Plot #9
Arnold, Cornelia M, d. Aug 22, 1945, age: 77yr, ?, Ave A, Lot-47, Plot #1
Ashbee, Ines Edith, d. Dec 6, 1932, age: 34yr, (daughter), Ave F, Lot-15
Audley, Charles, d. Nov 8, 1907, age: 78yr, Ave D, Lot-22
Audley, Ellen, d. Nov 6, 1937, age: 75yr, Ave D, Lot-22
Audley, Infant, d. Jan 2, 1886, age: Infant, Ave C, Lot-14 W1/2
Audley, Julia, d. Jan 5, 1886, wife of George T., Ave C, Lot-14 W1/2
Audley, Robert J., d. May 10, 1926, age: 69yr, Ave D, Lot-22
Audley, Susan C., d. Mar 26, 1906, age: 77yr, Ave D, Lot-22
Augus, Almyra A., d. Oct 2, 1881, age: 81yr, wife of J. Augus, Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, Charles P., d. Feb 29, 1892, age: 55yr, Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, Esther M. (see card), d. Feb 2, 1905, age: 73yr, Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, Esther M., d. Jun 22, 1888, age: 57yr, wife of J. M. A., Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, George F., d. Mar 1, 1885, age: 60yr, 1825-1885, Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, James Minott, d. Dec 27, 1875, age: 54yr, Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, James, d. Aug 19, 1813, age: 78yr, Ave C, Lot-06
Augus, Jane L., d. Sep 16, 1890, age: 65yr, wife of G. S. A., Ave C, Lot-06
Aurish, Bertha J., d. Nov 30, 1890, age: 3mo
Aurish, Meta, d. Jun 13, 1888?, age: 2mo
Austin, Adelle S., d. Jan 10, 1923, age: 70yr
Austin, Alascum (?), d. Apr 23, 1864, age: 60yr, Ave A, Lot-14
Austin, Asahel C., d. Aug 18, 1897, age: 65yr
Austin, Cora May, d. Jun 27, 1948, age: 79yr, Ave A, Lot-14
Austin, E. A., no dates, U.S. Navy
Austin, Frank E., d. Apr 6, 1919, age: 59yr
Austin, Margarett E., d. May 14, 1898, age: 64yr
Austin, Mary A., d. Feb 18, 1895, age: 85yr
Austin, Rose S. (?), d. May 12, 1919, age: 60yr, Ave D, Lot-36
Avis, Annie M, d. Aug 28, 1918, age: 51yr, Widow of W. H. (might be wife of), Ave F, Lot-13
Avis, Willaim H., d. Jan 16, 1944, age: 79yr, Ave F, Lot-13
Bagger, John J., no date, Ashes of (buried with Helesa Christinsen)
Bahlu, Antonio, d. Jul 8, 1895, age: 6mo
Bailey, Isaac I., d. Jan 21, 1901, age: 67yr, Ave A, Lot-15
Bailey, Margaret, d. Nov 19, 1913, age: 73yr, Wid of I.B., Ave A, Lot-15
Bailey, Mary E., d. Mar 25, 1872, age: 32yr, wife of Isaac B., Ave A, Lot-15
Bailey, Minnie, d. Mar 14, 1891, age: 28yr, Ave A, Lot-15
Baldwin, Emma, d. Nov 15, 1917, removed, Ave G, Lot-15 N 1/2 of 13
Baldwin, Mary C., d. Dec 28, 1927, age: 92yr, Ave A, Lot-02
Baldwin, Robert T, d. Sept 28, 1917, age: 68yr, Ave G, Lot-15 N 1/2 of 13
Ball, Elizabeth, d. Feb 26, 1850, age: 4mo
Balmer, Lillian Collett, d. Sep 14, 1955, age: 70yr, Ave 5, Lot-10
Balmer, Lillliam Collett, d. Sept 14, 1955, age: 70yr, Ave J, Lot-10, Plot #3
Balzer, Caroline Elya, d. Oct 17, 1944, age: 76yr, Ave G, Lot-10
Balzer, Mina, d. May 20, 1921, age: 75yr, Ave G, Lot-10
Balzer, Veronica, d. Jul 25, 1938, age: 68yr, Ave G, Lot-10
Barber, Albert, d. Apr 11, 1839, age: 1yr, Ave C, Lot-09 1/2
Barber, Christine, d. Feb 6, 1925, age: 67yr, Widow of Watson, Ave C, Lot-24
Barber, Franklin, d. Sep 18, 1858, Ave B, Lot-13
Barber, Guy, d. Jul 26, 1892, age: 92yr, Ave C, Lot-24
Barber, Maria A., d. Dec 9, 1898, age: 67yr, Ave C, Lot-24
Barber, Mary T., d. Mar 10, 1838, age: 74yr, Widow of Guy, Ave C, Lot-24
Barber, Watson, d. May 8, 1923, age: 77yr, Ave C, Lot-24
Barnes, Angelina, d. Aug 9, 1901, age: 50yr, Ave D, Lot-24
Barnes, Charles R., d. Nov 19, 1979, age: 78yr, Ave J, Lot-40
Barnes, Emma Marggraff, d. Nov 22, 1993, age: 87 1/2yr, Ave J, Lot-40
Barraclough, Cornelia F., d. Jul 14, 1897, age: 55yr, Wid of John, Ave D
Barraclough, John, d. Jun 16, 1884, age: 53yr, Ave D
Barraclough, Thomas, d. Jan 18, 1878, age: 79yr, Ave D
Barrett, Elizabeth Coggins, d. Jul 2, 1974, age: 90yr, wife of H. A. B., Ave D, Lot-60
Barrett, Harry A., d. Jan 3, 1973, age: 98yr, Ave D, Lot-60
Bartsch, Ada Mary Ann, d. Sep 21, 1955, age: 84yr, widow of H. Laslett and F. Bartsch, Ave D, Lot-30
Bartsch, Fredrick A., d. Jul 3, 1942, age: 76yr, Ave D, Lot-30
Bassett, Ada May, d. Apr 11, 1899, age: 11 m, Ave A, Lot-42
Bassett, Anna S., d. Jan 6, 1858, age: 79yr, Widow of Amos, Ave B, Lot-01
Bassett, Celina Elizabeth, d. Jan 23, 1936, age: 78yr, Ave B, Lot-13
Bassett, Charles J., d. Aug 30, 1923, age: 53yr, Ave A, Lot-42
Bassett, Electa, d. Apr 20, 1858, age: 61yr, wife of Theophilus Jr., Ave B, Lot-05
Bassett, Elias, d. Sept 7, 1861, age: 69yr, Ave B, Lot-03
Bassett, Eliza A., d. May 4, 1898, age: 76yr, Ave B, Lot-13
Bassett, Enos, d. Jan 3, 1892, age: 83yr, Ave B, Lot-13
Bassett, Esther, d. Oct 12, 1884, age: 87yr, Widow of Jason, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #5
Bassett, Evaline, d. Jun 16, 1928, age: 83yr, wife of G. B., Ave A, Lot-40
Bassett, Florence Ellen, d. Jan 5, 1963, age: 93yr, Ave A, Lot-38, Plot #2
Bassett, George A., d. Oct 16, 1929, age: 86yr, Ave A, Lot-40
Bassett, Henry Ellsworth, d. Jan 4, 1900, age: 40yr, Ave B, Lot-13
Bassett, Jason A., d. Jun 11, 1847, age: 24yr, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #2
Bassett, Jason, d. Jul 10, 1882, age: 92yr, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #6
Bassett, Jennie D., d. Apr 21, 1927, age: 79yr, Widow of Robert, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #10
Bassett, Leverett Alfred, d. Jan 20, 1958, age: 62yr, Ave A, Lot-38, Plot #1
Bassett, Lilliam D., d. Jul 11, 1912, age: 8 m
Bassett, Louis George, d. Jul 22, 1921, age: 21yr, Ave A, Lot-38, Plot #3
Bassett, Louis L. Everesst, d. Nov 1, 1937, age: 68yr, Ave A, Lot-38, Plot #1
Bassett, Lovicy, d. Dec 2, 1874, age: 88yr, Ave D
Bassett, Lydia, d. Mar 26, 1837, age: 81yr, Widow of Theophilus, Ave B, Lot-05
Bassett, Lydia, d. Nov 15, 1922, age: 82yr, Ave B, Lot-05
Bassett, Mrs. John, d. May 11, 1836, from City, Ave B, Lot-05
Bassett, Paul H. Sr., d. Nov 28, 1985, Ave A, Lot-42
Bassett, Phoebe A., d. Mar 14, 1889, age: 78yr, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #1
Bassett, Polly, d. Aug 10, 1855, age: 40yr, wife of Enos, Ave B, Lot-13
Bassett, Ralph King, d. Feb 4, 1962, age: 85yr, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #4
Bassett, Robert K., d. 19, 1902, age: 31yr, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #12
Bassett, Robert, d. Feb 7, 1927, age: 89yr, Ave B, Lot-01, Plot #11
Bassett, Rosemary Buckley, d. Sep 1, 1977, age: 62yr, wife of Paul H. Barett newspaper article, Ave A, Lot-42
Bassett, Theophilus, d. May 11, 1836, age: 76yr, from Plains, Ave B, Lot-05
Bassett, Theopilus, d. Dec 18, 1871, age: 77yr, Ave B, Lot-05
Bates, Connelia M., d. Apr 5, 1905, age: 24yr, Ave C, Lot-04
Bates, Edna May Stevens, d. Apr 12, 1937, age: 54yr, !882-1937 Wiife of William Bates, Ave A, Lot-07
Bates, Margaret Selmser, d. Apr 17, 1942, age: 86yr, 1855-1942 wife of Leman H. Bates, Ave A, Lot-07
Bates, Mary E., d. Feb 12, 1925, age: 67yr, Ave C, Lot-04
Bates, Seusan, b. 1852, d. May 19, 1924, age: 71yr, Leman is the name on stone, Ave A, Lot-07
Bates, William McFarland, b. 1875, d. Jul 7, 1939, age: 63yr, Ave A, Lot-07
Beamish(?), Sophie M., d. Apr 07, 1900, age: 36yr
Bearhalter, Joseph, d. Apr 21, 1938, age: 71yr, Ave D, Lot-52
Bearhalter, Nettie Eliza, d. Jun 13, 1946, age: 84yr, Ave D, Lot-52
Beazley, Florilla Davis, d. May 6, 1982, age: 77yr, wife of William T., Ave A, Lot-63, Plot #4
Beazley, Hazel Brockett, d. Apr 5, 1989, age: 78yr, Ave A, Lot-58, Plot #2
Beazley, John V., d. Nov 6, 1986, age: 78 1/2yr, Ave A, Lot-58, Plot #1
Beazley, Rose, d. Aug 29, 1925, age: 47yr, wife of William Marsh, Ave A, Lot-63, Plot #1
Beazley, William Marsh, d. Sep 18, 1960, age: 89yr, Ave A, Lot-63, Plot #2
Beazley, William T., d. Aug 8, 1984, age: 79yr, Ave A, Lot-63, Plot #5
Beckwith, Eliz. B., d. Nov 8, 1929, age: 89yr, wid. of L.B., Ave G
Beckwith, Ethel M., d. Apr 10, 1964, age: 74yr, Ave E, Lot-22, Plot #4
Beckwith, Louis, d. Jun 3, 1920, age: 83yr, Ave G
Bedell, Emma J., d. Jul 23, 1957, age: 83yr, wife of George, Ave F, Lot-12
Bedell, George G., d. Jan 23, 1924, age: 58yr, Ave F, Lot-12
Beecher, Louise J., d. Feb 14, 1921, age: 75yr, Widow of Miles R., Ave D, Lot-25, Plot #2
Beecher, Miles R., d. Nov 11, 1890, age: 49yr, Ave D, Lot-25, Plot #1
Behler, Emilie C., d. Aug 10, 1896, age: 4 m
Behler, Fred, d. May 25, 1907, age: 15yr
Behler, Henry Peter, d. Feb 2, 1955, age: 88yr, Ave A, Lot-69, Plot #3
Behler, Mary, d. Apr 14, 1941, age: 74yr, Ave A, Lot-69, Plot #2
Behler, Mary, d. Oct 27, 1897, age: 4yr
Behler, Mildred R., d. Dec 25, 1983, age: 75yr, Ave A, Lot-69, Plot #1
Behler, Paul Westerman, d. Nov 2, 1985, age: 82yr, son, Ave A, Lot-69, Plot #6
Bellemore, Albert H., d. Dec 2, 1963, age: 75yr, Husband of Mary, Ave H, Lot-08, Plot #1
Bellemore, Mary Riedel, d. Jun 14, 1960, age: 72yr, Ave H, Lot-08, Plot #2
Bellemore, Walter Milton, d. Oct 26, 1994, Ave H, Lot-08, Plot #3
Benham, Eliza (Elizabeth A,), d. Aug 27, 1887, age: 76yr, wid of Sidney, Ave C, Lot-08
Benham, Nancy, d. Jul 1, 1884, age: 67yr, wife of William, Ave A, Lot-09
Benham, Sidney J., d. Nov 7, 1901, age: 68yr, Ave C, Lot-08
Benham, Sidney, d. Feb 7, 1885, age: 75yr, Ave C, Lot-08
Benham, William, d. Nov 9, 1908, age: 91yr, Ave A, Lot-09
Bensen, Frederik, d. Dec 3, 1951, age: 69yr, Removed, Ave D, Lot-76
Benton, Archie Wilcoxson, d. Apr 3, 1949, age: 77yr, Ave A, Lot-34
Benton, Elizabeth S., d. Feb 28, 1931, age: 50yr, Ave A, Lot-73
Benton, Emma, d. Oct 29, 1927, age: 86yr, Widow of W.S., Ave A, Lot-34
Benton, Hannah Schoonmaker, d. Jan 31, 1961, age: 83yr, Ave A, Lot-34
Benton, Lewis David, d. Dec 12, 1948, cremains buried Nov. 15 1949, Ave F, Lot-19
Benton, Susie Wirth, d. Jul 14, 1946, age: 88yr, cremains wife of L. S., Ave F, Lot-19
Benton, William S., d. Mar 11, 1924, age: 86yr, Ave A, Lot-34
Benton, Winfred W., d. Feb 5, 1980, age: 55yr, Widow of W.W., Ave A, Lot-73
Berchan (?), Sarah, d. Jul 20, 1929, age: 73yr
Bernard, Clardance, d. May 9, 1935, age: 75yr, Ave E, Lot-18
Bernard, George Washington, d. Nov 4, 1958, age: 77yr, Ave H, Lot-16, Plot #1
Bernard, Harriett Calaham (?), d. Jan 28, 1936, age: 75yr, Ave E, Lot-18
Bernard, Mabel Collett, d. Jan 26, 1961, age: 80yr, Ave H, Lot-16, Plot #2
Bernard, Maud E., d. Sep 5, 1901, age: 19yr, Ave E, Lot-18
Berry, Pauline C., d. Sep 3, 1900, age: 20yr, Ave F, Lot-01, Plot #3
Betzner, Caroline, d. Aug 27, 1923, age: 52yr, Ave D, Lot-62 E 1/2
Betzner, Louis C., d. Feb 13, 1945, age: 76yr, Ave D, Lot-62 E 1/2
Betzner, Sablue S., d. Aug 31, 1912, age: 7 y 1 m, see card*, Ave D, Lot-62 E 1/2
Bidwell, Frances O., d. Aug 10, 1893, age: 82yr
Bilida, Barbara J., d. Nov 6, 1989, age: 75 1/2yr, Ave J, Lot-46
Billingham, Frances, d. Feb 16, 1996, Ave D, Lot-72 & 74, Plot #8
Bird, George W., d. Apr 13, 1888, age: 42yr, Ave E, Lot-11
Bird, Mary, d. Apr 22, 1913, age: 75yr, wid of George W. Bird, Ave E, Lot-11
Bixby, Clara Belle Geer, d. Nov 1, 1983, age: 96yr, wife of Ezar M. Bixby, Ave H, Lot-11
Bixby, Ezar M., d. Dec 15, 1953, age: 80yr, Ave H, Lot-11
Bixby, Russell, d. May 19, 1923, age: 5yr, Ave H, Lot-11
Blain, Mary A., d. Apr 6, 1895, age: 81yr, Ave B, Lot-10
Blake, Albert B., d. Dec 23, 1964, age: 77yr, Ave G, Lot-, Plot #9
Blake, Lillian Mary, d. May 8, 1964, age: 76yr, wife of A. B., Ave G, Lot-, Plot #3
Blakeslee, Joseph E., d. Mar 18, 1972 (?), cremains, Ave D, Lot-42 W 1/2
Blakeslee, Roxana P., d. Jan 26, 1846, age: 23yr, Ave A, Lot-08
Bliss, Mary J., d. Dec 21, 1871, age: 44yr, Ave C, Lot-19
Bloomingdale, Florence Goodale, d. Nov 8, 1973, age: 86yr, mother of Jacob, Ave H, Lot-05, Plot #5
Bloomingdale, Jacob LeRoy, d. May 29, 1970, age: 59yr, Ave H, Lot-05, Plot #4
Blythe, Lucy M., d. May 30, 1914, age: 31yr, Ave D, Lot-31
Boehn, Louise, d. Apr 23, 1918, age: 51yr, see Montanaro card, Ave B (?)
Bogart, Frederick R., d. Feb 22, 1913, age: 46yr, Ave F, Lot-24 & 26
Bogart, James, d. Jan 7, 1911, age: 94yr, Ave F, Lot-24 & 26
Bogart, John Arthur, d. Jan 3, 1940, age: 81yr, Ave F, Lot-24 & 26
Bogart, Mary E., d. Dec 28, 1904, age: 80yr, Ave F, Lot-24 & 26
Bohn, Charles Ahiman, d. Jun 21, 1963, age: 93yr, Ave B, Lot-10, Plot #2
Bohn, Edna Davis, d. Dec 16, 1951, age: 77yr, Ave B, Lot-10, Plot #1
Bonehard, Elizabeth, d. Dec 18, 1910, age: 52yr
Bonney, Eva Hurd, d. Dec 21, 1958, age: 94yr, Widow of Thurston I., Ave H, Lot-21
Bonney, Herbert, d. Oct 30, 1900
Bonney, Thurston I, d. Jan, 1927, age: 60yr, Ave H, Lot-21
Booker, Florence Emma, d. Feb 22, 1936, age: 76yr, Ave A, Lot-56
Booker, Florence May, d. Feb 4, 1972, age: 75yr, Daughter, Ave A, Lot-56
Booker, George A, d. Jun 3, 1937, age: 68yr, Ave A, Lot-56
Bouchard, John, d. Nov 19, 1934, age: 35yr, Basica wife in cement railing of Ave. D (?)
Bowen, Elizabeth, d. Jan 6, 1902 (?), age: 72yr, wife of William, Ave A, Lot-25
Bowen, Ellen, d. Oct 26, 1916 (?), age: 87yr, Ave A, Lot-25
Bowen, William H., d. Aug 1, 1909, age: 79yr, Ave A, Lot-25
Bradford, Anna, d. Jan 12, 1897, age: 46yr
Bradford, Henry E, d. Oct 19, 1895, age: 1yr, Ave W, Lot-16S1/2&14N1/2
Bradford, Nelson, d. Nov 24, 1995, son of Sarah Gendron, Ave D, Lot-43
Bradford, William A., d. Feb 14, 1910, age: 27yr, Ave E, Lot-17
Bradford, William, d. Oct 24, 1904, age: 57yr
Bradley, Betsey M., d. Oct 19, 1878, age: 96yr, Ave C, Lot-03
Bradley, Charles S., d. Mar 30, 1933, age: 66yr, Ave A, Lot-65
Bradley, Edward, d. May 2, 1910, age: 1yr
Bradley, Hubbard, d. Oct 5, 1841, age: 52yr, Ave W, Lot-4
Bradley, Joseph D., d. Jan 12, 1912, age: 71yr, Ave A, Lot-65
Bradley, Louise Northrop, d. Jul 16, 1952, age: 93yr, Ave A, Lot-65
Bradley, Lucy, d. Sept 15, 1883, age: 83yr, Widow of Hubbard & Havey, Ave W, Lot-4
Bradley, Mamin (?) J., d. Dec 30, 1932, age: 65yr, Ave A, Lot-65
Bradley, Rachel, d. Nov 27, 1854, age: 68yr, Ave C, Lot-02
Brill, infant, d. Mar 23, 1889
Brock, Chalres Walter, d. Sept 6, 1958, age: 92yr, Ave A, Lot-71
Brock, Henry Tasiting (?), d. Jul 7, 1893, age: 6mo
Brock, Mimmie Hurd, d. Feb 8, 1959, age: 89yr, Ave A, Lot-71
Brockett, Elizabeth E., d. Jan 1, 1909, age: 75yr, Ave C, Lot-22
Brockett, Ida E., d. Jan 13, 1858, age: 3yr, Ave C, Lot-22
Brockett, James R., d. Mar 2, 1923, age: 90yr, Ave C, Lot-22
Bronson, Minerva, d. Apr 19, 1900, removed from 25A, Ave C, Lot-08
Brown, Alexande, d. Nov 14, 1946, age: 67yr, Ave H, Lot-30
Brown, Charles Garfield, d. Oct 22, 1942, age: 69yr
Brown, Elizabeth Talbot, d. Apr 12, 1959, age: 80yr, Ave H, Lot-30
Brown, Jane Loweree, d. Mar 14, 1934, age: 83yr, note on page, Ave G, Lot-28
Brown, Janet, d. Feb 16, 1891, age: 84yr, Ave W, Lot-20 So1/2
Brown, Mattie Clark Mead, d. Oct 27, 1938, age: 68yr
Brown, Robert Charles, d. Jan 4, 1983, age: 59yr, newspaper article, Ave I, Lot-09
Brown, William J., d. Nov 18, 1927, age: 69yr, note on page, Ave G, Lot-28
Brownell, Esther Delzell, d. Oct 3, 1991, age: 89 8m, cremains, Ave I, Lot-32 1/2 S, Plot #2
Brownell, Samuel Miller, d. Oct 12, 1990, age: 90 2/3yr, cremains, Ave I, Lot-32 1/2 S, Plot #1
Brozee (?), Theresa, d. Apr 26, 1911, age: 25yr
Bruce, Infant, d. Oct 17, 1889, Ave A
Bruce, James, d. Nov 30, 1942, age: 85yr, Ave A
Bruce, Ralph E., d. Nov 8, 1923, age: 38yr, Ave A
Bruce, Sarah J., d. Sep 28, 1909, age: 54yr, wife of J. B., Ave A
Buckler, Frederick V., d. Feb 20, 1985, age: 49yr, son of Frances H. Billingham, Ave D, Lot-72 & 74, Plot #7
Buddington, Clumbus A., d. Dec 2, 1904, age: 64yr, Ave E, Lot-24
Buddington, Nancy C., d. Jun 23, 1914, age: 70yr, Ave E, Lot-24
Buerkle, Joan, d. Aug 10, 1939, age: 10yr
Bullard, Edwin Woodbury, d. May 3, 1959, age: 85yr, Ave D, Lot-55, Plot #1
Bullard, Nellie May, d. Jan 15, 1961, age: 85yr, Ave D, Lot-55, Plot #2
Bundy, Mervin B., d. Oct 29, 1982, age: 66 11m, newspaper article, Ave I, Lot-16 1/2 N, Plot #1
Bunnell, Leauder A, d. Dec 30, 1922, age: 71yr, Ave A, Lot-30
Bunningham, Raymond B, d. Jun 14, 1930, age: 38yr, Ave H, Lot-01
Burgess, Mary J., d. Sept 19, 1919, age: 80yr, Widow of William C. Burgess, Ave D, Lot-28
Burgess, William C., d. Sept 29, 1906, age: 70yr, Ave D, Lot-28
Burke, Anna Meyers (Helding), d. Jan 1, 1940, age: 77yr, Ave A, Lot-, Plot #3
Burke, William, d. Jun, 1945, age: 88yr
Burnett, Charles, d. Dec 1, 1924, age: 41yr, Ave A, Lot-65
Burnett, Edith Ivene, d. Mar 26, 1964, age: 83yr, Ave A, Lot-65
Burnett, Frank, d. 1893, age: 36yr, interred Aug 20 1910(?) see card, Ave A, Lot-65
Burton, Candace C., d. Aug 11, 1918, age: 79yr, wife of J. H. Burton, Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #4
Burton, Donald H, d. Sept 2, 1907, age: 12yr, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23, Plot #5
Burton, Dorothy May, d. May 22, 1990, age: 92yr, newspaper article, Ave J, Lot-20, Plot #3
Burton, Florence Amelia Rose, d. Aug 30, 1969, age: 62yr, Ave J, Lot-16, Plot #3
Burton, George, d. Nov 5, 1947, age: 75yr, Ave J, Lot-20, Plot #2
Burton, Hazel Forsyth, d. Dec 2, 1956, age: 66yr, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23
Burton, Jane Watson, d. Aug 20, 1960, age: 66yr, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23
Burton, Jessie E. Davis, d. Nov 22, 1927, age: 51yr, w of J. Burton, Ave B, Lot-08
Burton, John E., d. Aug 28, 1957, age: 67yr, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23, Plot #1
Burton, John H. Jr., d. Apr 13, 1961, age: 90yr, Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #7
Burton, John H., d. Jan 23, 1895, age: 62yr, Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #3
Burton, Joseph Howard, d. Nov 6, 1909, age: 3yr, Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #8
Burton, Lilias Lorene, d. Feb 11, 1958, age: 80yr, Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #5
Burton, Luella Ingalls, d. Apr 24, 1951, age: 63yr, wife of John H. Burton Jr., Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #6
Burton, Mary K., d. Oct 14, 1919, age: 84yr, Ave W, Lot-12, Plot #1
Burton, May Clark, d. Oct 8 or 16, 1948, age: 75yr, Ave J, Lot-20, Plot #1
Burton, Ralph W., d. Nov 12, 1941, age: 49yr, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23, Plot #2
Burton, Willard Clark, d. Apr 5, 1950, age: 44yr, Ave J, Lot-16, Plot #2
Burton, William T, d. Mar 11, 1922, age: 55yr, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23, Plot #3
Burton, Moa L., d. Feb 1, 1901, age: 35yr, wife of W. T. Burton, Ave G, Lot-21 & so.1/2 of 23, Plot #4
Butler, Arthur S., d. Apr 23, 1923, age: 49yr, Ave A, Lot-55, Plot #3
Butterfass, Bernice Conroy, d. Aug 9, 1992, age: 79yr, Widow of John H. Butterfass newspaper article, Ave I, Lot-24 No., Plot #1
Button, George, d. Jul 30, 1929, age: 39yr
Byrne, John James, d. Jun 19, 1977, age: 67+yr, Ave G, Lot-11, Plot #4
Byrne, Marguerite Wilson, d. Jan 30, 1982, age: 69yr, Ave G, Lot-11, Plot #5

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